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The Great Wall (2016)
Three Bourne Characters The Next Movie Could Focus On, According To Frank Marshall
CINEMA BLEND This past summer, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) came out of... 8 hours
Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Drops A Massive Trailer With Tons Of Details
CINEMA BLEND The Great Wall is a film that's been under quite... 5 days
matt damon vs chinese monsters movie the great wall gets an appropriately epic new trailer Matt Damon Vs. Chinese Monsters Movie The Great Wall Gets an Appropriately Epic New Trailer
GIZMODO The new international trailer for Zhang Yimou’s The... 5 days
massive 9 minute trailer for the great wall profiles each character Massive 9-Minute Trailer for 'The Great Wall' Profiles Each Character
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "There are many things you have not seen." Like a 9 minute long trailer? This is pretty epic. An extended Chinese trailer has debuted for the Chinese epic... 5 days
The Rumored Bourne Team Up Between Matt Damon And Jeremy Renner? Here's The Real Story
CINEMA BLEND Back when Matt Damon walked away... 6 days
SFWA Named Jane Yolen Grand Master
SF SITE SFWA has announced the Jane Yolen has been named the next Damon Knight Grand Master, to be inducted at the 2017 SFWA Nebula Conference in Pittsburgh the weekend of May 18-21. Yolen has published novels for... 6 days
You Can Watch the First Episode of Syfy's Incorporated Right Now
GIZMODO Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s new Syfy show is all about a dystopian future where the government has dwindled away and giving corporations have unlimited power.... 3 weeks
At Least One Ocean’s Eleven Star Will Cameo In The All-Female Ocean’s Eight
CINEMA BLEND Last we heard, this ensemble heist comedy would take place in the same "cinematic universe" as the three Ocean's movies starring George... 3 weeks
Another Jason Bourne Movie For Matt Damon? Here’s What The Actor Says
CINEMA BLEND Jason Bourne may have torn up the box office this summer, but how long until we get to see him take his brand of... 1 month
Finally We Learn What ‘The Great Wall’ Is Actually About
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While ‘The Great Wall‘ was initially hounded by many for appearing to have a “white savior” styled character in Matt Damon (‘The Martian’,’Interstellar’), the actor has not only... 1 month
We Actually Know What Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Will Be About, And It Sounds Awesome
CINEMA BLEND Matt Damon has given us a monster synopsis for The Great Wall, and in the process,... 2 months
Great Wall motion posters introduce main characters
SCI FI NOW The main cast of The Great Wall stand revealed in these new motion posters 2 months
NYCC 2016: Discover The Secret In Latest Trailer For ‘The Great Wall’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM About two months ago, the first teaser trailer for ‘The Great Wall’ was released. The first English-language film from the amazing filmmaker Zhang Yimou... 2 months
How Matt Damon Really Feels About The Great Wall Whitewashing Controversy
CINEMA BLEND Matt Damon has shot back and defended The Great Wall after its original teaser trailer was accused of white-washing. 2 months
Great Wall trailer is full of monster mayhem
SCI FI NOW Matt Damon stars in the new trailer for The Great Wall 2 months
Watch: Second Trailer for Zhang Yimou's Epic 'The Great Wall' Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "The Great Wall is the only barrier keeping the world safe..." Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures have released a second trailer for Zhang Yimou's new movie... 2 months
The New Great Wall Trailer Is Wild And Violent
CINEMA BLEND An awesome new trailer for Matt Damon's upcoming film, The Great Wall, has just debuted online, and it's utterly thrilling. Check it out! 2 months
Matt Damon Really Wants Pedro Pascal's Help in Latest Great Wall Trailer
GIZMODO Director Zhang Yimou’s (Hero) latest movie is a grand spectacle about giant monsters attacking the Great Wall of China. You know, like they do.... 2 months
Why Matt Damon Is Making Fun Of Ben Affleck’s Batman
CINEMA BLEND The news of Affleck's involvement in the DCEU was loathed by many, although his actual performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was widely considered the best... 2 months
It's Man Vs. Corporation in the New Trailer for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's Syfy Show 
GIZMODO Incorporated, executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, is set 60 years in the future,... 2 months
Patton Oswalt, Damon Lindelof And Others Contribute To DC’s Orlando Benefit Comic
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Patton Oswalt may be one of ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ on TV, but his next comic book work will be for DC and IDW... 2 months
Watch Matt Damon Make Fun Of Jimmy Kimmel For Losing At The Emmys
CINEMA BLEND Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have had a feud going for more than a decade now, and Kimmel usually gets the last... 3 months
What Matt Damon Thinks Of An All-Female Ocean’s 11 Movie
CINEMA BLEND Ocean's Eight will be directed by Gary Ross, from a script by Ross and Olivia Milch. The cast it has assembled is to die for, including Blanchett, Bullock,... 3 months
‘The Flash’ Is Giving Us A New Take On Mirror Master
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of Mirror Master from the comics might be a little surprised at how he changes for the upcoming season of The CW’s ‘The Flash‘. We’ve... 3 months
Iron Fist May Have Said Too Much About Danny Rand's Origin 
GIZMODO Agents of SHIELD casts a major part of Ghost Rider’s backstory. James Wan starts teasing Aquaman’s production. Rogue One gives us our best look at Darth Vader, who... 3 months
Ben Affleck Just Teased A Major DC Character Appearance, See The Video Now
CINEMA BLEND Mondays, right? Some days, you need that jolt of caffeine to get you moving. Other Mondays, Ben Affleck does you a solid... 3 months
What Mark Wahlberg Does When Fans Call Him Matt Damon
CINEMA BLEND Apparently fans constantly confuse Mark Wahlberg for Matt Damon, and Wahlberg has developed a hilarious way to deal with these incidents. 4 months
The Sweet Way Matt Damon Recently Honored His Good Will Hunting Partner, Robin Williams
CINEMA BLEND It is nearly unfathomable to comprehend that today is the second anniversary of the death of Robin Williams. What's clear... 4 months
Syfy Unveils The First Trailer For ‘Incorporated’ From Exec Producers Matt Damon And Ben Affleck
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are among the producers of Syfy’s new show ‘Incorporated’, about a man’s struggle... 4 months
‘The Great Wall’ Director Zhang Yimou Addresses Casting Controversy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Since the first trailer for ‘The Great Wall’ debuted, it has been surrounded by controversy. Though many are excited about the first English-language film from ‘House of Flying Daggers’ and... 4 months
The Great Wall Director's Response To The Movie's Controversy
CINEMA BLEND Matt Damon's next movie, The Great Wall, premiered its first trailer last week, but this first look has since been overshadowed by controversy. Here's the... 4 months
The Future Corporate Dystopia Is Here (Again) in the First Trailer for Incorporated
GIZMODO The five-minutes-into-the-future megacorp dystopia is hardly a new concept—this Matt Damon and Ben Affleck-produced take on it for Syfy is just the... 4 months
First Trailer For ‘The Great Wall’ Receives Massive Backlash From Asian Community
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When news broke that Universal and Legendary Pictures had tapped ‘House of Flying Daggers’ director Zhang Yimou for a monster movie that recounts the... 4 months
Weekend Box Office (07/29-07/31): ‘Bourne’ Reigns Supreme As ‘Star Trek’ Plummets
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The reunion of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass proved enticing to audiences as the fifth movie in this franchise, ‘Jason Bourne’ raced to the #1... 4 months
Weekend Box Office: Jason Bourne Opens Big, Star Trek Takes A Hit
CINEMA BLEND After almost a decade Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass returned to the world of Bourne, turning in a movie that enjoyed the second... 4 months
Why Matt Damon’s Great Wall Movie Is Already In Hot Water
CINEMA BLEND The trailer for the upcoming Chinese-American blockbuster The Great Wall recently dropped, and the film has already managed to generate an insane level of controversy. 4 months
Why Jason Bourne Took So Long To Be Made, According To Matt Damon
CINEMA BLEND It's been quite a few years since the last time we saw Jason Bourne. So why the long wait to get a... 4 months
Matt Damon Looks Absolutely Awesome As This DC Hero
CINEMA BLEND Matt Damon recently read some superheroic lines for Kevin Smith's Geeking Out. He killed one hero's lines, and now we can see what he'd look like donning the costume. 4 months
Here Are the Different Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies
GIZMODO I’m still not entirely sure we needed another Matt Damon Bourne movie after not having one for nearly a decade, but we’re getting one this weekend. It’s probably... 4 months
Here Are the Difference Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies
GIZMODO I’m still not entirely sure we needed another Matt Damon Bourne movie after not having one for nearly a decade, but we’re getting one this weekend. It’s probably... 4 months
Review: 'Jason Bourne' Returns Without Creativity, Excitement or Cool
FIRSTSHOWING.NET At least Matt Damon is back, right? That may be a common sentiment from anyone who followed along with the Bourne franchise. The first trilogy of films – The Bourne... 4 months
Jason Bourne Is Off To A Great Start At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND Early numbers indicate that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are poised for box office gold this weekend with their return to the spy world... 4 months
Watch The Bourne Trilogy Get Beaten To A Pulp In This Brutal Honest Trailer
CINEMA BLEND After almost 10 years Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne, which means it's time to look at the original... 4 months
The Company Behind Matt Damon's Great Wall Is Making Big Moves in America
GIZMODO Unless you’re spending a lot of time in mainland China you’ve probably never heard of LeEco. But you should know LeEco. In... 4 months
Watch Jimmy Fallon Dominate Matt Damon At Box Of Lies
CINEMA BLEND Matt Damon went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and proved that he definitely cannot tell a lie to save his life. 4 months
Great Wall trailer comes with added monsters
SCI FI NOW Turns out the Great Wall has an ulterior motive... 4 months
Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Trailer Is Harrowing And Epic, Watch It Now
CINEMA BLEND A new trailer for Matt Damon's upcoming epic The Great Wall is full of all the fantasy action and mysterious set pieces... 4 months
Watch: Matt Damon in First Trailer for Zhang Yimou's 'The Great Wall'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "What were they trying to keep out?" Universal has debuted the first official trailer for Zhang Yimou's new movie The Great Wall, produced by... 4 months
First Look at The Great Wall, a Movie About Matt Damon Fighting Monsters on the Great Wall of China
GIZMODO Oh, did I mention that it is also apparently the... 4 months
Why Matt Damon Agreed To Cameo In EuroTrip, According To Matt Damon
CINEMA BLEND The best movie cameos are the ones that pop up out of nowhere, when you see an actor you know in the last place... 4 months
Massive 9-Minute Trailer for 'The Great Wall' Profiles Each Character