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What Are Zombies?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Zombies are former humans who have become members of the living dead courtesy of the notorious zombie virus! They are mindless cannibalistic killing machines without a human soul. Naturally this frees the former human soul that inhabited the body from... 1 day
Your Brainwaves Could Become Your Next Password, But There's A Catch
HUFFINGTON POST Passwords are the bane of our digital lives.Trying to remember the precise combination of letters, numbers and which childhood pet we used on each platform, we... 3 days
CIA Confirms: The Mental Ability 'Remote Viewing' Exists And You Can Use It Too
DISCLOSE.TV VIDEO Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP)... 4 days
Women Are Tearing Down The Walls That Divide Us
HUFFINGTON POST 2016 was unfortunately marked by dog whistle politics, the rise of the Far Right, and an increase in hate crimes against women and minorities. We are living in increasingly challenging... 4 days
Facebook Is Working On A Way To Read Your Mind, No Seriously
HUFFINGTON POST We all know those people on Facebook who can’t help but share every thought that has ever passed through their stream of consciousness. And if... 1 week
Royal Bank Of Scotland Uses Brain Scanning Technology To Help Fill Top Graduate Positions
HUFFINGTON POST Deciding what kind of job you want after university can be daunting. But the Royal Bank of Scotland has developed an... 3 weeks
How To Finally Get Your Sh*t Together In January
HUFFINGTON POST It’s that time of year again where over-indulgence morphs into a clean-eating, fun-sucking purge.  And for those of us who never managed to get on board with mindfulness, macros or making good... 3 weeks
Will true mind reading be possible in 2017 ?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Recent advances in computer-brain interfaces could soon make brain-to-brain communication a reality. It might sound like something out of a science fi... 1 month
John Glenn and Remote Viewing - Remote Viewing/Remote Perception
THE ANOMALIST For anyone convinced that remote viewing has little or no basis in reality, you may find yourself changing your mind after reading this piece. The US military has long held... 1 month
Are you or somebody you know an Indigo? A person with hidden powers. Dec 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Here is something I though important, yet is not discussed... 1 month
Does Telekinesis Exist?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Yes Telekinesis, also called Psychokinesis, does indeed exist. In the supernatural world we often refer to Psychokinesis as the full range of mind based powers that can interact with our physical world. Telekinesis is often reserved for the ability to move... 1 month
Haunting of the Rampart Street Murder House: Voodoo, Dismemberment, and Possession in New Orleans - Week in Weird
THE ANOMALIST A perfectly nice young couple decide to hunker down during Hurricane Katrina... 1 month
UFO Appears And Disappears Over Brazil December 5, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of sighting: Dec 5, 2016Location of sighting: BrazilHere is a video posted on Youtube by user Gagare1952. The video shows a... 2 months
A Forgotten Adventure With A Telepathic Tribe - National Geographic
THE ANOMALIST Loren McIntyre is the Richard Burton of South America. Not the actor, but the explorer who discovered the source of the Nile. Loren, on the other hand, found... 2 months
Cyber Monday Warning
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS So you skipped the Black Friday shopping frenzy to avoid the dangers of being injured by hoards of human shoppers, zombies, vampires, and the Demon God Of Greed Mammon.   Along with potential demon possession for those weak minded individuals with... 2 months
2 South Texas Believers Say They Saw Bigfoot - Houston Chronicle
THE ANOMALIST Who in their right mind would march around south Texas in a hairy suit? This sighting's gotta be real, and we figure the Big Guy's going... 2 months
Green Orb Caught While Recording the Moon, Nov 19, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of sighting: Nov 19, 2016Location of sighting: unknown observing moonThis orb is an interesting color, but oddly is the equal... 2 months
Baba Vanga Prophecy Sparks Fears Of Donald Trump Assassination
PARANORMAL NEWS Baba Vanga Prophecy Sparks Fears Of Donald Trump Assassination – Famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga warned before her death that Barack Obama would become the 44th and "last U.S. president"... 2 months
Baba Vanga Prophecy Sparks Fears Of Donald Trump Assassination
HIDUTH Baba Vanga Prophecy Sparks Fears Of Donald Trump Assassination – Famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga warned before her death that Barack Obama would become the 44th and “last U.S. president”... 2 months
Everyone Has Telepathic Abilities - Inquirer
THE ANOMALIST This is one of those nicey-nicey articles written to make you feel good about yourself, so go out there and use your telepathic skills because it's your birthright. Join the movement! But keep it from the... 2 months
Stafford Betty: You Don't Become Less By Dying: The Evidence
HUFFINGTON POST There is no need for the good man or woman to fear death. To regret it, yes. For there is so much that is yet to be done.... 2 months
South Jersey Woman's Unique Gift: She Sees Past And Future - Philly voice
THE ANOMALIST In a world where mediums and psychics are almost automatically assumed fraudulent (and often rightly so), it is heartening to hear of... 3 months
Gralien Report Daily News for November 9, 2016
THE GRALIEN REPORT Here are today’s headlines… Donald Trump Shocks the World, Wins Presidency in Massive Political Upset Clinton delivers painful concession speech: ‘We owe Trump an open mind’ Why You Don’t Have Much Neanderthal... 3 months
Mysterious Murders and Vanishings on the Highway of Tears - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST As our readers know, The Anomalist strives to present news of the strange and fortean as a roadmap of sorts, primarily objective but with... 3 months
Waterlogged: Six Tales of the Aquatic Undead
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Have A Desire For The Dark Depths Of Horror? Then Dive Daringly Into The Wayward World Of Waterlogged! Six Short Supernatural Stories Of The Unimaginable Undersea Undead! Imagine Swimming Serenely In A Beautiful Body Of... 3 months
13 Mind-Blowing Facts You Won’t Believe Are True
HIDUTH 13 Mind-Blowing Facts You Won’t Believe Are True – Sometimes reality can be rather boring compared to stories that we read in books or see on the big screen. What girl out... 3 months
UFO Over Milwaukee, Wisconsin On Sept 16, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of sighting: September 16, 2016Location of sighting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USASource: MUFON #79222It looks like this UFO realized it was being watched and it... 3 months
How Do Zombies Digest Human Flesh?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Zombies are reanimated living dead corpses, or humans transformed into living dead corpses courtesy of the voracious paranormal zombie virus.  Walking dead headed down the hellish road of mindless cannibalism. A rabid road leading to the... 4 months
Poltergeist levitation caught on video
FREAK LORE Parapsychology is a specialty investigating paranormal and psychic phenomena. This includes different aspects such as telepathic, clairvoyant and reincarnation among other topics. Seen in this video,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full... 4 months
Domestic Abuse & Tooth Fairies!
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS Realistically speaking a Tooth Fairy or other supernatural being of the light can detect when all are asleep in a home, or appear invisibly.  That being said small children could spot such enchanted entities due to their innocent minds.... 4 months
The Strange Life of A Soviet Psychokinetic, Nina Kulagina - Jim Harold
THE ANOMALIST Nina Kulagina's military career differed greatly from most. Recruited to the Red Army at the age of 14, she rose through the ranks, suffered... 4 months
ESP on Trial
PARANORMAL NEWS In the 1930s, parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine aimed to use scientific methods to confirm the existence of extrasensory perception, but faced criticisms of dubious analyses and irreproducible results. 5 months
John W. Traphagan: Is Signal From HD164595 Evidence Of Aliens Or Just Another False Alarm?
HUFFINGTON POST The public and news media should keep in mind that science is a system of organized skepticism. And... 5 months
Three Meter Alien Seen In Portugal Wasteland, Aug 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of event: August 2016Location of event: PortugalThe three meter tall alien creature was seen walking through the Portugal wasteland for a... 5 months
Nina Kulagina: A Real Psychokenetic The World Completely Forgot About - Collective Evolution
THE ANOMALIST In case you were about to dismiss all reports of psychokinesis as hoaxes, let us direct you to this article describing the... 5 months
Channeling the 'Guardian Spirits' of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - Mark Russell Bell Blog
THE ANOMALIST Spiritual medium Ryuho Okawa, best known for channeling the guardian spirits (GS) of those still among the living,... 6 months
‘It Felt Like Rape’ Woman 'Abducted By Aliens' As A Child Describes Being Probed - Daily Star
THE ANOMALIST A British woman has claimed to have experienced multiple alien abductions as a child,... 6 months
It’s The Tony Bing Show!
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS By C. L. Hernandez The camera moved in close, but the baby didn’t seem to mind. The chubby infant of indeterminate sex gnawed placidly on a teething ring as it gazed into the lens with vapid, filmy eyes.... 6 months
Underwater Alien Base Found Near Venezuela On July 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of discovery: July 26, 2016Location of discovery: Coast of VenezuelaSource: Reader at UFO Sightings DailySource URL: https://www.google.nl/maps/@12.4979647,-70.0186753,2094m/data=!3m1!1e3Eyewitness states:Hello, I saw this today,... 6 months
Why You Don't Know Your Own Mind - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST The ancient Greek admonition of "know thyself" is tougher than mainstream science believes, finds Alex Rosenberg. Outlining the counterintuitive and contradictory theories, like mind-reading, the hard... 6 months
Melissa McCarthy Reveals That A Real Ghost Once Haunted Her House - Hollywood Life
THE ANOMALIST Our favorite (new) Ghostbuster offers us some insight into her own haunted past. Luckily it wasn't so frightening as to... 6 months
New Death Bed UFO Testimony from High Level Canadian Official, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of video: June 25, 2016Location of event:  Brantford, Ontario, CanadaHere is a great ET disclosure hearing and they are... 6 months
The US Military’s High-Priority UFO Reporting System - Open Minds
THE ANOMALIST Reading like a historical treatise of super secret spying on our skies, this article brings us up to date with current UFO investigations by our government and its... 6 months
What Is Non-Corporeal Energy?
MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS The ultimate source of Non-Corporeal Energy is the pure consciousness of the Macroverse God.  This energy is passed on to his sapient creations that include us humans who reside in his mind.  Non-Corporeal Energy is intellectual, and emotional information sent forth from Gods to... 6 months
Consciousness: The Mind Messing With the Mind - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST The questions around what constitutes consciousness have been asked since mankind became sentient. This article delves more deeply into the concept, speculating that there must be... 7 months
The Episode They Don’t Want You To Know About
SKEPTIC Rob Brotherton is the author of Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories. Rob has a doctorate in the psychology of conspiracy theories, and taught classes at the Anomalistic Psychology... 7 months
90,000 Top Secret CIA Documents Now Available Online: STARGATE and MKULTRA
DISCLOSE.TV A crowdfunding campaign have released a staggering 90,000 classified CIA documents detailing the US government’s research on telepathy ... 7 months
Witness Report: “Pennsylvania Dogmen Stalk Me in the Forest and Send Me Telepathic Messages”
WEEK IN WEIRD Dogman reports have been giving Bigfoot sightings a run for their money lately. With a countless number of frightening encounters... 7 months
David Bowie Thought Laurie Anderson Could Read Minds - The List
THE ANOMALIST This week we're giving you a dose of pop culture with this odd revelation. Maybe he was actually reading her mind.  Either way, Bowie was an... 7 months
The Woman Behind Hitler's Flying Saucers
DISCLOSE.TV Maria Orschitsch, a member of the Vril-Gesellschaft would obtained telepathically messages from extraterrestrials in a code language of the Knights Templar, a language that was unknown to her ... 7 months
CIA Confirms: The Mental Ability 'Remote Viewing' Exists And You Can Use It Too