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Enzymes aid rice plants’ arsenic defenses
SCIENCE-NEWS Rice plant roots have natural defenses against arsenic. 2 days
New imaging technique catches DNA ‘blinking’ on
SCIENCE-NEWS Dye-free imaging technique zooms in below 10-nanometer threshold, allowing new cellular views. 2 days
Microbes survived inside giant cave crystals for up to 50,000 years
SCIENCE-NEWS Microbes trapped in crystals in Mexico's Naica mine may represent some of the most distinct life forms found in Earth so far. 3 days
Europa lander mission takes another step toward reality
SCIENCE-NEWS NASA is working on a possible lander mission in which the main science goal would be to search for signs of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. 3 days
Common fungus may raise asthma risk
SCIENCE-NEWS The presence of a fungus in the infant gut can signal development of asthma by age five. 3 days
Juno spacecraft won’t go into shorter orbit around Jupiter
SCIENCE-NEWS Juno will remain in its 53-day orbit around Jupiter due to an issue with two helium check valves, NASA reports. 4 days
Antarctic sea ice shrinks to record low
SCIENCE-NEWS The Antarctic sea ice extent has reached a new low just two years after hitting a record high. 4 days
Helium’s inertness defied by high-pressure compound
SCIENCE-NEWS At pressures over a million atmospheres, helium reacts with sodium. 4 days
Citizen scientists are providing stunning new views of Jupiter
SCIENCE-NEWS A camera aboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft is giving citizen scientists a crack at discovering never-before-seen features of Jupiter. 4 days
Ceres harbors homegrown organic compounds
SCIENCE-NEWS NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has detected organic matter — the building blocks of life — on the dwarf planet Ceres, a new study suggests. 5 days
Seagrasses boost ecosystem health by fighting bad bacteria
SCIENCE-NEWS Seagrasses might reduce bacteria levels in ocean water. 5 days
Speech recognition has come a long way in 50 years
SCIENCE-NEWS Early versions of computer speech recognition relied on word sounds. Now, they add pattern recognition and a lot of statistics. 5 days
For Ebola patients, a few signs mean treatment’s needed — stat
SCIENCE-NEWS A few criteria may help identify Ebola patients who need the most care. 5 days
Gastric bypass controls diabetes long term better than other methods
SCIENCE-NEWS Bariatric surgery outperforms other weight-loss measures in the longest-term study yet of diabetes outcomes. 5 days
Birth may not be a major microbe delivery event for babies
SCIENCE-NEWS A study of mother-baby duos suggests that birth itself may not be the main event for getting microbes in and on babies. 6 days
Sound waves could take a tsunami down a few notches
SCIENCE-NEWS A tsunami’s ferocious force could be taken down a few notches with a pair of counter waves. 6 days
Human gene editing therapies are OK in certain cases, panel advises
SCIENCE-NEWS A panel of experts says clinical gene editing to correct and prevent human disease should move forward, but enhancements should not be allowed. 6 days
See how long Zika lasts in semen and other bodily fluids
SCIENCE-NEWS For most men infected with Zika, traces of the virus disappear from semen 81 days after symptoms begin. In other bodily fluids, Zika RNA is typically... 6 days
Fossil shows that ancient reptile gave live birth
SCIENCE-NEWS A new fossil shows that a prehistoric reptile may have given birth to live young, unlike its egg-laying descendants, birds and crocodiles. 7 days
Mapping rainforest chemistry from the air reveals 36 types of forest
SCIENCE-NEWS Aircraft analysis of tree chemicals reveals new biodiversity in the Peruvian rainforest. 7 days
the animal guide to finding love The animal guide to finding love
SCIENCE-NEWS VIDEO Learn to dance, keep an eye on your competition, bring a gift: Animals have some practical advice for finding a mate. 7 days
The universe has a lithium problem
Researchers develop unique model to customize common industrial process
When the Lights Went Out in the Universe
Solar geometry sheds new light on historic painting
Hints from the fossil record on how to re-oyster the Chesapeake
Nostalgia could help smokers quit, study finds
The Outer Space Treaty Has Been Successful – But Is It Fit for the Modern Age?
NASA examines Ex-Tropical Cyclone Dineo's rainfall
New research helps organizations deliver stronger diversity training
Five of the most explosive non-nuclear chemicals ever made
Engineers design a bulletproof origami shield to protect law enforcement
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System automatically detects cracks in nuclear power plants
Will blazing a low-carbon path pay off for California?
Ring roads of the future in an urban context
Innovation in brain imaging
Underwater grasslands can cut concentrations of harmful bacteria in half
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