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Tank 432 (2016) TRAILER
resident evil 7 for xbox one comes with a free pc version Resident Evil 7 for Xbox One comes with a free PC version
THE VERGE Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer has announced that Resident Evil 7 will support the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, meaning that owners of the Xbox... 3 hours
Massacre Of Mankind by Stephen Baxter book review
SCI FI NOW Read our review of War Of The Worlds sequel The Massacre Of Mankind 5 hours
marvel wants you to love captain marvel again Marvel Wants You to Love Captain Marvel Again
GIZMODO Carol Danvers has had a rough few months being raked through the mud that was Civil War II. But she... 8 hours
A look back at a decade of the Crunchies
TechCrunch  It’s hard to believe that the Crunchies is already 10 years old. Time really does fly when you’re... 12 hours
Avengers: Infinity War To Feature At Least One Other Marvel Villain
CINEMA BLEND There are quite a few Marvel movies on the slate between now and big... 14 hours
To Infinity And Beyond: Karen Gillan Confirms Nebula Will Be Back For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’… And More
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Nebula wound... 16 hours
Preparing for WAR? US and Russian fighter jets train dogfight over Area 51
DISCLOSE.TV An air traffic controller and aircraft enthusiast named Phil Drake has captured astonishing footage of U.S. Airforce training exercise taking place outside... 16 hours
when to expect the arrival of gotham s proto harley quinn When to Expect the Arrival of Gotham's Proto-Harley Quinn
GIZMODO It’s time for more wild speculation about casting Cable in Deadpool 2. Another character is confirmed for Avengers:... 16 hours
Chelsea Manning's Ordeal - An Exercise In Political Retribution
HUFFINGTON POST So Chelsea Manning's long ordeal is set to end. Her scheduled release on 17 May - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia - will bring to end a distinctly... 16 hours
Jeremy Corbyn Slams Boris Johnson For Comparing French President To A WW2 Prison Camp Guard
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn has slammed Boris Johnson for “wild and inappropriate” remarks after he compared France’s President to a... 14 hours
Boris Johnson Compares French President To WWII Prison Guard Giving UK 'Punishment Beatings'
HUFFINGTON POST Boris Johnson has compared French President Francois Hollande to a Second World War prison guard who wants to give the United Kingdom... 18 hours
JP Morgan Warns Theresa May's Brexit Threats Are 'Very Dangerous' For UK Jobs
HUFFINGTON POST Theresa May’s threat of a trade war with the EU is not “credible” and would be “very dangerous” for British jobs, the... 19 hours
Avengers: Infinity War confirms another Guardians Of The Galaxy star
SCI FI NOW There's always room for another Marvel star in Avengers: Infinity War 20 hours
Wikileaks Appears To Indicate Julian Assange Is Ready To Face Extradition After Chelsea Manning Commutation
HUFFINGTON POST WikiLeaks has indicated Julian Assange is ready to face extradition following Barack Obama’s decision to free Chelsea Manning.The... 21 hours
cia puts almost 12 million declassified files online for the first time CIA puts almost 12 million declassified files online for the first time
THE VERGE The CIA has put almost 12 million pages of its records online, allowing anyone with an internet connection to browse 50 years worth of... 24 hours
How Much Avengers: Infinity War Will Expand The MCU
CINEMA BLEND Most of the MCU movies have taken place on Earth, but next year's Avengers: Infinity War will expand... 1 day
How Microsoft Is Apologizing For The Gears Of War 4 Servers Being Down
CINEMA BLEND Over the past weekend The Coalition had the mighty large... 1 day
Marvel TV Head Blames ABC For ‘Agent Carter’ Cancellation
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Back in May, True Believers were disappointed to discover that the acclaimed World War II-era period superhero drama... 1 day
Science suffers in cold war over polar base
Science Magazine Researchers frozen out as parties vie for control of research station 2 days
the bachelor fantasy league week three the spin doctor is in The Bachelor fantasy league, week three: the spin doctor is in
THE VERGE Love’s a game and this year we’re playing. For the full rules and intellectual... 2 days
Battle Halo Wars 2's A.I. on Twitter and you can unlock skin codes for the full game
Windows Central Microsoft just announced that starting today you will be able to play a Halo... 2 days
Treatment strategy provides mental health benefits to war trauma survivors
MNT A study shows that a certain intervention called testimony therapy plus ceremony reduced symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression among Khmer Rouge torture survivors from... 2 days
Many Alien Bodies Found In One Mars Photo, Proof Of Disastrous War, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of... 2 days
us navy deploys carrier armada to disputed south china sea US Navy Deploys Carrier Armada To Disputed South China Sea
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO A Mysterious lull in US aircraft carrier activity was to prepare for war. Two weeks ago, the United States found itself in the incredibly unusual position of having... 3 days
Piccadilly Circus Lights Switched Off: How London's Iconic Billboard Site Has Changed
HUFFINGTON POST Piccadilly Circus’s iconic electronic billboards were switched off on Monday for the longest period of time since World War Two.The electrical advertisements were turned... 3 days
Next Month Campaigners Will Put UK Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia On Trial
HUFFINGTON POST As I write this Yemeni services will still be clearing up the damage caused last week when a Saudi air strike hit... 3 days
Sunday Shows Round-Up: Brexit, NHS Crisis and Pay Caps
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron and John McDonnell all took to the airwaves this morning in bumper few hours of political chat.Here are the key points from this morning’s television and... 4 days
Bana Alabed Tweets About Her New Life In Safety After Leaving War-Torn Aleppo
HUFFINGTON POST A seven-year-old girl who tweeted about the horrors of her life in war-torn Aleppo has described her new life in a series... 4 days
Tech War On Crime: Netflix Releases Trailer For New Sci-Fi Film ‘iBoy’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Netflix just released the first trailer for their new Sci-fi movie ‘iBoy,’ which is looking to capitalize on both the digital craze that has... 5 days
rome total war barbarian invasion coming to ipad this march for 4 99 Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion Coming to iPad This March for $4.99
MacRumors Feral Interactive has announced it is bringing ROME: Total War... 6 days
The 2017 D.I.C.E. Awards Nominees: Check Out The Complete List Here
CINEMA BLEND The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for their 20th annual... 6 days
Microsoft And Epic Are Being Sued Over Gears Of War, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND Former professional wrestler and football player Lenwood Hamilton has a... 6 days
Top Brass says US ready for WAR in Europe! WW3 coming?
DISCLOSE.TV You don't build up over 5k troops to just "be there" when it's not a training drill. It's a little bit more in depth than just... 7 days
russia deploys s 400 triumph air defense systems around moscow to protect capital Russia deploys S-400 Triumph air defense systems around Moscow to protect capital
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Russia has deployed anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect the capital from attack in the latest sign Vladimir Putin is preparing for war... 6 days
Peter Dinklage Is Rumored To Be In Talks To Join ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears that Peter Dinklage is in early talks to... 7 days
Herschel crater makes Saturn's Moon Mima look like Star War's 'Death Star'
DISCLOSE.TV The Cassini spacecraft mission to explore Saturn and its phenomenal natural satellites has been one of NASA’s most successful and expectation-defying exploratory endeavors yet... 7 days
Avengers Infinity War eyes up Game Of Thrones star for key role
SCI FI NOW One of the best things about Game Of Thrones could be joining Avengers Infinity War 7 days
Avengers: Infinity War May Be Adding A Major Game Of Thrones Star
CINEMA BLEND It won't just be established players showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. Some newcomers will appear as well, and now there's word that this... 1 week
China's most dangerous war planes - CNET
CNET After decades of relying on Russian-made planes, China is modernizing the People's Liberation Army Air Force with a new domestic-built fleet. 1 week
Gears of War 4 card pack costs reduced following feedback
Windows Central The Gears of War 4 community has been pretty vocal about concerns over the high cost of the game's UIR card packs, and now, just as promised, The... 1 week
Odyssey vs Pacifica: It's a mini-van war video - Roadshow
CNET It's tough world out there for family haulers. 1 week
two more heroes are showing up in avengers infinity war Two More Heroes Are Showing Up in Avengers: Infinity War 
GIZMODO Did a French publication actually reveal the main villain of Wonder Woman? Diego Luna is unable... 1 week
Jeremy Corbyn Wants UK To 'Ratchet Down' Military Tensions With Vladimir Putin In Eastern Europe
HUFFINGTON POST Jeremy Corbyn has called for the UK to “ratchet down” military tensions with Russia after a fresh war of... 1 week
Clare Hollingworth's 'Scoop Of The Century', Revealing Outbreak Of WWII, Re-Published As Journalist Dies
HUFFINGTON POST The Daily Telegraph has re-published the ‘scoop of the century’ to mark the death of Clare Hollingworth, the war correspondent who... 1 week
when the walking dead returns rick and his crew will prepare for war When The Walking Dead Returns, Rick and His Crew Will Prepare for War
GIZMODO The Walking Dead returns on February 12 and AMC has... 1 week
Will Spider-Man Fight In Avengers: Infinity War? A New Clue Just Dropped
CINEMA BLEND Almost everyone in the MCU is expected to be around, and Spidey's a natural fit, right? Only, complicated studio deals means that Spider-Man is... 1 week
engineers warn that mosul dam at risk of collapse could threaten more lives than isis Engineers warn that Mosul Dam, at risk of collapse, could threaten more lives than ISIS
CBC Has this crisis slipped by a... 1 week
Dramatic Man-of-War Takes Top Ocean Art Photography Prize
LIVE SCIENCE A striking shot of a Pacific Man-of-War wins the sixth annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition. 1 week
How Zoe Saldana Feels About Different Marvel Directors Using The Guardians In Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND _Avengers: Infinity War _will be the... 1 week
Gears of War 4 Title Update 3 detailed: bans for rage quitters, two new maps, and more!
Windows Central The Coalition just revealed Gears of War 3's third update, bringing in suspensions for... 1 week
The Long-Absent Marvel Character Avengers: Infinity War May Bring Back
CINEMA BLEND Avengers: Infinity War isn't just including nearly every one of the MCU's heroes. Several of the... 1 week
CES 2017: It's a Wi-Fi system war and you're the winner - CNET
CNET All the Wi-Fi solutions, security devices and a new ways to keep devices connected on display at CES this year. 2 weeks
marvel is already teasing its next big comic event Marvel Is Already Teasing Its Next Big Comic Event
GIZMODO Strap yourselves in, folks. Civil War II may have barely just ended, Inhumans vs. X-Men may have only... 2 weeks
crossbones will not return to the mcu but it was considered Crossbones Will Not Return to the MCU—But It Was Considered
GIZMODO Which, even for the world of comic book movies where the jaws of death are easily escapable, is... 2 weeks
New nanoparticle discovery may eliminate cold storage for some tests
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Many diagnostic tests use antibodies to help confirm a myriad of medical conditions, from Zika infections to heart ailments and even some forms of cancer. Antibodies capture and... 2 weeks
More Troops Commit Suicide Than Die In Combat In The War On ISIS
DISCLOSE.TV Most soldiers in the Middle East die from suicide ... 2 weeks
Hundreds of new skins coming to Gears of War 4, tweaks to micro-transactions being discussed
Windows Central In an update posted on the Gears of War 4 forum, The Coalition has spelled out intentions for... 2 weeks
Gears of War 4 discounted to just £20 at Amazon
Windows Central It looks like today is a good day to save on some Xbox One games in the UK. ... 2 weeks
U.S.Avengers Introduces a Whole New Red Hulk
GIZMODO There’s always been a few Hulks running around the Marvel universe, but in the wake of Bruce Banner’s death in Civil War II, there’s now one more joining Amadeus Cho and Jen Walters—and, true to form... 2 weeks
A ride in the Lucid Motors alpha prototype
TechCrunch  Lucid Motors brought its alpha prototype of its first production luxury EV to CES 2017. There’s a small fleet of these early test cars, but the one that made it to Las... 2 weeks
Exploring the tug-of-war over metals during infection
MIT Chemist Elizabeth Nolan studies the battle between microbes and hosts for essential metals. 2 weeks
Oliver Stone: Mainstream Media's Fake News About Russia Could Lead To War
DISCLOSE.TV Last week, President Barrack Obama expelled thirty-five Russian diplomats from the United States as part of a raft of punitive actions against the Kremlin... 2 weeks
SFF WORLD Tad Williams is a seminal writer for me and his Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy chronicling a tumultuous, war-torn Osten Ard sits atop my personal list of favorite fantasy series.... 2 weeks
Amazon renews Man in the High Castle for a third season
THE VERGE Amazon’s alternative history series Man in the High Castle has been greenlit for a third season, Variety reports. The show is based on Philip K. Dick’s... 2 weeks
Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' becomes German bestseller: publisher
PHYS.ORG The first reprint of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in Germany since World War II has proved a surprise bestseller, heading for its sixth print run, its publisher said Tuesday. 2 weeks
Is Sony’s Animated ‘Spider-Man’ Film Introducing Miles Morales?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With all the hubbub over Tom Holland’s appearance in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and of course, next summer’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘, all eyes have been on Spider-Man’s live-action future at the box office.... 2 weeks
Weekend Box Office (12/30/16-01/01/17): ‘Rogue One’ Officially Takes The Prize Of Second-Highest Grossing Movie Of 2016
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Force remained strong for ‘Rogue One’ as in just a matter of three weeks the... 2 weeks
75 Years After Pearl Harbor, The Threat Of Internment Returns
HUFFINGTON POST Seventy-five years ago, the Japanese military launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the US into World War II. The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, paid... 2 weeks
Gears of War 4 drops to just $25 at Best Buy
Windows Central If you haven't had a chance to jump into Gears of War 4 on your Xbox One just yet, Best Buy's latest deal of the day... 3 weeks
See Carrie Fisher And Mark Hamill On The Star War 8 Set As Part Of Oscar Isaac’s Touching Tribute
CINEMA BLEND Over the last few days, we've seen nearly everybody involved... 3 weeks
Patty Jenkins Explains The Time Period For ‘Wonder Woman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Wonder Woman‘ being set during World War I, it begs the question on why that time period was picked and director Patty Jenkins has taken the time to share... 3 weeks
The Latest: Turkey's Foreign Minister Urges Calm
ABC NEWS Turkey's foreign minister has urged Washington and Moscow to ease their spat, saying the world does not need a new Cold War 3 weeks
A Look Back at the Movies and TV Shows of 2016 (NSFW)
GIZMODO Do you want to take a look back at 2016? Yeah, me neither. I’ve blocked out so much of what happened this year that... 3 weeks
Illuminati's Grand Wizard Abert Pike: 'We Will Use Islam To Spark World War 3'
DISCLOSE.TV Albert Pike’s ‘sequence of three world wars prediction’ is of particular interest. Albert Pike was a top Illuminati Grand Wizard,... 3 weeks
Why Wonder Woman Is Set During World War I, According To Patty Jenkins
CINEMA BLEND _Wonder Woman _will take place during World War I, and there's a good reason why it was important to use that time... 3 weeks
New Concept Art And Details For ‘Kong: Skull Island’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ taking place in the 1970s after the Vietnam War, we’ll be getting a different tone from previous ‘King Kong’ films and the latest details and new... 3 weeks
Jawbone fires back after Fitbit ends patent case
TechCrunch  Fitbit celebrated the holiday this year by ending one of a number of suits filed against fellow fitness wearable manufacturer Jawbone. Even so, the legal war being waged between the two sides... 3 weeks
Russian Embassy In London Responds To US Sanctions With Picture Of A Duck
HUFFINGTON POST The Russian Embassy in London has issued a curious response to President Barack Obama sanctioning Russian officials over meddling in the US elections... 3 weeks
Amazon patented a fantastical floating airship warehouse for its delivery drones
THE VERGE Amazon has been working on getting a drone delivery program off the ground for a while now, but some new patents show the company isn't out... 3 weeks
Civil War II Is Finally Over, and We All Lost
GIZMODO Mere days before 2016 comes to a close, Marvel’s “summer” event series Civil War II has released its last issue. But Civil War II wasn’t going to go down without... 3 weeks
Mahabharata: How 'Gods' Used Advanced Weapons 12,000 Years Ago
DISCLOSE.TV Proof of an atomic blast dated 12,000 years ago? What is “The Mahabharata.” It is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. It shows the Kurukshetra War... 3 weeks
Why Kong: Skull Island Is Set During The Vietnam War, According To The Director
CINEMA BLEND _Kong: Skull Island _will take place during the 1970s as the Vietnam War still rages. As it turns out, that... 3 weeks
OSCE victim of 'major' cyber attack
PHYS.ORG The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, an international election and war monitor, said Wednesday it had become the latest global institution to suffer a "major" cyber attack. 3 weeks
The Three Highest-Grossing Actors Of 2016 Are All Marvel Stars, Because Of Course
CINEMA BLEND Captain America: Civil War's impressive gross revenue resulted in all three of the 2016's top grossing actors being stars of the MCU.... 3 weeks
From 'The Night Manager' To 'The Missing', What Was Your Top TV Dramatic Moment Of 2016?
HUFFINGTON POST 2016 has been, at least, a vintage year for TV drama, and the difficulty of shortlisting... 3 weeks
Israel warns UN Settlement Resolution Is A Declaration Of War
DISCLOSE.TV Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told New Zealand's foreign minister that his country's sponsoring of the UN anti-settlement resolution was a "declaration of war" ... 3 weeks
2016 burst the VR hype bubble — Epic’s Tim Sweeney thinks that’s not a problem
THE VERGE Epic Games is still working on its first full-length virtual reality game: an arcade shooter called Robo Recall... 3 weeks
Razer Man O War headset review: Supremely comfortable, supremely plastic
Windows Central Go wire-free and stay comfy with this impressive (and impressively named) headset from Razer. Razer's headsets are usually named after creatures of the ocean, with the likes of... 3 weeks
Oxytocin enhances social affiliation in chimpanzee groups
PHYS.ORG The high costs of individuals going to war is perplexing. Individuals are willing to suffer costs in order to benefit their own group, through cooperating and supporting their fellow group members and acting with... 3 weeks
LG's new levitating speaker promises 10 hours of floating funk
THE VERGE Sure, we might be facing down a potential nuclear war, burning fossil fuels for fun, and still not have our own robot butlers, but the last few years... 3 weeks
How Dunkirk Is Unlike Christopher Nolan's Other Blockbusters
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Nolan's next movie, Dunkirk, has a key difference from his previous projects, and it's not just that it's set in World War II. 3 weeks
George Michael's Sudden, Sad Death Has Robbed The World Of A Great Artist And Star With A Social Conscience
HUFFINGTON POST George's sudden, sad death has robbed the world of a... 3 weeks
Love of sewing patterns leads to world-class collection
PHYS.ORG If a costume designer wanted to recreate a World War I era wraparound dress, a 1940s zoot suit or even a bodice from 1875, the sewing patterns are in Rhode Island. 3 weeks
Middleboro, Massachusetts’ Haunted Oliver House is Teeming with Restless Spirits
WEEK IN WEIRD Built two-and-a-half centuries ago, the Oliver House in Middleboro, Massachusetts has stood through the Revolutionary War, played host to presidents, and has seen plenty of death within its walls.... 3 weeks
Meet The Mall Of America's First Santa Of Color
CINEMA BLEND Despite the alleged War On Christmas we've all been hearing about for decades, Santa Claus is just as popular as ever. His appearance, however, is starting to look a little... 4 weeks
Withings products disappear from Apple stores following Nokia patent kerfuffle
TechCrunch  As much of the rest of us were gearing up for a relatively quiet holiday season, Apple and Nokia were getting ready to go to battle, reigniting a... 4 weeks
‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Will Feature A Character From The Original Film!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Back at New York Comic Con, footage from ‘War for the Planet of the Apes‘  was screened and now... 4 weeks
Weekend streaming: 'Captain America: Civil War' hits Netflix - CNET
CNET The third "Captain America" movie joins Netflix's streaming catalog on December 25. 4 weeks
Let's Make 2017 The Year The UK Cracks The Productivity Puzzle
HUFFINGTON POST It's that time of year for making resolutions: when, having staggered over the Christmas finishing line, we vow to come back to the office with more... 4 weeks
'Liberal Tears Mugs' And Other Weird Donald Trump Twitter Paraphernalia
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump’s tweets are mad - no one is disputing that.When he’s not whinging like a small child about the latest publication to be anything other than worshipful... 4 weeks
Brexit - Six Months On
HUFFINGTON POST Merry Brexmas. Who'd have thought, six months on, that we'd be as fascinated, if not more so, with Brexit as we were back in June? The newspapers are obsessed with it. Politicians go on endlessly about it. Social... 4 weeks
Battlefield 1 Is Adding New Content This Week, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND DICE and Electronic Arts sent out word that their World War I shooter, which has been one of the big sellers of the fall season, has... 4 weeks
Best Xbox Games in the Windows Store
Windows Central Looking to get your Xbox fix on your Windows 10 PC? These are the games to get. 1. Gears of War 4 Simply put, Gears of War 4 is a masterpiece. Picking up after... 4 weeks
War For The Planet Of The Apes Finally Makes A Direct Connection To The Original Film
CINEMA BLEND It seems that War For The Planet Of The Apes will feature a character who will... 4 weeks
God Of War 4 Just Took A Major Step Forward
CINEMA BLEND We first knew about God of War 4 being in development back during E3 earlier this year when Sony's Santa Monica Studios unveiled some true next-generation gameplay and... 4 weeks
Darth Santa strikes back at the holidays with young Kylo Ren - CNET
CNET Darth Santa's back, and this time he has a helper in his Sith-inspired war on Christmas. 4 weeks
Diana Steals the 'God Killer' in New Wonder Woman Image
GIZMODO We’ve seen some glimpses of it in the trailer, but now we have a few more details about the sword that Diana takes from Themiscyra and into World... 4 weeks
War for the Planet of the Apes Will Feature a Character From the Original 1968 Movie
GIZMODO Timeline-wise, it doesn’t make a ton of sense. But for fans, it’s pretty cool.Read more... 4 weeks
Beats Solo 3 review: decent sound, better wireless
THE VERGE If you want to condense Apple’s 2016 down to a pithy mission statement, it’s this: war on wires. Along with the traditional spec upgrades of iPhones and MacBooks, the Cupertino company this... 4 weeks
A New Casting Call Confirms Captain Marvel And Nebula For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known for awhile that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe was going up against Thanos in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ which would feature many of... 4 weeks
John Glenn and Remote Viewing - Remote Viewing/Remote Perception
THE ANOMALIST For anyone convinced that remote viewing has little or no basis in reality, you may find yourself changing your mind after reading this piece. The US military has long held... 4 weeks
How Rogue One complicates the Rebellion's moral superiority
THE VERGE By Star Wars standards, Rogue One is a morally complex story. From beginning to end, it’s a film about war and espionage, and it provides some surprising depth to the nature of... 4 weeks
Avengers: Infinity War Casting Call Leaves Off One Very Important Marvel Superhero
CINEMA BLEND The cast of Avengers: Infinity War has no real surprises in it... until you comb the casting list and notice that one name is... 4 weeks
Report: Russians Regularly Shelled Eastern Ukraine in 2014
ABC NEWS An analysis by the open source investigative group Bellingcat suggests that Russian howitzers and rocket launchers regularly pounded Ukrainian positions in cross-border raids in the early stages of the war in eastern... 4 weeks
We Might Know Every Superhero That's Showing Up In Avengers: Infinity War
GIZMODO The Tales from the Crypt reboot may be doomed. Teddy Sears teases a potential return on The Flash. Kara might be getting a visit... 4 weeks
These are 20 of the best Xbox One games to look out for in 2017
Windows Central As this year draws to a close, gamers are turning their attention to 2017, which is looking to... 4 weeks
Saints Blood Fails To Liquify, Signifying Time Of War, Disease And Famine! Dec 19, 2016, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of event: Dec 19, 2016Location of event: Naples Cathedral, Naples, ItalySource... 4 weeks
Watch: One Final Trailer for Bad Cops Indie Comedy 'War on Everyone'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "So what are we going to do about those two?" Don't miss this! Saban Films has released one more trailer for the vulgar, hilarious... 4 weeks
War on Everyone
CINEMA BLEND Two corrupt cops in New Mexico set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Things take a sinister turn, however, when they try to intimidate someone who is more dangerous than they are. Or... 4 weeks
Mark Millar Wasn’t A Big Fan Of ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, ‘Suicide Squad’, Or ‘Captain America: Civil War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Mark Millar isn’t just the creator of ‘Kick-Ass’ but was largely responsible for Marvel’s... 4 weeks