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ils still planning three commercial launches this year despite proton engine recall ILS still planning three commercial launches this year despite Proton engine recall
SPACE NEWS International Launch Services, the commercial arm of Proton rocket manufacturer Khrunichev, says it still expects to complete all three launches planned for 2017 once... 14 hours
canadian company mda reportedly seeking to acquire digitalglobe Canadian company MDA reportedly seeking to acquire DigitalGlobe
SPACE NEWS The value of any deal could be $2-3 billion, based on DigitalGlobe's market cap of $1.8 billion. SpaceNews.com 19 hours
falcon 9 lifts off on first mission from kennedy space center pad Falcon 9 lifts off on first mission from Kennedy Space Center pad
SPACE NEWS A SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted off for the first time from a launch site at KSC previously used by Apollo and shuttle missions Feb.... 2 days
expert panel supports study to accelerate first crewed sls mission Expert panel supports study to accelerate first crewed SLS mission
SPACE NEWS A panel of former NASA astronauts and officials offered tentative support Feb. 16 for an agency... 3 days
ex im bank included on white house budget hit list Ex-Im Bank included on White House budget hit list
SPACE NEWS The U.S. Export-Import Bank is among nine federal programs targeted for elimination under a hit list the White... 3 days
technical glitch scrubs falcon 9 launch from historic pad Technical glitch scrubs Falcon 9 launch from historic pad
SPACE NEWS The first launch by SpaceX from an historic KSC launch pad will be delayed by at least a... 3 days
spacex ready for first launch from historic ksc pad SpaceX ready for first launch from historic KSC pad
SPACE NEWS SpaceX said Feb. 17 that, other a technical issue with the upper stage of its Falcon 9 rocket,... 3 days
smc vice commander taking pentagon space post SMC vice commander taking Pentagon space post
SPACE NEWS Brig. Gen. Mark Baird will likely be leaving his current post as vice commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center. SpaceNews.com 3 days
air force doctor wins nasa space poop challenge Air Force doctor wins NASA “Space Poop Challenge”
SPACE NEWS Col. Thatcher Cardon beat out more than 5,000 other competitors and will receive $15,000 from NASA for winning the challenge.... 4 days
Tarnacki to lead Aerojet Rocketdyne Space Business Unit
SPACE NEWS The Air Force vet joined the company in December 2015 as vice president of quality and mission assurance. SpaceNews.com 4 days
trump mum on ex im bank during speech at boeing plant Trump mum on Ex-Im Bank during speech at Boeing plant
SPACE NEWS President Donald Trump made no mention of the U.S. Export-Import Bank during a speech Feb. 17... 4 days
gao drops one weather satellite from list of high risk missions but adds another GAO drops one weather satellite from list of high-risk missions, but adds another
SPACE NEWS The government watchdog removed NOAA's GOES geostationary orbit weather satellite... 4 days
nasa to keep juno in longer orbit NASA to keep Juno in longer orbit
SPACE NEWS NASA announced Feb. 17 that it will keep its Juno spacecraft in a longer orbit around Jupiter than originally planned because of... 4 days
how one man and a satellite freed slaves in africa How One Man and a Satellite Freed Slaves in Africa
SPACE NEWS For most of us, slavery is a horror of the past.  It is a current reality,... 4 days
nasa s dawn spacecraft has detected organic compounds on the surface of ceres NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has detected organic compounds on the surface of Ceres
SPACE NEWS The organic materials, along with the presence of water and an internal heat source, suggest that the asteroid belt's largest object has all the... 4 days
nasa developing contingency plan for commercial crew delays NASA developing contingency plan for commercial crew delays
SPACE NEWS NASA plans to complete by the middle of March a contingency plan for ensuring access to the International Space Station... 4 days
rocket lab ships first electron rocket to launch site Rocket Lab ships first Electron rocket to launch site
SPACE NEWS Small satellite launch company Rocket Lab shipped its first orbital launch vehicle to the company’s Launch Complex 1... 4 days
first sls could be named after eugene cernan First SLS could be named after Eugene Cernan
SPACE NEWS A resolution introduced in the House of Representatives Feb. 15 requests that NASA name the first launch of the Space... 5 days
trump expected to announce support for ex im bank Trump expected to announce support for Ex-Im Bank
SPACE NEWS It's unclear what Trump will say regarding the export credit agency in a Friday speech. SpaceNews.com 5 days
agility and innovation for better space resilience Agility and Innovation for Better Space Resilience
SPACE NEWS SpaceNews.com 5 days
luxembourgian minister unwilling to let esa asteroid mission die without a fight Luxembourgian minister unwilling to let ESA asteroid mission die without a fight
SPACE NEWS A Luxembourgian politician wants to breathe new life into the European Space Agency’s cancelled Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) despite the program not garnering enough... 5 days
satrevolution to launch poland s first satellite plant SatRevolution to launch Poland’s first satellite plant
SPACE NEWS Polish company SatRevolution S.A. has unveiled plans to set up the country’s first satellite production facility that is to make small spacecraft... 6 days
markey named ranking member of senate space subcommittee Markey named ranking member of Senate space subcommittee
SPACE NEWS Democratic members of the Senate Commerce Committee have named Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) as the ranking member of the subcommittee... 6 days
nasa to study launching astronauts on first sls mission NASA to study launching astronauts on first SLS mission
SPACE NEWS NASA plans to study putting astronauts on the first launch of its Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket, a... 6 days
spacex delays next iridium launch two months SpaceX delays next Iridium launch two months
SPACE NEWS Iridium Communications says SpaceX has pushed back the launch of its second batch of next-generation satellites from mid-April to mid-June, a move... 6 days
india sets record with launch of 104 satellites on a single rocket India sets record with launch of 104 satellites on a single rocket
SPACE NEWS The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off on schedule with its payload of 104 satellites, all but three of which were cubesats. SpaceNews.com 6 days
arianespace launches two telecom satellites on ariane 5 rocket Arianespace launches two telecom satellites on Ariane 5 rocket
SPACE NEWS European launch provider Arianespace completed the first of seven planned launches of its heavy-lift Ariane 5 rocket this... 6 days
viasat wants to go small on gateways not on satellites ViaSat wants to go small on gateways, not on satellites
SPACE NEWS Satellite broadband hardware and service provider ViaSat continues to invest in shrinking satellite teleport sites down... 6 days
the x 37 isn t landing just yet The X-37 isn’t landing just yet
SPACE NEWS "The program is conducting a regularly scheduled exercise this week," an Air Force statement said. SpaceNews.com 7 days
bera new top democrat on house space subcommittee Bera new top Democrat on House space subcommittee
SPACE NEWS House Democrats have named Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.) as the new ranking member of the space subcommittee as they finalized... 7 days
commentary how dod can harness commercial satcom s rapidly changing technology Commentary | How DoD can harness commercial SATCOM’s rapidly changing technology
SPACE NEWS As we begin the New Year, commercial satellite providers have never had greater opportunities... 7 days
countdown underway for launch of more than 100 satellites on an indian polar satellite launch vehicle Countdown underway for launch of more than 100 satellites on an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
SPACE NEWS The launch of the... 7 days
report lays out science case for europa lander Report lays out science case for Europa lander
SPACE NEWS NASA could launch a mission to land on Jupiter’s moon Europa as soon as 2024 to look for evidence of... 7 days
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