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The Resurrection of the Standing Stones - Australia's Stonehenge: (The Rocks Have Been Found) - Forgotten Origin
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO Getting one over on "the old country" is a long-established Aussie pastime, so this... 5 days
amateur archaeologists stumble upon ancient italian stonehenge mother nature network Amateur Archaeologists Stumble Upon Ancient Italian 'Stonehenge' - Mother Nature Network
THE ANOMALIST VIDEO The tradition of Italian stonemasons goes back further than imagined, writes Michael D'Estries. A forgotten solar calendar has come to light after Giuseppe La Spina and... 1 week
Stonehenge A303 Road To Be Moved Into Tunnel Under Ancient Monument
HUFFINGTON POST Plans to move a major road which goes past Stonehenge into a tunnel underneath it will be an “act of vandalism”, say campaigners.  The Department for... 2 weeks
Man Knits Spectacular Jumpers Featuring Famous Landmarks To Wear On His Travels
HUFFINGTON POST We all spend a while planning our holiday wardrobes but one man has taken it a step further and knits jumpers to wear on... 2 weeks
The Lost Sounds Of Stonehenge - BBC News
THE ANOMALIST Mainstream archaeologists believe Stonehenge was a calendar, but this sacred site has other intriguing properties. Just the other day David Sillito tagged along with Rupert Hill to experience its acoustics, leading to... 2 weeks
Ancient Stonehenge-Like 'Calendar Rock' Aligns With Winter Solstice
LIVE SCIENCE A Neolithic rock with a precisely carved hole was found in Sicily. 3 weeks
First Day Of Winter: Solstice Celebrated By Pagans And Druids At Stonehenge
HUFFINGTON POST Stonehenge saw an influx of Pagans and Druids on Wednesday as they gathered to witness the sunrise on the shortest day of the year.Last... 1 month
A 'Stonehenge,' And A Mystery, In The Amazon - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST Right now we can only speculate about this stone circle's purpose, but archaeologists and archaeoastronomers are hard at work untangling its mysteries. Rego Grande... 1 month
Mystery surrounds Amazon's 'Stonehenge'
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES An ancient civilization is believed to have built standing stones in the rainforest over 1,000 years ago. The idea that the Amazon has remained mostly... 1 month
'Snow Pyramid Discovery' In Antarctic Could Change The Course Of Human History - Express
THE ANOMALIST Majestic Mount Pareidolia aside, Rebecca Flood has some interesting news about the vast Antarctic wastes. A hundred million years ago... 2 months
Here Are King Arthur and His Knights Chilling on the Transformers 5 Set
GIZMODO Here’s what we know so far about Transformers: The Last Knight. It has King Arthur, Nazis, and Stonehenge. Oh, and presumably some giant... 2 months