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The Great Wall
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reviewing the great wall Reviewing “The Great Wall”
SLICE OF SCI-FI VIDEO Noah and Daren are long-time fans of Zhang Yimou, and despite early reports they had high hopes for "The Great Wall". Alas, they were disappointed, and go into what they saw as the movie's shortcomings.   [Read more...] 5 hours
Movie Review: ‘The Great Wall’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM From a young age, we’re told not to judge a book by its cover. After all, it may end up being the best story we’ve ever... 3 days
the most bullshit missions to mars ranked The Most Bullshit Missions to Mars, Ranked
GIZMODO For decades, Mars has entranced humans, including Matt Damon. Our cosmic neighbor, located some 34 to 249 million miles away, is an... 3 days
The Great Wall
CINEMA BLEND The sad end story of The Great Wall is that pretty much everyone involved with the project, given previously established talent, is capable of so much more. 4 days
The Great Wall film review: Matt Damon versus monsters
SCI FI NOW Does The Great Wall stand tall, or will it crumble? Our review is in... 4 days
How Chinese Myths Inspired The Monsters In The Great Wall
CINEMA BLEND Director Zhang Yimou's new film _The Great _Wall is hardly what you would call factually accurate... 4 days
Matt Damon Reveals Gross Truths About His Great Wall Man Bun, And Now We’re Going To Be Sick
CINEMA BLEND ... 4 days
the great wall is a historical fantasy epic that is fantastically and historically bad The Great Wall Is a Historical Fantasy Epic That Is Fantastically and Historically Bad
GIZMODO The costumes in The Great Wall are, like,... 4 days
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right The Great Wall Ticket
CINEMA BLEND The use of 3D has had its ups and downs... 5 days
Reviewing “The Great Wall”