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Why Solo: A Star Wars Story Can Have More Fun Than Other Star Wars Movies
CINEMA BLEND When Solo: A Star Wars Story... 22 hours
Chris McKay Is Being Eyed To Direct ‘Dungeons & Dragons’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It looks as if Paramount’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ is moving forward as the studio is currently... 21 hours
Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Sound Designer Explains Moving On From The Wilhelm Scream
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi received both criticism... 22 hours
Home Release Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will Include 14 Deleted Scenes
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Disney and Lucasfilm are giving us an added treat when... 23 hours
Rian Johnson Changed A Key Ship From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Because Of A Toy!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As much as “Star... 2 days
How Star Wars Helped Natalie Portman Earn Major Brownie Points With Her Kids
CINEMA BLEND It's good to be the queen. 2 days
Will Jessica Chastain Float Too? The Actress Is In Talks To Join ‘It: Chapter 2’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’re getting ready to return to... 2 days
'The Force of Sound' Doc Trailer About the Sound Design in 'Star Wars'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Sound is not just a layer we put on top of the storytelling, it is the storytelling." ABC News has unveiled a... 2 days
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Definitely Heading To DVD In March, Get The Details
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn't... 2 days
4 Big Ways Star Wars Rebels Just Set Up Rogue One
CINEMA BLEND The Star Wars Rebels timeline is fast-approaching the next chapter in the Star Wars... 2 days
Star Wars Rebels Just Delivered A Devastating Twist That Changes Everything
CINEMA BLEND The final season of Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end, and the... 2 days
How Star Trek: Discovery Confirmed The Klingons Having Two Genitals Theory
CINEMA BLEND Well, after a few decades of speculation about a certain bit of Klingon anatomy,... 3 days
Lucasfilm Publishing Announces Upcoming ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Related Books
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the old “Star Wars” canon changed to “Legends” one thing has remained the... 3 days
Star Wars Battlefront II Update Adds New Game Mode, More
CINEMA BLEND Many people assumed that EA was going to abandon Star Wars Battlefront II following the loot... 3 days
Hasbro Unveils Crowdfunding For Insane Star Wars Toys
CINEMA BLEND Hasbro is kicking off a brand new initiative to crowdfund the making of collectible Star Wars toys that fans have... 4 days
What Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season May Be About
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek: Discovery's showrunners explained what central theme they're working towards for Season 2 of the series. 4 days
Toy Fair 2018: Hasbro Ready To Go ‘Solo’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s hard to believe that we are only three months away from the next ‘Star Wars’ film and we have... 5 days
How Star Wars Merchandise Changed Kylo Ren’s Ship In The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi is full of some fantastically designed ships, but it seems that a toy actually influenced how Kylo Ren's vessel... 5 days
Star Wars’ J.J. Abrams Responds To Backlash Over Female Characters
CINEMA BLEND J.J. Abrams, who will be finishing the trilogy with Episode IX, has responded to this specific... 5 days
Who Jon Favreau Is Playing In Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND It recently came to light that Iron Man director Jon Favreau would appear in... 5 days
That Time An Olympic Figure Skater Danced To Star Wars' Cantina Song
CINEMA BLEND The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially gone off the rails... in the best way possible. 5 days
Check Out This Short Teaser for a Fan-Made Han Solo Anime Project
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO This is for true Star Wars geeks only. The first teaser trailer for the next Star Wars spin-off movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story,... 6 days
Apparently, Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Maz Kanata Did Have A Fling
CINEMA BLEND Maz Kanata had only the briefest cameo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but the scene was an important one, which also gave us... 6 days
One Infamous Star Trek Episode Inspired A Fake Scientific Study That Actually Got Published
CINEMA BLEND With six shows under its umbrella, it's no... 7 days
The Types Of Movies Star Wars Should Make Moving Forward
CINEMA BLEND It's clear we'll be entering a new Star Wars era in the coming years, which begs... 7 days
Solo: A Star Wars Story Finally Got The Cast Together For A Cool New Poster
CINEMA BLEND The marketing push begins as now... 7 days
Doug Jones Thinks That A “20 Years Later” ‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel Could Happen
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While it looks like the current ‘Hocus Pocus’ project was... 7 days
Apparently, Jon Favreau Has A Role In Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND There's only three months to go until _Solo: A Star Wars Story'_s release, and word has come in that Jo Favreau will have a... 1 week
More Evidence Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Feature The Kessel Run
CINEMA BLEND Han Solo bragged about making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and now there's more proof we'll see that event in Solo:... 1 week
Why Star Wars' Millennium Falcon Looks Like A Piece Of Junk, According To Solo Actor Alden Ehrenreich
CINEMA BLEND Solo actor... 1 week
Here’s Why The Millennium Falcon Has A Different Look In ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the big questions fans... 1 week
When Star Wars: The Last Jedi May Be Hitting Digital And Blu-Ray
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been so successful that it isn't entirely out of theaters yet, but fans who want to see it... 1 week
‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Was In The Works Before Disney Bought Lucasfilm
SCIENCEFICTION.COM I’ve previously described ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ as having... 1 week
Apparently, Oscar Isaac Sometimes Filmed Star Wars And Annihilation On The Same Day
CINEMA BLEND Believe it or not, Oscar Issac was able to film... 1 week
How Solo: A Star Wars Story Was Influenced By The Big Lebowski
CINEMA BLEND Out of all the movies that could have influenced Solo: A Star Wars Story, somehow The Big Lebowski landed on the list. Read on... 1 week
‘The Orville’ Is Beaming Aboard Jessica Szohr For The Second Season
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve just learned that the crew of ‘The Orville‘ is expanding for the second... 1 week
Jody Houser Shares What To Expect From Marvel’s ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’ #1 This Week!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We all love Grand Admiral Thrawn and to... 1 week
One Reason Prince William And Harry May Have Been Cut From Star Wars: The Last Jedi
CINEMA BLEND We may now have... 1 week
The Jews Are In Space
SF SITE The Center for Jewish History in New York is holding an exhibit called “Jews In Space,” opening on February 26. Although the focus of the exhibit is on Jewish astronauts and astronomy, it will also include science fiction... 1 week
Obituary: Reg E. Cathey
SF SITE Actor Reg E. Cathey (b.1958) died on February 9. Cathey played Dr. Franklin Storm in Fantastic 4 and appeared in Tank Girl and The Mask. He played Baron Samedi in Grimm and played Morag in an episode of Star Trek:... 1 week
The Obi-Wan Movie Looks To Be Taking A Step Forward
CINEMA BLEND While no Star Wars movie has been officially announced after Episode IX, the current rumor is... 1 week
Shazad Latif Shares How Easy It Is To Speak Klingon For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve ever wanted to know how to... 1 week
The Awesome Way Star Trek: Discovery Could Handle Spock In Season 2
CINEMA BLEND The Star Trek: Discovery showrunners shared their thoughts on a potential Spock appearance in Season 2. 1 week
Tale Of Two Ships: What Does This Cameo In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Finale Means For The Future
A New ‘Venom’ Rumor Places Woody Harrelson As Carnage
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known for awhile now that Woody Harrelson (‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘) was cast in ‘Venom‘ without... 1 week
First J.J. Abrams Was Done With Lens Flares, Now He’s Done With Reboots!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For a long time the running gag about J.J. Abrams... 1 week
The Cool Way Disney World's New Star Wars Hotel Will Actually Connect With Galaxy's Edge
CINEMA BLEND One of the coolest new attractions... 1 week
Why Ron Howard Got Involved With Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND Solo: A Star Wars Story is almost here, but people are still talking about... 1 week
Ron Howard Was Reluctant To Take Over ‘Solo’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Moreso than any prior installment in the venerable sci-fi franchise (at least since 1980), ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ has... 1 week
Star Trek: Discovery's Season Finale Had A Huge Crossover Moment, Here's What It Means For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND Star Trek:... 1 week
Why Ron Howard Isn't Saying How Much Of Solo: A Star Wars Story He Filmed
CINEMA BLEND Ron Howard famously took over for... 2 weeks
Star Wars Legend Warwick Davis Responds To Last Jedi Backlash
CINEMA BLEND Star Wars: The Last Jedi split fans down the middle, and now Warwick Davis weighs in... 2 weeks
Final Frontier Friday: ‘The Communicator’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday‘! This week, I’m going to do something that I’ve been shockingly remiss at over the year and change I’ve been... 2 weeks
How George Lucas Helped Out On Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND While visiting the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story, George Lucas helped out... 2 weeks
How Solo's L3-37 Is Different From Other Star Wars Droids
CINEMA BLEND After so much waiting and so much teasing, we finally got our first look at Solo:... 2 weeks
Of Course ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ Is Getting A Sequel! Sony Negotiates With Writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner To Return
One Star Wars Movie Rian Johnson Is Definitely Not Working On
CINEMA BLEND Rian Johnson is taking on a major role within the Star Wars universe with... 2 weeks
Emilia Clarke Shares Some Details About Her ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Character Qi’ra
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Qi’ra is a mysterious new character from Han... 2 weeks
How Lando Calrissian Is Different In Solo, According To Donald Glover
CINEMA BLEND Donal Glover went into detail on how his version of Lando Calrissian in Solo:... 2 weeks
Who Paul Bettany Is Playing In Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND Paul Bettany joined Solo: A Star Wars Story late into the game, and now... 2 weeks
What Mark Hamill Thinks Of The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer
CINEMA BLEND Never one to sit on an island and keep his opinion to himself, Mark Hamill was more than happy to address the early reactions... 2 weeks
The Star Wars Character Rian Johnson Hopes Returns For Episode IX
CINEMA BLEND I think the fandom would agree on this. 2 weeks
The Advice Harrison Ford Gave To Alden Ehrenreich For Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND It turns out that Harrison Ford gave Alden... 2 weeks
Kathleen Kennedy Shares Some ‘Solo’ Plot Details
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With the arrival of the film’s first teaser on Super Bowl Sunday and a full trailer the day after, we are at... 2 weeks
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'The Force of Sound' Doc Trailer About the Sound Design in 'Star Wars'
Check Out This Short Teaser for a Fan-Made Han Solo Anime Project
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