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Split decision in first-ever quantum computer faceoff
Science Magazine Trapped ions calculate more reliably but superconducting circuits are faster 1 hour
When will I have my sidekick robot?
Science Magazine A Q&A with Sabine Hauert about the promise—and peril—of artificial intelligence 12 hours
No place is safe for Africa’s hunted forest elephants
Science Magazine Gabon’s remote national park sees huge drop in numbers from poaching 17 hours
The invisible problem in gun violence research
Science Magazine Susan Sorenson explains why scientists should pay attention to non-fatal gun use 18 hours
A computerized early warning system for students in academic trouble
Science Magazine Big data tells campus advisers when to intervene 1 day
Artificial intelligence grows a nose
Science Magazine New program can tell what an unknown molecule smells like 1 day
You can thank your fruit-hunting ancestors for your color vision
Science Magazine Wild female monkeys who can see more colors find fruit faster 1 day
Hundreds rally for science at demonstration near AAAS meeting
Science Magazine Crowd troubled by direction of Trump administration 1 day
Curiosity—not just knowledge—about science influences public perceptions about vaccines, climate change
Science Magazine A Q&A with psychology and law professor Dan Kahan 2 days
A variety of bee species down on the farm = fewer pests, juicier fruits
Science Magazine Study reveals advantages of a diverse bee population for farmers 2 days
New gene drive technology could wipe out malaria, but is it safe?
Science Magazine A Q&A with evolutionary ecologist James Collins 2 days
Should we treat obesity like a contagious disease?
Science Magazine A Q&A with three researchers who hope to use infectious disease models to fight the disorder 2 days
Which police officers are quick to shoot? This statistician wants to know
Science Magazine Recent study addresses risk factors in police shootings 2 days
Many scientists take a dim view of the court system--until they take part in it
Science Magazine New survey suggests participating in cases improves scientists’ view of the legal process 2 days
How to protect Europa from Earthlings
Science Magazine Scientists discuss ways to avoid contaminating solar system bodies with Earth microbes 2 days
Many scientist take a dim view of the court system--until they take part in it
Science Magazine New survey suggests participating in cases improves scientists’ view of the legal process 2 days
Scientists take a dim view of the court system—until they’re called to testify
Science Magazine New survey suggests participating in cases improves scientists’ view of the legal process 2 days
Why are we altruistic? Guilt may play a role
Science Magazine Study finds surprising motivation for some forms of giving 3 days
When long-lived oysters roamed Earth
Science Magazine Ancient bivalves give clues to conserving their modern relatives 3 days
When long-lived oysters roamed the earth
Science Magazine Ancient bivalves give clues to conserving their modern relatives 3 days
Three ways scientists are trying to keep arsenic out of our diets
Science Magazine New research responds to growing anxiety over toxin in food crops 3 days
Epigenomics of human CD8 T cell differentiation and aging
Science Magazine The efficacy of the adaptive immune response declines markedly with age, but the cell-intrinsic mechanisms driving immune aging in humans remain poorly understood. Immune aging is characterized by a loss... 3 days
Successive annual influenza vaccination induces a recurrent oligoclonotypic memory response in circulating T follicular helper cells
Science Magazine T follicular helper (TFH) CD4 cells are crucial providers of B cell help during adaptive immune... 3 days
Age-associated molecular changes are deleterious and may modulate life span through diet
Science Magazine Transition through life span is accompanied by numerous molecular changes, such as dysregulated gene expression, altered metabolite levels, and accumulated molecular damage. These changes... 3 days
Impact of surface roughness on liquid-liquid transition
Science Magazine Liquid-liquid transition (LLT) in single-component liquids is one of the most mysterious phenomena in condensed matter. So far, this problem has attracted attention mainly from the fundamental viewpoint. We report the first experimental study... 3 days
Combining contact tracing with targeted indoor residual spraying significantly reduces dengue transmission
Science Magazine The widespread transmission of dengue viruses (DENV), coupled with the alarming increase of birth defects and neurological disorders associated with Zika virus, has put... 3 days
High performance of a cobalt-nitrogen complex for the reduction and reductive coupling of nitro compounds into amines and their derivatives
Science Magazine Replacement of precious noble metal catalysts with low-cost,... 3 days
Scaffolding bacterial genomes and probing host-virus interactions in gut microbiome by proximity ligation (chromosome capture) assay
Science Magazine The biochemical activities of microbial communities, or microbiomes, are essential parts of environmental and animal ecosystems.... 3 days
Yeast in the gut boosts asthma risk
Science Magazine Gut microbiome of Ecuadorian children reveals surprises 3 days
To avoid risk of misfire, NASA's Juno probe will keep its distance from Jupiter
Science Magazine NASA decides not to risk closer orbit 4 days
Online university leads United States in awarding doctorates to blacks
Science Magazine Walden meets a pressing need, but its graduates face resistance on campus 4 days
Juno to take its time in Jupiter exploration
Science Magazine NASA decides not to risk closer orbit 4 days
In reversal, USDA reposts some animal welfare records it had removed from website
Science Magazine Move had sparked extensive criticism and a lawsuit 4 days
Bird flu strain taking a toll on humans
Science Magazine H7N9 is the most serious flu threat to human health in a decade 4 days
Breaking: In reversal, USDA reposts some animal welfare records it had removed from website
Science Magazine Move had sparked extensive criticism and a lawsuit 4 days
India eyes a return to Mars and a first run at Venus
Science Magazine Space agency is aiming for meatier science on second martian voyage 4 days
Melting glaciers around Mount Everest may be forming killer lakes
Science Magazine Glacial lakes could suddenly burst their dams and flood valleys 4 days
Top U.S. universities host 10,000 students and researchers from nations covered by Trump travel ban
Science Magazine AAU backs suit against executive order 4 days
Special gait helps this six-legged robot outpace insects
Science Magazine Keeping just two legs on the ground instead makes robots—and insects—faster 4 days
On the birthday of Pluto’s discovery, Science takes a look back on the dwarf planet’s long, strange history
Science Magazine The icy world has been through a lot in the past century 4 days
Fat tissue can ‘talk’ to other organs, paving way for possible treatments for diabetes, obesity
Science Magazine Fat tissue can communicate with other organs from afar 4 days
[Neuroscience] Strengthening the remaining synapses
Science Magazine Working memory depends in part on the proper activation of neural circuits in a brain area called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). In primates, DLPFC performance during working – [Read More] 4 days
[Avalanche Research] Cracking the code underlying snowslides
Science Magazine Dangerous snow avalanches require failure of a weak layer buried beneath an overlying cohesive slab of snow. Although this process is mostly understood for some avalanche scenarios, – [Read More] 4 days
[Political Science] Scientific curiosity versus polarization
Science Magazine Knowledge does not always change biases, and people tend to absorb information that fits their prejudices. However, rather than studying scientific knowledge, Kahan et al. – [Read More] 4 days
[Optoelectronics] Electrical detection of diamond defects
Science Magazine Diamonds have many different kinds of defects, each type imbuing the crystal with a distinctive color. The quantum properties of the nitrogen vacancy defect are being intensely studied – [Read More] 4 days
[Cell Biology] Dissecting the effects of APOE
Science Magazine Three APOE alleles are expressed in humans: APOE4 allele is the single most important genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, APOE3 is neutral, and APOE2 – [Read More] 4 days
[Neurodevelopment] Vocalizations channeled by developmental affordances
Science Magazine Like humans, marmoset monkey infants vocalize differently from adults. Maturation of vocalizations depends on parental feedback, as well as development of the vocal apparatus and cognitive – [Read More] 4 days
[Hydrogels] A less structured way to better hydrogels
Science Magazine Hydrogels are composed of cross-linked polymers that are highly swollen with water. They are typically soft, squishy, and elastic, but they are not known for their strength or toughness. – [Read More] 4 days
[Infection] Touchdown for gut pathogen virulence
Science Magazine Escherichia coli is transformed from a commensal organism into a pathogen by acquisition of genetic elements called pathogenicity islands (PAIs). Katsowich et al. – [Read More] 4 days
[Regeneration] Hair follicles: Secret to prevent scars?
Science Magazine Although some animals easily regenerate limbs and heal broken flesh, mammals are generally not so gifted. Wounding can leave scars, which are characterized by a lack of hair follicles – [Read More] 4 days
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