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White House says a draft executive order reviewing social media companies is not “official”
TechCrunch A draft executive order circulating around the White House “is not the result of an official White House policymaking process,”... 1 hour
Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018
TechCrunch Many corporations are pinning their futures on their venture investment portfolios. If you can’t beat startups at the innovation game, go into business with them as financial partners. Though many technology companies have robust... 4 hours
Understanding Renaud Laplanche’s next Upgraded act
TechCrunch Renaud Laplanche spent ten years building LendingClub. In the process, he created an industry from scratch. Circumventing conventional banking channels for consumer credit began in 1996 when Chris Larsen started E-LOAN, which ultimately led to Prosper... 4 hours
Seven reasons not to trust Facebook to play cupid
TechCrunch This week Facebook has launched a major new product play, slotting an algorithmic dating service inside its walled garden as if that’s perfectly normal behavior for an ageing social network.... 4 hours
Comcast outbids Fox in $40B battle for Sky
TechCrunch Comcast has outbid Twenty-First Century Fox for the UK’s Sky, a final step in what’s been a years-long takeover battle between the two media conglomerates. Comcast’s final offer gives Sky a roughly... 4 hours
Singapore is the crypto sandbox that Asia needs
TechCrunch Singapore Blockchain Week happened this past week. While there have been a few announcements from companies, some of the most interesting updates have come from regulators, and specifically, the Monetary Authority of Singapore... 4 hours
Fintech startups: Apply to exhibit for free as a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018
TechCrunch Fintech promises to be one of the hottest topics at Disrupt Berlin 2018, and you can... 4 hours
Cinematic train wreck, “The Room”, is now on YouTube in its entirety
TechCrunch The Room has been ranked with Plan 9 From Outer Space as a strong contender for the “best” worst movie ever made — and it’s now available... 4 hours
A Lime scooter rider died this morning in Washington, D.C., marking the second fatality this month
TechCrunch Lime, the 18-month-old, San Francisco-based company whose bright green bicycles and scooters now dot cities throughout... 21 hours
Luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch closes at $28.45, up 42% on its first day of trading on NYSE
TechCrunch It’s been a strong year for tech IPOs so far, and it looks like... 23 hours
Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission lands on the surface of a distant asteroid
TechCrunch The coolest mission you haven't heard of just hit a major milestone: the Japanese Hayabusa 2 probe has reached its destination, the asteroid Ryugu,... 24 hours
Mithril Capital Management, cofounded by Ajay Royan and Peter Thiel, is leaving the Bay Area
TechCrunch From its glass-lined offices in San Francisco’s leafy Presidio national park, six-year-old Mithril Capital Management has happily flown... 1 day
VCs say Silicon Valley isn’t the gold mine it used to be
TechCrunch In the days leading up to TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, The Economist published the cover story, ‘Why Startups Are Leaving Silicon Valley.’ The author... 1 day
Twitter says bug may have exposed some direct messages to third-party developers
TechCrunch Twitter said that a “bug” sent user’s private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The social media giant... 1 day
Twitter bug sent user direct messages to third-party developers for over a year
TechCrunch Twitter said that a “bug” sent user’s private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The social... 1 day
Polestar unveils first production EV with aim to overtake Tesla
TechCrunch Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor African experiments... 1 day
Twitter bug sent user direct messages to developers for over a year
TechCrunch Twitter said that a “bug” sent user’s private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The social media giant... 1 day
Instagram denies it’s building Regramming. Here’s why it’d be a disaster
TechCrunch Instagram tells me Regramming, or the ability to instantly repost someone else’s feed post to your followers like a retweet, is “not happening”, not being built,... 1 day
Early-bird tickets close today, 9/21
TechCrunch TC Sessions: AR/VR on October 18 at UCLA is gearing up to be a great show. Early-bird sales end after today, September 21. Don’t miss out on the biggest savings for this event — book your $99 tickets... 1 day
Interiors startup Clippings raises $15.4M Series B with Advance Venture Partners
TechCrunch Back in April we saw that eporta, a London-based B2B interiors marketplace startup, had raised $8 million in a Series A funding round led by US... 1 day
Luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch opens trading on NYSE at $27, a pop of 35 percent
TechCrunch It’s been a strong year for tech IPOs so far, and it looks like today’s debut of Farfetch... 1 day
Luxury fashion marketplace Farfetch opens trading on Nasdaq at $27, a pop of 35 percent
TechCrunch It’s been a strong year for tech IPOs so far, and it looks like today’s debut of Farfetch... 1 day
On-demand trucking app Convoy raises $185M at $1B valuation
TechCrunch CapitalG, the growth equity arm of Alphabet, has led the $185 million round in Convoy, its first investment in the Seattle-based tech-enabled trucking network. The round brings Convoy’s total raised... 1 day
Trump’s new cyber strategy eases rules on use of government cyberweapons
TechCrunch The Trump administration’s new cyber strategy out this week isn’t much more than a stringing together of previously considered ideas. In the 40-page document, the government... 1 day
Eventbrite goes public, and everyone else is raising hella money
TechCrunch Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we worked with an (excellent) skeleton crew. Our own... 1 day
uBiome is jumping into therapeutics with a healthy $83 million in Series C financing
TechCrunch 23andMe, IBM and now uBiome is the next tech company to jump into the lucrative multi-billion dollar drug discovery market.... 1 day
Eight Roads Ventures targets Southeast Asia deals
TechCrunch Eight Roads Ventures, the investment arm of financial giant Fidelity International, is moving into Southeast Asia where it sees the potential to plug the later stage investment gap. The firm has funds across the... 2 days
Amazon makes offline retail push in India
TechCrunch Amazon unleashed a flurry of new products this week at a U.S. press event, but halfway across the world, it is getting deeper into physical retail in the Indian market. The U.S. e-commerce giant... 2 days
AdGuard resets all user passwords after account hacks
TechCrunch Popular ad-blocker AdGuard has forcibly reset all of its users’ passwords after it detected hackers trying to break into accounts. The company said it “detected continuous attempts to login to AdGuard accounts... 2 days
Cleo, the ‘digital assistant’ that replaces your banking apps, picks up $10M Series A led by Balderton
TechCrunch When Cleo, the London-based ‘digital assistant’ that wants to replace your banking apps, quietly... 2 days
Scientists have moved one step closer to RNA editing, which could be the next stage of CRISPR
TechCrunch Researchers at the prestigious Salk Institute are reporting that they have managed to map the molecular structure... 2 days
Audible brings its audiobook library to the Apple Watch
TechCrunch Didn’t get your fill of Amazon news among the 70 or so announcements at today’s Alexa event? Good news, Audible’s got something to add to the deluge. The Amazon-owned audiobook... 2 days
Watch how Tesla Model 3 earned NHTSA’s top safety rating
TechCrunch The Tesla Model 3 has had its share of struggles from CEO Elon Musk’s well-documented production hell to more recent logistic “nightmares” that have slowed deliveries to customers. There’s... 2 days
uBeam wireless power’s CEO Meredith Perry steps aside amidst B2B pivot
TechCrunch After repeatedly missing self-imposed deadlines for progress on its wireless charging-at-a-distance phone case, uBeam’s CEO Meredith Perry has decided to shift out of the CEO position... 2 days
Echo HomePod? Amazon wants you to build your own
TechCrunch One of the bigger surprises at today’s big Amazon event was something the company didn’t announce. After a couple of years of speculation that the company was working on its... 2 days
Amazon introduces APL, a new design language for building Alexa skills for devices with screens
TechCrunch Along with the launch of the all-new Echo Show, the Alexa-powered device with a screen, Amazon also introduced... 2 days
The long list of new Alexa devices Amazon announced at its hardware event
TechCrunch Everyone’s favorite trillion-dollar retailer hosted a private event today where they continued to exercise their highly-strategic approach to hardware where they just... 2 days
Google’s fingerprints were all over today’s Amazon event
TechCrunch Hidden amongst the 70 or so announcements Amazon made at today’s big Alexa event was one key hidden presence. Google’s offerings loomed large over much of the news flowing out from the... 2 days
As tasks wane, skills rise
TechCrunch The way we work is changing. People possess the innate ability to innovate and evolve in the jobs that they do, and new technologies -- from the wheel to steam power and artificial intelligence -- have drastically improved... 2 days
Amazon’s new Echo Dot, up close and hands-on
TechCrunch If the Echo Show was the Amazon device most desperately in need of a makeover (please and thank you), the Dot was certainly a close second. After all, while the cheapest (and... 2 days
Adobe gets its company, snaring Marketo for $4.75 billion
TechCrunch A week ago rumors were flying that Adobe would be buying Marketo, and lo and behold it announced today that it was acquiring the marketing automation company for $4.75 billion.... 2 days
First Look at Amazon’s Fire TV Recast, a new device to record live TV, stream it anywhere
TechCrunch Amazon this morning introduced a new device called the Fire TV Recast that allows... 2 days
Facebook’s Camera AR platform head is coming to TC Sessions: AR/VR
TechCrunch Augmented reality has the potential to change how we interact with the internet, as these technologies scale you can certainly bet that Facebook is going to... 2 days
Hulu is making a new season of ‘Veronica Mars’
TechCrunch It’s official: Hulu is reviving the cult mystery series “Veronica Mars”. The show originally ran from 2004 to 2007 on UPN and the CW, with the titular high school sleuth... 2 days
Amazon’s new Echo Show up close and hands-on
TechCrunch The Show was far and away the Echo product most in need of a makeover. The original device, introduced two years back, was far more concerned with function than form — that,... 2 days
Amazon’s Alexa is coming to Sony smart TVs and Lenovo Smart Tabs
TechCrunch Amazon wants Alexa to interact with as many people as possible, including the ability to show them things. And that means freeing the virtual... 2 days
Eventbrite’s IPO should encourage tech companies to get out while they still can
TechCrunch Eventbrite is having one hell of a debut on the New York Stock Exchange this morning. Shares of the ticketing startup, founded... 2 days
Delta to start scanning faces at airport check-in
TechCrunch Delta will later this year roll out facial recognition at its terminal at Atlanta International Airport for anyone traveling on an international flight. The airline said the biometric facial scanning is optional... 2 days
Up close with Amazon’s $60 Alexa Microwave
TechCrunch Amazon was quick to note at today’s event that not all that much has been done to update the microwave for the 21st century. While that’s probably a pretty fair criticism of the ubiquitous... 2 days
Cluep, a Canadian startup that raised just $500k, acquired for $40M
TechCrunch Everyone loves a tale of a bootstrapped startup founder’s journey to an eight-figure exit. The team at Toronto-based Cluep have a good one. The founders of the adtech... 2 days
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Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 shows up on company’s site, teases better water resistance
New video tests Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection with varying results
Evan Blass’ renders offer up the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL confirmation we didn’t need
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You can now watch The Room for free on YouTube - CNET
This Is Us season 3: Premiere date, how to watch and more - CNET
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