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Chemicals Produced by Vegetables Such as Cabbage and Cauliflower Protect Mice from Colon Cancer
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study led by Francis Crick Institute... 1 hour
Caelestiventus hanseni: Newly-Discovered Triassic Pterosaur Lived in Harsh Desert
SCI-NEWS.COM Paleontologists have discovered what they say is a completely unexpected desert-dwelling pterosaur that lived in what is now... 18 hours
Protons May Have Outsize Influence on Properties of Neutron Stars
SCI-NEWS.COM A study conducted by an international consortium called the CLAS Collaboration, made up of 182 members... 20 hours
Primate Study Offers Important Insight into Evolution of Human Speech
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience has found a link between vocal... 21 hours
Milky Way’s Biggest Globular Cluster Unlikely to Host Habitable Exoplanets
SCI-NEWS.COM Close encounters between stars in Omega Centauri, the only star cluster visible to the naked eye,... 23 hours
Homo erectus Were Technologically Conservative, Used Least-Effort Strategies, Researchers Say
SCI-NEWS.COM Archaeological excavations at the Acheulean site of Saffaqah near Dawadmi in central Saudi Arabia have found... 2 days
Passing Star May Have Shaped Early Outer Solar System
SCI-NEWS.COM A close flyby of a Sun-mass star several billion years ago could explain some unusual features observed in... 2 days
Hubble Spots Massive Galaxy Cluster
SCI-NEWS.COM Galaxy clusters are some of the most massive and largest structures that can be found in the Universe. A new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space... 2 days
Study: Eating Less Than 2.5 Teaspoons of Salt a Day is Safe for Your Heart
SCI-NEWS.COM Sodium (a component of table salt)... 2 days
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Launches Successfully
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launched yesterday (August 12) from Space Launch Complex-37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, rising off the pad... 2 days
Dwarf-Galaxy Mergers May Seed Future Stars
SCI-NEWS.COM In a study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Columbia University astronomer Sarah Pearson and co-authors show how gas expelled... 5 days
Ultrahot Jupiters Have Starlike Atmospheres, Astronomers Say
SCI-NEWS.COM Recent observations by NASA’s space telescopes of ultrahot Jupiter-like exoplanets have surprised astronomers. The spectra of these planets have suggested they have... 5 days
Paleontologists Find Extraordinary Set of Mega-Shark Teeth in Australia
SCI-NEWS.COM Citizen scientist Philip Mullaly and professional paleontologists have found a very rare set of fossilized shark teeth at... 5 days
Oriental Cuckoos Change Their Egg Sizes According to Host Species
SCI-NEWS.COM Oriental cuckoos (Cuculus optatus) vary the size of their eggs to match those of their hosts,... 5 days
Novel Compounds Reverse Endothelial Cell Aging
SCI-NEWS.COM Aging is characterized by a progressive decline of physiological function accompanied by increased incidence of age-related disease. The accumulation of senescent cells is emerging... 5 days
Tunnel-Like Networks in Garnet Crystals Might Be Due to Endolithic Microorganisms
SCI-NEWS.COM According to new research led by the University of Southern Denmark, tubular structures found... 6 days
New Study Looks at Evolution of Aye-Aye
SCI-NEWS.COM The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is one of the most unusual primates on Earth famed for its large eyes, big ears and bony... 6 days
Powerful Earthquakes Can Trigger Other Ones on Opposite Side of Earth, New Research Shows
SCI-NEWS.COM A big earthquake can not only cause other... 6 days
Astronomers Observe NGC 5018 Galaxy Group
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope (VST) have examined a small group of five galaxies in the southern hemisphere. The results will be published... 6 days
Study: Access to High-Speed Internet Reduces Sleep Duration
SCI-NEWS.COM A study led by Bocconi University’s Professor Francesco Billari has found that high-speed Internet access causally reduces sleep duration and... 6 days
Enormous Drought Played Significant Role in Maya Civilization’s Collapse
SCI-NEWS.COM There are multiple theories as to what caused the collapse of the Classic Maya civilization, such as invasion,... 7 days
Cretaceous Alaska Was ‘Superhighway’ for Migrating Dinosaurs, Paleontologists Say
SCI-NEWS.COM Paleontologists have discovered the first North American co-occurrence of hadrosaur and therizinosaur tracks, providing more evidence that Alaska... 7 days
Scientists Find Link between Allergies and Complicated Appendicitis
SCI-NEWS.COM Children with IgE-mediated allergies have a lower risk of complicated appendicitis, according to new research published in the journal JAMA... 7 days
Researchers Sequence Red Fox Genome
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of scientists has successfully sequenced the genome of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). The domestic dog and the red fox are closely related... 7 days
Blue Boron-Bearing Diamonds Form in Earth’s Lower Mantle, Study Says
SCI-NEWS.COM Blue (type IIb) diamonds owe their color to boron, an element abundant in the Earth’s continental... 1 week
Researchers Develop Wearable Microfluidic Cytometer
SCI-NEWS.COM Researchers at Rutgers University-New Brunswick have created a wearable microfluidic impedance cytometer with a wireless connection to smartphones. Their technology could be added to watches and... 1 week
Individual Neurons Can Carry Multiple Signals at a Time, Neuroscientists Find
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of researchers from Duke and Rockefeller Universities has found that individual neurons... 1 week
4.56-Billion-Year-Old Igneous Meteorite Contains Clues to Planetary Building Blocks
SCI-NEWS.COM Northwest Africa (NWA) 11119, a stone meteorite found in December 2016 in Mauritania, is the world’s oldest igneous... 1 week
TESS Spots Comet C/2018 N1
SCI-NEWS.COM Before NASA’s newest planet-hunter TESS started science operations on July 25, the spacecraft sent back a series of images showing the motion of C/2018 N1, a... 1 week
Cricket Consumption Increases ‘Good’ Gut Bacteria
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that consuming edible crickets can help support the growth of the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacterium... 1 week
Hubble Observes Globular Cluster NGC 2108
SCI-NEWS.COM The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured a striking photo of the colorful globular cluster NGC 2108. NGC 2108, also known as ESO 57-33,... 1 week
Free-Floating Exoplanet Has Extremely Strong Magnetic Field
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using NSF’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array have detected a ‘rogue’ planetary-mass object with a surprisingly powerful magnetic field. The... 1 week
Study: Soccer Headers Riskier for Female Players
SCI-NEWS.COM According to new research published in the journal Radiology, women’s brains are more vulnerable than men’s to injury from repeated soccer heading.... 1 week
Flores Pygmies Show No Genetic Link to Mysterious Homo floresiensis
SCI-NEWS.COM Modern pygmies living in a village near the Liang Bua cave on the Indonesian island of... 2 weeks
Scientists Discover New Type of Lung Cell
SCI-NEWS.COM Two independent teams of scientists have identified a rare cell type in airway tissue — previously uncharacterized in the literature — that... 2 weeks
Zebra Finches Perceive Color Like Humans
SCI-NEWS.COM The rainbow of visible colors varies over a continuous range of wavelengths, but small songbirds called zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) break it into discrete... 2 weeks
JAXA’s Hayabusa-2 Spacecraft Snaps Close-Up Photo of Asteroid Ryugu
SCI-NEWS.COM The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed a stunning close-up shot of the asteroid Ryugu captured by... 2 weeks
Revolutionary Gas-Sensing Capsule Provides Real Time Measurement of Gut Gases, Beats Breath Test Diagnosis
SCI-NEWS.COM A swallowable gas-sensing capsule (about the size of... 2 weeks
True Colors of Pluto and Its Largest Moon Charon
SCI-NEWS.COM Marking the anniversary of New Horizons’ historic flight through the Pluto system on July 14, 2015, NASA released... 2 weeks
Researchers Identify Exoplanets with Optimal Chemical Conditions for Life’s Origin
SCI-NEWS.COM Scientists from the University of Cambridge and the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK, have identified... 2 weeks
Caffeine Doesn’t Suppress Your Appetite: Study
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study led by SUNY University at Buffalo researcher Leah Panek-Shirley found that after drinking a small amount of caffeine, participants consumed 10%... 2 weeks
Radioactive Molecule Found in Stellar Merger Remnant
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and the Northern Extended Millimeter Array (NOEMA) have made the first definitive detection of... 2 weeks
Corals Cooperate to Hunt Stinging Jellyfish
SCI-NEWS.COM Marine biologists have shown for the first time that corals can cooperate to catch and eat stinging jellyfish which are swept against the walls... 2 weeks
Exoplanet Hunters Create Reference Catalog of Solar System Bodies’ Light-Fingerprints
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of astronomers at Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University, has produced a reference catalog of... 2 weeks
Carbon Dioxide ‘Leak’ in Southern Ocean May Have Warmed Earth for 11,000 Years
SCI-NEWS.COM The Earth’s oceans lock away atmospheric carbon dioxide, but a... 2 weeks
Planets Don’t Need Plate Tectonics to Be Habitable
SCI-NEWS.COM There may be more habitable exoplanets than we previously thought, according to Pennsylvania State University researchers Bradford Foley and Andrew... 2 weeks
Novel Nanoparticle Vaccine Protects against Influenza A Virus in Animal Study
SCI-NEWS.COM Dr. Bao-Zhong Wang of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University and... 2 weeks
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Water matters to metal nanoparticles
When mixing granular matter, order among disorder
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
Scientists-turned-students guide viewers through ‘The Most Unknown’
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions