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Italian media, politicians hail Marchionne as Fiat era ends
PHYS.ORG Italian media and politicians Sunday saluted Sergio Marchionne, who has stepped down after 14 years heading auto giant Fiat as he is suffering with serious health problems believed to be... 6 hours
More than senior moments: better dementia detection is urged
ABC NEWS There's new guidance to help family doctors do a better job of diagnosing mental decline and dementia 6 hours
Private messaging apps increasingly used for public business
PHYS.ORG One app promotes itself as a way to discuss sensitive negotiations and human resources problems without leaving a digital record. 6 hours
Self-destructive behaviour: Burberry not alone
PHYS.ORG Burberry, which has been in the crosshairs for burning tens of millions of dollars of its products, is far from the only firm to destroy unsold goods to maintain the exclusivity and luxury mystique of their brands. 6 hours
telstar 19v communications satellite orbited by spacex falcon 9 Telstar 19V Communications Satellite Orbited By SpaceX Falcon 9
ASTRO WATCH SpaceX’s rapid-fire launch cadence continued July 22, 2018, with the early-morning launch of the company’s second Block 5... 5 hours
Jeep exec takes over Fiat, marking end of Marchionne era
PHYS.ORG Jeep executive Mike Manley will be the new CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after longtime leader Sergio Marchionne's health suddenly deteriorated following recent surgery. 7 hours
Gala opens countdown to 50th anniversary of 1st moon landing
PHYS.ORG Former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin was noticeably absent from a gala kicking off a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, even though his... 7 hours
hayabusa 2 finds large rocks scattered on asteroid ryugu Hayabusa 2 Finds Large Rocks Scattered on Asteroid Ryugu
ASTRO WATCH The Hayabusa 2 space probe discovered many boulders scattered on the asteroid Ryugu, suggesting it was formed from... 7 hours
new darpa program aims to bring precision of terrestrial weather forecasting to near earth space environment New DARPA Program Aims to Bring Precision of Terrestrial Weather Forecasting to Near-Earth Space Environment
ASTRO WATCH Models for providing hourly terrestrial weather... 7 hours
Scientists Search For Causes Of Preterm Birth And Better Ways To Test For Risk
NPR Preterm birth, a leading cause of death in infants, remains stubbornly hard to prevent. Researchers are on the hunt for... 8 hours
orion parachutes chalk up another test success in arizona Orion Parachutes Chalk Up Another Test Success in Arizona
ASTRO WATCH The parachute system for Orion, America’s spacecraft that will carry humans to deep space, deployed as planned after... 8 hours
Milky Way Glimmers Over Gorgeous Landscape During the Spring Equinox (Photo)
SPACE.COM The Milky Way galaxy shimmers over a field of yellow flowers at dawn in this photo taken from the village of Monsaraz in Portugal's Dark Sky... 8 hours
boeing s starliner launch abort engine suffers problem during testing Boeing’s Starliner launch abort engine suffers problem during testing
SPACE NEWS Boeing confirmed July 21 that there was an “anomaly” during a recent test of the launch abort engines... 10 hours
WATCH: Study shows pregnant women have increased risk for heart attack
ABC NEWS Underlying physiological changes may unmask risk factors that can lead to cardiac arrest. 12 hours
On This Day In Space! July 22, 1972: Venera 8 Spacecraft Lands on Venus
SPACE.COM On July 22, 1972, a spacecraft landed on Venus! See how it happened in our On This Day in Space... 11 hours
Photos: White Sands National Monument
LIVE SCIENCE A pocket within the largest desert in North America is covered in gorgeous white sand dunes, whose genesis began some 100 million years ago. Here's a look at the gorgeous landscape deep in the Central Plateau of Mexico. 13 hours
storm chasers on mars searching for dusty secrets 'Storm Chasers' on Mars Searching for Dusty Secrets
ASTRO WATCH Storm chasing takes luck and patience on Earth -- and even more so on Mars. For scientists watching the Red... 14 hours
Women in Space: A Gallery of Firsts
SPACE.COM Here's a run-through of the trailblazing women who achieved major firsts in space. 14 hours
Sharks Get Bigger Home Protected by Mexican Navy
LIVE SCIENCE Here's how a group of dedicated researchers helped save Mexico's sharks. 13 hours
12 Cool Pieces of Space History You Can See in Russia (and Kazakhstan)
SPACE.COM The Russian space program has many museums celebrating its space history in Moscow and Baikonur, Kazakhstan (near the Baikonur Cosmodrome), honoring everything... 13 hours
Medical News Today: Eat fish for a longer life, study suggests
MNT In the latest and largest study to investigate the impact of eating more fish, researchers conclude that a fish-based diet could lower mortality risk. 14 hours
New Look Inside Sun's Atmosphere Yields Clues About Mysterious Solar Wind
SPACE.COM Our sun is surrounded by a deep, million-degree atmosphere that affects everything in the solar system — but how, precisely, it works is a mystery. 14 hours
12 Cool Pieces of Space History You Can See in Russia
SPACE.COM The Russian space program has many museums celebrating its space history in Moscow and Baikonur, Kazakhstan (near the Baikonur Cosmodrome), honoring everything from the first people... 14 hours
how to weigh stars with gravitational lensing How to Weigh Stars with Gravitational Lensing
ASTRO WATCH Astronomy & Astrophysics publishes the predictions of the passages of foreground stars in front of background stars. A team of astronomers, using... 18 hours
spacex launches telstar 19 vantage for telesat SpaceX launches Telstar 19 Vantage for Telesat
SPACE NEWS SpaceX launched the first of two missions planned for this week on Sunday, July 22, lofting the Telstar 19 Vantage telecom satellite... 18 hours
UK faces calls to liberalize Northern Ireland abortion laws
ABC NEWS The British government is facing rising calls to liberalize abortion laws in Northern Ireland 16 hours
Medical News Today: Does 'good cholesterol' really protect heart health?
MNT It has been generally accepted that high levels of 'good cholesterol' protect the heart. But new research questions this, urging specialists to reassess. 17 hours
air force gets first real look at future icbm designs Air Force gets first real look at future ICBM designs
SPACE NEWS Boeing and Northrop Grumman submitted "trade studies” to help the Air Force draft GBSD program requirements.... 16 hours
SpaceX Launches Communications Satellite on 2nd-Ever Flight of New Rocket
SPACE.COM The latest version of SpaceX's workhorse Falcon 9 rocket lifted off for the second time ever today (July 22), lighting up the skies over Florida's Space Coast in... 19 hours
halosat to study milky way s halo HaloSat to Study Milky Way’s Halo
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers keep coming up short when they survey “normal” matter, the material that makes up galaxies, stars and planets. A new NASA-sponsored CubeSat mission... 1 day
latest blue origin launch tests technologies of interest to space exploration Latest Blue Origin Launch Tests Technologies of Interest to Space Exploration
ASTRO WATCH On July 18, 2018, at 8:35 am PDT, Blue Origin successfully launched its New... 1 day
calet succeeds in direct measurements of cosmic ray electron spectrum up to 4 8 tev CALET Succeeds in Direct Measurements of Cosmic-Ray Electron Spectrum up to 4.8 TeV
ASTRO WATCH An international team of researchers succeeded in extending their result... 1 day
On This Day In Space! July 21, 1961: Gus Grissom Becomes 2nd American in Space
SPACE.COM On July 21, 1961, NASA astronaut Gus Grissom completed the second successful human spaceflight mission for the United... 1 day
Mercury Redstone 4: Photos from Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 Spaceflight
SPACE.COM Gus Grissom, was one of NASA's original Mercury 7 astronauts and became the second American to go to space on July 21, 1961. See photos from... 1 day
The need for speed: Why malaria parasites are faster than human immune cells
SCIENCE DAILY Elementary cytoskeleton protein is different in parasites and represents a starting point for a possible new therapy against malaria infections. 1 day
Astronaut drops in on Kraftwerk gig, plays duet from space
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Kraftwerk fans are used to hearing otherworldly tunes, but the German electronic music pioneers took it to another level at a gig in Stuttgart. 1 day
Using adrenaline in cardiac arrests results in less than one percent more people leaving hospital alive
SCIENCE DAILY A clinical trial of the use of adrenaline in cardiac arrests has found that its use... 1 day
seeing titan with infrared eyes Seeing Titan with Infrared Eyes
ASTRO WATCH These six infrared images of Saturn's moon Titan represent some of the clearest, most seamless-looking global views of the icy moon's surface produced so far. The... 1 day
Fiat Chrysler board meets in light of CEO's surgery
PHYS.ORG The boards of Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari and CNH Industrial were called to urgent meetings Saturday in Italy in light of executive Sergio Marchionne's recent surgery and prolonged convalescence. 1 day
Facebook probes whether data firm violated policies: report
PHYS.ORG Facebook has suspended a Boston analytics firm from its site and says it is investigating whether the company's contracts with the US government and a Russian non-profit violated policies, the Wall Street... 1 day
Eagle-eyed machine learning algorithm outdoes human experts
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have trained computers to quickly and consistently detect and analyze microscopic radiation damage to materials under consideration for nuclear reactors. And the computers bested humans in this arduous task. 1 day
Parakeet pecking orders, basketball match-ups, and the tenure-track
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers describe a new algorithm called SpringRank that uses wins and losses to quickly find rankings lurking in large networks. When tested on a wide range of synthetic and real-world datasets, ranging... 1 day
finding a planet with a 10 years orbit in a few months Finding a Planet with a 10 Years Orbit in a Few Months
ASTRO WATCH To discover and confirm the presence of a planet around stars other than the Sun, astronomers wait until it has completed three orbits. However,... 1 day
Sahara dust may make you cough, but it's a storm killer
SCIENCE DAILY The bad news: Dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa -- totaling a staggering 2 to 9 trillion pounds worldwide -- has been almost a biblical... 1 day
A molecular key for delaying the progression of Multiple Sclerosis is found
SCIENCE DAILY In the lab it was possible to improve the symptoms in the chronic phase of the disease while encouraging the repair of the nervous... 1 day
Houseplants could one day monitor home health
SCIENCE DAILY A student from two unrelated disciplines -- plant sciences and architectural design -- explore the future of houseplants as aesthetically pleasing and functional sirens of home health. Their idea is to genetically engineer house... 1 day
A peek into the interplay between sleep and wakefulness
SCIENCE DAILY The ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO) in the brain plays a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of sleep, while the lateral posterior part of the hypothalamus contains neuronal populations... 1 day
How to weigh stars with gravitational lensing
SCIENCE DAILY Astronomers have published the predictions of the passages of foreground stars in front of background stars. A team of astronomers, using ultra-precise measurements from the Gaia satellite, have accurately forecast two passages in the... 1 day
Doctors rely on more than just data for medical decision-making
SCIENCE DAILY A new study finds patients with similar medical profiles receive different treatments based on doctors' 'gut feelings.' 1 day
Wave energy converters are not geared towards the increase in energy over the last century
SCIENCE DAILY Wave energy converters are designed to generate the maximum energy possible in their location and take a typical... 1 day
Speed up solving complex problems: Be lazy and only work crucial tasks
SCIENCE DAILY A new improvement to a programming technique called 'lazy grounding' could solve hard-set and complex issues in freight logistics, routing and power grids by... 1 day
Watch Live Tonight: SpaceX Launches Telstar Communications Satellite
SPACE.COM SpaceX will launch a powerful Telstar communications satellite into orbit early Sunday morning (July 22), testing out its new Block 5 version of the Falcon 9 rocket for the second time. 2 days
Data from Weather-Tracking Satellite Helps Scientists Predict Cholera Outbreak
SPACE.COM Hurricanes are devastating for the populations they hit, not only because of the damage caused by winds but also because of the increased risk of diseases after the storm passes. 2 days
Thick Dust Clouds Spotted Near Martian Ice Cap
SPACE.COM A thick cloud of dust moves over the surface of Mars near the planet's north polar ice cap in a stunning photograph. 2 days
Where to Search for Signs of Life on Titan
SPACE.COM New findings suggest that large craters are the prime locations in which to find the building blocks of life on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. 2 days
Expert and advocate for iconic monarch butterfly has died
PHYS.ORG Lincoln Brower, who was considered one of the foremost experts on the iconic monarch butterfly and a scientist who advocated for the declining species' protection, has died. He was 86. 2 days
Medical News Today: How does complementary medicine impact cancer survival?
MNT Although complementary and alternative medicine has risen in popularity, little is known about its impact on cancer survival. A new study takes a look. 2 days
Bug-Sized Robot Competitors to Swarm DARPA's 'Robot Olympics'
LIVE SCIENCE Are you ready for the insect-sized-robot Olympics? 2 days
Should Breast-Feeding Women Really Drink Guinness?
LIVE SCIENCE Is beer the route to better breast-feeding? 2 days
Newly released video shows man believed to be last of tribe
PHYS.ORG No one knows his name. No one knows the name of the people he came from. And he appears to have lived alone in Brazil's Amazon... 2 days
Firefighters injured as blaze near Yosemite grows
PHYS.ORG A fire that claimed the life of one firefighter and injured two others near California's Yosemite national park has almost doubled in size in three days, authorities said Friday. 2 days
'Miles to go' in fight against HIV, UN report warns
ABC NEWS Fifty countries report the rate of new infections is on the rise. 2 days
Medical News Today: Strong sensitivity to bitter tastes tied to higher cancer risk
MNT Researchers suggest that women with a higher sensitivity to bitter flavors have an increased risk of cancer, but they are still investigating... 2 days
Scientists create wearable device that measures cortisol in sweat
NEWS MEDICAL The hormone cortisol rises and falls naturally throughout the day and can spike in response to stress, but current methods for measuring cortisol levels require waiting several days for results... 2 days
Researchers study efficacy and safety of new treatment for OUD
NEWS MEDICAL Better delivery of medications to treat opioid use disorder is key to addressing the opioid crisis and helping the 2.6 million Americans affected by the disease. 2 days
Using tendon transfer surgery to restore key functions in spinal cord injury patient
NEWS MEDICAL After suffering a severe cervical spinal cord injury from a bad fall at work, Scott McConnell had little function remaining in his... 2 days
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: Mapping Mars in High Definition
SPACE.COM The orbiter has been snapping pictures of the Red Planet since 2006. 2 days
Collaborative study to assess effects of exercise training for cognitive deficits in MS
NEWS MEDICAL Glenn Wylie, DPhil, associate director of the Rocco Ortenzio Neuroimaging Center at Kessler Foundation, has received a $300,000 sub-award from the National... 2 days
Study: Greening vacant urban land reduces feelings of depression for surrounding residents
NEWS MEDICAL Greening vacant urban land significantly reduces feelings of depression and improves overall mental health for the surrounding residents, researchers from the Perelman School of... 2 days
Study examines effects of a two-day intermittent calorie restriction diet for patients with type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL A diet with calorie restriction two days per week was comparable to a diet with daily... 2 days
UC San Diego researchers awarded two grants for investigating stem cell-based therapies
NEWS MEDICAL The governing board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine unanimously approved this week two grants worth more than $2.2 million to University of... 2 days
putin challenges roscosmos to drastically improve on space and launch Putin challenges Roscosmos to “drastically improve” on space and launch
SPACE NEWS Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Roscosmos to meet deadlines for the nation’s future Angara, Soyuz-5... 2 days
Europe's Life-Hunting Mars Rover Needs a Name
SPACE.COM The UK Space Agency has launched a public competition to name the U.K.-built ExoMars rover, which is scheduled to launch toward the Red Planet on a life-hunting mission in 2020. 2 days
Simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent malaria relapse OK'd
ABC NEWS U.S. regulators approve a simpler, one-dose treatment to prevent relapses of malaria 2 days
supersharp images from new vlt adaptive optics Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics
ASTRO WATCH ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has achieved first light with a new adaptive optics mode called laser tomography — and has captured... 2 days
Astronaut drops in on Kraftwerk gig, plays duet from space
Two NASA satellites confirm Tropical Cyclone Ampil's heaviest rainfall shift
NASA prepares to launch Parker Solar Probe, a mission to touch the Sun
What Hollywood gets right and wrong about hacking
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
Shallow reef species may not find refuge in deeper water habitats
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Rapid cloud clearing phenomenon could provide another piece of climate puzzle
‘Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home
Science Magazine
Video: The chemistry of food cooking
Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh makes landfall and NASA examines its trail of rainfall
Targeting headaches and tumors with nano-submarines
Newly discovered armored dinosaur from Utah reveals intriguing family history