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What it will take for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to rise from the Note 7's ashes - CNET
CNET Commentary: The Note 7 debacle is a potential brand-ending event. Here's how... 1 hour
Plans for future Apple Store at Carnegie Library in Washington, D.C. moving forward with 10-year lease proposed
9to5Mac Apple is... 3 hours
YouTube paid out $1 billion in royalties over the last 12 months, but the music industry isn’t satisfied
9to5Google ... 3 hours
Apple App Store has record breaking November - CNET
CNET The App Store saw its highest monthly sales ever, tweets Apple exec Phil Schiller. 4 hours
Used-car marketplace Beepi shuts down outside of CA, merges with stealth Fair.com
TechCrunch  After going through nearly $150 million in funding, peer-to-peer used-car marketplace Beepi.com is shifting gears. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that the startup is shutting... 4 hours
verizon begins fiber optic rollout in boston Verizon begins fiber optic rollout in Boston
THE VERGE Verizon is beginning its $300 million FiOS rollout in the Boston area, eight months after it announced that it was building a... 4 hours
Trakz is a Fitbit with GPS tracking technology for your dog or cat
TechCrunch We love our pets and want to keep track of... 5 hours
Sequoia-backed video chat app Tribe spammed its customers’ address books
TechCrunch  Can mobile app startups please stop building SMS invite systems into their apps already? The latest... 5 hours
Sony PS4 sales top 50 million - CNET
CNET First released in late 2013, the PlayStation 4 line breaks 50 million in worldwide sales as of December 6. 6 hours
Apple: November saw highest monthly sales ever in App Store history - CNET
CNET Apple's Phil Schiller tweets that "November 2016 was a record breaker." 6 hours
Watch Pitch@Palace Global Now
TechCrunch  TechCrunch is pleased to bring you the Pitch@Palace Global, live from St. James’s Palace. Established by The Duke of York in 2014, Pitch@Palace offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to... 6 hours
shinola s runwell turntable is an elegant first step into the audio business Shinola’s Runwell Turntable is an elegant first step into the audio business
THE VERGE VIDEO Shinola announced today that it's getting into the audio business with its new Runwell Turntable. The turntable marks the first release from the new... 6 hours
slack is becoming more deeply intertwined with google drive Slack is becoming more deeply intertwined with Google Drive
THE VERGE Team communication startup Slack has always billed itself as more than just a chat app. The company sees... 6 hours
Unity poaches Uber’s machine learning head to tackle AI in AR/VR
TechCrunch  Unity has hired Dr. Danny Lange to take on the next generation of AI... 7 hours
November 2016 was the best month ever for App Store sales
TechCrunch  Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller announced today that the App Store had... 7 hours
Do thoughts of death change our shopping habits?
PHYS.ORG It's that time of year again: when festive ads command consumers to BUY! BUY! BUY! for their friends and family. But despite this holiday cheer, negative news marches on. 7 hours
Fitbit confirms Pebble takeover deal
BBC Fitbit is buying smartwatch-maker Pebble's intellectual property but not its hardware business, which is closing. 8 hours
Time to set limits: Business owners suffer tech overload
PHYS.ORG Three years into being a business owner, Becky Davis knew she needed to break the hold technology had on her. 8 hours
Pandora’s Spotify competitor launches next year
TechCrunch  Pandora’s Spotify competitor is on its way. Announced this week at press event in New York, Pandora Premium, as the service is called, offers... 8 hours
Apple says November set an all-time record for App Store sales
9to5Mac Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has tweeted that November has set an... 9 hours
phil schiller says november 2016 had the highest monthly sales ever in app store history Phil Schiller Says November 2016 Had the 'Highest Monthly Sales Ever in App Store History'
MacRumors Apple's senior vice president of worldwide... 9 hours
fitbit formally announces that it is buying smartwatch maker pebble Fitbit formally announces that it is buying smartwatch maker Pebble
THE VERGE Digital health and fitness-tracking company Fitbit has just officially announced that it is buying key assets... 9 hours
Court overturns Samsung ruling, YouTube pays $1B out to music biz video - CNET
CNET In today's tech news, the Supreme Court overrules a 2012 Apple/Samsung case, YouTube awards $1B to the music industry in... 9 hours
iOS achieves strongest growth & highest market share in U.S. for two years – Kantar
9to5Mac The latest Kantar sales figures show... 10 hours
Belgium’s Doctoranytime raises €1M
TechCrunch  It looks like the demise of food delivery startup Take Eat Easy is going to produce a number of interesting new startups, not least in its home country... 10 hours
sony has sold 50 million ps4s Sony has sold 50 million PS4s
THE VERGE Sony has announced that sales of the PlayStation 4 have surpassed 50 million units as of this week. The console, which launched in November... 11 hours
SnapLogic snaps up another $40 million
TechCrunch  SnapLogic solves a big problem for companies. It helps them connect legacy data sources to the cloud or to an in-house data lake. Today,... 12 hours
iphone grabs a bigger slice of us phone market in wake of note 7 debacle iPhone grabs a bigger slice of US phone market in wake of Note 7 debacle
THE VERGE The US smartphone market is dominated... 12 hours
apple s online support system now lets you book repairs with authorized third parties Apple’s online support system now lets you book repairs with authorized third-parties
THE VERGE Apple has updated its online support system to make it easier for customers to find somewhere to get their phone or computer repaired. As... 15 hours
pebble cancels pebble time 2 and core as acquisition by fitbit approaches report Pebble cancels Pebble Time 2 and Core as acquisition by Fitbit approaches: report
THE VERGE Fitbit is very close to announcing its plan to purchase... 18 hours
Airbnb plummets, Facebook ranks top in tech on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2017
TechCrunch  Facebook has risen to the top spot among... 19 hours
youtube s top videos of the year prove its only dominant community is brands YouTube’s top videos of the year prove its only dominant community is brands
THE VERGE VIDEO YouTube’s most-viewed video of 2016 shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s an... 19 hours
Apple Music crosses 20M paying subscribers nearly a year and a half after launch
9to5Mac According to a new report from Music Business... 21 hours
Plug in for renewable energy
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows a huge US market for plug and play solar energy, with billions of dollars in retail sales and energy savings. So what's holding up widespread use? 22 hours
Trump: Softbank to invest $50bn in US businesses
BBC President-elect Donald Trump says Japanese tech firm Softbank will invest $50bn in US businesses. 23 hours
pandora premium unveiled coming early next year for 10 per month Pandora Premium unveiled, coming early next year for $10 per month
THE VERGE Just over a year after acquiring the scraps of Rdio, Pandora has revealed Premium,... 24 hours
Firm's new service tracks an elder's movements
PHYS.ORG It knows if you've been sleeping and when you are awake. The new Family Guardian tracking service is like having an automated snoop on duty 24/7 to report if "everything's OK" with beloved seniors... 1 day
who owns crispr one of the most important genetic inventions of our time Who owns CRISPR — one of the most important genetic inventions of our time?
THE VERGE It’s hard to believe that a patent hearing... 1 day
New data claims vinyl brought in more revenue than album downloads in the UK last week
9to5Mac There’s been an odd... 1 day
Samsung wins in Supreme Court battle against Apple video - CNET
CNET The ruling says that Samsung doesn't have to pay all its profits from sales of devices based on copied designs. 1 day
9to5Toys Last Call: Amazon 1-Day Tech Accessory Sale, Parrot Zik Bluetooth headphones $80, Fitbit Flex from $33, more
9to5Mac ... 1 day
apple will break with tradition and start publishing ai research Apple will break with tradition and start publishing AI research
THE VERGE Apple, the most the secretive member of the technology industry, is starting to break down its... 1 day
GoDaddy is buying rival Host Europe Group for $1.8B to accelerate its international expansion
TechCrunch  GoDaddy is on a shopping spree. Yesterday we... 1 day
Google just smuggled its search results behind emoji in Twitter
9to5Google Despite its tentacular nature, which even brought it to build its parent company, Alphabet, Google is... 1 day
the polish christmas ad that s making youtube weep buckets cnet The Polish Christmas ad that's making YouTube weep buckets - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: From a little-known auction site comes a tale of a grandpa and his attempts to learn English. 1 day
Galaxy Note 7 fires may be to blame on tight battery video - CNET
CNET An independent engineering consultancy firm says Samsung was too aggressive in the design of the Note 7, taking design risks... 1 day
dropbox pro and business users can now save entire folders for offline viewing Dropbox Pro and Business users can now save entire folders for offline viewing
THE VERGE While Dropbox has let users save individual files for offline... 1 day
Microsoft talks enterprise features coming in Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows Central While Microsoft has mostly on creative consumer-focused features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update thus far, the company has taken to a new blog post to detail... 1 day
AutoComplete: Your next Audi may know when the light is about to change video - Roadshow
CNET Despite slow sales, Toyota doubling-down on hybrid development 1 day
4K movies come to the Google Play Movies & TV app
TechCrunch It may be getting a late start, compared with streaming services from Amazon and... 1 day
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Shinola’s Runwell Turntable is an elegant first step into the audio business
YouTube’s top videos of the year prove its only dominant community is brands
The Polish Christmas ad that's making YouTube weep buckets - CNET
Microsoft begs for unity in a divided world - CNET
Apple Shares New 'Romeo and Juliet' Ad Highlighting the iPhone 7's Camera
World's most interesting man attacks 'weak-ass Wi-Fi' - CNET
Sony Xperia XZ, X Performance, Verizon LG G5 pick up Android Nougat
Does investment in sustainable farming pay off?
Research finds 'charity beauty premium' influences donor decisions
Stephen Hawking: We eat too much and it's got to stop - CNET
Lenovo busts Chromebook myths in new video as its ThinkPad 13 goes on sale for $185 [Video]
Cyber Monday deals, Gilmores galore, Aston Martin design, and more in the week ahead
OnePlus, in ‘Never Settle’ fashion, unboxes the OnePlus 3T in a fighter jet [Video]
New tool to show advertising revenue generated by each Facebook user
First LG UltraFine 5K Display hands-on unboxing appears [Video]