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Partner Of Paris Police Officer Murdered By Jihadist Delivers Moving Eulogy
HUFFINGTON POST The partner of the Paris police officer who was murdered in a Jihadist attack, has said he will “suffer without hatred”, while holding back tears.Addressing the... 10 hours
Gay Sex Is Not A Sin, Says Tim Farron
HUFFINGTON POST Tim Farron has said he does not believe gay sex is a sin, having previously repeatedly refused to answer the question.The Lib Dem leader told the BBC this afternoon he... 11 hours
Girl encounters staircase ghost
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Things become rather mysterious as things go bump in the night. This time is no... 12 hours
'Little Boy Blue': Rhys Jones's Mother Melanie Hasn't Slept In A Decade, Reveals Writer Jeff Pope
HUFFINGTON POST “Rhys Jones’ mother Melanie hasn’t slept properly in 10 years,” reveals Jeff Pope, the writer of... 13 hours
Ancient Hopi And Hindu Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our Civilization
DISCLOSE.TV Mention the word prophet and immediately most people will think about Nostradamus or perhaps Baba Vanga ... 14 hours
Ukip Veil Ban Leads Foreign And Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver To Quit
HUFFINGTON POST Ukip’s foreign affairs spokesman has resigned over the party’s pledge to ban the Muslim face veil, saying: “No-one has the right to dictate what... 16 hours
Jeff Bray, Ukip Councillor, Responds To Social Media Backlash After Posts Unearthed Online
HUFFINGTON POST A Ukip councillor has refused to end his bid to become an MP after social media posts on accounts linked to him provoked... 18 hours
Muslim Vlogger Challenges All Women To Wear Hijab For 15 Minutes To Understand Exclusion She Faces
HUFFINGTON POST A Muslim vlogger is challenging other women to try on the traditional hijab headscarf for 15... 18 hours
Alien distress call recorded deep beneath ocean
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Deep down beneath Mariana’s Trench, a wondrous sound was... 1 day
Sandstorm in Iran Reveals Remnants of What is Possibly an Ancient City - Ancient Origins
THE ANOMALIST Well, the title of this piece says it all. Archeologists working on the site refuse to state definitively... 1 day
Tim Farron Refuses Again To Say If He Thinks Gay Sex Is A Sin
HUFFINGTON POST Tim Farron has again refused to answer whether he believes gay sex is a sin or not.The Lib Dem leader,who... 1 day
Ukip Accused Of 'Full Throttled Islamophobia' Over Burka-Banning 'Integration Agenda'
HUFFINGTON POST Ukip has been accused of “full throttled Islamophobia” over its new “integration agenda” that includes a pledge to ban the Muslim face veil.The agenda also calls for girls... 2 days
Little Boy Blue: The True Story Of Rhys Jones' Murder
HUFFINGTON POST On Monday, ITV will air the first of a four-part drama focusing on the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Croxteth, Liverpool, in 2007.Factual drama Little Boy Blue... 2 days
Stephanie Davis And Phillip Schofield Clash Over 'Biased' 'This Morning' Interview
HUFFINGTON POST Stephanie Davis and Phillip Schofield had an awkward exchange on Monday’s (24 April) ‘This Morning’, after she accused him of being biased towards Jeremy McConnell. The former... 2 days
In Pursuit Of Truth: Darwin Day And Alfred Russel Wallace
HUFFINGTON POST It's widely acknowledged by all who think rationally that we are living in worrying times. I myself have taken to adopting a 'fight or flight' response to watching... 2 days
Ukip Policy Event Ends With Questions Over Beekeepers' Rights And Paul Nuttall Fleeing Journalists
HUFFINGTON POST Ukip’s first event of the election campaign has seen the party deny they want to ban beekeepers from wearing protective... 2 days
Milo Yiannopoulos To Return To UC Berkeley With Controversial 'Free Speech Week'
HUFFINGTON POST Alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has announced his “comeback” at a top university just months after plans for him to speak on campus sparked violent... 2 days
Personal Beliefs On 'Sin' Do Matter, Especially When You Lead A Political Party
HUFFINGTON POST "When I look back upon my life, it's always with a sense of shame, I've always been the one to blame". When... 2 days
Hunter get’s deer stolen by Bigfoot in Hobart Bay, Alaska
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! There have been... 2 days
Sunday Show Round-Up: Labour's Nuclear Confusion and Tim Farron's Silence On Gay Sex
HUFFINGTON POST The Andrew Marr ShowUkip leader Paul Nuttall was up on the first Marr since the election was called.With Ukip needing some new... 2 days
Ukip Leader Paul Nuttall Says Burka Ban Reversal Is Not An Attack On Muslims
HUFFINGTON POST Paul Nuttall has denied Ukip’s reversal on pushing for a public burka ban alongside proposals against Sharia law amount to... 3 days
Jeremy Corbyn: I Might Not Allow A Drone Strike On Isis Leader
HUFFINGTON POST "I'm no supporter or defender of ISIS in any way" says @jeremycorbyn #marr pic.twitter.com/xQt6asEvOD— The Andrew Marr Show (@MarrShow) April 23, 2017Jeremy Corbyn today... 3 days
Tim Farron Again Refuses To Say Gay Sex Is Not A Sin
HUFFINGTON POST .@LibDems leader @timfarron responds to "ludicrous" claims that he is a homophobe #Peston pic.twitter.com/ut7fzVjw5g— Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) April 23, 2017Lib Dem leader Tim... 3 days
The Legend of London's Time-Traveling Tomb - Mental Floss
THE ANOMALIST Was Hannah Courtoy the first female Doctor? Many a story's been told about her tomb being a TARDIS, after a fashion, but not even Jake Rossen's been able to find... 3 days
Mysterious Colombian cave creature video
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Whatever this rather unusual creature is, a video was taken of it back... 3 days
The Key To Defeating Muslim Extremism: Love For All, Hatred For None
HUFFINGTON POST Defeating an ideology, especially one of hatred and barbarism, requires an opposing creed, an organised alternative system of thought. It is not simply bombs... 5 days
Creepy ghost face peers out from new car
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries and more! Imagine your out on the town shopping,... 5 days
Paul Golding, Britain First Leader, Posts Fake 'Paris Terror Attack Celebration Video'
HUFFINGTON POST The leader of Britain First has posted a shocking video that appeared to show British Muslims celebrating yesterday’s terror attack in Paris.Only it isn’t.Oh... 5 days
Paris Terror Attack Raises Questions Over French Presidential Election Voting Intentions
HUFFINGTON POST The latest terror attack in Paris has raised speculation of a swing towards far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen, with just two days until polls... 5 days
Paris Shooting: One Police Officer Killed And Two Injured In Champs-Elysees Attack
HUFFINGTON POST A fresh wave of terror has hit Paris as one police officer was killed and two injured as a gunman opened fire on the... 5 days
Crazed woman cuts off mans penis for not looking into her eyes during sex
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons,... 6 days
NASA swat team terrifies grandmother forcing her to give up her Moon rock
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Aliens, Ghosts, Demons, UFOs, Unexplained... 6 days
Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation - Mark Russell Bell Blog
THE ANOMALIST Mark Russell Bell asks us to suspend any knee jerk assumptions regarding anomalous goings on like poltergeist activity, and open our minds to the possibility that such hauntings... 7 days
Tim Farron Says He Doesn't Think Homosexuality Is A 'Sin'
HUFFINGTON POST Tim Farron has said he does not think homosexuality as a “sin”, having earlier caused an uproar when he failed to clarify his views. The Lib Dem leader, who... 7 days
An Open Letter On The Subject Of Tim Farron's 'Homophobia'
HUFFINGTON POST Dear media people, I see that, thanks to Cathy Newman's interview last night, the thorny theological topic of Sin has raised its ugly head once more. Let me... 7 days
14 Reasons Why IKEA Is Simply The Best Place On Earth
HUFFINGTON POST You might just think it is just a giant blue warehouse that sells furniture on an industrial estate, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.All... 7 days
Tim Farron Interview On Channel 4 News Sees Lib Dem Leader Branded An 'Absolute Disgrace'
HUFFINGTON POST Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has been branded an “absolute disgrace” after again refusing to say if he... 7 days
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Three UFOs Over Old UK City Of Exmouth On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
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Strange New Details in Case of Missing Brazilian Student - Mysterious Universe
ESO Scientists Excited! This New Found Exoplanet Is The Best Candidate for Life As We Know It
Shocking Footage: Somali Pirates Try To Board A Cargo Ship With Private Security Guards
Diamond UFO Seen Over San Fernando Valley, California On April 8, 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO Beam Seen From Passanger Jet Over Spain On April 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Absurd: U.N. Elects Saudi Arabia to Women's Rights Commission
Russian Mathematicians Solve the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript - Mysterious Universe
Five 70 million-year-old dinosaur eggs have been unearthed in China
Found After Two Years: Lost Weather Balloon GoPro With Astounding Footage From Space
Unidentified Square Objects Replacing Saucers and Triangles - Mysterious Universe
Smartest Kid In The World Believes Our Universe Was Destroyed By CERN
14 Year Old Creates GMO Detection Device
Are Cats Hyper-Intelligent Pan-Dimensional Beings?
Keanu Reeves Is Immortal - Is He A Vampire?
UFO caught on camera by girl filming out of plane window! Video, April 2017, UFO Sighting News.
Whistleblower, who worked for the top of the pyramid, reveals it all
Ñaupa Iglesia: Who Built These Fascinating Structures in the Sacred Valley of Peru?