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Star Wars: Rogue One Just Screened, Here’s What Critics Think
CINEMA BLEND Fresh off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's premiere in Los Angeles, here's what some critics... 4 hours
bank glitch allows man to spend over 1 million and walk away free Bank Glitch Allows Man to Spend Over $1 Million and Walk Away Free
GIZMODO Normally a glitch is a bad thing. Maybe it means... 10 hours
Marc Guggenheim Talks About ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ And Hints At ‘Vixen’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The CW has had a smashing success with the live-action DC shows and now Marc Guggenheim is talking a little bit on what to... 11 hours
suicide squad just got an impressive award nomination Suicide Squad Just Got An Impressive Award Nomination
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Mixed reception be damned, Suicide Squad has gotten nominated for an award, though it doesn't have much to do with... 11 hours
Mario Sports Superstars Characters And Details Revealed
CINEMA BLEND Nintendo revealed some new information and details on the playable characters, modes and gameplay mechanics for the upcoming multi-sports game due for... 11 hours
New Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Is Dark And Thrilling
CINEMA BLEND With a new year comes Season 4 of Sherlock, and we've got a new trailer for the highly... 11 hours
somebody built an atari 2600 emulator inside minecraft Somebody Built An Atari 2600 Emulator Inside Minecraft
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Some people build houses in Minecraft. Others, on the other hand, like to build insane contraptions that leave us all... 13 hours
Tolkien Receives Bodley Medal
SF SITE Christopher Tolkien, the son of J.R.R. Tolkien, has received the Bodley Medal in recognition of his contribution to the world of literature for editing and publishing the previously unpublished works of his father. Tolkien’s papers have been housed at the... 14 hours
Man Steals Money From Work And Spends An Insane Amount of It On A Video Game
CINEMA BLEND What would you do... 12 hours
making elon musk s rocket looks like the most metal pottery class Making Elon Musk's Rocket Looks Like The Most Metal Pottery Class
GIZMODO In order to fly into Earth’s upper atmosphere and beyond, Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets... 13 hours
andy serkis thinks planet of the apes is boyhood in the jungle and he s right Andy Serkis Thinks Planet of the Apes is 'Boyhood in the Jungle,' and He's Right
GIZMODO The main difference between the original Planet of... 13 hours
big reveals seem stupidly obvious after watching the westworld dubsmash mix Big Reveals Seem Stupidly Obvious After Watching the Westworld Dubsmash Mix
GIZMODO Who knew the Westworld cast was spoiling the first season all along...and on Dubsmash?Read more... 12 hours
Doctor Strange Concept Art Reveals Trippy Astral Projection Images
CINEMA BLEND One of Doctor Strange's most iconic uses of magic is astral projection, which can be seen in the... 16 hours
westworld fans keep forgetting that logan is queer Westworld Fans Keep Forgetting That Logan is Queer
GIZMODO A recent interview suggests that William didn’t kill Logan at the end of season one of Westworld. This doesn’t guarantee... 17 hours
Director’s Pool: Ryan Reynolds And Simon Kinberg Discuss David Leitch Taking Over ‘Deadpool 2′ And Direction For The Sequel
Sherlock Season 4 Is Making A Big Change For Its Finale
CINEMA BLEND It seems that Sherlock will do something incredibly special for fans with its series... 16 hours
Days Of Our Lives Legend Joseph Mascolo Dies At 87
CINEMA BLEND Known best for his classic villainous role as Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives, Joseph... 16 hours
Rogue One: What To Expect From Darth Vader, According To Gareth Edwards
CINEMA BLEND Many fans have been wondering what version of Darth Vader will be appearing in the movie, and now we finally have an answer. 14 hours
How Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels About Donald Trump's Involvement With Celebrity Apprentice
CINEMA BLEND Donald Trump is going to be busy for the next couple of years, but... 14 hours
viking larper fights ninjas with odin in funny short film Viking Larper Fights Ninjas with Odin in Funny Short Film
GIZMODO Credit: Screengrab via YouTubeIt’s basically what you get when you combine The History Channel’s Vikings with... 16 hours
New Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Image Shows An Adorable Baby Groot
CINEMA BLEND Marvel just released a new image of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it's the best look at the little guy... 15 hours
saturday s best deals travelpro luggage your favorite travel pillow biking gear and more Saturday's Best Deals: Travelpro Luggage, Your Favorite Travel Pillow, Biking Gear, and More
GIZMODO Your favorite travel pillow, cycling accessories, and Travelpro luggage lead... 17 hours
Tim Miller Finally Addresses Deadpool 2 Departure
CINEMA BLEND There were various rumors and reports as to why Tim Miller left Deadpool 2, but now the man himself has finally broken... 17 hours
Star Wars: Possible Episode 8 Title Revealed
CINEMA BLEND With Rogue One hitting theaters in just a few weeks, the time has come to look forward to the mysterious Episode VIII.... 17 hours
muppets pigs in space reboot has pig guts hussies and alien humping Muppets 'Pigs In Space' Reboot Has Pig Guts, Hussies, and Alien Humping
GIZMODO Just in case a show that gave Fozzie an inter-species relationship, mocked Miss Piggy for her weight and gave Animal side chicks wasn’t adult... 18 hours
Vin Diesel Teases ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Spinoff & Groot Vs Hulk
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We may often find them saving the day, but superheroes definitely fight amongst themselves a whole lot. Discussing the possibilities of Avenger vs X-Man... 18 hours
How Much Star Wars: Rogue One Is Expected To Make In Its First Five Days
CINEMA BLEND Rogue One's worldwide box office projections... 17 hours
beyond the gates exclusive uk artwork for awesome retro horror Beyond The Gates exclusive UK artwork for awesome retro horror
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Check out the awesome UK art for VHS adventure horror Beyond The Gates starring Barbara Crampton 20 hours
The Hardest Part Of Filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To Tom Holland
CINEMA BLEND Tom Holland recently admitted the hardest part of filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here's what he... 17 hours
Not This August by Cyril Kornbluth
SFF WORLD   Imagine the unthinkable: in the Cold War of the 1960’s, the United States has surrendered to the joint forces of the USSR and... 23 hours
Power Rangers' Goldar May Be More Important Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND Power Rangers is putting its own spin on supporting villain Goldar, but now there's word he... 1 day
TV Review: ‘Supernatural: Lotus’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming. This week was a CW mid-season finale palooza with The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (and other... 1 day
Here's What Nintendo Says About Those NES Classic Shortages
CINEMA BLEND One of the best selling and biggest moving gaming products this fall wasn't what most people expected. It... 1 day
How The Westworld Cast Successfully Avoided Revealing Big Spoilers
CINEMA BLEND At a time when TV spoilers are a major source of ire for networks, Westworld seemed to have... 1 day
An Inconvenient Truth 2 Is Happening, Here’s When It Will Premiere
CINEMA BLEND 10 years after _An Inconvenient Truth _took the world by storm, a sequel has... 1 day
why will smith chose suicide squad over independence day 2 Why Will Smith Chose Suicide Squad Over Independence Day 2
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Will Smith has revealed exactly why he picked Suicide Squad over Independence Day: Resurgence, and it... 1 day
Super Mario Run Includes Playable Characters Other Than Mario
CINEMA BLEND December 15th is fast approaching for the launch of Super Mario Run, the pudgy plumber's first foray onto... 1 day
this simulation of a monkey speaking is the stuff of nightmares This Simulation of a Monkey Speaking Is the Stuff of Nightmares
GIZMODO X-ray image of a macaque monkey. (Image: Asif Ghazanfar, Princeton Neuroscience Institute)New research shows... 1 day
How Patty Jenkins Was Involved With A Wonder Woman Movie Over 10 Years Ago
CINEMA BLEND Wonder Woman's director Patty Jenkins has admitted that... 1 day
The Flash Is Introducing A Justice League Character For Season 3
CINEMA BLEND We just got to watch all kinds of Justice League-type action for The CW's... 1 day
Bungie Is Getting Some Help With The Future Of Destiny
CINEMA BLEND An odd bit of news went spiraling out of the Bungie studios and into the social... 1 day
AFI's Top 10 Movies of 2016 - 'La La Land' & 'Arrival' Are on Their List
FIRSTSHOWING.NET We're now well into the awards season, so here we go with more best of the... 1 day
new trailer for sleek french cyberpunk indie film virtual revolution New Trailer for Sleek French Cyberpunk Indie Film 'Virtual Revolution'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "The Revolution did happen. Just not the way they thought it would." A trailer has arrived online for a French cyberpunk sci-fi film titled Virtual Revolution, an indie... 1 day
The Doctor Is Out To Save Manhattan… Again… In New ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Trailer
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With just over two weeks to go before... 1 day
‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ International Trailer Swings In With New Footage
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Following the release of the first ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ trailer on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last night, it turns out that... 1 day
what insidious 4 might be about What Insidious 4 Might Be About
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The next entry in the Insidious series is underway, but it won't continue the story from Chapter 2. Instead, Insidious: Chapter 4 will be... 1 day
Justice League 2 Has Been Delayed, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND Justice League 2 was originally supposed to be released on June 14, 2019, but now that's no longer... 1 day
the anti science craze driven by millennials The Anti-Science Craze Driven by Millennials 
GIZMODO Image: Getty ImagesIf you have noticed the selection of organic, GMO-free crackers encroaching on the shelf space of the Pop Tarts and Wheat Thins... 1 day
the kardashian and blac chyna legal scuffle may have been a mix up after all The Kardashian and Blac Chyna Legal Scuffle May Have Been A Mix-Up After All
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO After the Kardashians' lawyers created a bit of... 1 day
a monster prowls a christmas tree lot in the first clip from youtube red horror series 12 deadly days A Monster Prowls a Christmas Tree Lot in the First Clip from YouTube Red Horror Series 12 Deadly Days
GIZMODO ... 1 day
a neon bright look at the electricity between soul mates A Neon-Bright Look at the Electricity Between Soul Mates
GIZMODO In a futuristic city, a scientist’s daughter continues her late father’s research into a very special kind of... 1 day
tom holland enrolled in a new york city school to do spider man research Tom Holland Enrolled in a New York City School to Do Spider-Man Research
GIZMODO I can think of very few people who would voluntarily... 1 day
The First ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Trailer Is Here!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a number of teases that started all the way back in October with the film’s presence at New York Comic Con, the next... 1 day
What Do Hairspray's Ratings Mean For The Future Of Live Musicals?
CINEMA BLEND One of the latest special event fads to hit the small screen has been... 1 day
add the first six star wars films to your digital library for 69 Add The First Six Star Wars Films To Your Digital Library For $69
GIZMODO Star Wars: The Digital Six Film Collection, $69Want to get... 1 day
something doesn t add up about tim miller s reason for leaving deadpool 2 Something Doesn't Add Up About Tim Miller's Reason for Leaving Deadpool 2
GIZMODO Something smells off in the world of Deadpool 2 and it ain’t the chimichangas.Read more... 1 day
Why Felicity Jones Is Fine With Rogue One Never Getting A Sequel
CINEMA BLEND Felicity Jones seems pleased that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story likely won't receive a sequel. Here's what she had to say. 1 day
The Crazy Way Finn Jones' Iron Fist Role Ties To Game Of Thrones
CINEMA BLEND Earlier this year, when Game of Thrones star Finn Jones... 1 day
Judge Reinhold Got Arrested At An Airport, Here's The Update
CINEMA BLEND Judge Reinhold had a rough time at the airport on Thursday. The actor was arrested for... 1 day
How The Power Rangers Reboot May Change Rita Repulsa And Zordon’s Pasts
CINEMA BLEND It's being reported that two other key players in Power Rangers, main antagonist Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks) and Zordon (played by Bryan... 1 day
Are Those Kim And Kanye Divorce Rumors True Or Not? Here's The Latest
CINEMA BLEND Talk of a Kimye divorce have been bubbling up in... 1 day
scientists think they know what caused that terrifying tibetan avalanche Scientists Think They Know What Caused That Terrifying Tibetan Avalanche
GIZMODO The Aru Glacier of western Tibet, as seen after two enormous ice slides on October 4th.... 1 day
Fuller House Dropped Another Hilariously Awkward Olsen Twins Reference In Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Fuller House has managed to bring most of the original Full House cast back for another go, but the Olsen twins have been notably... 1 day
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Is Happening, Here’s When It’s Hitting Theaters
CINEMA BLEND Spider-Man: Homecoming is still months away from being released, but its sequel is already officially scheduled.... 1 day
the exorcist creator says the show s two part finale will be the craziest episodes we ve done The Exorcist Creator Says the Show's Two-Part Finale Will Be the 'Craziest Episodes We've Done'
GIZMODO The Exorcist may not be racking... 2 days
Sicario 2 Has Added a Transformers: The Last Knight Star
CINEMA BLEND Sicario 2 has just added one of the stars of Transformers: The Last Knight to its... 1 day
ea adds sea of solitude to its originals program EA Adds Sea Of Solitude To Its Originals Program
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO EA has been helping cultivate and grow the independent gaming scene with their new Originals program. They use... 2 days
More Pokemon Are On The Way For Pokemon Go
CINEMA BLEND Niantic Labs had been long-rumored to be adding new Pokemon to the line-up of catachable pocket monsters in... 1 day
How Discovery Is Paying Tribute To John Glenn
CINEMA BLEND Pioneering astronaut John Glenn passed away this week, and Discovery has found a perfect way to honor his contributions to... 2 days
When The New DC TV Show Powerless Will Finally Premiere
CINEMA BLEND After months of waiting, it seems that NBC's new DC series Powerless finally has a confirmed... 2 days
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Journey To Babel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello, and welcome to ‘Final Frontier Fridays’, a new regular feature on ScienceFiction.com! If you’re a regular reader, you might remember an article we... 1 day
batman and the pink power ranger make for a fabulous team Batman and the Pink Power Ranger Make For a Fabulous Team
GIZMODO The Justice League/Power Rangers crossover miniseries is nearly upon us, which means it’s time... 1 day
Ryan Reynolds Reveals Which X-Man He'd Like In A Deadpool Sequel
CINEMA BLEND Ryan Reynolds recently opened up and admitted which X-Men character he wants to see... 2 days
look at the damn wings on this spider man homecoming vulture action figure Look at the Damn Wings on This Spider-Man: Homecoming Vulture Action Figure
GIZMODO Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Vulture comes armed with a rather beastly version of his wings from... 2 days
Fantastic Beasts Prop Reveals A Key Detail About Newt's Brother
CINEMA BLEND A recently displayed prop from the Harry Potter prequel has offered us some very intriguing information... 1 day
Somebody Built An Atari 2600 Emulator Inside Minecraft
Suicide Squad Just Got An Impressive Award Nomination
Beyond The Gates exclusive UK artwork for awesome retro horror
New Trailer for Sleek French Cyberpunk Indie Film 'Virtual Revolution'
Why Will Smith Chose Suicide Squad Over Independence Day 2
The Kardashian and Blac Chyna Legal Scuffle May Have Been A Mix-Up After All
What Insidious 4 Might Be About
How The Big Bang Theory Will Handle Amy's Birthday Sex This Year
One Final Trailer for Kurzel's 'Assassin's Creed' is Packed with Action
First Trailer for Sundance Film 'The Last Word' with Shirley MacLaine
EA Adds Sea Of Solitude To Its Originals Program
Assassin's Creed (2016)
Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer goes Stateside
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Is Getting Six New Maps, Get The Details
War For The Planet Of The Apes trailer goes on the offensive
War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)
The Walking Dead Just Released A Midseason Finale Clip And It Leaves Us With One Big Question
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
The Expanse (TV Series)
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