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Westworld, HBO's biggest premiere since True Detective and candidate replacement for Game of Thrones, reminds that pursuing the creation of human-like artificial intelligence may not be the brightest of ideas, simply because they could be just like us.
Crunch Report | Apple Suing Qualcomm for $1 Billion
TechCrunch Apple is suing Qualcomm for $1 billion, the hit app Meitu may be collecting too much data, Whitehouse.gov... 1 day
FLYR raised $8 million to change the way we buy plane tickets
TechCrunch  Travel tech startup FLYR raised $8 million in Series A funding for technology that predicts the price of airfares by applying artificial intelligence to... 1 day
scientists advising the us military say fears of an ai existential threat are uninformed Scientists advising the US military say fears of an AI existential threat are ‘uninformed’
THE VERGE Public perceptions of military AI can lean toward... 2 days
kristen stewart has co authored a paper on artificial intelligence Kristen Stewart has co-authored a paper on artificial intelligence
THE VERGE Here’s a sentence you don’t get to read everyday: Kristen Stewart has surprised the artificial intelligence community by... 2 days
Meet Alchemist’s class XIV startups making everything from smart beer taps to a safer internet
TechCrunch  Enterprise tech startups unveiled their products and... 2 days
Meet Alchemist’s class XIV startups making everything from smart beer taps to a faster internet
TechCrunch  Enterprise tech startups unveiled their products and... 2 days
Kristen Stewart co-authored a paper on style transfer and the AI community lost its mind
TechCrunch  Hollywood and the academic artificial intelligence... 2 days
XNOR.ai frees AI from the prison of the supercomputer
TechCrunch  Machine learning and AI are incredible tools, but they also require a similarly incredible amount of computing power.... 2 days
With a $1.5M seed round, Eloquent Labs mixes AI and Mechanical Turk to fix customer service
TechCrunch  Keenon Werling would be... 2 days
ALICE VR review: Let's get weird
Windows Central Five out of ten clones disobey the corporation. Are you one of them? Everything seems to be going according to the contingency plan. I've arrived on this planet via a landing ship, and it's my job... 2 days
In the future, AI could also mean auto insurance
TechCrunch  Solaria Labs, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s tech incubator, has created an API developer portal to bring together public data and... 2 days
Samsung’s ‘Bixby’ assistant on the Galaxy S8 might be able to use the camera for visual search
9to5Google There’s a... 2 days
AI software is figuring out how to best humans at designing new AI software
TechCrunch  Who programs the programmers? Soon enough, it might... 3 days
Tyrant in the code
TechCrunch  Mankind has a complex relationship with the notion of Artificial Intelligence. Tinged with both fear and fascination; the timeline for AI development is punctuated by cultural and historical... 3 days
Salesforce opens engineering office in Microsoft’s and Amazon’s backyards
TechCrunch  Salesforce announced today that it plans to open an engineering and innovation hub in the Seattle area, greatly expanding its... 3 days
Microsoft is beta testing a feature that brings Cortana to Android’s lock screen
TechCrunch  If you’re enrolled to the beta version of the Cortana... 3 days
Microsoft to double its Montreal AI R&D office and invest $7M in academic research
TechCrunch  Microsoft is following its acquisition of Montreal-based Maluuba... 4 days
pioneering ai researcher to advise rbc s machine learning lab Pioneering AI researcher to advise RBC's machine learning lab
CBC University of Alberta professor Richard Sutton literally wrote the book on a branch of machine learning called reinforcement... 4 days
This AI scheduler is perfect for people who hate arranging meetings - CNET
CNET Singapore-based Mimetic.ai's Evie is an AI that understands natural language and helps you with the thankless chore of setting up meetings. 4 days
Alchemist Accelerator closes $2.5 million to back enterprise tech startups
TechCrunch  The Alchemist Accelerator has closed a $2.5 million fund for very early stage investments in tech... 4 days
Neurala closes $14M Series A to bring machine learning to the edge
TechCrunch  Artificial intelligence is swiftly becoming a commodity thanks to the rise of AI-as-a-Service offerings from Amazon and IBM. Today, Neurala is joining this list... 4 days
Baidu Hires Microsoft Expert in Artificial Intelligence Push
ABC NEWS Chinese search giant Baidu Inc. has hired a Microsoft executive and artificial intelligence specialist in a push to improve its capabilities in the field 5 days
former microsoft ai expert qi lu moves to chinese search giant baidu Former Microsoft AI expert Qi Lu moves to Chinese search giant Baidu
THE VERGE The same day that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella was outlining the company’s plans for artificial intelligence, Chinese tech giant Baidu announced it had poached... 5 days
Former Microsoft executive and noted AI expert Qi Lu joins Baidu as COO
TechCrunch  Just a day after it opened an augmented reality lab,... 5 days
OpenAI has admirable intentions, but its priorities should change
TechCrunch  Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in business and science. Developers and industry analysts are all-in,... 5 days
Fraugster, a startup that uses AI to detect payment fraud, raises $5M
TechCrunch  Fraugster, a German and Israeli startup that has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help eliminate payment fraud, has raised $5 million in funding.... 6 days
Crunch Report | Nintendo Switch Hits the Market on March 3
TechCrunch Nintendo Switch to hit the market on March 3, San Francisco District Attorney brings... 1 week
Udacity launches deep learning nanodegree foundation program
TechCrunch  Greater compute power and power efficiency has made deep learning algorithms ubiquitous in our world. Deep learning has found its way into self driving cars, convenience stores... 1 week
You should read this super-interesting AMA with AI researcher Joanna Bryson
TechCrunch  The field of artificial intelligence is a large one, full of interesting research, arguments,... 1 week
Andy Rubin’s ‘Essential’ working on AI gadgets, starting w/ bezel-less smartphone in mid-2017
9to5Google In late 2015, a report alleged that Android creator Andy... 1 week
microsoft just bought an ai startup that can outperform facebook and google Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google
THE VERGE VIDEO Microsoft announced this morning that it has acquired Maluuba, a Toronto startup focused on using deep learning for natural language processing. Deep learning is... 1 week
Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a startup focused on general artificial intelligence
TechCrunch  Microsoft has acquired Canadian startup Maluuba, a company founded by University of Waterloo grads Kaheer Suleman and... 1 week
Microsoft snaps up deep learning research company Maluuba
Windows Central Microsoft is giving its AI ambitions a boost with its latest acquisition, Montreal-based startup Maluuba. ... 1 week
​Google AI expands your photos to shrink your mobile data usage - CNET
CNET The internet giant develops a machine learning method to improve image details and cut Google+ network burden by a third. 1 week
Adobe's Research Team Experimenting With Voice-Based AI, Digital Face Painting
MacRumors Adobe this week published three videos on YouTube, sharing details on what its research team is... 1 week
Google has cut down its speech recognition error rate by over 30% in the last five years
9to5Google Google, much... 1 week
Apple plans to create original TV shows like 'Westworld' in 2017 - CNET
CNET To help boost Apple Music and to offset slowing device sales, Apple is reportedly making a push into Hollywood for original TV... 1 week
after day one ai is crushing humanity at poker After day one, AI is crushing humanity at poker
THE VERGE The first day of the Brains vs. AI poker tournament is in the books, and the Libratus bot... 1 week
AI takes on humans in marathon poker game
BBC An AI program will take on four professional poker players in a 20-day game. 1 week
Apple plans to offer TV shows like 'Westworld' by end of 2017 - CNET
CNET To help offset slowing sales of iPhones and iPads, Apple is reportedly making a push into Hollywood, with TV originals... 1 week
apple reportedly wants hit tv dramas of its own Apple reportedly wants hit TV dramas of its own
THE VERGE Apple may finally get serious about original TV shows. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has come... 1 week
AI-fueled Synqq app update lets you use your voice to add notes and calendar entries
TechCrunch  If there is one thing we... 1 week
apple plans to launch original tv shows comparable to westworld and stranger things by end of 2017 Apple Plans to Launch Original TV Shows Comparable to 'Westworld' and 'Stranger Things' By End of 2017
MacRumors Apple is... 1 week
HTC outs an always listening, dual-screen smartphone with its own AI assistant
TechCrunch  Just when you thought HTC might be ready to hang up on its smartphone efforts, the Android underdog is turning up the volume and... 1 week
HTC U Ultra Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET Notifications are broken, says HTC. And it wants to use AI to fix it for "U." 1 week
htc s new flagship phone has ai and a second screen but no headphone jack HTC’s new flagship phone has AI and a second screen, but no headphone jack
THE VERGE HTC is getting 2017 off to a flying... 1 week
MEPs vote on robots' legal status - and if a kill switch is required
BBC An EU report lays out a set of rules for how humans interact with robots and artificial intelligence. 1 week
watch an ai supercomputer battle top pros in a 200 000 poker tournament Watch an AI supercomputer battle top pros in a $200,000 poker tournament
THE VERGE The Brains vs. AI poker tournament being put on by Carnegie Mellon University kicked off today. It pits four humans pros against an AI... 1 week
Training self-driving cars on the streets of Los Santos with GTA V just got easier
TechCrunch  The DeepDrive project has made it possible... 1 week
Adobe video envisions AI helper for editing photos and other media
TechCrunch  Back in November, Adobe announced that it was, like pretty much every other major... 1 week
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Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google
Cue co-founder leaving Apple to become partner at venture capital firm Y Combinator