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Bring On The Fury: Samuel L. Jackson Drops Hints That He Might Just Appear In ‘Captain Marvel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It may... 7 hours
one thing lego batman gets about the joker that suicide squad didn t One Thing LEGO Batman Gets About The Joker That Suicide Squad Didn't
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Although it's a movie aimed at younger audiences, The LEGO Batman Movie nailed one aspect of Joker that Suicide Squad didn't. 8 hours
Check Out The Latest Still From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2′!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a year that contains no fewer than three movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – including the latest ‘Thor’ film and Tom... 10 hours
What Star-Lord's Father Will Look Like In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
CINEMA BLEND We finally have our first good look at Kurt Russell's Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Check it out to see for... 14 hours
‘Justice League’ Will Have Visuals Similar To Those In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While critics and fans lambasted ‘Batman... 15 hours
Batman Is Fighting Robots, We Think, In New Justice League Photo
CINEMA BLEND Following Logan,Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, 1 day
Matthew Rosenberg Brings Back The ‘Secret Warriors’ To Fight Captain America’s “Secret Empire”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With Captain America’s “Secret Empire” rapidly approaching it was time... 1 day
Weekend Box Office: LEGO Batman Stays On Top, Cure For Wellness Takes Turn For The Worse
CINEMA BLEND Last weekend was dominated... 1 day
Spider-Man: Homecoming Concept Art Reveals First Look At Shocker
CINEMA BLEND We've seen some leaked set photos of Spider-Man: Homecoming's version of Shocker, but that was all pre-CGI stuff.... 2 days
j jonah jameson cleans up the daily planet in hilarious mash up video J. Jonah Jameson Cleans Up the Daily Planet in Hilarious Mash-Up Video
GIZMODO Superheroes really like working for the same newspapers that cover their (mis)deeds, which is basically the worst conflict of interest since, well, insert latest... 2 days
Christopher Hastings On Bringing ‘I Am Groot’ To Marvel!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Rocket‘ Raccoon getting his own series it should surprise no one that ‘I Am Groot’ has been... 2 days
this action figure is our best look yet at kurt russell in guardians of the galaxy vol 2 This Action Figure Is Our Best Look Yet at Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
GIZMODO We’ve known... 3 days
Toy Fair 2017 Exclusive: Entertainment Earth Is Ready To Guard Your Galaxy With New Marvel Legends
SCIENCEFICTION.COM There’s not really much... 3 days
Norman Osborn Returns In The Oversized ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #25!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The last we saw of Norman Osborn he had just had the Goblin Serum removed from his system... 3 days
The Batman Movie's Director Search Just Hit A Big Setback
CINEMA BLEND The upcoming standalone Batman movie just can't seem to catch a break, as the production just... 3 days
maybe matt reeves won t direct the batman after all Maybe Matt Reeves Won't Direct The Batman After All
GIZMODO The drama behind the scenes of the latest Batman movie is worthy of a whole movie all its... 3 days
Breaking: Matt Reeves Exits Negotiations To Direct ‘The Batman’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After some heavy negotiations (and what seemed to be a sure deal), Matt Reeves has decided to walk... 3 days
logan is beautiful sophisticated and still a kick ass superhero film Logan Is Beautiful, Sophisticated, and Still a Kick-Ass Superhero Film
GIZMODO Anyone who’s seen the trailers could easily guess that Logan is the best solo Wolverine movie,... 3 days
DC’s Shazam Movie May Have Found Its Director
CINEMA BLEND Matt Reeves, of Planet of the Apes fame, is in talks to take over The Batman from Ben Affleck. And... 3 days
What DC Should Do If Ben Affleck Walks Away From Batman
CINEMA BLEND Rumors have recently swirled that Ben Affleck may want to hang up his cape... 3 days
Is A Logan End-Credits Scene Being Added At The Last Minute?
CINEMA BLEND Superhero movies (and fans) love their end credits scenes, but will Logan have one... 3 days
new promo asks if power rangers are more like iron man or spider man New Promo Asks If Power Rangers Are More Like Iron Man or Spider-Man
GIZMODO It looks like Power Rangers live in a world where... 3 days
this rc batmobile has a real working exhaust that blows smoke and our minds This RC Batmobile Has a Real Working Exhaust That Blows Smoke and Our Minds
GIZMODO The bad news is that we’re not going... 3 days
Will Amazing Spider-Man’s Dane DeHaan Do More Comic Book Movies? Here’s What He Told Us
CINEMA BLEND With the constant threat of superhero... 4 days
The Sleek Batsuit Batman Almost Wore In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
CINEMA BLEND Ben Affleck's Batman almost wore a radically different Batsuit in... 4 days
The Batman Deal For Matt Reeves May Be Much Bigger Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND New DC rumors suggest the possibility that Matt Reeves' Batman... 4 days
we have got to talk about the glorious abs of marvel s star lord We Have Got to Talk About the Glorious Abs of Marvel's Star-Lord
GIZMODO Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka, and Matthew Wilson’s Star-Lord comic, which released its third issue this week, is great so far. It’s telling a fun... 4 days
Could Marvel Be Moving Ahead With A Submariner Movie?
CINEMA BLEND With Namor the Submariner firmly under the Marvel Studios banner, is Marvel pushing forward with their own undersea... 4 days
Al Ewing Spills The Details On Red Hulk And Deadpool’s Adventure In ‘U.S. Avengers’ #4
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We haven’t seen much of General... 4 days
could marvel be bringing one of its oldest superheroes to live action Could Marvel Be Bringing One of Its Oldest Superheroes to Live-Action?
GIZMODO The cast of Jurassic World 2 continues to grow. Patrick Stewart doesn’t think he’s... 4 days
giant batman robot reveals bruce wayne s got iron man envy Giant Batman Robot Reveals Bruce Wayne's Got Iron Man Envy
GIZMODO A few years ago, in the Batman comic books, after the caped crusader was presumed dead,... 4 days
Cosmic Fans Rejoice As Jim Starlin And Alan Davis Are Bringing Us ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mother Entropy’
5 Things The DCEU Could Learn From The Lego Batman Movie
CINEMA BLEND Here are five things that the Lego Batman Movie can teach the DC Extended... 4 days
James Gunn Vaguely Shares What ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2′ Is All About
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While we’ve been slowly getting bombarded with teasers,... 4 days
everyone s smiling when the dark knight joker and suicide squad joker fight to the death Everyone's Smiling When The Dark Knight Joker and Suicide Squad Joker Fight to the Death 
GIZMODO As played by the late Heath... 5 days
on legion david may have only traded one prison for another On Legion, David May Have Only Traded One Prison for Another
GIZMODO The premiere episode of Legion was about driving all of us to the brink... 5 days
star lord and thor get their own excellent reasonably priced role play gear Star-Lord and Thor Get Their Own Excellent, Reasonably Priced Role-Play Gear
GIZMODO At last year’s Toy Fair Hasbro made it a lot easier for Marvel fans... 5 days
intriguing new details about finn s role in star wars the last jedi Intriguing New Details About Finn's Role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
GIZMODO Plus, a wild rumor about Tom Hardy’s alleged cameo in the film. Gore Verbinksi reflects on his attempt to make a Bioshock movie. Witness... 5 days
suicide squad 2 director and ben affleck batman rumour round up Suicide Squad 2 director and Ben Affleck Batman rumour round-up
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Let's have a look at the rumours from Warner Bros/DC 5 days
Arrow May Keep Prometheus A Secret Longer Than We Thought
CINEMA BLEND Season 5 of Arrow has changed up how the superhero drama does things, and the same... 5 days
the latest marvel legends set is a guardians of the galaxy all star team The Latest Marvel Legends Set Is A Guardians Of The Galaxy All-Star Team
GIZMODO The 2017 New York Toy Fair starts this weekend, and... 5 days
Why The Batman TV Show Was Actually Dangerous To Shoot, According To Burt Ward
CINEMA BLEND Burt Ward recently spoke out about how brutal... 5 days
Check Out These New Aliens In Behind-The-Scenes Shots From ‘Thor: Ragnarok’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ is slowly working its way to this Fall’s big screen release and... 5 days
the sons of batman and superman make a brilliant team The Sons of Batman and Superman Make a Brilliant Team
GIZMODO Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent have got their own comic now, thanks to this week’s arrival... 5 days
Gauntlet Legend: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Writer Claims Thanos Wants To ‘Re-balance The Universe’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With all of the ‘Doctor Strange’ special features hitting the... 5 days
Apparently Batman V Superman Added Some Important DC Villains At The Last Minute
CINEMA BLEND Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was packed with many... 6 days
Would Casey Affleck Play Robin In The Batman Movie? Here’s What The Actor Says
CINEMA BLEND Casey Affleck has finally addressed the longstanding fan... 6 days
New Concept Art From ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hints At A Stronger ‘Planet Hulk’ Connection
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve heard for awhile that small parts of the ‘Planet... 6 days
despite deadpool s success fox still second guessed logan Despite Deadpool's Success, Fox Still Second-Guessed Logan
GIZMODO We all know the story. For years 20th Century Fox, the controllers of the rights to all Marvel X-Men properties, was too worried to... 6 days
The Greatest Animated Batman Movies Of All-Time, Ranked
CINEMA BLEND Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and these are The Dark Knight's best... 6 days
How The LEGO Batman Went About Assembling Its Massive Ending
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains substantial spoilers for the end of The LEGO Batman Movie.... 6 days
How The LEGO Batman Went About Assembling Its Massive Villain Team At The End Of The Movie
The Moment In Doctor Strange That Made Benedict Wong Geek Out
CINEMA BLEND Doctor Strange's Benedict Wong will have to pull himself together before Avengers: Infinity War.... 6 days
5 Franchises That Deserve The LEGO Treatment Next
CINEMA BLEND In case anybody thought that the whole LEGO Movie thing was a one hit wonder, the box office take for... 6 days
lego batman movie easter egg puts the batcomputer in your iphone Lego Batman Movie Easter Egg Puts the Batcomputer in Your iPhone
GIZMODO If you saw The Lego Batman Movie this past weekend, then you might’ve realized... 6 days
sorry ben but you re a batman forever now Sorry, Ben, But You're a Batman Forever Now
GIZMODO The latest dire DC Extended Universe rumors making the rounds is that not only is Ben Affleck not directing the... 6 days
Avengers: Infinity War’s Co-Writer Reveals Thanos’ Main Goal, And It's Terrifying
CINEMA BLEND Infinity War scribe Stephen McFeely recently opened up regarding Thanos' endgame in the upcoming... 6 days
peter parker is getting another back to basics spider man comic Peter Parker Is Getting Another 'Back to Basics' Spider-Man Comic
GIZMODO Currently in Marvel’s comics, Peter Parker isn’t really the down-on-his-luck photographer that many people know him as. In... 6 days
Captain America’s ‘Secret Empire’ Is About To Emerge From The Shadows
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Every since Steve Rogers was de-aged the seeds for his “Secret Empire” have been... 6 days
Farewell And Dark Knight: Ben Affleck Rumored To Want Out of The DCEU And Batman Role Entirely
SCIENCEFICTION.COM So let’s... 6 days
the lego cinematic universe is more layered than you realized The Lego Cinematic Universe Is More Layered Than You Realized
GIZMODO The idea of a Lego movie seems so simple. There’s a world where Lego characters can... 7 days
watch will arnett hilariously prank a toy store as lego batman Watch Will Arnett Hilariously Prank A Toy Store As LEGO Batman
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Will Arnett recently delivered a prank call to a toy store as LEGO Batman,... 7 days
See Hulk Battling Thor In Incredible New Ragnarok Concept Art
CINEMA BLEND Between those three movie, several major Marvel heroes are going to be getting screen time, and... 7 days
The Creator Of Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Has A Request For Avengers: Infinity War
CINEMA BLEND Comic book fans all over the world are looking forward... 7 days
is there still a future for laurel lance on arrow Is There Still a Future for Laurel Lance on Arrow?
GIZMODO Three new actors join Star Trek: Discovery. Details on the Han Solo’s new merchandise darling. Even... 7 days
‘Logan’ Director Talks On Why He Cut Mutant Cameos From The Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As far back as ‘Superman: The Movie’, a big part of the fun of comic book movies has always been the simple thrill of... 7 days
supergirl first look at classic superman villain mr mxyzptlk is as weird as we hoped Supergirl First Look At Classic Superman Villain Mr. Mxyzptlk Is As Weird As We Hoped
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Supergirl finally brought out Mr. Mxyzptlk... 1 week
One Thing LEGO Batman Gets About The Joker That Suicide Squad Didn't
Suicide Squad 2 director and Ben Affleck Batman rumour round-up
Watch Will Arnett Hilariously Prank A Toy Store As LEGO Batman
Supergirl First Look At Classic Superman Villain Mr. Mxyzptlk Is As Weird As We Hoped