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Luminous Being Is He: Frank Oz Speaks On Returning For Yoda In ‘The Last Jedi’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Whether you loved ‘The Last Jedi‘... 4 hours
Why John Boyega Is Bulking Up For Star Wars: Episode IX
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: Episode IX is still more than a year and a half away... 8 hours
How Disney Kept Yoda's Appearance A Secret In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND An intriguing answer, it is. 1 day
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has Unlocked All The Heroes
CINEMA BLEND Update 2.0 has gone live for Star Wars Battlefront II, completely overhauling the game's progression system. Unexpectedly, this... 1 day
What Domhnall Gleeson Thinks About Rian Johnson's Vision For Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND Domhnall Gleeson, a.k.a. General Hux, has given his... 1 day
Could Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Holdo Return? Here's What Laura Dern Said
CINEMA BLEND Could Lara Dern return to the Star Wars franchise as... 1 day
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Prop Could Show Up In The Han Solo Movie
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie... 2 days
The Last Jedi Prop That May Mean A Lot More Than We Think
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie that is... 2 days
Rian Johnson's New Star Wars Trilogy Has Started Coming Together
CINEMA BLEND Months after its initial announcement, it looks like Rian Johnson's new Star Wars trilogy has finally... 2 days
One Larger Than Life Character Is Reported To Appear In ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The marketing campaign for ‘Solo: A... 2 days
Why Mark Hamill Appreciated Coming Back For Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND While Hamill has been vocal about some of his trepidations surrounding Luke's changes in The Last Jedi, he recently revealed why he appreciated returning... 2 days
Why Ready Player One Only References The Original Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND Steve Spielberg explains why Ready Player One decided not to reference the Star Wars... 3 days
Steven Spielberg Swears Off Digital Enhancements
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The latter years of George Lucas’s career are marked by nothing so much as controversy. Not only was there the divisive (at best) reaction... 3 days
Mark Hamill Returns As Young Luke Skywalker In New Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Video
CINEMA BLEND A brand new Star Wars Forces... 3 days
Why Pacific Rim Uprising Was A Very Different Experience Than Star Wars For John Boyega
CINEMA BLEND John Boyega is still a young... 3 days
25 Nostalgia Filled Shots From ‘Ready Player One’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of the 80s have never been more ready as ‘Ready Player One’ is about to feed our love of... 4 days
‘Iron Man’ Director Jon Favreau On The Stinger Scene That Made History
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We usually think of history changing in big, splashy ways. A war, an election, what have you. It’s the same with movies. If I... 4 days
Weekend Box Office (3/16-3/18): ‘Black Panther’ Slashes Down ‘Tomb Raider’ To Keep The Top Spot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Black Panther’ seems unstoppable at this... 4 days
The Cool Way Star Wars: The Last Jedi Used CGI In The Throne Room Fight
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars movies use a lot... 5 days
Mark Hamill’s Hilarious Response To Luke’s Fate In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND One of the biggest points of contention in The Last... 5 days
How Star Wars Battlefront II Is Changing The Progression System
CINEMA BLEND Electronic Arts and DICE received lots of backlash over the implementation of the progression system in... 6 days
Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Will Answer The Last Jedi Questions And More
CINEMA BLEND A new batch of Star Wars Forces of Destiny shorts... 6 days
Italian ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Character Posters Ditch Possibly Plagiarized Style Of Earlier Releases
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In February, Disney unveiled four character... 7 days
The Difference Between J.J. Abrams’ And Rian Johnson’s Directing Approach From Someone Who’s Worked With Both
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Having released two “Star... 1 week
Thanos Will Be Like Darth Vader Times 10, According To The Russo Brothers
CINEMA BLEND This is a bold claim from the Avengers: Infinity War... 1 week
George Lucas Breaks Ground On Museum of Narrative Art
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just what has George Lucas been up to since selling Lucasfilm to Disney back in 2012? Sure, the... 1 week
That Scene Where Kylo Ren And Rey Touch Is As Close As We're Gonna Get To A Star Wars Sex Scene
CINEMA BLEND ... 1 week
How Disneyland's Star Tours Inspired The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND The new Star Wars trilogy has been taking many cues from the film's that preceded it. However, it turns out... 1 week
Solo: A Star Wars Story Brazilian posters keep it colourful
SCI FI NOW VIDEO There's a new set of character posters from Brazil for Solo: A Star Wars Story 1 week
Why Luke Skywalker Changed His Clothes Immediately After The Force Awakens
CINEMA BLEND One of the first things Luke Skywalker does after meeting Rey in Star Wars:... 1 week
Why Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle's Director Wouldn't Want To Do A Star Wars Movie
CINEMA BLEND Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle director... 1 week
Laura Dern's Star Wars Blaster Noises Actually Made It In Into The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND Laura Dern's child-like Star Wars fandom is now... 1 week
Mark Hamill Throws Shade At Last Jedi Haters
CINEMA BLEND While Star Wars: The Last Jedi was still a massive box office success, that did not come without a larger... 1 week
One Thing Mark Hamill Wanted For Luke Skywalker In Star Wars: Episode IX
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi has some crucial scenes for... 1 week
There's A Music-Only Version Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Here's How You Can Watch It
CINEMA BLEND For those of you... 1 week
Star Wars Battlefront IV Concept Art Includes Dark Side Luke, Jedi Leia
CINEMA BLEND Electronic Arts insisted that the reason cosmetic microtransactions couldn't be included in Star Wars: Battlefront II was because it would be lore-breaking. Well, Free... 1 week
Lucasfilm Has Taken A Keen Interest In Following The Story Of One ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Character
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While fans of ‘Star... 1 week
Official Trailer for Behind-the-Scenes Doc 'The Director and The Jedi'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "I trust him, I have to trust him." Lucasfilm has released a trailer for the documentary titled The Director and The Jedi. This feature-length (a full 135 minutes!)... 1 week
Mark Hamill Says He Also Had Issues With Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi
CINEMA BLEND The Last Jedi wasn't the first time that... 1 week
Watch Mark Hamill Get Emotional Seeing Yoda For The First Time On The Set Of The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND ... 1 week
Weekend Box Office (3/9-3/11): ‘Black Panther’ Pulls An Upset, Tops ‘A Wrinkle In Time’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In an unexpected upset, ‘Black Panther’ held on... 2 weeks
Who Should Play Young Luke Skywalker In Star Wars, According To Mark Hamill
CINEMA BLEND If Han Solo can get a prequel then why not... 2 weeks
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right A Wrinkle In Time Ticket
CINEMA BLEND Disney regularly puts on the biggest blockbusters of... 2 weeks
What Michael K. Williams' Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Was Like
CINEMA BLEND If Michael K. Williams' scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story hadn't been cut, here's what his character would have been like. 2 weeks
Why Making The Porgs Was Terrifying, According To Star Wars' Neal Scanlan
CINEMA BLEND The porgs made a considerable impression on Star Wars fans in The Last Jedi, but according to creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan, they were... 2 weeks
New Disney Parks Footage Gives Us Our First Look At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
CINEMA BLEND We're still at least a year away from... 2 weeks
Star Wars TV series coming from Jon Favreau
SCI FI NOW The Iron Man and Jungle Book director is working on a Star Wars show 2 weeks
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Solo: A Star Wars Story Brazilian posters keep it colourful
Official Trailer for Behind-the-Scenes Doc 'The Director and The Jedi'
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