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Mystery as controversial list of predatory publishers disappears
Science Magazine Jeffrey Beall's list had spurred debate 34 minutes
qualcomm sued by us regulators for anti competitive practices Qualcomm sued by US regulators for anti-competitive practices
THE VERGE Qualcomm is being sued by the United States Federal Trade Commission for anti-competitive practices relating to the way it sells... 22 minutes
nasa considering boeing offer for additional soyuz seats NASA considering Boeing offer for additional Soyuz seats
SPACE NEWS NASA is proposing to purchase, through Boeing, additional Soyuz seats for International Space Station missions to both take advantage of... 21 minutes
Weird wave found in Venus’ wind-whipped atmosphere
SCIENCE-NEWS A 10,000-kilometer-long gravity wave arched across the upper atmosphere of Venus. The feature may have been the largest of its kind in the solar system. 14 minutes
ftc targeting qualcomm for forcing apple to use its modems updated FTC Targeting Qualcomm for Forcing Apple to Use its Modems [Updated]
MacRumors The United States Federal Trade Commission today filed a complaint against Qualcomm, accusing the... 32 minutes
British triangle UFO transforms in white sphere
MUFON by Roger Marsh on January 17, 2017 A British witness at Wolverhampton recalled a UFO incident from 2007 when a triangle-shaped object was seen hovering under 60 feet off the ground, according to testimony... 15 minutes
chris lattner says opportunity to work on tesla s ambitious self driving efforts was irresistible Chris Lattner Says Opportunity to Work on Tesla's Ambitious Self-Driving Efforts Was 'Irresistible'
MacRumors VIDEO Earlier this month, Swift creator Chris Lattner announced he will... 32 minutes
qualcomm allegedly bribed apple into not making a wimax iphone Qualcomm allegedly bribed Apple into not making a WiMAX iPhone
THE VERGE The FTC filed a blockbuster lawsuit against Qualcomm today, arguing that the chipmaker used its baseband... 22 minutes
monkeys on diets are healthier but their longevity is still up for debate Monkeys on diets are healthier, but their longevity is still up for debate
THE VERGE Putting monkeys on a diet delays the health problems of... 22 minutes
Marvel Comics Is Set To Bring Us A Comic Adaptation Of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you... 14 minutes
a black female astrophysicist explains why hidden figures isn t just about history A Black Female Astrophysicist Explains Why Hidden Figures Isn't Just About History
GIZMODO First, it beat Star Wars: Rogue One. Now, for the second weekend since its wide-release debut, Hidden Figures—the true story of three black female... 10 minutes
stan lee s british superpowered show is actually coming to the u s Stan Lee's British Superpowered Show Is Actually Coming to the U.S.
GIZMODO In 2015, British broadcaster Sky commissioned a new superhero/crime show emblazoned with the divine... 10 minutes
Morgan Stanley lowers iPhone revenue expectations for 2017, predicts return to growth in 2018
9to5Mac Business Insider has shared a new report from Morgan... 31 minutes
Qualcomm faces FTC charges over monopolistic ‘no license, no chips’ claim
TechCrunch  After facing similar charges around the world, Qualcomm is getting some major pushback on its... 19 minutes
Fresh firmware update now rolling out to the Surface Studio
Windows Central A fresh firmware update has just started rolling out to the Surface Studio. ... 26 minutes
Putin receives a personnal message from Trump: I May Not Live Through The Week
DISCLOSE.TV An asthonishing report says President Putin received a very important message from President-elected Donal Trump which says: “I may not... 23 minutes
ALMA Captures Its First Images of Sun
SCI-NEWS.COM The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope has been used to study the Sun for the first time. The new ALMA images... 3 hours
The Treacherous Race to the South Pole
HISTORY In the early 1910s, explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott engaged in a frantic, and ultimately tragic, race to be the first man to reach the South Pole. 3 hours
Later Gator! Video of Giant 'Humpback' Alligator Goes Viral
LIVE SCIENCE A video of a massive alligator crossing a trail in Florida swampland has gone viral, but the creature's massive size isn't all that unusual. 1 hour
Giant Mystery Wave Spotted in Atmosphere of Venus
SPACE.COM A huge wave has been spotted in the upper atmosphere of Venus, baffling scientists because it's staying so still. 3 hours
Crouching Ghost Discovered In Live Photo
DISCLOSE.TV At first glance, this semi-automatic photo and video were taken by a simple iPhone of a man standing in a field of grass posing, and at the same time, his wife is taking the photo ... 3 hours
New video reveals Huygens' harrowing descent
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES NASA has released a new video recreating the Huygens probe's historic touchdown on Saturn's moon Titan. It is difficult to believe that it has been tw... 3 hours
Murderous Mickey: 'Zombie' Mice Triggered with Predatory Gene
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists triggered mice's kill instinct. 1 hour
Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor
PHYS.ORG In a new study, researchers at the University of California San Diego investigate why hair is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking. The findings could lead to the development of... 1 hour
Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm hit with US antitrust suit
PHYS.ORG Mobile chip giant Qualcomm was hit Tuesday with a US antitrust suit alleging it abused its dominant position in the market for processors used in cell phones and other devices. 1 hour
The Florida Squallies
FREAK LORE Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Buried deep within the Florida Everglades, is... 3 hours
Update: What Trump's nominees are saying today about science and climate at their Senate hearings
Science Magazine Senate panels grilling nominees 2 hours
daddy can you tell me more about the superheroes 'Daddy, Can You Tell Me More About the Superheroes?'
GIZMODO I’d been waiting years for my daughter to show an organic interest in superheroes, video games, and the... 55 minutes
TV Review: ‘Lucifer: Stewardess Interruptus’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a month of waiting, we finally find out whether Chloe and Lucifer take a step towards being something more than friends and colleagues as Lucifer... 3 hours
Marvel TV Head Blames ABC For ‘Agent Carter’ Cancellation
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Back in May, True Believers were disappointed to discover that the acclaimed World War II-era period superhero drama... 3 hours
verizon cracking down on customers still using faulty galaxy note 7 devices Verizon Cracking Down on Customers Still Using Faulty Galaxy Note 7 Devices
MacRumors Though Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has been discontinued for several months because of battery issues, there are still "thousands" of Verizon customers who are... 2 hours
paul dini is writing harley quinn comics again Paul Dini Is Writing Harley Quinn Comics Again
GIZMODO Harleen Quinzel might just be the most famous example of a comic book icon who wasn’t actually made for the... 2 hours
Chelsea Manning to be freed this May
TechCrunch  President Obama commuted the majority of the 35-year sentence faced by Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower who supplied diplomatic... 2 hours
Betty White Turned 95 Today
CINEMA BLEND The iconic Betty White made it through that shit-show of 2016, and now she's celebrating another year. 40 minutes
Recovered SpaceX Rocket Arrives in Port of Los Angeles
ABC NEWS The first stage of a SpaceX rocket that landed on a platform floating in the Pacific Ocean after a weekend launch has arrived in the Port of Los Angeles 3 hours
Pagani teases topless Huayra before Geneva debut - Roadshow
CNET Only a select few have seen the car already, and no, we aren't among them. 3 hours
Microsoft acquires 3D specialist Simplygon - CNET
CNET The move is part of Microsoft's "3D for everyone" strategy, which will take center stage in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. 2 hours
Scientists Want to Know What ;) Really Means
LIVE SCIENCE Are emojis the new body language? Right now, all scientists can say is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — which is why psychologists are calling for more research into why people use these symbols to communicate,... 44 minutes
how tomb raider s writer feels about the reboot s controversial scene How Tomb Raider’s Writer Feels About The Reboot’s Controversial Scene
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO When the Tomb Raider series got its reboot back in 2013 it almost instantly ran intro... 2 hours
solve this puzzle and win a job at dyson cnet Solve this puzzle and win a job at Dyson - CNET
CNET VIDEO Dyson Smart Rooms is a "Crystal Maze"-style pop-up to find new software engineers. 3 hours
president obama has commuted chelsea manning s sentence President Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence
THE VERGE President Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence, according to a report from the New York Times. While not technically a pardon, the... 2 hours
the waugh zone theresa may s brexit speech special The Waugh Zone - Theresa May's Brexit Speech Special
HUFFINGTON POST The five things you need to know about Theresa May's Brexit Speech…1) MAGGIE MAY It was fitting that... 1 hour
US regulators hammer down on unauthorized drone use
TechCrunch  The Federal Aviation Administration and Skypan International in Chicago have settled a civil suit that was closely watched by the nascent... 3 hours
Deliver My Ride delivers another car buying service
TechCrunch  Deliver My Ride, a new car buying site from the new firm MadDog Technology, is the latest to offer a... 3 hours
Trouva brings UK boutiques online
TechCrunch  How do local boutiques compete with the Amazons of the world? The easy answer is they don’t. When you shop for quality and design over cheap... 2 hours
Upcoming DC Movies That Are Stuck In Development Limbo
CINEMA BLEND DC currently has quite a few films that are stuck in various stages of development. Let's break down... 40 minutes
Research offers new clues to prolong lifespan of the body's disease-fighting NK cells
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers from Australia and France have uncovered new insights into how to prolong the lifespan of the body's disease-fighting... 3 hours
Utility Plans Vote on New York Offshore Wind Project
ABC NEWS A New York utility is set to vote later this month on a plan to construct an offshore wind farm off eastern Long Island 2 hours
Chewbacca rips off arm in deleted 'Force Awakens' scene - CNET
CNET No one messes with the Millennium Falcon without first going through one angry Wookiee. 2 hours
Emily Thornberry Leaves Channel 4 News' Cathy Newman Confused About Labour's Position On Brexit
HUFFINGTON POST Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary has denied “pedalling back” from a threat by the party to trigger a General Election if... 1 hour
behold the beauty of popcorn in super slow motion cnet Behold the beauty of popcorn in super-slow motion - CNET
CNET VIDEO A common snack rises to the level of art in a video that slows down the popcorn popping process, creating a gorgeous meditation on corn. 4 hours
new trailer for woody harrelson s wilson premiering at sundance New Trailer for Woody Harrelson's 'Wilson', Premiering at Sundance
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I'm just lucky I figured it out a long time ago: life is lonely, and miserable." Fox Searchlight has revealed a second official trailer for the indie comedy Wilson, starring... 3 hours
your name is the highest grossing anime worldwide and it deserves to be Your Name Is The Highest Grossing Anime Worldwide, And It Deserves To Be
GIZMODO There is a new anime box office champ. It’s Your... 3 hours
marvel s rogue one comic adaptation will include material not seen in the movie Marvel's Rogue One Comic Adaptation Will Include Material Not Seen in the Movie
GIZMODO It’s obvious at this point that there is enough Rogue One footage not seen in the film to basically make a completely different film...... 3 hours
ice crack forces british to close antarctic research station before end of winter Ice crack forces British to close Antarctic research station before end of winter
CBC British scientists have decided to close the Halley VI Research... 3 hours
obama pardons former general charged in stuxnet leak investigation Obama pardons former general charged in Stuxnet leak investigation
THE VERGE President Obama has granted a pardon to retired Marine Corps general James Cartwright, according to The Wall Street... 1 hour
Alex Rodriguez Is Getting His Own Reality Show And It Actually Sounds Awesome
CINEMA BLEND When big-named athletes nab TV gigs, those jobs are usually... 3 hours
John Cena Squatting While Holding Al Roker Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day
CINEMA BLEND There are quite a few people... 2 hours
Why The Nintendo Switch Will Do Better Than The Wii U, According To Reggie Fils-Aime
CINEMA BLEND Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime... 2 hours
I Spent the Night Investigating Niagara’s Haunted Fort George and Captured Ghostly Soldiers on Camera
WEEK IN WEIRD As a long time paranormal investigator... 2 hours
Vine shuts off sharing, launches Vine Camera
TechCrunch  Vine as we know it is dead. Today Twitter turned off sharing, Liking, commenting, and Revining in Vine, and released its succesor... 1 hour
HPE acquires SimpliVity for $650M in cash
TechCrunch  HPE today announced that it has acquired data management platform SimpliVity for $650 million in cash. SimpliVity is one of the many companies... 1 hour
Two Game Of Thrones Stars Asked For Young Pics Of Themselves And Fans Responded
CINEMA BLEND Winter is coming, and so is a ton... 3 hours
Analgesic effects of opioids can be mediated via immune cells
NEWS MEDICAL Opioids are the most powerful painkillers. Researchers at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have now found that the analgesic effects of opioids are not exclusively mediated by opioid... 3 hours
Talking therapy strengthens connections in the brains of people with psychosis, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new study from King's College London and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust has shown for the first time that... 3 hours
Moving up the food chain can beat being on top
PHYS.ORG When it comes to predators, the biggest mouths may not take the biggest bite. According to a new study from bioscientists at Rice University, some predators have their... 3 hours
Indiana cancer agency hacked for data won't pay ransom
PHYS.ORG An Indiana cancer services agency says it will replace and rebuild its data after a computer hack demanding a ransom. 3 hours
Today is the last day to save your Vine videos -- here's how - CNET
CNET Twitter is shutting down Vine as we know, converting it to a mere camera app. Here's how to... 3 hours
Don't be fooled: Nintendo Switch doesn't come with the Joy-Con Charging Grip - CNET
CNET Prepare to pay more. 3 hours
When will Alexa and Google Assistant appear in speakers that actually sound good? - CNET
CNET The Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers are great at reading the weather, but can't spin a... 3 hours
Delayed cord clamping prevents anaemia in infants up to six months of age
NEWS MEDICAL When clamping of the umbilical cord is delayed, iron deficiency up to six months of age can be prevented, according to a... 3 hours
Prolonged exposure to work-related stress linked to increased risk of cancers
NEWS MEDICAL For men, prolonged exposure to work-related stress has been linked to an increased likelihood of lung, colon, rectal, and stomach cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma 3 hours
Penn researchers discover antimicrobial that thwarts Zika viral entry into human cells
NEWS MEDICAL A panel of small molecules that inhibit Zika virus infection, including one that stands out as a potent inhibitor of Zika viral entry into... 3 hours
Chris Lattner Says Opportunity to Work on Tesla's Ambitious Self-Driving Efforts Was 'Irresistible'
White Men Can’t Jump Being Remade By A Top Sitcom Creator
Why White Men Can't Jump Shouldn’t Be Remade, According To Rosie Perez
First Look At Craig Ferguson's Lip Sync Battle Performance Is Undeniably Strange
National initiative to increase number of faculty from under-represented minorities
Solve this puzzle and win a job at Dyson - CNET
First Trailer for Netflix's Film 'Girlfriend's Day' Starring Bob Odenkirk
Super Mario in the real world would be way too real
Evernote’s redesign is too little, too late
How Tomb Raider’s Writer Feels About The Reboot’s Controversial Scene
Shellfish chemistry combined with polymer to create new biodegradable adhesive
Behold the beauty of popcorn in super-slow motion - CNET
New Trailer for Woody Harrelson's 'Wilson', Premiering at Sundance
Apple releases OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan supplemental security update for kernel issue
A German explains how journalists are used in spy and media warfare
Parallel State
French Polynesia signs 'floating city' deal
Young Thug’s Wyclef Jean video explains how it got made, without Young Thug
Hyper-Violent John Wick Video Reminds You Everything You Need To Know Before John Wick 2
Undead Drew Barrymore stars in first full 'Santa Clarita Diet' trailer - CNET
Family Feud Just Hit A Huge Milestone, Get The Details
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