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Why People Actually Join Netflix, According To Netflix
CINEMA BLEND Netflix has made a huge push to create more original content in recent years, and the streaming service has subsequently... 8 minutes
final fantasy xv s moogle chocobo carnival begins today get the details Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Carnival Begins Today, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Square Enix is continuing to promote Final Fantasy XV following the game's blockbuster release... 2 hours
how failed planets may have shaped the earth How Failed Planets May Have Shaped the Earth
GIZMODO Earth has some battle scars from back in the day. When the solar system was still young and wild, roughly... 3 hours
James Mangold Clarifies ‘Logan’ Timeline
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Continuity. For comic fans, it has been both a blessing and a curse since time immemorial. And if there is one way above all others that... 3 hours
Channing Tatum Is Learning How To Play The Piano
CINEMA BLEND You already knew he could dance, but now Channing Tatum is learning to make music himself. The actor... 52 minutes
Split Filmed Multiple Versions Of Its Ending, Here's What That Means
CINEMA BLEND M. Night Shyamalan's Split had an amazingly bonkers ending. Now it appears that more... 3 hours
A New Initiative: Damon Lindelof Speculates On What ‘Lost’ Revival Could Look Like
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It seems that Damon Lindelof hit a chord recently when... 2 hours
Why The Star Wars Episode 8 Logo Has Us Questioning The Next Chapter
CINEMA BLEND There's a subtle difference in Star Wars: Episode VIII's logo... 3 hours
Alec Baldwin Is Set To Return As The Host Of Saturday Night Live
CINEMA BLEND Saturday Night Live has become known for recurring hosts over... 3 hours
5 Video Games That Should Be Turned Into Tabletop Games
CINEMA BLEND These days, more and more video games are making their way to the tabletop. From DOOM... 3 hours
the most advanced weather satellite yet just dropped its first amazing images The Most Advanced Weather Satellite Yet Just Dropped Its First Amazing Images
GIZMODO Your new lock screen photos have arrived, courtesy of NOAA’s heavily hyped GOES-16 Satellite. The orbiter, launched in November 2016, can take high definition... 23 minutes
voltron legendary defender s second season takes a step into a bigger better universe Voltron: Legendary Defender's Second Season Takes a Step Into a Bigger, Better Universe
GIZMODO Last year’s first season of Voltron: Legendary Defender was a... 2 hours
Tonight We Get Our First REAL Look At Jerome On ‘Gotham’ But You Can See It Here First!
This Rings Prank Is An Absolute A+, Watch It Now
CINEMA BLEND First you watch it. Then you die. Especially if that crazy witch is climbing out of... 52 minutes
10 Oscar Locks And Longshots We're Tracking For Tuesday Morning
CINEMA BLEND This week, the class of 2016 will make its way to the final hurdle: the Oscar... 2 hours
A Glee Actor Is Heading To The Flash And Supergirl Musical Crossover
CINEMA BLEND The CW's DC universe will be getting a whole lot musical for its next crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, and a former Glee... 2 hours
Stunt Actor Shot To Death While Making A Music Video
CINEMA BLEND Stuntman Johann Ofner was shot and killed while filming a music video in Australia on Monday. 2 hours
batman is teaming up with one of his biggest comic book inspirations for a new miniseries Batman Is Teaming Up With One of His Biggest Comic Book Inspirations For a New Miniseries
GIZMODO Pulp heroes, like the... 1 hour
Is The Walking Dead Toning Down Violence Because Of Fans? Here's The Real Story
CINEMA BLEND One Walking Dead producer recently came out and... 52 minutes
Jake Gyllenhaal Explains How Gravity Is A Real Villain In The Sci-Fi Thriller Life
CINEMA BLEND While Life's main villain might be the specimen... 52 minutes
The Funny Way Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson Learned The Plot Of Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND When thinking about the inner workings of Marvel... 52 minutes
Here’s Why Logan Was Slapped With An R-Rating From The MPAA
CINEMA BLEND We've known for awhile that Hugh Jackman's last movie as Wolverine was shooting for... 5 hours
How Many People Watched Donald Trump's Inauguration On TV
CINEMA BLEND Donald Trump's official inauguration happened last Friday, and the numbers are now in. Are they what you expected? 6 hours
Ace Attorney Has New Merch, And You Might Want Some Of Your Own
CINEMA BLEND Capcom is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Phoenix Wright: Ace... 4 hours
Is Once Upon A Time Planning A Musical Episode? Here's What We Know
CINEMA BLEND Musical episodes have become more popular in recent years. There... 5 hours
What Does Star Wars: The Last Jedi Mean?
CINEMA BLEND We've spent years referring to director Rian Johnson's debut in the Star Wars universe simply as "Episode VIII," but the... 5 hours
Star Wars: Episode 8 title confirmed!
SCI FI NOW Star Wars 8 finally has an official title 6 hours
japan used to have a real westworld park Japan Used To Have A Real Westworld Park
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Abandoned parks are always a bit eery--especially when they resemble HBO's Westworld. 4 hours
the supergirl flash musical episode has found its music meister The Supergirl/Flash Musical Episode Has Found Its Music Meister
GIZMODO Of course it’s a Glee cast member. The CW’s DC shows are like vultures. They pick over the... 5 hours
someone from the walking dead is lying again Someone From The Walking Dead Is Lying (Again)
GIZMODO Last week, Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd acknowledged that the negative response to the extremely graphic show’s seventh... 3 hours
scientists just melted a solid below its freezing point Scientists Just Melted a Solid Below Its Freezing Point
GIZMODO Imagine you are standing in a freezer.Read more... 4 hours
Oh What’s In A Name: Did Woody Harrelson Reveal Which Character He Is Playing In The ‘Han Solo’ Stand-Alone Film?
The Incredible, And Strange, Challenges Filming In Zero-G Caused For The Life Cast
CINEMA BLEND Life is set to possess the same pulsating yet fraught... 5 hours
Official: Rian Johnson's Episode VIII is Titled 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Briefly: Lucasfilm has officially announced the new title of the next Star Wars movie - it will be called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.... 6 hours
status updates on all the major movies and tv shows stuck in hollywood limbo Status Updates on All the Major Movies and TV Shows Stuck in Hollywood Limbo
GIZMODO Here at io9, we report on a lot... 5 hours
today s best deals yankee candles foodsavers laser printer and more Today's Best Deals: Yankee Candles, FoodSavers, Laser Printer, and More
GIZMODO FoodSaver vacuum sealers, a Brother laser printer, and Yankee Candles lead off Monday’s best deals. Read... 6 hours
how to build a lifesize robocop ed 209 costume you ll want to wear all year round How to Build a Lifesize RoboCop ED-209 Costume You'll Want to Wear All Year Round
GIZMODO The talented filmmakers—or should that be,... 5 hours
James Cameron Is Returning To The ‘Terminator’ Franchise’ With Deadpool’s Tim Miller!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Terminator: Genisys‘ being a critical and financial flop, any plans for another installment were delayed indefinitely and when James Cameron regains the rights... 4 hours
the next judge dredd comic sounds mad max as hell The Next Judge Dredd Comic Sounds Mad Max As Hell
GIZMODO After a few months away, Judge Dredd is back in action at IDW, but in his newest mission, it’s been... 5 hours
The Rights To ‘The Terminator’ Revert To James Cameron In 2019 And He’s Got One Final Movie Planned Out!
An Inconvenient Sequel
CINEMA BLEND A decade after An Inconvenient Truth brought climate change into the heart of popular culture comes the follow-up that shows just how close we are to a real energy revolution. 4 hours
ALA Awards
SF SITE Numerous awards are presented at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, which is taking place in Atlanta from January 20-24. Below are a sampling of some of the awards which have winners of genre interest. Clicking through on the link... 4 hours
michelle rodriguez in first trailer for assassin film the assignment Michelle Rodriguez in First Trailer for Assassin Film 'The Assignment'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I wanted to cause Frank Kitchen enormous psychic pain." A trailer has debuted for a bit of a controversial new action film titled The Assignment, formerly known as... 4 hours
add winter s bone to your kindle shelves for 3 Add Winter's Bone to Your Kindle Shelves For $3
GIZMODO You probably saw Winter’s Bone back before we crested past peak Jennifer Lawrence, but now you can also... 4 hours
Suiting Up: Spidey’s Uniform In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ May Be More High-Tech Than We Thought
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It seems that we may have just seen... 3 hours
The New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Gets Two Old School Remixes
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just days after Lionsgate unleashed their action-packed, CGI-filled trailer for Dean Israelite’s ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ a... 4 hours
new teaser for guy ritchie s king arthur legend of the sword focuses on over the top action New Teaser for Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Focuses on Over-the-Top Action
GIZMODO The first look at Guy Ritchie’s upcoming take... 4 hours
How To Fix The Terminator Franchise In Six Easy Steps
CINEMA BLEND The Terminator franchise is currently on life support after some lackluster sequels, but there are six... 4 hours
Why M. Night Shyamalyan Went With Split's Shocking Ending
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains absolutely massive spoilers for the end of M. Night Shyamalan's Split. If... 4 hours
How Susan Lucci Will Reunite With The All My Children Cast
CINEMA BLEND Legendary soap opera actress Susan Lucci will return to the small screen to reunite... 4 hours
Buy An Xbox One At Target This Week, And Get A New Game Included
CINEMA BLEND Most Xbox One S systems available for purchase... 4 hours
When EA Access Members Will Be Able To Play Mass Effect: Andromeda
CINEMA BLEND EA Access continues to improve with a special limited play session for Mass Effect: Andromeda before the game launches. And thanks to a recent... 4 hours
Life Cast: Who Is Joining Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal On This Deadly Space Mission?
CINEMA BLEND Here's a breakdown of the all-star... 4 hours
sean spicer is a fan of cosplay conventions Sean Spicer Is A Fan Of Cosplay Conventions
GIZMODO Katsucon, one of the biggest anime and cosplay conventions in the United States, has a surprise fan and former attendee... 8 hours
Quake Prepares To Sign The Sokovia Accords In New ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Clip
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Captain America: Civil War’ brought some major changes to the... 8 hours
Stacey Dash And Fox News Are Parting Ways
CINEMA BLEND It's been a wild few months over at Fox News. After longtime head Roger Ailes left the news network, the... 7 hours
samurai jack is back on march 11 Samurai Jack Is Back on March 11
GIZMODO Fans freaked out last year when Cartoon Network announced Genndy Tartakovsky’s cult-fave series would be coming back with an all-new fifth season. We haven’t... 8 hours
John Boyega Shows Off New ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Image
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a period of ups and downs that left the project in a state of flux, principal photography... 9 hours
What Non-Marvel Comic Helped Influence ‘Logan’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Clearly from the previews, the ‘Old Man Logan’ story arc is what has been the main influence behind Fox’s upcoming release of ‘Logan‘ but we’ve... 7 hours
A Slew Of New Features And Imagery Share A Ton Of Information For ‘Powerless’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve been waiting for new details on... 8 hours
star wars rebels offers another big knights of the old republic connection Star Wars: Rebels Offers Another Big Knights of the Old Republic Connection
GIZMODO With Disney recanonizing elements of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe left and right lately, there’s one huge... 8 hours
Armie Hammer’s Surprising Reaction To The Green Lantern Casting Rumors
CINEMA BLEND The recent announcement that DC and Warner Bros. are moving forward on the Green Lantern Corps... 7 hours
blair witch featurette clip remembers the woods big reveal Blair Witch featurette clip remembers The Woods’ big reveal
SCI FI NOW VIDEO The Blair Witch Project and Blair Witch teams talk about revealing their secret sequel 8 hours
top 7 sci fi films that tried to predict future technology Top 7 sci-fi films that tried to predict future technology
SCI FI NOW VIDEO From Terminator to I, Robot, these movies saw the future 7 hours
‘Star Wars: Episode VIII Officially Now Has A Name!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s official! Disney has just revealed the name of the next movie of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. The... 6 hours
the first black panther set pictures confirm the return of another civil war character The First Black Panther Set Pictures Confirm the Return of Another Civil War Character
GIZMODO A new magazine might have accidentally given away the end of Transformers: The Last Knight. Don’t get too worked up about Hugh Jackman’s recent... 8 hours
yes the eerie carl sagan prediction that s going viral is real Yes, the Eerie Carl Sagan Prediction That's Going Viral Is Real
GIZMODO Did Carl Sagan really warn about a time in the future when manufacturing jobs... 7 hours
star wars episode viii is now star wars the last jedi Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Now Star Wars: The Last Jedi
GIZMODO The next chapter of the Star Wars saga finally has a name, and it’s Star Wars:... 7 hours
The Razzies Take Special Aim At Batman v Superman, See The Full Nominees
CINEMA BLEND Before Hollywood celebrates its best of the best at the... 7 hours
watch the ring girl crawl out of an electronics store tv to terrify shoppers Watch The Ring Girl Crawl Out of an Electronics Store TV to Terrify Shoppers
GIZMODO Shopping for a new TV is already a... 8 hours
congratulations to superhero scifi and fantasy movies for dominating the 2017 razzies Congratulations to Superhero, Scifi, and Fantasy Movies for Dominating the 2017 Razzies
GIZMODO It couldn’t have done it without you, Batman v Superman.Read more... 7 hours
Star Wars 8 Has A Title, And It's Awesome
CINEMA BLEND The latest episode of the Star Wars saga is less than a year away, but it's been missing... 7 hours
Dave Bautista Starts Filming Avengers 3 Today, He's Just Missing One Important Thing
CINEMA BLEND The end of the current phase of the marvel Cinematic... 7 hours
Weekend Box Office (01/20-01/22): ‘Split’ Dominates In The U.S., ‘xXx’ Wins Globally
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans were far from split over the movie ‘Split’ which raked in $40.2 million, far exceeding its $10M budget.  One crucial factor could be... 6 hours
Interview with April Daniels (Author of DREADNOUGHT)
SFF WORLD Reading Dreadnought then learning a bit about you, leads me to realize “ordinary” is the last possible word one could use to... 11 hours
Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Carnival Begins Today, Get The Details
Michelle Rodriguez in First Trailer for Assassin Film 'The Assignment'
Japan Used To Have A Real Westworld Park
Top 7 sci-fi films that tried to predict future technology
Blair Witch featurette clip remembers The Woods’ big reveal
New Poster + New Promo Video for Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' Movie
CNN Aired A Ton Of F Bombs From Madonna’s Women’s March Speech
Watch Aziz Ansari Get Ripped For Not Liking La La Land Enough In Hilarious SNL Skit
Tom Holland’ Spider-Man Suit May Have Even More Gadgets Than We Thought
Reviewing “Split”
Watch Chris Evans Hilariously Prank People With A Captain America Doll
New Pitch Perfect 3 Video Shows The Bellas Rehearsing
Someone Recut The Power Rangers Trailer In The Style Of The Original TV Show, And It’s Great
Watch Rogue One’s Team Recount More Obscure Easter Eggs
Star Trek Fan Film Axanar Finally Settles In Court With Paramount
Musical Teaser Trailer for Alex Ross Perry's Latest Film 'Golden Exits'
Watch: First Teaser Trailer for 'Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins'
Vikings' Travis Fimmel Already Has A New TV Show Lined Up
Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson Are Remaking A Classic Steve Martin Comedy
Reviewing “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”
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