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Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Star Trek (TV Series 2017)
Star Trek (2009)
The Disappointing Change Star Trek: Discovery Is Making Behind The Scenes
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek fans have had an exciting year thanks to the production of a... 2 days
Bryan Fuller Clarifies His Exit From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Back in October, we reported that Bryan Fuller had stepped down from his role as showrunner on the... 2 days
bryan fuller makes it very clear that he s no longer involved with star trek discovery Bryan Fuller Makes It Very Clear That He's No Longer Involved With Star Trek: Discovery 
GIZMODO Even though it had been said... 2 days
what star trek vi the undiscovered country s director dislikes about the movie What Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’s Director Dislikes About The Movie
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country's director has two big problems with the film, one of which is that he accidentally condoned waterboarding. For... 3 days
tom cruise assures you mummies are real in the first footage from the mummy Tom Cruise Assures You Mummies Are Real in the First Footage From The Mummy
GIZMODO Universal’s latest reboot of its classic monsters involves... 3 days
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Arrives With Three Casting Announcements!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM At last! After months of rumors and speculation, the team behind ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has made the series’ first casting... 4 days
Star Trek Discovery casts Hellboy and Rent stars
SCI FI NOW Plus Michelle Yeoh's character name in Star Trek Discovery is confirmed 4 days
Star Trek: Discovery Adds Gay Character And More
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek Discovery has already made franchise history by announcing the first originally conceived openly gay character. Hit the jump... 5 days
what makes the design of u s s enterprise iconic What Makes the Design of U.S.S. Enterprise Iconic
GIZMODO With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this year, there is time to ponder all the things about the show... 5 days
how arrow is probably paying tribute to star trek How Arrow Is Probably Paying Tribute To Star Trek
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO It appears that The CW's Arrow may soon find a way to pay homage to Gene Roddenberry's classic... 5 days
doug jones anthony rapp and michelle yeoh are your first star trek discovery cast members Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, and Michelle Yeoh Are Your First Star Trek: Discovery Cast Members
GIZMODO Although news of Yeoh’s casting first broke last... 5 days
Who Eddie Murphy Almost Played In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
CINEMA BLEND Had Eddie Murphy's deal to appear in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home gone through, here's who he would have played. 6 days
open channel let s write eddie murphy s character in star trek iv Open Channel: Let's Write Eddie Murphy's Character in Star Trek IV
GIZMODO Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and writer Steve... 7 days
Obituary: Ron Glass
SF SITE Actor Ron Glass (b.1945) died on November 26. Best known for his role as Detective Harris on Barney Miller, Glass entered the consciousness of science fiction fans and a younger generation for his portrayal of Shephard Derrial Book on Firefly... 1 week
this next generation first contact cover is metal as hell This Next Generation/First Contact Cover is Metal as Hell
GIZMODO Star Trek: The Next Generation has the most memorable theme song in the entire Star Trek canon. That... 1 week
Michelle Yeoh Cast As A Starship Captain In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Updating a report we made earlier, we now know that actress Michelle Yeoh has... 1 week
pretend you re a starfleet crewmember with your very own light up lcars display Pretend You're a Starfleet Crewmember With Your Very Own Light-Up LCARS Display
GIZMODO You too can cultivate your the “Background extra on TNG” aesthetic you’ve always wanted with this pretty nifty little Star Trek light.Read more... 1 week
more details on michelle yeoh s rumored role in star trek discovery More Details on Michelle Yeoh's Rumored Role In Star Trek: Discovery
GIZMODO James Mangold discusses the stripped-down approach to making Logan. A new trailer for Passengers... 1 week
the perfect gift for any star trek fan is down to 65 The Perfect Gift for Any Star Trek Fan Is Down to $65
GIZMODO Air Hogs’ Starship Enterprise drone would be the ultimate gift for the Star Trek fan in your life this holiday season, so go to... 2 weeks
Number One Decision: Source Says Michelle Yeoh Has Been Cast In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ !
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For any who have worried about... 2 weeks
Star Trek Discovery recruits Crouching Tiger star as first crew member
SCI FI NOW Has Star Trek Discovery found its lead character? We hope so 2 weeks
Star Trek: Discovery Finally Cast Its Excellent First Star
CINEMA BLEND Few upcoming shows have the kind of built-in audience that Star Trek: Discovery has going for it. Fans... 2 weeks
michelle yeoh may be the first actor to join star trek discovery Michelle Yeoh May Be the First Actor to Join Star Trek: Discovery
GIZMODO For months, fans have been wondering who the new actors to join the Star Trek franchise may be, and we may now have an... 2 weeks
The Major Star Trek Villain Cher Almost Played On Screen
CINEMA BLEND Cher's movie work has primarily consisted of comedies, dramas and romantic material, but had life taken... 2 weeks
William Shatner Hilariously Used The Star Wars Holiday Special To Troll Peter Mayhew
CINEMA BLEND _Star Wars _and Star Trek have had something of a... 2 weeks
Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes Get the Comic Crossover We Never Knew We Needed
GIZMODO They’ve teamed up with the cast of Star Trek. They’ve fought Aliens’ xenomorphs. And now, the Green Lantern Corps is heading to... 2 weeks
Star Trek Beyond featurette: cast and crew talk the Enterprise takedown
SCI FI NOW Chris Pine, Idris Elba and more talk Star Trek Beyond and the Enterprise 2 weeks
How William Shatner Feels About His Relationship With Star Trek Co-Star George Takei
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: The Original Series also set up the legendarily frosty relationship between William Shatner and the now-deceased Leonard Nimoy, a relationship... 3 weeks
CBS Exec Doubts ‘Star Trek’ Would Be Successful On TV. Um, What?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Throughout the show’s protracted development, my attitude toward ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has been one of cautious optimism. As a lifelong ‘Star Trek’ fan, I... 3 weeks
Supercut Of Every Time Someone Said "Some Kind Of" on Star Trek Voyager Is Some Kind of Brilliant
GIZMODO The crew of a Federation starship sees a lot of weird shit while they’re... 3 weeks
New Line of Star Trek Gear Allows You to Have that Tribble Fur Coat You've Always Wanted
GIZMODO Look how happy she is in that coat make from the skins of the universe’s fastest... 3 weeks
Despite Current Glut of Successful Scifi Shows, CBS Executive Says New Star Trek Wouldn't Work on TV
GIZMODO CBS can eat a bag of dicks. Come on, guys. Literally every other channel is making a ton... 3 weeks
Why Star Trek Discovery Is Going To Be Streaming Only
CINEMA BLEND We've known for months now that CBS has been putting together a new Star Trek series for television. Called Discovery, the new show is expected to premiere in... 3 weeks
Exclusive: ‘Trollhunters’ Producers Discuss Anton Yelchin’s Contribution And Legacy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In late June, the world lost Anton Yelchin in a tragic car accident. The young actor had dazzled audiences in film like ‘Charlie Bartlett’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Like Crazy’, and ‘Green... 1 month
Screenwriter Doug Jung Thinks ‘Star Trek’ Can Go ‘Beyond’ Into A Shared Universe
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In just over a month, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ will hit theaters and marks the first cinematic ‘Star Wars’ film... 1 month
Star Trek Beyond: An Inside Look At Simon Pegg And Doug Jung's Race To Deliver A Spectacular Sequel
CINEMA BLEND In late May of 2015, actor/screenwriter Simon Pegg was quoted saying something... 1 month
Star Trek Beyond’s Writer Wants To See A Star Trek Cinematic Universe, And We’re So On Board
CINEMA BLEND The Star Trek franchise has been going for 50 years. However, in that time... 1 month
The Producer of Star Trek Used a Racial Slur to Refer to Spock 
GIZMODO Roberto Orci, a writer and producer on the recent Star Trek films, is known for being outspoken and opinionated. When he says... 1 month
Star Trek: The Next Generation And Aliens Are About To Cross Over In A Cool Way
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek and Aliens are two of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, which... 1 month
Star Trek: TNG/Aliens Crossover Comic Will Boldly Go Where No One Can Hear You Scream
GIZMODO The crew of the Enterprise has certainly got into a lot over the years. They’ve palled up with the X-Men.... 1 month
These Rumored Star Trek: Discovery Characters Reveal a Lot of New Plot Possibilities
GIZMODO Last night, it was Bryan Fuller would no longer be serving as showrunner for Star Trek: Discovery—an announcement that makes a good... 1 month
Adam Nimoy: For The Love Of Spock is “a farewell and a celebration”
SCI FI NOW For The Love Of Spock director Adam Nimoy tells us about revisiting his father's life and career 1 month
‘Trollhunters’ Star Kelsey Grammer Is Not A Binge Watcher
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The venerable Kelsey Grammer has embodied a number of memorable characters over the years, including (but certainly not limited to) Sideshow Bob, and Captain Morgan Bateson on an episode of... 1 month
Becky Chambers on A Closed And Common Orbit, AI and Star Trek
SCI FI NOW Becky Chambers on giving her AI ownership and avoiding villains 1 month
Star Trek: Discovery Has Lost Bryan Fuller as Showrunner
GIZMODO The much-anticipated new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, just lost one of its key players: showrunner Bryan Fuller, who is apparently too busy with his other projects (Starz’ American Gods and... 1 month
Star Trek Discovery loses Bryan Fuller as showrunner
SCI FI NOW Bryan Fuller is taking a backseat on the new Star Trek series 1 month
Star Trek: Discovery Just Made A Huge Change Behind The Scenes
CINEMA BLEND Of all the familiar pop culture mainstays currently getting reworked for TV, few are worth the kind of balls-out excitement as Star Trek: Discovery. Sadly, big... 1 month
Bryan Fuller Steps Down As Showrunner For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will boldly go without their showrunner Bryan Fuller. Sources close to the project have stated that while CBS execs have been quite happy with... 1 month
Don't Freak Out Too Much About the Latest Star Trek: Discovery News
GIZMODO The much-anticipated new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, just lost one of its key players: showrunner Bryan Fuller, who is apparently too busy... 1 month
Chris Pine and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Make An Already Brilliant Wrinkle In Time Cast Even Better
CINEMA BLEND _A Wrinkle in Time _has been building a solid cast over the last couple months, but the addition... 1 month
What Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’s Director Dislikes About The Movie
How Arrow Is Probably Paying Tribute To Star Trek