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The Cosmic Scales: Spot Libra Constellation in the Night Sky
SPACE.COM Here's the story behind the zodiac constellation Libra, the Scales, and how to spot it in the night sky. 5 hours
NASA Sun Observatory Sees Partial Solar Eclipse in Space
SPACE.COM NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory may seem to have a boring job: staring at the sun as a space weather sentinel. But every now and then, the observatory gets a... 10 hours
How to See the Best Meteor Showers of 2017
SPACE.COM This summer, try and catch one of the night sky's most spectacular and accessible shows — a meteor shower. 14 hours
Citizen Scientists Identify Prehistoric Supernova
SPACE.COM Over 700 volunteer citizen scientists have helped identify more than 30,000 celestial objects, including a star explosion that occurred 970 million years ago, hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs emerged on Earth. 14 hours
Supernova Fail: Giant Dying Star Collapses Straight into Black Hole
SPACE.COM It appears the path to becoming a black hole is more complex than astronomers thought. Rather than exploding into a supernova before collapsing into a black hole, as... 15 hours
Space Webcasts: NASA Previews Science on June 1 SpaceX Launch
SPACE.COM NASA will hold a teleconference at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) today, May 26, to preview the big science riding on the next SpaceX Dragon cargo ship launching... 17 hours
Listen Live Now! NASA Previews Science on June 1 SpaceX Launch
SPACE.COM NASA will hold a teleconference at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) today, May 26, to preview the big science riding on the next SpaceX Dragon cargo... 18 hours
Listen Live @ 10 am ET! NASA Previews Science on June 1 SpaceX Launch
SPACE.COM NASA will hold a teleconference at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) today, May 26, to preview the big science riding... 18 hours
More Jupiter Weirdness: Giant Planet May Have Huge, 'Fuzzy' Core
SPACE.COM Jupiter's deep interior appears to be as strange and otherworldly as the gas giant's exterior, new observations by NASA's Juno spacecraft suggest. 20 hours
Jupiter's Rings from the Inside! First-Ever View Captured by Juno
SPACE.COM During its initial data-collecting dive over Jupiter's poles on Aug. 27, 2016, Juno captured the first-ever photo of the giant planet's faint ring system from the inside, mission... 20 hours
'We Don't Planet' Episode 5: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
SPACE.COM The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram allows astronomers to map out the complete life history of a star. Learn all about this famous diagram in the fifth episode of "We Don't Planet." 20 hours
An 'Edgy' Suggestion on Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse
SPACE.COM There are good reasons to watch the 2017 total solar eclipse at the edge of the moon’s shadow rather than the center of the "path of... 20 hours
Spacecraft Galileo: To Jupiter and Its Moons
SPACE.COM Galileo was the first space probe to spend years observing the planet Jupiter and its moons 1 day
Rocket Lab Electron Booster Falls Short in Debut Test Launch
SPACE.COM The debut flight of Rocket Lab's miniature satellite launcher wasn't perfect, but the company is confident enough to proceed with plans for a second test launch this summer,... 1 day
Extreme Space Cuisine! Astronaut Whips Up 'Bite-Size Yumiosities'
SPACE.COM NASA astronaut Jack Fischer has taken space cuisine to new heights. 1 day
Saturn Solstice: Cassini Gets 'Ringside Seat' to Dramatic Seasonal Changes
SPACE.COM The Cassini spacecraft at Saturn watched over the ringed planet's solstice yesterday (May 24), accomplishing the main goal of its second extended mission. 1 day
Black Hole Birth May Have Been Witnessed by Space Telescopes (Video)
SPACE.COM The Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescope’s along wiith the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) have been used to possibly spot a black hole born from a collapsing... 2 days
Mysteries at Jupiter: NASA's Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises
SPACE.COM Huge cyclones rage near Jupiter's mysterious poles, and the giant planet's powerful auroras are fundamentally different from Earth's northern and southern lights, the first science results... 2 days
Listen Live Now! NASA Juno Mission's 1st Jupiter Science Results
SPACE.COM Scientists with NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Juno mission will present their first detailed science results during a teleconference today (May 25) at 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT). Listen live here... 2 days
Listen Live @ 2 pm ET: NASA Reports 1st Science Results from Juno Jupiter Mission
SPACE.COM Scientists with NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Juno mission will present their first detailed science results during a teleconference today (May... 2 days
Star's Comet-Like Icy Debris Ring Captured in New Video, Images
SPACE.COM A ring of icy debris in a young, nearby planetary system resembles comets found in our own solar system, new images reveal. 2 days
NASA Re-Embraces the 'Worm,' Its Retro Cool Retired Logo, for New Merchandise
SPACE.COM The "worm" is back at NASA, sort of. Twenty-five years after the agency unceremoniously retired the iconic logotype, the retro logo has fallen back... 2 days
Celebrate Star Wars' 40th Anniversary with Epic Soundtrack and Encyclopedia [Deal]
SPACE.COM While there are hundreds of ways to celebrate the movie’s special anniversary, below we're listing two of our favorite. 2 days
Rocket Lab's Electron Mini Launcher Blasts Off in Debut Flight from New Zealand
SPACE.COM Rocket Lab's four-year campaign to develop an inexpensive, dedicated rocket to put small satellites into orbit reached a major milestone today (May... 2 days
June Full Moon 2017: How to See the Strawberry Minimoon
SPACE.COM In June, observers will see a special type of full moon that comes only once a year: the minimoon, or a full moon that appears slightly smaller than... 2 days
'Star Wars'! 40 Surprising Facts from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
SPACE.COM In honor of the 40th anniversary of "Star Wars: A New Hope," here are 40 surprising facts about the movie that started it all. 2 days
NASA's Proposed 2018 Budget Could Push Europa Mission to Late 2020s
SPACE.COM Congress will have to loosen the purse strings if it still wants NASA to launch a flyby mission to Jupiter's ocean-harboring moon Europa by 2022, agency... 2 days
What Happens When Galaxies Collide?
SPACE.COM Two galaxies, drawn together by forces that they can't see but they can feel. A mutual gravitational attraction. It's inevitable: Inch by inch, light-year by light-year, as the cosmic clock ticks on through the eons, the galaxies grow... 2 days
Sagittarius Constellation: Facts About the Archer
SPACE.COM This large constellation contains the most stars with known planets. It is the 15th largest constellation overall. 2 days
The World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Is Now Up and Running
SPACE.COM The XENON1T detector hasn't detected any dark matter particles yet. But it has carried out a 30-day science run, and project scientists are optimistic... 2 days
Behind the Scenes: Inside Astronaut Scott Carpenter's 1962 Mercury Flight (Photos)
SPACE.COM The second American to orbit the Earth, Scott Carpenter, blasted off on May 24, 1962 and made three trips around the planet before he accidentally landed... 2 days
Trump's 2018 Budget Request Axes 5 NASA Earth-Science Missions
SPACE.COM Five NASA Earth-science missions are now on the chopping block. 3 days
'Alien Megastructure' Star Subject of 'Space’s Deepest Secrets' | Video Clip
SPACE.COM The Science Channel show takes a look at the mysteriously dimming star. 3 days
Strange Signals from Space: 'Space's Deepest Secrets' Investigates (Video)
SPACE.COM A special episode of the Science Channel show "Space's Deepest Secrets" will probe the origins of mysterious radio bursts in the sky and other phenomena that beg celestial explanation, such... 3 days
Surprise! Galaxy's Monster Black Hole Likely Has Huge Neighbor on a Crash Course
SPACE.COM Two supermassive black holes are apparently on a collision course near the heart of a nearby galaxy, a new study reports. 3 days
'Space Aggressors' Train US Forces for Extraterrestrial Conflict
SPACE.COM Elite military units are specializing in mock space warfare, as Russia and China develop anti-satellite weaponry. 3 days
US Military's XS-1 Space Plane Will Be Built by Boeing (Video)
SPACE.COM The U.S. military's new XS-1 space plane will be built by Boeing, and it's called the Phantom Express. 3 days
Rocket Lab Waits Out Weather Delays
SPACE.COM As weather continues to delay the first launch of its Electron rocket, Rocket Lab's chief executive said the company remains patient until conditions are right to attempt a flight. 3 days
World's Largest Aircraft Completes Successful Test Flight
SPACE.COM The Airlander 10, a massive blimp-like aircraft, successfully flew and landed during a reecent test of new improvements. 3 days
New Experimental Space Plane Design Released by DARPA | Video
SPACE.COM The new design will give the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency the ability to launch within days. The new Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) is called Phantom Express. 3 days
Neutron Stars - What are They? How will NICER Study Them? | Video
SPACE.COM When a star roughly 20 to 30 times the mass of our Sun explodes it leaves behind a neutron star. Learn more... 3 days
Mars Rover 2020: Here's What NASA's New Red-Planet Car Will Look Like
SPACE.COM NASA has unveiled some cool new concept art for its next Red Planet robot, the Mars 2020 rover, and it looks awesome. 3 days
High Fashion Meets Vintage NASA in New 'Coach Space' Collection
SPACE.COM NASA is having a fashion moment. Or, perhaps more accurately, fashion is having a NASA moment. 3 days
NASA NICER Mission - Neutrons Stars and 'GPS' for the Galaxy | Teaser Trailer
SPACE.COM The Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) “provide high-precision measurements of neutron stars” according the NASA”s Goddard Space Flight Center.... 3 days
'Orphan Memory' Could Broaden Gravitational Wave Hunt
SPACE.COM There might be a new technique coming to study small ripples in space-time. An effect called “orphan memory” could help the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) search for a broader range of gravitational waves. 3 days
Space Babies: Study Suggest Humans May Be Able to Have Healthy Offspring in Orbit
SPACE.COM When we think about the difficulties of colonizing another planet, the last thing we probably worry about about is sex.... 3 days
Solar Eclipse Glasses: Where to Buy the Best, High-Quality Eyewear
SPACE.COM Whether you're looking for a new pair of eclipse glasses or you've already purchased some form of eye protection, here's what you need to know to avoid burning... 3 days
Hot Stuff! Huge Secondary Mirror Cast for Extremely Large Telescope
SPACE.COM An enormous piece of glass-ceramic has been cast for the secondary mirror of the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Extremely Large Telescope, entering a year-long cooldown and heat-treatment period... 3 days
Why Occam's Razor Doesn't Apply to Physics
SPACE.COM According to astrophysicist and educator Ethan Siegel, this modus operandi of Occam's razor does not often suit the complicated world of physics. 3 days
Your Smartphone Could be Your Ticket to Space — If Space Nation Takes Flight
SPACE.COM Space Nation, the Finnish startup seeking to pave the way for the transition of humanity into space, announced plans May... 3 days
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Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
Pregnant rays and babies pay a price after 'catch and release' from fishing trawlers
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