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'Snow Pyramid Discovery' In Antarctic Could Change The Course Of Human History - Express
THE ANOMALIST Majestic Mount Pareidolia aside, Rebecca Flood has some interesting news about the vast Antarctic wastes. A hundred million years ago... 6 days
Here Are King Arthur and His Knights Chilling on the Transformers 5 Set
GIZMODO Here’s what we know so far about Transformers: The Last Knight. It has King Arthur, Nazis, and Stonehenge. Oh, and presumably some giant... 2 weeks
What The Dalai Lama, The X-Files, And Affect Theory Have In Common - Core Spirit
THE ANOMALIST There are tulpas, and then there are "tulpas" in Ben Joffee's anthropological estimation. The true definition, and western... 2 months
HTC’s virtual reality app store launches today
THE VERGE Viveport, HTC’s app store for its Vive virtual reality headset, is going online worldwide today. Viveport opened exclusively in China this spring, and developers were able to register for a larger beta last month,... 2 months
Massive Stonehenge-Style Rocks 'Prove Advanced Civilisation Of Giants Existed In Russia' - Daily Star
THE ANOMALIST Before we go any further, I want to let you know The Anomalist is auctioning off some swampland in New... 3 months
Megalithic Sites in Evora Portugal are Older than Stonehenge
PARANORMAL NEWS Portugal is home to several megalithic sites that are older than Stonehenge, free, less crowded, and allow visitors to walk through the grounds. 3 months
Massive Stonehenge-style rocks 'prove advanced civilisation of GIANTS existed in Russia'
PARANORMAL NEWS Bizarre images that show 130ft tall rock formations, made from massive boulders weighing more than 3,000 tonnes each, have emerged online to the shock – and... 3 months