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Before I Fall (2017) TRAILER
Windows 10 preview build 14986 heads out to Fast Ring Insiders
Windows Central Fast Ring Windows Insiders have been treated to yet another new Windows 10 build. The latest release, arriving with build number 14986, is now available for... 37 minutes
The One Day At A Time Trailer Is Only Vaguely Like One Day At A Time
CINEMA BLEND The very first TV... 4 hours
Donald Trump Named Time Magazine's Person Of The Year 2016
CINEMA BLEND Time revealed it's Person of the Year for 2016 as recent President-Elect Donald Trump. 2 hours
at t and time warner accidentally argue against their own merger AT&T and Time Warner accidentally argue against their own merger
THE VERGE AT&T and Time Warner were called before Congress today to defend their upcoming $85 billion merger... 3 hours
mars one just delayed its highly unlikely mars mission again Mars One just delayed its (highly unlikely) Mars mission — again
THE VERGE Today, Mars One announced a five-year delay to its projected timeline for starting a... 3 hours
These smart biking sunglasses are inspired by fighter jets - CNET
CNET VIDEO The Raptor AR smart glasses have a head-up display that shows real-time stats on speed and distance when you're cycling. 3 hours
Time runs out for smartwatch pioneer Pebble
PHYS.ORG Smartwatch pioneer Pebble announced Wednesday it was shutting down, with tech wearables giant Fitbit acquiring some of its assets including key personnel. 3 hours
What It's Like To Be In An SNL Sketch That Bombs, According To Tina Fey
CINEMA BLEND Tina Fey has gone on to... 3 hours
How our immune system targets TB
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have seen, for the very first time, how the human immune system recognizes tuberculosis (TB). These findings are the crucial step in developing better diagnostics and perhaps even vaccines for this deadly infection. 4 hours
Hitman's Holiday DLC Channels A Classic Christmas Movie
CINEMA BLEND We hope you're in the mood for a Christmas slay and, no, that's not a misspelling. Hitman is getting in... 2 hours
Rhythm of breathing affects memory, fear
SCIENCE DAILY The rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall, scientists have discovered for the first time. These effects on behavior depend critically on whether you inhale or... 2 hours
Apple reportedly in talks with studios to offer home rentals for movies in theaters
9to5Mac Apple already promotes movies that are in theaters... 4 hours
NVIDIA reportedly planning to introduce the new Shield Android TV at CES in January
9to5Google The NVIDIA Shield TV, first introduced at the... 2 hours
playstation 4 will be on sale for 250 from december 11th to december 24th PlayStation 4 will be on sale for $250 from December 11th to December 24th
THE VERGE Sony announced that it's offering the Uncharted 4... 2 hours
macos 10 12 2 fixes time machine backup crashing issue on new macbook pro macOS 10.12.2 Fixes Time Machine Backup Crashing Issue on New MacBook Pro
MacRumors Apple in the latest macOS Sierra beta appears to have fixed a common issue where transferring files to an external hard drive or SSD... 1 hour
Finnish tech fest hangs up most badass winter sign ever - CNET
CNET A witty greeting outside the Helsinki airport makes winter travel feel a little warmer. 5 hours
Innovation or Monopoly? Panel Looks at ATT-Time Warner Deal
ABC NEWS Senators scrutinizing the proposed merger of AT&T and Time Warner homed in on brass tacks with the companies' CEOs 6 hours
airbnb will now use foursquare photos in its city guides Airbnb will now use Foursquare photos in its city guides
THE VERGE Your next Foursquare uploads may soon be featured on an Airbnb city guide. The latter company... 7 hours
Innovation or monopoly? Panel looks at ATT-Time Warner deal
PHYS.ORG Senators scrutinizing the proposed merger of AT&T and Time Warner homed in on brass tacks with the companies' CEOs. OK, you say this $85.4 billion mega-deal will enhance, not quash,... 5 hours
The best videogames of 2016 video - CNET
CNET CNET's resident gaming expert shares some his top picks for 2016. These games are absolutely worth your time and hard-earned cash. 6 hours
why a mountain goat is a better climber than you Why a mountain goat is a better climber than you
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO For the first time, scientists have analyzed how a mountain goat climbs a cliff. Big muscles in the shoulder and neck help a lot, they find. 6 hours
Partnership at a distance: Deep-frozen helium molecules illuminate quantum-mechanical tunnelling
SCIENCE DAILY As atomic physicists have now been able to confirm, over 75 percent of the time helium atoms are so far apart that their bond can be explained only... 5 hours
arctic and antarctic sea ice reach record lows Arctic and Antarctic sea ice reach record lows
CBC Sea ice off Antarctica and in the Arctic is at record lows for this time of year after declining by... 7 hours
Scientists Find Long-Sought-After Mechanism that Creates Immunity to Influenza A Virus
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of researchers from Australia, China and the United States has shown... 4 hours
Cancer spread is increased by a high fat diet, ground-breaking evidence shows
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that the metastatic process (cancer spread) is enhanced by fat intake. Mice given a high fat diet, including palmitic acid (a... 4 hours
Awards Blend: Which Films Got Oscar Bumps From NY And LA Critics?
CINEMA BLEND Now that we are getting into December, the Awards Race begins to take a clearer shape. Every year, around this time, top critical organizations... 6 hours
New stamping technique creates functional features at nanoscale dimensions
PHYS.ORG The next time you place your coffee order, imagine slapping onto your to-go cup a sticker that acts as an electronic decal, letting you know the precise temperature of your... 4 hours
Most of Greenland ice melted to bedrock in recent geologic past, says study
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have found evidence in a chunk of bedrock drilled from nearly two miles below the summit of the Greenland ice sheet... 5 hours
Monster Round-Up - Magonia
THE ANOMALIST Dear ol' Nessie features prominently in most of the five books reviewed by Magonia and at the same time gets the usual treatment by the tabloids in Ness To See You, which reports on how the increased use of camera... 5 hours
this 2007 video about the futuristic world of 2017 is super depressing This 2007 Video About The Futuristic World of 2017 Is Super Depressing
GIZMODO Remember the year 2007? I bet you do. You were so young and vibrant and full of life. You had that thing you were... 5 hours
Unity poaches Uber’s machine learning head to tackle AI in AR/VR
TechCrunch  Unity has hired Dr. Danny Lange to take on the next generation of AI... 7 hours
TV Review: ‘The Flash: The Present’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s The Flash midseason finale time and, as finales go—midseason or otherwise—“The Present” is somewhat of a mixed back. What it lacks insofar as... 7 hours
dakota johnson jamie dornan in full trailer for fifty shades darker Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan in Full Trailer for 'Fifty Shades Darker'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Do you want to be kept, or have respect?" This should be labeled as a "Don't Watch", but that will probably just entice more... 6 hours
Six ways to keep phone charges low during international travel
PHYS.ORG It's a sure-fire way to dampen the holiday cheers: Spend a week on a dream vacation abroad, then come back to find an additional several hundred dollars on... 7 hours
Innovation or Monopoly? AT&T, Time Warner CEOs Defend Deal
ABC NEWS The CEOs of AT&T and Time Warner are telling Congress that a merger of their two companies will benefit consumers and boost competition in cable rather than reduce it 8 hours
Innovation or monopoly? AT&T, Time Warner CEOs defend deal
PHYS.ORG The CEOs of AT&T and Time Warner are telling Congress that the merger of the two media and communications giants will benefit Americans and boost competition in cable, rather than... 8 hours
Apple says November set an all-time record for App Store sales
9to5Mac Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has tweeted that November has set an... 9 hours
Time to set limits: Business owners suffer tech overload
PHYS.ORG Three years into being a business owner, Becky Davis knew she needed to break the hold technology had on her. 8 hours
Do thoughts of death change our shopping habits?
PHYS.ORG It's that time of year again: when festive ads command consumers to BUY! BUY! BUY! for their friends and family. But despite this holiday cheer, negative news marches on. 7 hours
Time's 'Person of the Year' sparks social media brawl - CNET
CNET Social Cues: Also trending on social media are the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack and an update to Pokemon Go. 8 hours
rekindle game night with amazon s massive board game sale Rekindle Game Night With Amazon's Massive Board Game Sale
GIZMODO Just in time for holiday family gatherings, Amazon’s put a whole cabinet full of strategy board games on... 10 hours
Upgrade your family - CNET
CNET Even if your family is still getting by on outdated tech, your visit home needn't feel like a time warp. Here are cheap and simple ways to upgrade their experience and yours. 9 hours
iPLATO introduces new ‘smoking QOF’ feature on innovative myGP app ahead of NHS financial year
NEWS MEDICAL Once again, the end of the NHS financial year is fast approaching with GP surgeries preparing for their... 9 hours
Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Has A New Release Date, And It’s Brutal
CINEMA BLEND Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie has had a hell of a time making it to the big screen, but it seems the trials are... 8 hours
Scientists stunned: COSMIC DUST found on ROOFTOPS of 3 major European cities for the first time
DISCLOSE.TV Dust is everywhere, but cosmic dust is a little rarer. Cosmic dust, the material that is... 7 hours
mossberg in tech form trumps function too often Mossberg: In tech, form trumps function too often
THE VERGE Almost exactly fifteen years ago, in October of 2001, a major consumer tech product appeared that struck a nearly perfect... 10 hours
Partnership at a distance: Deep-frozen helium molecules
PHYS.ORG Helium atoms are loners. Only if they are cooled down to an extremely low temperature do they form a very weakly bound molecule. In so doing, they can keep a tremendous distance from each... 7 hours
mylingo ios app lets users listen to spanish audio tracks in real time at the movies 'myLINGO' iOS App Lets Users Listen to Spanish Audio Tracks in Real Time at the Movies
MacRumors A new app called... 9 hours
To Mars in 70 days: Expert discusses NASA's study of paradoxical EM propulsion drive
PHYS.ORG After months of speculation and rumor, NASA has finally released its long-awaited research paper on the controversial EM Drive propulsion... 10 hours
Fossils of early tetrapods unearthed in Scotland
PHYS.ORG (Phys.org)—A team of researchers working at a dig site in Scotland has found tetrapod fossils dated to approximately 15 million years after the Devonian mass extinction—a time period experts in the field have referred... 10 hours
Innovation or a Monopoly? AT&T, Time Warner Go Before Senate
ABC NEWS Donald Trump promised to kill the deal as president 10 hours
fitbit buyout will see pebble s time 2 and core wearables canceled refunds issued Fitbit Buyout Will See Pebble's Time 2 and Core Wearables Canceled, Refunds Issued
MacRumors Late last month we reported that Fitbit was closing in... 13 hours
New study shows plants can learn from experience
PHYS.ORG The first time I met the Australian evolutionary ecologist Monica Gagliano, she was wearing colourful paisley trousers and was giving an animated talk at a 2014 environmental humanities conference in Canberra. 10 hours
sony s playstation division to release 6 mobile games for ios next year Sony's PlayStation Division to Release 6 Mobile Games for iOS Next Year
MacRumors Sony is set to release up to six games for iOS in the financial year starting April in the hope of replicating Nintendo's phenomenal... 12 hours
nine great oculus touch games you should try or watch right now Nine great Oculus Touch games you should try (or watch) right now
THE VERGE If you ordered the Touch controllers for Oculus’ Rift virtual reality headset, you’re probably either eagerly anticipating their arrival, or already pulling them out... 11 hours
Apple Music attracts 20 million subscribers in 18 months
BBC Apple Music says it will continue to pursue artist exclusives, as it tops 20 million paid subscribers for the first time. 16 hours
Earth's days getting longer: study (Update)
PHYS.ORG Earth's days are getting longer but you're not likely to notice any time soon—it would take about 3.3 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study published on Wednesday. 14 hours
CEOs of AT&T, Time Warner to sell merger to skeptical Senate
PHYS.ORG The CEOs of AT&T and Time Warner are heading to Capitol Hill in a bid to convince senators that a merger of their two companies will... 16 hours
CEOs of AT&T, Time Warner to Sell Merger to Skeptical Senate
ABC NEWS The CEOs of AT&T and Time Warner are heading to Capitol Hill in a bid to convince senators that a merger of their two companies will... 19 hours
Bloomberg: Fitbit acquisition to cancel the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core, Kickstarter backers to receive refunds
9to5Google Last week... 17 hours
Earth's days getting longer: study
PHYS.ORG Earth's days are getting longer but you're not likely to notice any time soon—it would take about 6.7 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study published on Wednesday. 16 hours
True Evil has a name and it is George Soros
DISCLOSE.TV Look into the eyes of evil, from looting his own people for hitler to having so much power he can make countries crumble. Now he has his eyes... 16 hours
Fitbit close to buying Pebble's software assets, Time 2 and Pebble Core could be canceled
Windows Central Fitbit could scoop up Pebble for under $40 million. Fitbit is reportedly getting ready to acquire Pebble's software... 18 hours
pebble cancels pebble time 2 and core as acquisition by fitbit approaches report Pebble cancels Pebble Time 2 and Core as acquisition by Fitbit approaches: report
THE VERGE Fitbit is very close to announcing its plan to purchase... 18 hours
here are some joyously random facts about half the countries in the world Here Are Some Joyously Random Facts About Half the Countries in the World
GIZMODO If you’re a map nerd or a history buff or... 22 hours
how jack dorsey feels about trump on twitter complicated How Jack Dorsey feels about Trump on Twitter: ‘complicated’
THE VERGE Speaking earlier this evening at Recode’s Code Commerce conference, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey said that his... 20 hours
Rhythm of breathing influences emotional judgments and memory recall
NEWS MEDICAL Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered for the first time that the rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall. 23 hours
once upon a time a robot met a robot Once Upon a Time, a Robot Met a Robot
GIZMODO Back in the halcyon days of Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2, host Clementine and Elliott Alderson portrayed ancient Egyptian... 24 hours
nasa announces new earth science mission amid fears of budget cuts NASA announces new Earth science mission amid fears of budget cuts
THE VERGE NASA plans to launch a completely new type of Earth science mission, aimed at... 1 day
New data claims vinyl brought in more revenue than album downloads in the UK last week
9to5Mac There’s been an odd... 1 day
who owns crispr one of the most important genetic inventions of our time Who owns CRISPR — one of the most important genetic inventions of our time?
THE VERGE It’s hard to believe that a patent hearing... 1 day
Don't Drowse and Drive: Sleepiness as Risky as DUI
LIVE SCIENCE Even with holiday travel approaching, it's important to get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel: Missing 1 or 2 hours of sleep nearly doubles a person's risk for a... 1 day
Oakley's smart workout sunglasses offer real-time coaching and feedback - CNET
CNET These aren't your average sunglasses. 1 day
For The West Of Time: JJ Abrams And Company Plus The ‘Westworld’ Website Start Teasing Details About Season 2
this countdown of 2016 s best films will catch you up on the good stuff you missed This countdown of 2016's best films will catch you up on the good stuff you missed
THE VERGE It’s December, the most... 1 day
Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Monthly Low for 7th Time in 2016
ABC NEWS Scientists say Arctic sea ice was at its lowest level for November by far 1 day
Nintendo Is Offering Some Serious Cash If You Can Hack The 3DS
CINEMA BLEND I know Nintendo is often in the news for rage-inducing reasons when it comes to interacting directly with the community, such as shutting down... 1 day
One Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Has Just Been Cleared Up, Thanks To James Gunn
CINEMA BLEND The always delightful James Gunn has... 1 day
will smith once had to borrow money from a fresh prince fan Will Smith Once Had To Borrow Money From A Fresh Prince Fan
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Will Smith is one of the biggest stars in showbiz today, but plenty of folk remember him for his time on The Fresh Prince... 1 day
AeroVironment: official charger of the Chevy Bolt
TechCrunch  The 2017 Chevy Bolt is coming to California and Oregon before the end of 2016, and along with it comes its very... 1 day
Microsoft Lumia 950: A year later and a world apart
Windows Central It's been a year since the Lumia 950 launched, meaning it's time to revisit Microsoft's latest flagship and see what's improved... and what hasn't. The Microsoft Lumia 950... 1 day
Taking back control of an autonomous car affects human steering behavior
PHYS.ORG There you are, cruising down the freeway, listening to some tunes and enjoying the view as your autonomous car zips and swerves through traffic. Then the... 1 day
the untold story of napoleon hill the greatest self help scammer of all time The Untold Story of Napoleon Hill, the Greatest Self-Help Scammer of All Time
GIZMODO Napoleon Hill is the most famous conman you’ve probably never... 1 day
New Comic Books This Week – December 7th
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Here is the list of new comic books, trade paperbacks and more shipping on 12/7/2016. As always, check with your... 1 day
Trump is holding a meeting with key tech leaders at Trump Tower next week
TechCrunch  Aside his on-going free market bromance with entrepreneur-turned-transition-adviser... 1 day
time running out in congress for nasa authorization and other space bills Time running out in Congress for NASA authorization and other space bills
SPACE NEWS As the 114th Congress winds to a close, several space-related bills seeking passage, including a NASA authorization bill, are in danger of running out... 1 day
Screengrabber It’s Time Again To Listen To Kevin Harlan Call Play-By-Play Of Two Idiots On The Field
GIZMODO Screengrabber It’s Time Again To... 1 day
Digital Offers: The Ultimate Project Management Certification bundle is just $69 now!
Windows Central Project Management happens to be one of the fastest growing fields in several industries right now, and you may be looking to make a... 1 day
Audi's new Traffic Light Information makes red lights less painful - Roadshow
CNET This is the first time vehicle-to-infrastructure technology's appeared in cars that are currently on the market. 1 day
Every Oculus Touch game you can play right now, and a look at what comes next!
Windows Central Where are all the Oculus Touch games? Oculus took their time to make sure Touch was... 1 day
You can now turn off Instagram comments (or will be able to very soon)
BBC Instagram updates its safety features to allow you to turn off comments for individual posts for the first time. 1 day
Obituary: Peter Vaughan
SF SITE Actor Peter Vaughan (b.1926) died on December 6. Vaughan may be best known to genre audiences for his role as Maester Aemon on Game of Thrones, but he also appeared in Brazil, Time Bandits, Village of the Damned, and Fatherland. 1 day
watch disney world change epcot s main attraction into the death star Watch Disney World Change Epcot’s Main Attraction Into The Death Star
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO When Disney purchased Lucasfilm we all knew it was only a matter of time... 1 day
2016—an exceptional year for the LHC
PHYS.ORG It's the particles' last lap of the ring. On 5 December 2016, protons and lead ions circulated in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for the last time. At exactly 6.02am, the experiments recorded their last collisions... 1 day
One Drop’s smart glucose monitoring hardware gets a green light from the FDA
TechCrunch  Last summer, One Drop raised $8 million in Series A funding... 1 day
RNA interference is activated in human response to influenza, other important viruses
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time, research shows that RNA interference (RNAi) - an antiviral mechanism known to be used by plants and lower organisms -... 1 day
Expectation versus reality in the acceptance of self-driving cars
PHYS.ORG As interest in the development of automated cars increases, public and media attention has focused on the speculative benefit of having an abundance of in-vehicle work and leisure time that... 1 day
Best Running Apps for Windows 10
Windows Central For many, fitness is pursued by placing one foot in front of the other and racing around the track or down the path. The Windows Store has a healthy assortment of apps available to track, monitor... 1 day
uber faces negative reactions after update introduces background gps tracking Uber Faces Negative Reactions After Update Introduces Background GPS Tracking
MacRumors A recent update to ride-hailing app Uber is generating a negative reaction online, with customers concerned... 1 day
Gift Guide: Ben’s top picks for the gadget lovers in your life, from $6 to $1000
9to5Mac Yep, that time is... 1 day
Review: Akitio Neutrino SSD enclosure with USB-C adds fast external storage to the new MacBook Pro
9to5Mac The USB-C ports on... 1 day
This Quick Charge 2.0 travel charger is $16.95 today!
Windows Central Looking for a new charger to keep in your travel bag? How about one with Quick Charge 2.0 built-in so you can get quicker charging speeds when you plug your... 2 days
GoEuro in talks with Uber to loop in last mile transport
TechCrunch  European long distance travel booking platform GoEuro is in talks with Uber about an... 2 days
netflix becomes top grossing ios app in the u s for the first time Netflix Becomes Top Grossing iOS App in the U.S. for the First Time
MacRumors Netflix yesterday briefly became the number one top-grossing iOS app... 2 days
Smart plants learn new habits
PHYS.ORG A new study led by The University of Western Australia has demonstrated for the first time that plants can learn about their environment by making links between events, an ability thought to be exclusive to animals. 1 day
Saturn Probe Dives Past Rings for 1st Time
SPACE.COM Cassini zoomed within 57,000 miles (91,000 kilometers) of Saturn's cloud tops on Sunday morning, plunging through the planet's ring plane at about the spot where a faint ring generated by the small... 1 day
Image: Chaos at Hyperion
PHYS.ORG The moon Hyperion tumbles as it orbits Saturn. Hyperion's (168 miles or 270 kilometers across) spin axis has a chaotic orientation in time, meaning that it is essentially impossible to predict how the moon will be spinning in the future.... 2 days
Dead Rising 4 now available on Xbox One and Windows 10
Windows Central If you like nothing more than bashing zombies over the head at holiday time then Dead Rising 4 is now available to scratch that particular itch.... 1 day
BABYLON’S ASHES by James S.A. Corey (The Expanse #6)
SFF WORLD In Babylon’s Ashes, the sixth novel in James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse saga, we are treated to a... 1 day
Protein complex FACT able to unwind nucleosomes without expending energy
PHYS.ORG A group of researchers from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the RAS and Moscow State University, in collaboration with the University of Utah, has for the first... 1 day
Partech Ventures closes its $107 million seed fund
TechCrunch  French VC firm Partech Ventures announced that they closed their seed fund of $107 million (€100 million) for early stage... 1 day
2016 an exceptional year for the lhc 2016: an exceptional year for the LHC
CERN This proton-lead ion collision in the ATLAS detector produced a top quark – the heaviest quark – and its antiquark (Image: ATLAS)... 1 day
See you in Wroclaw tomorrow and Friday
TechCrunch  It’s Wroclaw Meetupin’ time! I’ll see you all tomorrow and Friday in Wroclaw and it’s going to be a hoot! I’ll be... 2 days
Time constraints and the competition determine a hunter's decision to shoot
PHYS.ORG What prompts a hunter to shoot an animal after it is spotted? Wageningen and Norwegian researchers studied more than 180,000 choice situations where hunters had spotted... 2 days
netflix will release 20 unscripted shows next year Netflix will release 20 unscripted shows next year
THE VERGE Netflix plans to release 20 unscripted or reality shows in 2017, according to comments made by chief content officer Ted... 2 days
After adding offline playback, Netflix becomes top grossing app in the US for the first time
9to5Mac Netflix has long been... 2 days
Canada caribou and monarch butterfly "endangered": experts
PHYS.ORG Canada's caribou population has reached "all-time low" levels, particularly in the eastern Arctic, where the animal was classified as endangered Monday along with the monarch butterfly, according to a committee of scientific experts. 2 days
Trivago files to raise up to $428 million in IPO
TechCrunch  German hotel booking site Trivago updated its plans for a U.S. IPO in a filing that... 2 days
Marvel Comics Reveals ‘X-Men: Blue’ & ‘X-Men: Gold’ Rosters & Creative Teams
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For some time now, True Believers have been wondering where the X-Men have been in the Marvel Universe. Aside from a few characters here... 2 days
The Demi-Angel Santa Claus Faces Mortal Trial On Saint Nick’s Day!
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day! A time to celebrate Santa Claus’s 73 human like years on Earth between 270-343 AD.  During those years he was known... 2 days