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Antarctica’s Secret Nazi Base: Separating the Fact from “Fake News� - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST This piece by Micah Hanks reads like a how-to manual in sorting fact from fiction in a world beset by fake news.... 11 hours
Report of UFO over nuclear plant in Nebraska found in recently declassified documents
OPEN MINDS A former security officer at the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Nebraska reported seeing a UFO over the plant sometime in the... 1 day
this video claims to reveal classified ufo footage This Video Claims To Reveal Classified UFO Footage
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO UFO Footage Confirmed To Be Real A recently released video has been circling the internet and has been making quite a sensation in the process ... 2 days
Ivanka Trump Is Getting Her Own West Wing Office And Access To Classified Information
HUFFINGTON POST Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the West Wing despite having no official role in the administration.A White... 4 days
Drinking Energy Drinks With Alcohol 'Masks' Effects Of Drunkenness And 'Increases Risk Of Injury'
HUFFINGTON POST If you order alcohol topped with an energy drink on a night out, you could be putting yourself at extra... 4 days
‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Michelle Fowler Affair Reveal Set To Spark Events With Disastrous Consequences
HUFFINGTON POST There’s set to be a huge upset in ‘EastEnders’, when Michelle Fowler’s affair reveal sets off a disastrous string of events. Martin’s... 4 days
US Navy whistleblower releases classified UFO photos
Paranormal Globe Retired US Navy Commander Graham Bethune has released classified UFO photos which were apparently taken back in 1989. Bethune released The post US Navy whistleblower releases classified UFO photos appeared first on Paranormal Globe. 4 days
US Navy Commander Reveals Genuine UFO Pictures
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Photographs of UFOs circled through the media last week as U.S. Navy Commander turned whistleblower decided that now was the time to release classified information, mostly photographs which would serve as confirmation of UFO... 4 days
Did Hitler & the NAZIs attempt to establish a NEW ATLANTIS in Antarctica?
DISCLOSE.TV We explore the theory that HITLER & the NAZIs attempted to set up a highly secret base in Antarctica during WW2 ... 5 days
Congo UFO Uranium Mine Incident Revealed!
DISCLOSE.TV The CIA's reach is truly global, and this is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago! That is why these latest file disclosures are so interesting! See how the CIA slapped secret notices on... 5 days
Naval Officer Leaks Secret Alien Base In Antarctica
DISCLOSE.TV A Naval Office Confirms a secret alien base behind Antarctica. Antarctica is a very unknown place to the general public, not many eye witnesses, or people that live there. Whistleblower confirms that... 6 days
Here's The Incredible Reason Why We Always Imagine Aliens As Being Tiny Green Creatures - Stock News USA
THE ANOMALIST The reason Adina Camarasu alludes to is one of the most famous... 6 days
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This Video Claims To Reveal Classified UFO Footage
US Navy Commander Reveals Genuine UFO Pictures