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Mystery as controversial list of predatory publishers disappears
Science Magazine Jeffrey Beall's list had spurred debate 33 minutes
Update: What Trump's nominees are saying today about science and climate at their Senate hearings
Science Magazine Senate panels grilling nominees 2 hours
How white blood cells rip holes in your blood vessels—and how your blood vessels recover
Science Magazine Immune cells use their nuclei to shove through vessel walls into the surrounding tissue 6 hours
Science suffers in cold war over polar base
Science Magazine Researchers frozen out as parties vie for control of research station 6 hours
China opens unique free electron laser facility
Science Magazine New device will probe smog and other chemical reactions in gases 2 days
Japan loses another spacecraft
Science Magazine Aborted launch of microsatellite this morning is latest failure for nation's space scientists 2 days
Listening to each other: Infectious disease and cancer immunology
Science Magazine The immune system provides defense against tumors and pathogens. Here, we propose that by elucidating the shared principles of immunity that underlie cancer and infectious disease, oncologists and microbiologists can... 4 days
An ambiguity principle for assigning protein structural domains
Science Magazine Ambiguity is the quality of being open to several interpretations. For an image, it arises when the contained elements can be delimited in two or more distinct ways, which may cause confusion.... 4 days
The last frontiers of wilderness: Tracking loss of intact forest landscapes from 2000 to 2013
Science Magazine An intact forest landscape (IFL) is a seamless mosaic of forest and naturally treeless ecosystems with no remotely... 4 days
Electrospun core-shell microfiber separator with thermal-triggered flame-retardant properties for lithium-ion batteries
Science Magazine Although the energy densities of batteries continue to increase, safety problems (for example, fires and explosions) associated with the use of highly flammable liquid organic electrolytes... 4 days
Amylose recognition and ring-size determination of amylomaltase
Science Magazine Starch is a major carbon and energy source throughout all kingdoms of life. It consists of two carbohydrate polymers, branched amylopectin and linear amylose, which are sparingly soluble in water. Hence, the enzymatic breakdown... 4 days
Top stories: When stars collide and monkeys sleep with deer
Science Magazine The week’s top Science news 4 days
Molecular fire extinguisher could prevent batteries from exploding
Science Magazine Scientists tackle problem of electronics catching on fire 4 days
Underwater probes detect ‘sea cyclones’ off coast of Africa
Science Magazine Observations reveal eddies of swirling water potentially useful to migrating fish 5 days
Update: What Trump's nominees said Thursday about science and climate at their Senate hearings
Science Magazine Senate panels grilling nominees 5 days
Podcast: A blood test for concussions, how the hagfish escapes from sharks, and optimizing carbon storage in trees
Science Magazine This week, we chat about a blood test that could predict recovery... 5 days
Study suggests surprising reason killer whales go through menopause
Science Magazine Mother-daughter conflict may be to blame 5 days
[Working Life] Choosing the hard road
Science Magazine Author: Katharina Henke 5 days
[This Week in Science] A machine for building ribosomes
Science Magazine Author: Guy Riddihough 5 days
[Business Office Feature] Webinar | Deciphering cancer: Modulating immunoregulatory pathways to treat tumors
Science Magazine In addition to being the first line of defense against pathogenic attack, the immune system seeks out aberrant cells within the body... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Better living through water-splitting
Science Magazine Author: Jake Yeston 5 days
[Report] Principles for designing proteins with cavities formed by curved β sheets
Science Magazine Active sites and ligand-binding cavities in native proteins are often formed by curved β sheets, and the ability to control β-sheet curvature would allow... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Channeling pain through GPCRs
Science Magazine Author: Nancy R. Gough 5 days
[Report] Assembly of a nucleus-like structure during viral replication in bacteria
Science Magazine We observed the assembly of a nucleus-like structure in bacteria during viral infection. Using fluorescence microscopy and cryo-electron tomography, we showed that Pseudomonas chlororaphis phage 201φ2-1... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Prions enter another domain of life
Science Magazine Author: Stella M. Hurtley 5 days
[Report] Superficial layers of the medial entorhinal cortex replay independently of the hippocampus
Science Magazine The hippocampus is thought to initiate systems-wide mnemonic processes through the reactivation of previously acquired spatial and episodic memory traces, which can... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Phages build themselves a wall
Science Magazine Author: Stella M. Hurtley 5 days
[Report] Vectorial representation of spatial goals in the hippocampus of bats
Science Magazine To navigate, animals need to represent not only their own position and orientation, but also the location of their goal. Neural representations of an animal’s own... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Inducing strong coupling
Science Magazine Author: Ian S. Osborne 5 days
[Report] Pyocyanin degradation by a tautomerizing demethylase inhibits Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms
Science Magazine The opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa produces colorful redox-active metabolites called phenazines, which underpin biofilm development, virulence, and clinical outcomes. Although phenazines exist in many forms, the... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Poised for the second step of splicing
Science Magazine Author: Valda Vinson 5 days
[Report] Macrocyclic bis-thioureas catalyze stereospecific glycosylation reactions
Science Magazine Carbohydrates are involved in nearly all aspects of biochemistry, but their complex chemical structures present long-standing practical challenges to their synthesis. In particular, stereochemical outcomes in glycosylation reactions are highly dependent on the steric... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Initiating an antitumor attack
Science Magazine Author: Yevgeniya Nusinovich 5 days
[Report] Strong coupling of a single electron in silicon to a microwave photon
Science Magazine Silicon is vital to the computing industry because of the high quality of its native oxide and well-established doping technologies. Isotopic purification... 5 days
[This Week in Science] Designing proteins with cavities
Science Magazine Author: Valda Vinson 5 days
[Editors' Choice] Speedy sperm
Science Magazine Author: Sacha Vignieri 5 days
[This Week in Science] Are you aware how well you remember?
Science Magazine Author: Peter Stern 5 days
[Editors' Choice] Did Phaethon father the Geminids?
Science Magazine Author: Keith T. Smith 5 days
[Letter] A big, bug science party
Science Magazine Author: Cara M. Gibson 5 days
[Editors' Choice] Fast point-of-care detection of biomarkers
Science Magazine Author: Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink 5 days
[Technical Response] Response to Comment on “Ribose and related sugars from ultraviolet irradiation of interstellar ice analogs”
Science Magazine We detected ribose and related sugars in the organic residues of simulated interstellar ices... 5 days
[Editors' Choice] Effects of drought on tree performance
Science Magazine Author: Andrew M. Sugden 5 days
[Technical Comment] Comment on “Ribose and related sugars from ultraviolet irradiation of interstellar ice analogs”
Science Magazine Meinert et al. (Reports, 8 April 2016, p. 208) reported the formation of prebiotic molecules, including ribose, in... 5 days
[This Week in Science] TAMpering with tumors
Science Magazine Author: Angela Colmone 5 days
[Letter] Pipelines imperil Canada's ecosystem
Science Magazine Authors: Juan José Alava, Nastenka Calle 5 days
[This Week in Science] Faster tree growth is no panacea
Science Magazine Author: Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink 5 days
[Letter] Europe's biodiversity avoids fatal setback
Science Magazine Authors: Arie Trouwborst, Guillaume Chapron, Floor Fleurke, Yaffa Epstein, José Vicente López-Bao 5 days
[This Week in Science] How to get to place B
Science Magazine Author: Peter Stern 5 days
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