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NC witness describes triangle UFO under 500 feet
OPEN MINDS A North Carolina witness at Elizabeth City reported watching a triangle UFO hover under 500 feet over his vehicle, according to testimony in Case 81565 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness... 7 minutes
Google maps app captures alien abduction
FREAK LORE Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. Freak Lore - Paranormal and strange news. - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Are... 2 hours
Google Earth image shows an alien abduction
Paranormal Globe Google earth has captured the exact moment an alien abduction was taking place. Well that’s according to John Mooner the The post Google Earth image shows an alien abduction appeared first on Paranormal Globe. 2 hours
'EastEnders' Airs Disaster Episode, Revealing Bus Crash Storyline
HUFFINGTON POST EastEnders’ much-hyped ‘disaster’ storyline began on Monday (23 January), with a dramatic crash that saw a bus plough through Albert Square. The incident occurred when a the bus driver suffered what looked like a... 1 hour
Commons Speaker Caught Calling Defence Secretary Michael Fallon 'Stupid' Amid Trident Row
HUFFINGTON POST "Picking a fight with the chairman of the select committee is a rather stupid thing to do." Speaker's comment picked up by mic... pic.twitter.com/upG9PsJ5Il—... 3 hours
Gralien Report Daily News for January 23, 2017
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Space weather forecasters remain vigilant in 2017 for potentially crippling solar storms Future Solar Storms could cost $40 billion daily CU Boulder professor helps assess danger of primates’... 1 hour
We Are Extraterrestrials And Sunburns Prove It, Expert Say
DISCLOSE.TV What if the world's population is a mix of people that were brought to this planet, in let's say, an experiment to place these "humans" on the Earth to either... 35 minutes
Who Dies In ‘EastEnders’? Deaths Were Hinted At In Monday’s Episode - Did You Spot These Lines?
HUFFINGTON POST EastEnders’ disaster storyline got underway on Monday (23 January) night, and while bosses haven’t... 1 hour
University Challenge Team From Corpus Christi College, Oxford Were Ultimate Squad Goals
HUFFINGTON POST Despite the old wisdom that there is no “I” in team, it’s often individual contestants that cement themselves as fan favourites on University Challenge.... 1 hour
Sean Spicer, Trump Press Secretary, Maintains Inauguration Was Most Watched
HUFFINGTON POST Donald Trump’s under-fire Press Secretary has continued to argue the new President’s inauguration was the most-watched in history - arguing with a journalists that “sometimes we can disagree... 1 hour
This Morning's Gino D'Acampo Reveals What Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Are Really Like On A Night Out
HUFFINGTON POST With the National Television Awards just days away, attention will be on... 1 hour
'Celebrity Big Brother': Kim Woodburn Comes To Blows With Stacy Francis And Nicola McLean In Latest House Arguments
HUFFINGTON POST Kim Woodburn has managed to keep a pretty low profile in the... 1 hour
Schools 'Will Lose Children's Mental Health Support', Say Headteachers
HUFFINGTON POST Schools are cutting back on counsellors as a result of steep Government cuts, headteachers told MPs on Monday.Slashed budgets will hit the most emotionally vulnerable pupils and those with special... 39 minutes
US and Russia conducting first coalition missions of bombing ISIS
DISCLOSE.TV The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed its warplanes have flown the first combat mission in Syria with U.S.-led coalition aircraft. US forces have not yet confirmed the news released... 4 hours
'Celebrity Big Brother': Chloe Ferry Was Allowed To Leave House For 'Geordie Shore' Commitments, Prior To Eviction
HUFFINGTON POST ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ bosses have confirmed reports Chloe Ferry was allowed to secretly leave... 5 hours
Microbial life can survive on Mars after all
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A new study has added weight to the idea that microbes can survive in the harsh conditions on Mars. The Red Planet may appear to be little more than a... 3 hours
Fossils of giant otter unearthed in China
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Paleontologists have revealed the discovery of a prehistoric otter that was around the size of a wolf. Dating back over six million years and weighing... 6 hours
After The Women's March, Our Need For Solidarity Is Stronger Than Ever
HUFFINGTON POST On 21 January 2017, the world witnessed a total of 673 international protests and a turnout of roughly two million participants to Women's Marches.... 6 hours
us president scraps new world order tpp trade deal by executive order US President scraps New World Order 'TPP' trade deal by executive order
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order formally withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, following through on a... 5 hours
how to stop the rising tide of death in the mediterranean How To Stop The Rising Tide Of Death In The Mediterranean
HUFFINGTON POST The number of people who died trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean... 5 hours
Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order, Surrounded By Men
HUFFINGTON POST Surrounded by a group of men, Donald Trump has signed an executive order cutting funding to health groups that advise on abortions.In one of his first acts as president, he... 4 hours
'Neighbours' Airs Dee Bliss' Dramatic Return From The Dead, And Toadie Can't Quite Believe It
HUFFINGTON POST After a 13 year wait, ‘Neighbours’ has finally aired the moment Dee Bliss returns from her watery grave. The... 5 hours
The Tunguska Explosion Was Not Caused By A Meteorite, New Study
DISCLOSE.TV Back in June of 1908, in a region of Russia, a massive explosion occurred. T The damaged sustained from it was quite massive and left lasting... 5 hours
People Share Their Game-Changing Cleaning Tips, From Removing Mug Stains To Cleaning The Shower
HUFFINGTON POST Let’s face it, no one likes doing chores but we all want tidy, relaxing homes - especially if we’re expecting... 6 hours
Atlanta Police Officers Praised For High Fiving And Hugging Women's March Demonstrators
HUFFINGTON POST A US police department has been widely-praised for greeting Women’s March demonstrators with high fives at the weekend as hundreds of thousands of people... 6 hours
Michael Fallon Refuses To Reveal Details Of Trident Missile 'Failure'
HUFFINGTON POST Defence secretary Michael Fallon has been accused of “stonewalling” parliament after he refused to discuss details of an alleged failed Trident missile test.The Sunday Times reported that a... 6 hours
Alien Abduction Caught In A Series Of Satellite Images
DISCLOSE.TV A UFO enthusiast named John Mooner was left ‘speechless’ when he found images of himself attempting to punch an alien in the face on Google Earth ... 9 hours
Oxford Theological College Wycliffe Hall Denies It Told Students To Use Gender Neutral Pronouns For God
HUFFINGTON POST An Oxford University theological college has denied claims it asks students to refer to God using... 9 hours
Channel 4 Dispatches Britain's Cheap Clothes Investigation Reveals Workers Paid Below National Living Wage
HUFFINGTON POST High street stores are allegedly selling clothes made by workers in Britain who are paid less than half the legal... 9 hours
Say No To Inaccessible Britain
HUFFINGTON POST The British public are kind and generous, have buckets of common sense, and value fairness. We are known for it; other nations sometimes take the micky out of us for it. We have an enormous charity sector and... 8 hours
Pamela Anderson Turns 'Warrior' For SS17 Vivienne Westwood Campaign
HUFFINGTON POST Pamela Anderson has reprised her role as the face of Vivienne Westwood.The former ‘Baywatch’ star posed for the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS17 campaign, shot by acclaimed photographer Juergen... 9 hours
The Implications Of The Trident Test Failure
HUFFINGTON POST The British Trident missile failure in June last year, broken by the Sunday Times yesterday, illustrates one of the core problems with Britain's nuclear deterrent posture: it involves deeply complex technical and human systems... 9 hours
14 Matching Tattoos Ideas To Get With Your BFF
HUFFINGTON POST You and your best friend have worn coordinating outfits more times than you could count, but have you ever thought about getting matching tattoos? Couples do it all the time and... 9 hours
Gorden Kaye Dead: 'Allo Allo' Actor Dies, Aged 75
HUFFINGTON POST ‘Allo Allo’ star Gorden Kaye has died, at the age of 75.His former agent confirmed to BBC News that he died in a care home on Monday (23 January) morning.Gorden... 6 hours
Pope Francis Makes Cryptic Remarks About Donald Trump
HUFFINGTON POST Pope Francis has given an interview containing some coy remarks about the new American president.The head of the Catholic Church stated he plans to “wait and see” before he forms an opinion... 7 hours
Girlguiding Welcomes Transgender Children And Leaders For First Time In 107-Year History
HUFFINGTON POST Girlguiding will now welcome transgender children and leaders into the organisation in a move to support anyone who identifies as a girl or woman.The 107-year-old... 9 hours
Oxford University To Face Landmark Trial Over Faiz Siddiqui's 'Apallingly Bad' Teaching Allegations
HUFFINGTON POST Oxford University has been ordered to face a landmark trial after a graduate filed a £1 million lawsuit claiming “appallingly bad” and... 9 hours
7 Dating Tips For Newly-Single Parents
HUFFINGTON POST Parenthood is demanding enough without feeling the pressure of re-igniting your romantic life and getting back on the horse after a split. It can be hard to know where to start again and to resist the temptation... 6 hours
Sadiq Khan Issues 'Very High' Air Pollution Alert For London For First Time
HUFFINGTON POST A “very high” air pollution alert has been issued for London for the first time by mayor Sadiq Khan.The alert comes as swathes... 7 hours
'Homeland' Season 6 Has A New President-Elect, And There's Something Very Familiar...
HUFFINGTON POST Series 6 of ‘Homeland’ has arrived, which means Carrie Matthison (Claire Danes) is back in action, seemingly back on her meds, reunited with her... 8 hours
Mum Takes Weekly Photos With Kids In Matching Outfits To Document Her Daughters Growing Up
HUFFINGTON POST A mum who once unintentionally dressed in a top matching her two daughters, decided to keep the trend going with... 6 hours
Demolition Of 19 Buildings In Wuhan, China, Is Strangely Mesmerising
HUFFINGTON POST This is the incredible moment 19 blocks of flats were reduced to rubble in just 10 seconds.Five tons of explosives were used to clear the Hankou Binjiang estate... 7 hours
Mumhood: Why These Women Want To Empower Mums With Knowledge About Pre- And Postnatal Workouts
HUFFINGTON POST Two women are determined to take the fear out of working out during and after pregnancy, by educating mums about... 7 hours
London Women's March Protesters On Why They Took Part
HUFFINGTON POST Millions of people joined women’s marches on Saturday to protest the inauguration and presidency of Donald Trump. Action was held worldwide with the biggest demonstration taking place in the US capital,... 7 hours
Girlguiding To Welcome Transgender Children And Leaders Under Official New Guidelines
HUFFINGTON POST New guidelines from Girlguiding state that transgender children and leaders are welcome in the organisation in a move to support anyone who identifies as a girl or woman.The... 7 hours
Tories Write Off Stoke-on-Trent Central By-Election, Party Sources Say
HUFFINGTON POST The Tory party is set to give UKIP a clear run in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election in a bid to maximise Labour’s chances of defeat in its heartlands, The Huffington... 8 hours
London Fashion Week Dates, Designers And Schedule Confirmed For February 2017
HUFFINGTON POST The LFW AW17 schedule has been officially confirmed by the British Fashion Council.From Friday 17 to Tuesday 21 February, over 70 designers will showcase their autumn/winter... 6 hours
Chelsea Clinton Defends Barron Trump – But Criticises His Father Donald
HUFFINGTON POST Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has pleaded with the public not to bully Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron.The 10-year-old was ridiculed online after he attended his... 10 hours
Bliss N Eso Shooting: Actor Johann Ofner Killed While Filming Brisbane Music Video
HUFFINGTON POST An actor has been killed while filming a scene featuring several guns for an Australian band’s music video.The man died at a... 11 hours
South Korea Developing 'Near-Supersonic' Train Similar To Hyperloop
HUFFINGTON POST The South Korean government has said it plans to unveil a revolutionary train that can travel at near-supersonic speeds and would cut a five hour journey to just 30 minutes.Now if this... 10 hours
What Is Burns Night? 15 Robert Burns Facts
HUFFINGTON POST Come Wednesday it will be time to raise a glass of whisky, dust off your dancing shoes and gorge on er, haggis.The occasion of course, is Burns Night.A time to toast Scotland’s... 10 hours
Steve Quayle: 'Something critical is happening in Antarctica'
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Since the inauguration of President Barrack Obama in 2008, world leaders have shown an unusually keen interest in the continent of Antarctica ... 10 hours
Rod Stewart Hosting The Scottish Cup Draw Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face
HUFFINGTON POST Sir Rod Stewart clearly had a whale of a time over the weekend, as he helped... 10 hours
What Is Burns Night? 9 Robert Burns Facts
HUFFINGTON POST Come Wednesday it will be time to raise a glass of whisky, dust off your dancing shoes and gorge on er, haggis.The occasion of course, is Burns Night.A time to toast Scotland’s... 9 hours
We Are All Dateable. We All Need Love
HUFFINGTON POST I've always found love a difficult thing and never got used to it. I wanted to see whether it would work if I took part in a dating programme. I wanted to... 10 hours
Watch The First Takeoff Of The US Army Hoverbike
DISCLOSE.TV The United States military has performed a successful public test flight of an incredible Hoverbike prototype ... 10 hours
‘The Chase’: Ridiculous ‘Beaver’ And ‘C*** Shot’ Question Leaves Bradley Walsh And Contestant Fern Britton In Hysterics
HUFFINGTON POST Anyone who used to watch Fern Britton on ‘This Morning’ will know that she’s... 11 hours
Fake News 'Vaccine' Created By Cambridge Scientists
HUFFINGTON POST If there’s one topic that has dominated 2016, it’s fake news.Whether it’s the ocean of fake news stories that appeared during the US election or the ongoing problem of fake news surrounding climate change... 11 hours
a 500 year old map shows the detailed coastline of antarctica under the ice A 500-Year-Old Map Shows The Detailed Coastline Of Antarctica Under The Ice
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO For many years, scientific consensus has held that Antarctica has been covered with a thick sheet of ice for approximately one million years ... 10 hours
13 Things To Not Do On Valentine’s Day If You Are In A New Relationship
HUFFINGTON POST So we’re only one month into 2017 and you’ve already successfully upgraded from the lonely hearts club to... 10 hours
Mystery surrounds felling of 200 beech trees
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Authorities in Wales are attempting to work out who chopped down hundreds of beech trees near Caerphilly. The peculiar incident, which is understood t... 11 hours
EPA Under Pressure To To Ban Fluoride From Drinking Water
DISCLOSE.TV Once upon a time, fluoride was considered something of a wonder chemical for public health planners ... 11 hours
Coronation Street's Kate Ford Admits She Was Unhappy With Tracy Barlow Storylines Last Year
HUFFINGTON POST ‘Coronation Street’ star Kate Ford has admitted her dissatisfaction at her character’s storylines last year.Kate plays resident Weatherfield troublemaker Tracy... 11 hours
Toddler Makes Handmade Women's March Sign Of Her Own Accord, Becomes Internet Hero
HUFFINGTON POST A mum who took part in the Women’s March with her family was shocked when her toddler made a sign of her... 9 hours
In A Single Week Nearly 8,000 Drivers Were Caught Using Their Phones
HUFFINGTON POST Police caught nearly 8,000 drivers using their phones behind the wheel, during a week-long crackdown on distraction driving.The operation in November nearly tripled the previous... 9 hours
Eurovision 2017: Lucie Jones And Danyl Johnson Lead Six Former 'X Factor' Contestants Hoping To Represent UK
HUFFINGTON POST The six hopefuls battling it out to represent the UK at Eurovision this year... 9 hours
How To Create An Endless Supply Of Hot Water – No Power Required
DISCLOSE.TV This is a very ingenious innovation that an individual has come up with, he claims and shows us how to heat up... 10 hours
Supermarkets Switch Up Aisles To Encourage Meat-Eaters To Buy More Veg
HUFFINGTON POST Supermarkets could soon face a huge redesign to encourage healthier, more sustainable eating habits among customers. A new scheme, headed up by Oxford University researchers and funded... 11 hours
Piers Morgan Gets Politely Schooled By Maria Miller Over Everyday Sexism
HUFFINGTON POST Maria Miller had a brilliant response to being interrupted by Pier Morgan while discussing Donald Trump live on television on Monday morning.The Conservative MP was in... 11 hours
Northern Line Commuter Attacked After Asking Couple To Stop Having Sex In Carriage
HUFFINGTON POST A man spat in a woman’s face and began pushing her on the Tube after she objected to him having sex in... 11 hours
Student Nurse Charmaine Briggs' Impassioned Message Defending Hard Work Of NHS Staff Goes Viral
HUFFINGTON POST A student’s heartfelt message defending the hard work of NHS staff after a stranger asked why she wanted to be... 11 hours
‘The Jump’: Former Star Tom Parker Claims Contestants Should Expect Injuries
HUFFINGTON POST While some former ‘The Jump’ contestants have nothing but bad things to say about the programme, Tom Parker has (sort of) defended it, claiming celebrities know... 10 hours
Forget The Sonic Boom, Scientists Have Filmed Light Going Faster Than Itself
HUFFINGTON POST If you thought a sonic boom was impressive, then wait till you see what a team of scientists have achieved by playing around with... 10 hours
What Is Burns Night? A Guide To Scotland’s Celebrated Poet Robert Burns
HUFFINGTON POST Come Wednesday it will be time to raise a glass of whisky, dust off your dancing shoes and gorge on er, haggis.The occasion of... 11 hours
'Strictly Come Dancing': Karen Hardy Calls For Bosses To Hire Her To Increase Female Presence On The Panel
HUFFINGTON POST Karen Hardy has made no secret of how much she wants to... 11 hours
US President scraps New World Order 'TPP' trade deal by executive order
Steve Quayle: 'Something critical is happening in Antarctica'
A 500-Year-Old Map Shows The Detailed Coastline Of Antarctica Under The Ice
Giant Glowing UFO Over Portugal Leaves Dark Trail. Jan 17, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO Shoots Past Live Interview At Capital Hill, Jan 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Secret Service WILL Investigate Madonna after BOMB rant against White House
He For She: The Women's March
Making Change Happen: The Women Fighting The World's Water Crisis
Pink UFO Caught During Sunset Over Slovakia On Jan 11, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Why Do Cats Stare At 'Ghosts'? - The Dodo
Psychic Medium Predicts What's In For 2017. Surprise: It Doesn't Look Good
CNN Just 'Educated' Viewers on What Happens if Trump Gets Assassinated Today
Why Do Cats Stare At 'Ghosts'? - The Dodo
President Trump Quoted Bane From 'Dark Knight Rises' At Inauguration
Norway Becomes World’s First Nation to Completely Ban Deforestation
Aliens Give Escort To US President Donald Trumps Plane In Washington DC, Jan 19, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO Comes In Close To Space Station, Totally Fearless Of Being Seen, Video, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.
Jim Murray Solves Tesla's Secret To Amplifying Power By 5000%
Scientists Warn: North Korean Super Volcano on Brink of Eruption
“Mythical� Chinese Creature Spotted On Camera - Mysterious Universe
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