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Tank 432 (2016) TRAILER
First Official Trailers for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' with Tom Holland
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Stay close to the ground. And stay out of trouble." Sony has revealed the first official trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts, produced by Marvel Studios. Tom... 14 minutes
US Provoking China Into World War 3?
DISCLOSE.TV China has been a hot topic in the media for some time now, especially regarding the current election cycle. Both republicans and democrats have voiced worry about China ... 11 hours
Maintaining work routine can help reduce stress during wars or protracted states of emergencies
NEWS MEDICAL The calming power of work: adhering to work routine during the Second Lebanon War (2006) contributed to a reduction in... 12 hours
watch full trailer for doug liman s iraq war sniper thriller the wall Watch: Full Trailer for Doug Liman's Iraq War Sniper Thriller 'The Wall'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Something's not right..." Amazon Studios & Roadside Attractions have released the first official trailer for an action thriller titled The Wall, directed by Doug... 12 hours
Throwback Thursday: “Rossum’s Universal Robots” (1920)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Let’s take a trip back to 1920 for today’s Throwback Thursday, ScienceFiction.com’s ongoing column dedicated to the great science fiction of the past. ‘Rossum’s... 17 hours
London plans giant curved screen
BBC Piccadilly Circus's lights are to be switched off for the longest period of time since World War Two. 22 hours
Grab the Xbox One 500GB Gears of War bundle for just $189 at Woot!
Windows Central Bargain site Woot! is selling the Xbox One 500GB Gears of War bundle for just $189, a 36% discount on... 1 day
Windows 10 on ARM: Microsoft's ultimate mobile device vision comes into focus
Windows Central Microsoft has admitted to losing the nearly decade-old consumer-focused smartphone war. But with Windows 10 on ARM they just rewrote the rules for the... 1 day
Windows 10 on ARM: Microsoft's ultimate mobile device vision comes into view
Windows Central Microsoft has admitted to losing the nearly decade-old consumer-focused smartphone war. But with Windows 10 on ARM they just rewrote the rules for the... 1 day
Wait, Does Part Of Spider-Man: Homecoming Take Place During Captain America: Civil War?
CINEMA BLEND The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer teaser could indicate that some of... 1 day
Peter Parker Gets An Upgrade In First ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Teaser
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ever since he debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, True Believers... 2 days
the man in the high castle cast and producer on the allure of what if The Man in the High Castle Cast and Producer on the Allure of 'What If'
GIZMODO Season one of Man of the High Castle threw us... 2 days
Mysterious 'Ahnenerbe' Nazi Chest Contains Two Alien Skulls
DISCLOSE.TV There are a huge amount of incredible artifacts still being unearthed all over the world from Worhttp://www.disclose.tv/rss2sql/rss2sql_new.php?id=136893&index=top&aktivieren=activateld War One and World War Two ... 2 days
mysterious nazi chest contains two alien skulls Mysterious Nazi Chest Contains Two Alien Skulls
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO There are a huge amount of incredible artifacts still being unearthed all over the world from Worhttp://www.disclose.tv/rss2sql/rss2sql_new.php?id=136893&index=top&aktivieren=activateld War One and World War Two ... 2 days
Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary: Tour the sites, ships and planes of World War II - CNET
CNET 75 years ago today, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and launched the US into World War... 2 days
Gears of War 4 Title Update arrives, balancing Horde and bringing new maps
Windows Central The second Gears of War 4 Title Update is now live, bringing piles of new features and fixes. The latest update brings... 3 days
New Comic Books This Week – December 7th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 12/7/2016. As always, check with your... 3 days
War and Peace: James S.A. Corey on New 'Expanse' Novel
SPACE.COM In "Babylon's Ashes" (Orbit, 2016), the people of Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt deal with the aftermath of a stunning blow from the violent Free Navy, and... 3 days
When Christopher Nolan Will Show Off New Dunkirk Footage
CINEMA BLEND Christopher Nolan doesn't do anything by half measures, and that includes just showing off part of his newest... 3 days
in the first transformers the last knight trailer optimus prime goes rogue In the first Transformers: The Last Knight trailer, Optimus Prime goes rogue
THE VERGE VIDEO Whether you want it or not, the next Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, is well on its way, and we just got our... 3 days
First ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Trailer Brings Us War Throughout The Ages
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Following the season one finale of ‘Westworld’ on Sunday night, fans were likely clamoring to see more of Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins. After... 3 days
Transformers 5: The Coolest Things The Last Knight Trailer Just Showed Fans
CINEMA BLEND As Michael Bay planted explosives near the Knights of the Round Table and some World War II-era Nazis, here are the images that caught... 3 days
Syrian crisis altered region's land and water resources, study finds
PHYS.ORG The Syrian civil war and subsequent refugee migration caused sudden changes in the area's land use and freshwater resources, according to satellite data analyzed by Stanford researchers. 4 days
Andrew Garfield Was “Heartbroken” Following His Stint As Spider-Man
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Thanks to an unprecedented deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Spider-Man is finally a part of the... 4 days
buying the forever war for 25 is the easiest decision you ll make today Buying The Forever War For $.25 Is the Easiest Decision You'll Make Today
GIZMODO 2016 got you down? Joe Haldeman’s award-winning novel, The Forever War...won’t really help at all.... 4 days
Weekend Box Office (12/02-12/04): Disney Hits A New Record High Thanks To ‘Moana’ And ‘Doctor Strange’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Moana’ helped Disney reach... 4 days
totally accurate battle simulator brings the wacky joy of fighting action figures to life Totally Accurate Battle Simulator brings the wacky joy of fighting action figures to life
THE VERGE VIDEO In the history of video games, there have... 5 days
How Rogue One Will Be Like A Typical War Movie, According To Gareth Edwards
CINEMA BLEND It appears that Gareth Edwards took a ton... 5 days
this computer virus has the potential to start world war iii at any time This Computer Virus Has The Potential To Start World War III At Any Time!
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Could a computer virus start a world war? In the world of computer technology, some 'genius mind' has created a... 5 days
the first trailer for netflix s spectral is black hawk down meets ghostbusters The first trailer for Netflix’s Spectral is Black Hawk Down meets Ghostbusters
THE VERGE Netflix has a big, flashy action movie in time for the holidays. The streaming giant is set to release Spectral — a fantasy movie... 7 days
Institutional collapse, not guns and bombs, is most-cited cause of wildlife declines from war
PHYS.ORG In conflict zones, the most common killers of wildlife are not guns and bombs, but breakdowns in institutions, societies and... 7 days
Darksiders Warmastered Edition review on Xbox One: Answer the Call
Windows Central Reprise your role as the Horseman War. You might recognize Darksiders as a hack and slash adventure game that originally arrived on the scene way back in 2010,... 1 week
December update to bring new maps, daily rewards and more to Gears of War 4
Windows Central Gears of War 4 is in for its second major update since launch, with lots of new content... 1 week
Deadspin ESPN: Richie Incognito Is An Iroquois War God | Jezebel Here’s Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah
GIZMODO Deadspin ESPN: Richie Incognito Is An Iroquois... 1 week
After Pearl Harbor: The Race to Save the U.S. Fleet
HISTORY The Japanese attack caught the U.S. Navy off guard but ultimately failed to cripple its war effort at sea, thanks to a massive salvage effort that began almost... 1 week
marvel teases avengers fans as a big infinity war meeting takes place Marvel Teases Avengers Fans As A Big Infinity War Meeting Takes Place
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Marvel have been holding a meeting ahead of production on Avengers: Infinity War, and they've teased fans with a rather brilliant picture. 1 week
Microsoft, Gaming, and Libations – Join us live at 4PM ET for some Gears of War 4!
Windows Central We've rebranded our leading Beam.pro stream to Microsoft, Gaming and Libations! Microsoft, Gaming and... 1 week
Marvel Might Make A Major Captain America Change, If Sebastian Stan Is To Be Believed
CINEMA BLEND One of the biggest questions coming... 1 week
Marvel Might Make A Major Captain America Change, If Sebastian Stan Is To Believed
CINEMA BLEND One of the biggest questions coming out of... 1 week
Bradley Cooper And Gavin O’Connor Are Joining Forces For A World War II Drama
CINEMA BLEND Another World War II drama may sound like... 1 week
Watch: First Trailer for Historical War Drama 'The Ottoman Lieutenant'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "You have your mission, Doctor, and I have mine." Paladin has debuted a trailer for the film The Ottoman Lieutenant, another historical war drama, this one directed by... 1 week
Google Doodle celebrates trailblazing author of 'Little Women' - CNET
CNET Louisa May Alcott wrote that "she wanted to do something splendid... that won't be forgotten after I'm dead." Today, she is remembered for her writing, service during the... 1 week
at t just declared war on an open internet and us AT&T just declared war on an open internet (and us)
THE VERGE Last year we won the open internet back, but the new regulations had one big weakness:... 1 week
Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with epilepsy have higher mortality risk, study reveals
NEWS MEDICAL U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans (IAVs) with epilepsy were more than twice as likely to die between 2011 and 2015 as were similar veterans without... 1 week
Top 10 Usefull Weapons for apocalypse
DISCLOSE.TV List Top 10 presents list of top 10 weapons without which survival in apocalypse or world war 3 can't be imagine. For more List being in touch List Top 10 on youtube channel ... 1 week
Google doodle celebrates the trailblazing author of 'Little Women' - CNET
CNET Louisa May Alcott wrote that "she wanted to do something splendid... that won't be forgotten after I'm dead." Today, she is remembered for her writing, service... 1 week
Kevin Feige Has A Reason Why Netflix Marvel Isn’t Showing Up In The MCU
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve all known that Kevin Feige isn’t someone... 1 week
Researchers crack the code of a deadly virus
PHYS.ORG Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) is an unforgiving killer of horses, donkeys and zebras, resulting in mortality as high as 80 percent of infected animals. It causes rapid, catastrophic swelling of the... 2 weeks
Guest post: In a war, how do you know you’re fighting for the right side? by S.K. Dunstall
SFF WORLD ... 2 weeks
Battlefield 1 ultimate guide
Windows Central Battlefield 1 takes players back to the Great War and places them amidst the bloody, brutal fighting. Here's how to get the most out of DICE's best shooter yet. Featuring a new take on singleplayer mode, featuring character-driven plots split... 2 weeks
Gearbox CEO Teases A Major Announcement For The Game Awards
CINEMA BLEND Fans have been asking Gearbox Software what they've been up to lately and one fan asked... 2 weeks
Media Silent On Potential War With Russia As House Passes Hillary's No-Fly Zones in Syria
DISCLOSE.TV It is being reported that six lawmakers within the United States Congress have seized the initiative during this... 2 weeks
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies aged 90
HIDUTH Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies aged 90 – Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader who built a communist state... 2 weeks
Denmark urged to clean up US military waste in Greenland
PHYS.ORG Greenland is calling on Denmark to clean up an abandoned under-ice missile project and other U.S. military installations left to rust in the pristine landscape after the Cold... 2 weeks
The Space Fence - Ahrimans War in the Heavens
DISCLOSE.TV Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Geoengineering author Elana Freeland talking about the mysterious and obscure covert program for a massive Global Surveillance System that can track the population down to... 2 weeks
marvel s big cosmic superteam has a wild new boss Marvel's Big Cosmic Superteam Has a Wild New Boss
GIZMODO The Ultimates came together to safeguard the world from the biggest threats in the Marvel cosmos—and then Civil... 2 weeks
Ralph Kern Puts The Worlds To Writes With Isaac Hooke
SFF WORLD The Art of (Space) War Sun Tzu says there are Nine Grounds in war. These are... 2 weeks
Civil War II's Biggest Brawl Might Be Over Before It Even Started
GIZMODO There might be Team Tony and Team Carol, and there might even have been distractions like Hawkeye vs. Bruce Banner, but we’ve known from... 2 weeks
Cyber security college to open at Britain's Bletchley Park
PHYS.ORG Britain's next generation of cyber security experts will be taught at Bletchley Park, where Nazi codes were cracked during World War II, the head of the new college announced on... 2 weeks
CINEMA BLEND Robert Zemeckis' career has partially been defined by the electiveness in his filmography -- regularly experimenting in new and different genres and styles -- and his first venture into the World War II era is a success. 2 weeks
Feature Request: Allow users to add spacers into the macOS dock without using a Terminal hack
9to5Mac With many of us having new Macs here or on the way, it’s a good time to... 2 weeks
New grasses neutralize toxic pollution from bombs, explosives, and munitions
SCIENCE DAILY Engineers have developed the first transgenic grass species that can take up and destroy RDX -- a toxic compound that has been widely used in explosives since World... 2 weeks
WWII Shipwrecks 'Vanish' After Plundering by Illegal Scavengers
LIVE SCIENCE Illegal salvagers have plundered at least six World War II shipwrecks near Indonesia for scrap metal, including the wreck of an American submarine that has now "completely vanished," according to investigators. 2 weeks
In Photos: WWII-Era Shipwrecks Illegally Plundered in Java Sea
LIVE SCIENCE Historic World War II-era shipwrecks in the Java Sea, near Indonesia, are being plundered for scrap metal by illegal salvage operators. 2 weeks
The Best Xbox One Games of 2016
Windows Central 2016 isn't completely over, but here's a look back at the best games released so far! It's always good to keep track of the best games and look back at the road to how... 2 weeks
Diplomacy Is Over!? Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles To Europe's Borders
DISCLOSE.TV Russia and nuclear arms have often been a synonymous grouping, due to their history of being the attacker in almost every scenario that has ever involved war or... 3 weeks
Angela Bassett Will Be Black Panther's Queen Mother
GIZMODO In Captain America: Civil War, we not only met T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), but his father T’Chaka (John Kani) also played a significant role in things. The family’s getting a matriarch, though, in the form... 3 weeks
Learn everything about Final Fantasy XV in this impressive extended trailer
Windows Central Final Fantasy XV is on the horizon, and Square Enix has released an extended trailer detailing what fans can expect. FFXV takes place in the war-torn... 3 weeks
The proposed Snowpiercer TV series could fix the film’s mistakes
THE VERGE Back in 2014, one of the biggest stories in the cinema world was the long-running war between studio mogul Harvey Weinstein and Korean director Bong Joon-ho over the... 3 weeks
When Captain America: Civil War Will Be Streaming On Netflix
CINEMA BLEND Wondering when you will be able to finally watch Captain America: Civil War on Netflix? We finally know when the blockbuster will officially debut on the streaming service.... 3 weeks
Titanfall 2 Xbox One review — why isn't it selling?
Windows Central Titanfall was among the Xbox One's first great exclusives, securing a sequel under EA publishing. Developed by the team behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Respawn Entertainment promised... 3 weeks
The Toledo War: When Michigan and Ohio Nearly Came to Blows
HISTORY Michigan and Ohio are now famous for their college football rivalry, but in 1835, the two states nearly went to war over a small strip of... 3 weeks
Aliens Would Share More Advanced Technology If We Warmonger Less - Former Canada MoD
DISCLOSE.TV If we had peace they would actually consider us a lot more than they do now. As it is, they... 3 weeks
Get to know the leveling systems in Battlefield 1
Windows Central How does class leveling work in Battlefield 1? In Battlefield 1's multiplayer, there are actually two systems that you progress through: class rank and overall rank. Here's an explanation of... 3 weeks
Virtual reality to aid Auschwitz war trials of concentration camp guards
BBC The Auschwitz concentration camp has been recreated in virtual reality to help in war crime trials of former guards. 3 weeks
Is Los Angeles ready to rethink the car?
THE VERGE When people say Americans won’t give up their cars, Los Angeles is a case study on automotive saturation. Car fever took off during the post World War II era economic boom, and... 3 weeks
Seeking Lost Manuscripts - Haunted Ohio Books
THE ANOMALIST Aside from cultivating a knack for detecting bullshit, the hardest part of investigating forteana is finding reference materials. Chris Woodyard's seeking Marie Campbell's manuscript covering Kentucky fairy tales, and she fears the five volumes... 3 weeks
The Latest ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Teaser Has Selene As A Reluctant Warrior
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Early next year ‘Underworld: Blood Wars‘ will be pitting Lycan against Vampire once again and the latest clip shows Selene being a little reluctant... 3 weeks
This dog will make you want to become a cord-cutter video - CNET
CNET A home-monitoring camera caught what happened when a dog named Lola played tug-of-war with a TV cord. 3 weeks
Dog unleashes fury on TV - CNET
CNET This four-legged fiend gets caught red-handed in a game of tug of war with the TV cord. Spoiler: the dog wins. 3 weeks
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review - War heads to space and beyond
Windows Central Every year, Activision releases a new Call of Duty. Non-fans criticize them for being too similar, while series faithful eat them up.... 3 weeks
Why wounds heal more slowly with age
SCIENCE DAILY Older bodies need longer to mend. This reality of aging has been documented since World War I, with the observation that wounds heal slower in older soldiers. Yet until now, researchers have not been... 3 weeks
Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4 among October's best-selling games
Windows Central The NPD Group has released its latest report for October 2016, providing an overview of video games sales in the United States. This month's report has... 3 weeks
Veterans Affairs researchers discover alleles of certain genes that offer protection from GWI
NEWS MEDICAL Veterans Affairs researchers have found that certain forms, or alleles, of a gene known to play a key role in the immune... 3 weeks
Studies point to gene-based brain glitches in ill Gulf War vets
SCIENCE DAILY Certain forms, or alleles, of a gene known to play a key role in the immune system appear to offer protection from Gulf War illness (GWI),... 3 weeks
Environmental cooperation in 1970s helped ease Cold War tensions
PHYS.ORG Scientific cooperation to address concerns about the environment helped to foster détente between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1970s, NYU's Rachel Rothschild concludes in a newly... 3 weeks
Watch: Jessica Chastain Stars in First Trailer for 'The Zookeeper's Wife'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "No one knows how hard it is... You can never tell who your enemies are. Or who to trust." Focus Features has unveiled the first official... 3 weeks
WWII shipwrecks are mysteriously vanishing
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Three shipwrecks dating back to World War II have completely disappeared from the bottom of the Java Sea. Authorities in the Netherlands have been lef... 3 weeks
Study examines challenges facing refugee artisans displaced by civil war in Syria
PHYS.ORG The impact of forced displacement on Syria's traditional crafts and cultural heritage, and the people directly involved in it, is to be analysed in... 3 weeks
Two World War II Shipwrecks Mysteriously Vanished From the Bottom of the Ocean
GIZMODO A pair of warships lost during a historic 1942 naval battle have completely disappeared from their resting places at the bottom of... 3 weeks
4 Reasons Battlefield Should Stay In World War I
CINEMA BLEND Battlefield 1 appears to have become a hit with gamers and critics alike. It's a solid first-person shooter, but the real accomplishment is how much it does differently than the... 3 weeks
Black Panther Movie: What We Know So Far
CINEMA BLEND After decades of playing an important role in the history of Marvel Comics, Black Panther is finally getting his day on the big screen. Captain America: Civil War marks the character's first... 3 weeks
The WAR Is ON! List of 'Fake' News Sites Includes: Disclose.tv, Breitbart, Infowars, Zerohedge
DISCLOSE.TV Internet giants proposed new regulations to crack down on content this week. This comes one week after Hillary Clinton suffered... 3 weeks
The Avengers Directors Just Shared, Then Deleted, A Mysterious Behind The Scenes Image
CINEMA BLEND The directors of Avengers: Infinity War just shared (and deleted) a behind the scenes photo that may have insane implications for the... 3 weeks
Two new lizards with 'heroic past' discovered in the Chilean Andes
PHYS.ORG Two new species of lizards have been discovered in the Andean highlands of Southern Chile. Collected from areas of heroic past, both small reptiles were named... 3 weeks
In the war on fake news, school librarians have a huge role to play
THE VERGE Concern about the prevalence of fake or sensationally biased news sources has escalated in the days following the presidential election,... 3 weeks
Question Club: The science, aliens, and painfully timely messages of Arrival
THE VERGE This past weekend saw the release of Arrival, the arty, hypnotic science fiction film from Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Previously, Villeneuve was known for more grounded,... 3 weeks
Humanity and AI will be inseparable
THE VERGE The Verge 2021 In celebration of our 5th anniversary, this month we’re publishing a series of interviews with innovative leaders about what the next five years hold. To read more about this series, read our editor... 3 weeks
Asana introduces boards as part of an all-out assault on Trello
THE VERGE Asana, the fast-growing work-tracking tool created by a co-founder of Facebook, today declared war on Trello, its biggest rival. Asana, which has to date been known... 3 weeks
Trump and Putin: 'We will destroy ISIS once and for all!'
DISCLOSE.TV Over the past few months, relations between the United States and the Russian Federation have sunk to their lowest levels since the Cold War with bitter... 3 weeks
China's right: smartphones are a big reason Trump can't win a trade war
THE VERGE Smartphones are like trousers. They're unnatural, a human artifice that our species survived many millennia without, but which has now proliferated to... 3 weeks
How Gary Sinise Is Helping Wounded Veterans
CINEMA BLEND Gary Sinise is tapping into his experience playing a wounded war veteran in 'Forrest Gump' to go above and beyond for wounded vets today, by building them smart houses. 4 weeks
Nostradamus Predicted Trump Presidency, Warned WWIII Would Follow
PARANORMAL NEWS Nostradamus Predicted Trump Presidency, Warned WWIII Would Follow – Nostradamus predicted the inauguration of Donald Trump which would then be followed by World War 3, according to a rediscovered Quatrain. According to... 4 weeks
Nostradamus Predicted Trump Presidency, Warned WWIII Would Follow
HIDUTH Nostradamus Predicted Trump Presidency, Warned WWIII Would Follow – Nostradamus predicted the inauguration of Donald Trump which would then be followed by World War 3, according to a rediscovered Quatrain. According to... 4 weeks
Russian President Putin: George Soros Is Wanted 'Dead Or Alive'
DISCLOSE.TV Vladimir Putin has declared war on the billionaire George Soros ... 4 weeks
Grab Gears of War 4 for just £30 at Amazon!
Windows Central If you've yet to step into the boots of JD Fenix and take on Gears of War 4, Amazon UK is offering Microsoft's latest blockbuster at a fantastic... 4 weeks
China says iPhone sales ‘will suffer’ if Trump goes ahead with threatened trade war
9to5Mac The Chinese government, through the state-run Global Times newspaper, has said that iPhone sales ‘will suffer’ if president-elect Trump follows through... 4 weeks
iPhone sales will 'suffer' if Trump targets China, officials warn - CNET
CNET A Chinese state-run newspaper has written a column cautioning the President-elect against starting a "trade war" with the populous country. 4 weeks
iPhone Sales Could Face Major Setback in China if Trump Enacts Trade War
MacRumors A collection of companies based in the United States could face "impaired" blowback if President-elect Donald Trump follows through with his campaign... 4 weeks
China threatens to squeeze iPhone sales if Donald Trump initiates a trade war
TechCrunch  Apple and top automakers could be among the U.S. businesses that suffer if President-elect Donald Trump plays hardball with China over trade.... 4 weeks
China threatens to cut iPhone sales if Trump declares a trade war
THE VERGE China's state-run newspaper says the government would respond with "countermeasures" if President-elect Donald Trump starts a trade war against the country, warning that the... 4 weeks
Moroccan vault protects seeds from climate change and war
PHYS.ORG Should a doomsday agricultural crisis hit the world's driest environments, scientists and farmers will turn to an up-and-coming research center and seed bank in Morocco to restock their harvests. 4 weeks
Avengers 3: Everything We Know About Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND In Avengers 3 everything we've seen so far in the comic book movie world has been building towards an epic big screen battle against the alien warlord known as Thanos. It's called... 4 weeks
Helping Veterans Cope with the Mental Scars of War – Op-Ed
LIVE SCIENCE When we think about the men and women in our military this Veterans Day, we should also think about their mental health. 4 weeks
Veteran’s Day Valient Soldier Spirits Alert
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS As we celebrate the sacrifice, and bravery of our nation’s military veterans, and fallen soldiers who died in mortal combat, let us not forget those who still haven’t found peace even in death. Those haunted by... 4 weeks
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review - One Small Step
CINEMA BLEND Blasting off into a future where war is now fought across the stars, it's clear that Infinity Ward wanted to go in a daring new direction with Call... 4 weeks
The Secret Message Tony Stark Almost Left Spider-Man, According To Civil War Concept Art
CINEMA BLEND When Peter Parker met Tony Stark, the billionaire really upped the kid's game as Spider-Man. However, it looks like the... 4 weeks
​How you'll meet VR: Museums and concerts, not war games - CNET
CNET Google and Facebook VR leaders say most people will lean back and gaze at virtual worlds, not race through immersive games. Also: an end... 4 weeks
Underworld: Blood Wars new trailer Kate Beckinsale is back for war
SCI FI NOW Kate Beckinsale brings it in the new Underworld: Blood Wars trailer 4 weeks
NSU researchers learn more about Gulf War illness to help veterans
NEWS MEDICAL As the nation honors our veterans on November 11, we must pause to remember the long-lasting health effects soldiers experience not only from bullets or bombs, but from... 4 weeks