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More Details Revealed Regarding Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s Han Solo Departure
SCIENCEFICTION.COM When the announcement was made last week that Phil Lord and Chris Miller would no longer be directing the untitled Han Solo spinoff, details... 17 hours
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunners Offer Clues About The Plot And Visual Styles
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is finally becoming a reality after several starts and stops.  The show is set to premiere on CBS All Access this... 17 hours
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Tossing Out A Long-Standing “Roddenberry Rule”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is slowly making its way to the small screen, and every new piece... 1 day
watch jar jar binks support ron howard in funny new video Watch Jar Jar Binks Support Ron Howard In Funny New Video
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Star Wars fans are curious and concerned following the massive director shift that has... 1 day
NYC To Host ‘Star Wars’ Film Concert Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The ‘Star Wars’ films have been presented in theaters in a variety of ways to date: in their original conditions,... 23 hours
Movie Review: ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Is Powerful Science Fiction
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The original ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie series started with... 1 day
What Happened When Han Solo Directors Phil Lord And Chris Miller Got Booted From The Set
CINEMA BLEND Pretty much all of... 1 day
How Star Wars 9 Will Honor Carrie Fisher, According To Colin Trevorrow
CINEMA BLEND Colin Trevorrow recently opened up regarding how the final film in the new trilogy will honor the late Carrie Fisher. 3 days
The Longtime Star Trek Rule That Discovery Is Tossing Out
CINEMA BLEND The Star Trek franchise has been evolving for decades now, and new series Star Trek: Discovery... 4 days
Looking Back: 'Spider-Man 2' is Still One of the Best Comic Book Movies
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO When it comes to sequels, there an expectation to raise the bar. If you think of some of the best sequels of... 4 days
New Star Trek: Bridge Crew Update Will Make You Feel Even More Like A Starfleet Officer
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: Bridge Crew... 4 days
Phil Lord And Chris Miller Supposedly Talked To DC About ‘The Flash’ Before Exiting ‘Han Solo’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Star Wars’ fans witnessed... 5 days
Sonequa Martin-Green Opens Up About ‘Star Trek: Discovery”s Diversity And The Trek Legacy
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The original ‘Star Trek’ showcased a multi-national/multi-ethnic cast.  There was... 5 days
Ron Howard Is Directing Star Wars And The Internet Is Having An Arrested Development Field Day
CINEMA BLEND Now that Ron Howard... 5 days
Ron Howard is the Star Wars Han Solo anthology film director
SCI FI NOW The rumours are true, Ron Howard will step in to finish the untitled Han Solo movie 5 days
Ron Howard Officially Confirmed For The Han Solo Movie
CINEMA BLEND It's been an unbelievable week to be a Star Wars fan. The directors of the upcoming Han Solo... 5 days
Ron Howard To Take Over Directing ‘Han Solo’ Standalone Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After the bombshell that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the second ‘Star... 5 days
Star Trek: Discovery new image introduces Jason Isaacs’ Captain Lorca
SCI FI NOW Here's Star Trek: Discovery's captain, as played by Jason Isaacs 5 days
The New Darth Vader Comic Book May Answer A Key Star Wars: The Last Jedi Question
CINEMA BLEND Marvel's newest Darth Vader... 6 days
First Look At Star Trek: Discovery's New Captain
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: Discovery just dropped an image of Jason Issacs suited up as Captain Gabriel Lorca, and he's looking pretty... 6 days
Sonequa Martin-Green Opens Up About ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Plot details for ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ the newest televised entrant into the “original” franchise coming from CBS this Fall, have... 6 days
How To Watch Rogue One Streaming
CINEMA BLEND Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is still in theaters as we speak, with no real sign of slowing down. But as... 6 days
But They Shot First! Why Phil Lord And Christopher Miller Were Fired From The ‘Han Solo’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, unless... 6 days
What Visceral's New Star Wars Game May Be About
CINEMA BLEND Electronic Arts has several Star Wars projects in the works, one of which is a story-driven game being... 6 days
Ron Howard Rumored To Replace Phil Lord & Christopher Miller On Han Solo Spinoff
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Yesterday, Lucasfilm shocked the world when they announced... 6 days
But They Shot First! Phil Lord And Christopher Miller Fired From ‘Han Solo’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Well, unless you’ve been hiding out under a... 6 days
Why Phil Lord And Chris Miller May Have Exited The Han Solo Movie
CINEMA BLEND As the minutes tick by on the news that Phil... 6 days
Lord & Miller Fired from the 'Han Solo' Movie in the Middle of Filming
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Whoa! Major news to report. Directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller will no longer be directing the Han Solo spin-off... 6 days
Star Wars Han Solo spin-off loses Phil Lord and Chris Miller
SCI FI NOW 21 Jump Street duo leave Han Solo during shooting, possible replacements being lined up 6 days
BREAKING: Phil Lord and Chris Miller Exit Untitled ‘Han Solo’ Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Surprising news has just been announced by LucasFilm. According to a post online, the... 7 days
The Showrunners Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Attempt To Explain The Show’s Many Delays
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As a fan of Star Trek from pretty much right... 7 days
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Watch Jar Jar Binks Support Ron Howard In Funny New Video
Looking Back: 'Spider-Man 2' is Still One of the Best Comic Book Movies