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War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)
we finally know the immense weight of humanity s footprint We Finally Know the Immense Weight of Humanity's Footprint
GIZMODO It should be obvious to everyone at this point that humans are having an enormous impact on the... 8 hours
Apparently 150,000 Antelopes Died In 3 Days While The Planet Earth 2 Team Was Filming
CINEMA BLEND In the nature documentary game, few... 10 hours
syfy making tv show about high school that vanishes to another planet Syfy Making TV Show About High School That Vanishes to Another Planet
GIZMODO Syfy announced that it’s developing The Woods, an hourlong sci-fi drama about a high school that wakes up on a foreign moon, based on... 3 days
See Hulk’s Amazing Planet Hulk Battle Armor In First Thor: Ragnarok Promo Art
CINEMA BLEND A new piece of art has come out online showing... 3 days
How Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Helped Chris Pratt Overcome A Tragedy
CINEMA BLEND Guardians 2 will have a ton of focus on Star-Lord's... 5 days
New Comic Books This Week – November 30th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 11/30/2016. As always, check with your... 5 days
how planet coaster got the perfect theme park sound effects How Planet Coaster Got The Perfect Theme Park Sound Effects
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Everyone knows that the best way to do something right is to go straight to the... 6 days
watch a lion get handled by a giraffe in wild planet earth 2 video Watch A Lion Get Handled By A Giraffe In Wild Planet Earth 2 Video
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Nature specials are usually filled with harrowing scenes... 1 week
this microbe could be the planet s most prolific predator This Microbe Could Be the Planet’s Most Prolific Predator
GIZMODO This microscopic diplonemid doesn’t look like much, but it’s one of the most abundant single-celled hunters in the... 2 weeks
the mars tv miniseries biggest problem is that it s trying way too hard to be real The Mars TV Miniseries' Biggest Problem Is That It's Trying Way Too Hard to Be Real
GIZMODO National Geographic’s new TV miniseries Mars has a... 2 weeks
The Circle of Life Was Inside This Baby the Whole Time
GIZMODO As the new Planet Earth series has us remembering, nature is awe-inspiring, and unparalleled in its complexity, diversity, or cruelty. Observing the eternal arms race of... 2 weeks
NASA’s Dawn Probe Sent Some Stunning New Images of Ceres
GIZMODO Swooping by at a unique angle, NASA’s Dawn space probe recently captured some of the clearest views yet of dwarf planet Ceres, including Occator Crater and its intriguing... 2 weeks
Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern Crossover Covers Show Cornelius in Action
GIZMODO We got super psyched when we heard that the Green Lantern Corps was heading to the Planet of the Apes for its latest crossover comic series. Now, we’re getting a... 2 weeks
This Science Fiction Picture Book Will Make Your Kids Want to Colonize Mars
GIZMODO The way things are going here on Earth, we’re going to need to colonize Mars soon. A new hard science fiction picture... 3 weeks
Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes Get the Comic Crossover We Never Knew We Needed
GIZMODO They’ve teamed up with the cast of Star Trek. They’ve fought Aliens’ xenomorphs. And now, the Green Lantern Corps is heading to... 3 weeks
CINEMA BLEND Based on the classic 1980's video game featuring apes and monsters destroying cities. 3 weeks
The Biggest, Baddest Ape is Back in the New Kong: Skull Island Trailer
GIZMODO Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and Samuel L. Jackson have a problem. They’re on Skull Island and don’t know they’re about... 3 weeks
Europe's First Mars Lander Came 'Excruciatingly Close' to Success
GIZMODO Artist’s impression of the British Beagle 2 lander, its four solar panels properly deployed, collecting data on the Red Planet’s surface. Image: ESA/Denman productionsLanding on Mars is hard, but the... 4 weeks
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets trailer is full Besson sci-fi
SCI FI NOW First trailer for Luc Besson's Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planet is full of everything 4 weeks
This Planet Earth 2 Video Of Snakes Chasing A Lizard Is Mesmerizing
CINEMA BLEND Fans in the U.S. won't get the second installation of the popular franchise until January, but luckily there's some footage online that will hopefully... 4 weeks
Don't Give Up On the Planet
GIZMODO Welcome to the future. A future that me, and many Americans who put their faith in science, have been staring at in bewilderment, denial, and abject terror for the better part of a year.Read more... 4 weeks
There's New Footage of That Baby Iguana Battling Killer Snakes
GIZMODO The only thing attracting more attention than the US election right now is that harrowing Planet Earth II video showing a recently hatched iguana as it fends off... 4 weeks
The Crazy Number Of People Who Watched Planet Earth II
CINEMA BLEND We heard Planet Earth II was coming months and months ago, but at the time, I had no idea that most of the series had been shot and... 4 weeks
Giant Volcano Appears to Be Filled With Water
GIZMODO Uturuncu volcano, located in the Bolivian Andes, is surprisingly wet on the inside according to a new study. Image: Wikimedia Investigating a strange electrical anomaly, geologists have discovered an enormous water reservoir... 4 weeks
On a Distant Planet, a Survey Team Studies the Strange Terrain
GIZMODO Artist and illustrator Duncan Halleck is based in Brussels, Belgium—but his concept art is distinctly otherworldly. And he has a story in mind while he’s creating... 1 month
An Asteroid Zipped Through Earth's Shadow Last Night
GIZMODO A newly discovered asteroid gave our planet a close brush last night—and in what may be an astronomical first, observers managed to film the space rock passing in and out of Earth’s... 1 month
Watch: Short Japanese Teaser Trailer for the 'Kong: Skull Island' Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET From the looks of it, this is going to be one of the highlights of 2017. A very short, 30-second teaser trailer has debuted online for... 1 month
Inferno Ending: Why Dan Brown Was OK With The Movie's Big Change
CINEMA BLEND Langdon and Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) are racing the clock to unearth a man-made plague that threatens half of the planet's population... and... 1 month
Thor: Ragnarok Will Include Another Cool Planet Hulk Character
CINEMA BLEND While we may not be getting a Planet Hulk film at any point in the near future, it looks like the storyline has inspired Thor Ragnarok to a certain point.... 1 month
‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Director Matt Reeves Exposes Himself (Creatively)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whenever someone is creating something, it’s pretty safe to say that there’s always an element of themselves that’s wondering how people are... 1 month
What The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun And Michael Cudlitz Are Doing Next
CINEMA BLEND Walking Dead actors are some of the most recognizable people on the planet these days, and here's where you can find Steven Yeun and... 1 month
When Planet Earth 2 Is Going To Premiere
CINEMA BLEND It was only recently that we started seeing footage from the brand new docuseries. This morning, the BBC and BBC America finally announced that Planet Earth 2 will be coming and coming... 1 month
Software Error Implicated in Crash of Mars Lander
GIZMODO Researchers with the ExoMars mission are pointing to a potential computing glitch as the cause of last week’s crash of the Schiaparelli lander. The challenge now will be to isolate and correct... 1 month
Guest post: Sword and Planet by Frank Cavallo
SFF WORLD One of my first loves is nearly dead. I’d like to try to breathe some life back into her—but I need your help. I’m not talking about a person, of course. More... 1 month
LIVE! with Autumn M Birt
SFF WORLD This blog post was such an easy post to write, because the interview with Autumn Birt, author of the Rise of the Fifth Order series, was so much fun. We initially tried to schedule this interview in July,... 2 months
Tilda Swinton Teases A Mysterious Planet In Doctor Strange, Here's What That Could Mean
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange is a movie that promises to a lot of new and different things within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.... 2 months
Our Sun’s Quirky Tilt Means Planet Nine Might Actually Exist
GIZMODO New research links the odd and unexplained six-degree tilt of our Sun to an undiscovered planet in the outer reaches of our solar system. It’s even more evidence... 2 months
Watch Two Space Agencies Attempt a Daredevil Landing on Mars This Morning [Updated]
GIZMODO After a seven month journey, the ExoMars mission arrives in orbit around Mars today. Its first order of business? To attempt a... 2 months
Leonardo DiCaprio Steps In To Produce The ‘Captain Planet’ Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM By your powers combined…  Scratch that.  By the power of DiCaprio!  Recent Oscar winner Leonardo Dicaprio is officially producing a live action movie based on 90s cartoon series... 2 months
Watch Two Space Agencies Attempt a Daredevil Landing on Mars This Morning
GIZMODO After a seven month journey, the ExoMars mission arrives in orbit around Mars today. Its first order of business? To attempt a historic, daredevil... 2 months
Captain Planet film coming from Leonardo DiCaprio & Glen Powell
SCI FI NOW Captain Planet and the Planeteers is heading to the big screen! 2 months
NASA Already Says 2016 Will Be the Hottest Year on Record
GIZMODO It’s only October, but that doesn’t seem to matter: NASA is basically sure 2016 will go down as the hottest year in recorded history. Unless a... 2 months
The Captain Planet Movie Is Back On Track, Here’s What We Know
CINEMA BLEND It looks like those Funny or Die! sketches starring Don Cheadle won't be the only live action Captain Planet material out there anymore, as... 2 months
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Making a Movie About an Old, Washed-Up Captain Planet
GIZMODO It makes sense that 1990s cartoon Captain Planet would lure Leonardo DiCaprio into the superhero realm; after all, he’s an outspoken environmentalist. But Leo... 2 months
Cowboy Bebop Pop Vinyls? Cowboy Bebop Pop Vinyls!
GIZMODO There is seemingly no way to stop Funko from turning every franchise on the planet into a big-eyed pop vinyl army, like the gray goo apocalypse but with figurines. Their latest conquest? Spike and friends from the excellent... 2 months
How To View The Simpsons VR Couch Gag: Planet Of The Couches
CINEMA BLEND Sunday night marks a major milestone for The Simpsons, as the series is celebrating its 600th episode. Insane. What's more, tonight's episode is the... 2 months
NYCC 2016: Bandai Go! Go!’s With New Power Rangers Legacy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Two decades ago, the world was changed forever as the U.S. was invaded by an unstoppable force known as the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’. The Power Rangers were... 2 months
The Planet Earth II Trailer Is Just Incredible
GIZMODO While humans are terrible, animals are universally good. Let the trailer for the new Planet Earth II uplift you, usher you into the restfulness of the weekend, captivate your mind, turning your thoughts far... 2 months
How Caesar Has And Will Pay Tribute To The Original ‘Planet Of The Apes’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Charlton Heston made ‘Planet of the Apes’ go down in infamy when shouting “you damn dirty apes” though many have... 2 months
Here's Where the US Is Most Vulnerable to a Catastrophic Solar Storm
GIZMODO Every 100 years or so, our planet is bombarded by an intense solar storm. These extreme space-weather events are virtually impossible to predict, but... 2 months
How Planet Coaster Got The Perfect Theme Park Sound Effects
Watch A Lion Get Handled By A Giraffe In Wild Planet Earth 2 Video