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Robots, jobs and the human fear of change
TechCrunch  When it comes to technology’s impact on the economy, there continues to be concern that robots and other advances will... 22 minutes
These are some of the weirdest titles you can play in VR
Windows Central These are our picks for the most unsettling VR experiences! Although virtual reality is still a foreign concept to many, VR titles can add... 1 hour
Mercedes' Digital Light system takes a novel approach to safety - Roadshow
CNET Using a set of mirrors and computer chips, Digital Light can display HD images on the ground and provide anti-dazzle protection for oncoming cars... 1 hour
This week’s top stories: Hands-on w/ AT&T’s DirecTV Now, iPhone 8 & 10.9-inch iPad reports, iPhone 6s battery replacements, more
9to5Mac ... 1 hour
apple just sent the strongest hint yet that it s working on a self driving car Apple just sent the strongest hint yet that it’s working on a self-driving car
THE VERGE Apple, which has been infuriatingly secretive about it’s... 2 hours
macbook pro users express concerns about limited battery life MacBook Pro Users Express Concerns About Limited Battery Life
MacRumors A subset of users who purchased a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar claim to be experiencing shorter... 2 hours
are these genetically engineered cows the future of medicine Are these genetically engineered cows the future of medicine?
THE VERGE They look like normal black-and-white Holstein cows, a common sight in Western Iowa. But these cows are special:... 4 hours
Indian X Prize Team Secures Launch Contract with ISRO
SPACE.COM TeamIndus, an Indian team competing in the Google Lunar X Prize, announced Dec. 1 it has a launch contract for its lunar lander mission with the Indian Space Research Organisation... 6 hours
This custom, synchronized Christmas lights display is incredible video - CNET
CNET Mike Ziemkowski has been building his home's holiday light display for over 40 years, but technology is what brought his ambitious designs to the next level. 6 hours
Inside the Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi-truck video - Roadshow
CNET We sit down with Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton to get the skinny on this zero-emission hauler. 15 hours
Check to see if your iPhone 6S is eligible for a free battery replacement video - CNET
CNET Apple is replacing batteries for some iPhone 6S owners whose phones keep shutting down... 17 hours
Emotionally intelligent computers may already have a higher EQ than you
TechCrunch  The idea of creating robots that can understand, compute and respond to human emotions... 18 hours
Would you buy a foldable Apple iPhone today? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 65) - CNET
CNET Plans are in the works to use drones to help to improve Apple Maps. Apple comes... 18 hours
US moves to block Chinese purchase of German tech firm Aixtron (Update)
PHYS.ORG US President Barack Obama on Friday moved to block a Chinese company's purchase of German semiconductor equipment maker Aixtron by rejecting the inclusion of... 19 hours
Customized tablet-based tool can help epilepsy patients to manage own unique symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Epilepsy patients who want to learn how to manage their own unique symptoms can now get individualized information via tablet computer through a research... 19 hours
microsoft s ai will describe images in word and powerpoint for blind users Microsoft’s AI will describe images in Word and PowerPoint for blind users
THE VERGE Artificial intelligence may be making small and steady advances in general-purpose situations like digital assistants. But it’s the more subtle AI accessibility features that... 19 hours
Want to Build a Rocket? There's an App for That
SPACE.COM Long-time military contractor United Launch Alliance shows off a new, customer-friendly face. 19 hours
Panel urges better cybersecurity to President-elect Trump (Update)
PHYS.ORG A presidential commission on Friday made 16 urgent recommendations to improve the nation's cybersecurity, including creating a nutritional-type label to help consumers shop wisely and appointing a new international ambassador on the... 19 hours
New satellite photos will detail your world view - CNET
CNET DigitalGlobe's new satellite sent down its first image of our planet. In other words, your Google Maps view of the world is about to get better. 20 hours
lost progress ms 04 cargo craft fails to reach orbit Lost: Progress MS-04 Cargo Craft Fails to Reach Orbit
ASTRO WATCH Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, reported that it lost the Progress MS-04 spacecraft that was delivering cargo to... 20 hours
Combination of demineralized bone and gene therapy shows promise for treating pseudarthrosis
NEWS MEDICAL A team headed by Professor Albert Rizvanov, director of the Gene and Cell Technologies Open Lab, created a gene therapy drug that encodes growth... 20 hours
donald trump is skipping intelligence briefings but has time to block people on twitter Donald Trump is skipping intelligence briefings but has time to block people on Twitter
THE VERGE Donald Trump, a man who has tweeted more... 20 hours
Europe Commits to Space Station, ExoMars as Part of $11 Billion in Commitments to ESA
SPACE.COM The 22-nation European Space Agency forced its science program to lay an offering at the alter of the... 20 hours
Stephen Hawking says technology will devastate the middle class - CNET
CNET Commentary: The famous physicist pleads for humans to work together, as this is "the most dangerous time for our planet." 21 hours
What interns and new grads really get paid at top tech companies
TechCrunch  From woefully underpaid internships  to legendary hiring bonuses at huge Silicon Valley companies, it’s hard for job seekers to know what they’re worth in tech.... 21 hours
ESA commits half a billion to its next Mars lander despite predecessor’s crash
TechCrunch  The European Space Agency is doubling down on Mars, dedicating... 21 hours
9to5Toys Last Call: Pioneer 4K A/V Receiver w/ AirPlay $339, Polaroid Action Camera $100, Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter $20, more
9to5Mac ... 21 hours
A sneak peek at Propel’s battling Star Wars drones
TechCrunch  Last year’s break out Star Wars toy was, without question, Sphero’s BB-8. It was the perfect synergy of... 22 hours
'Apollo Pilot': Late Astronaut's Lost Words Rediscovered in New Memoir
SPACE.COM Donn Eisele became the 30th person to orbit the Earth as a member of NASA's first crew to launch onboard an Apollo spacecraft in 1968. Eisele died in... 22 hours
Russian spacecraft launch ends in failure and a fireball - CNET
CNET Russia lost transmission with a Soyuz rocket set to take 2.5 tons of supplies to the International Space Station. 22 hours
​New satellite photos could help you find your car faster - CNET
CNET DigitalGlobe's new satellite sent down its first image of our planet. In other words, your Google Maps view of the world is about to... 22 hours
Cooling technique helps researchers 'target' a major component for a new collider
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have recently developed a new ultra-low-friction sliding contact mechanism that uses chilled water to remove heat from a key component of a next-generation... 22 hours
Copy and paste trick could unlock iOS 10 devices in Lost Mode
TechCrunch  Lost and stolen iOS devices could be at risk if ne’er-do-wells learn of this blunt-force method of getting past Activation Lock. No special equipment... 22 hours
Snapchat will make Los Angeles a stronger tech hub
TechCrunch  If you were to write a history of Silicon Valley, you could do it by looking at a... 22 hours
digitalglobe releases first photo from worldview 4 DigitalGlobe releases first photo from WorldView-4
SPACE NEWS DigitalGlobe has released the first picture from its latest high resolution commercial imaging satellite, launched three weeks ago. SpaceNews.com 23 hours
2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid review - Roadshow
CNET Chevrolet makes the Malibu a full hybrid, full of safety features and technology, and wraps it up in a sweet little package. 23 hours
Facebook invests $20M to catalyze affordable housing development in Menlo Park
TechCrunch  Across the Bay Area, affordable housing remains hard to come by. In a climate... 23 hours
facebook blocked links to a popular fake news detector Facebook blocked links to a popular fake news detector
THE VERGE For several hours today, Facebook blocked links to “bsdetector.tech,” the website for a popular browser extension that detects... 23 hours
How to check your computer's full specifications on Windows 10
Windows Central When you need to know more details about your computer configuration, use this guide to get a complete overview of your system information on Windows 10. Most of... 23 hours
New leaked photos show a forthcoming Moto phone, perhaps a 2017 Moto X
9to5Google Earlier this month we saw some images come out of... 23 hours
Trump Names Insider to Lead NASA Transition
SPACE.COM The transition team for President-elect Donald Trump has named a congressional staffer and former NASA official to the "landing team" overseeing transition planning for the space agency. 1 day
New leaked photos show a forthcoming Moto phone, perhaps a 2017 Moto Z
9to5Google Earlier this month we saw some images come out techdroider.com... 1 day
Change.org petition for Electoral College to pick Clinton is largest ever video - CNET
CNET The election isn't technically over yet. A record Change.org petition urges the Electoral College to cast ballots for Clinton over... 1 day
New aspect of atom mimicry for nanotechnology applications
PHYS.ORG In nanotechnology control is key. Control over the arrangements and distances between nanoparticles can allow tailored interaction strengths so that properties can be harnessed in devices such as plasmonic sensors. Now researchers... 1 day
Panel Urges Better Cybersecurity to President-Elect Trump
ABC NEWS A national commission is delivering urgent recommendations to improve the nation's cybersecurity, weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office 1 day
house passes bill that would send weather satellites to nro House passes bill that would send weather satellites to NRO
SPACE NEWS The National Reconnaissance Office is set to take over some weather missions from the Air Force... 1 day
facebook is blocking links to a popular fake news detector Facebook is blocking links to a popular fake news detector
THE VERGE Facebook is blocking links to “bsdetector.tech,” the website for a popular browser extension that detects and... 1 day
This 10-port Aukey charging hub is an essential for the tech fanatic
Windows Central How many things do you plug in to charge at night? Wished you had more outlet space? How about 10 USB ports? That's not... 1 day
Lincoln Laboratory is honored with the Herschel Award
MIT Infrared digital-pixel focal plane arrays are deemed a groundbreaking technology. 1 day
Pandora said to be open to SiriusXM takeover - CNET
CNET The online radio provider reportedly would entertain an offer from satellite radio company SiriusXM, after spurning its advances earlier this year. 1 day
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