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Scientists Discover Five New Species of South American Snail-Eating Snakes
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of researchers has discovered five new species of snail-eaters (tribe Dipsadini) living in... 12 hours
Seventh Century Inscribed Stone Discovered at Tintagel Castle in England
SCI-NEWS.COM Archaeologists from the Cornwall Archaeological Unit and English Heritage have found a stone inscribed with Christian... 16 hours
Hubble Sees One Distant Cluster Galaxy, Three Supernovae
SCI-NEWS.COM Numerous fuzzy blobs and glowing shapes scattered across this image — taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope — make... 18 hours
New Study Brings Neuroscientists One Step Closer to Understanding Consciousness
SCI-NEWS.COM Consciousness is everything people experience, from the taste of chocolate to the pain of a migraine.... 18 hours
Bite Marks on East Coast Dinosaur Bones Illuminate Ancient Coastal Ecosystem
SCI-NEWS.COM One might expect a dig site in some far-off desert when thinking of a... 21 hours
Supermassive Black Hole Destroys Star, Launches Jet of Matter
SCI-NEWS.COM A multinational group of astronomers has imaged the formation and expansion of a fast-moving jet of material ejected... 3 days
Astronomers Identify 121 Gas Giants that May Have Habitable Moons
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of astronomers from the United States, Australia, and Brazil has identified 121 giant... 4 days
Burmese Amber Preserves 99-Million-Year-Old Tropical Frogs
SCI-NEWS.COM In a paper published this week in the journal Scientific Reports, paleontologists have described an extinct genus and species of frog, Electrorana limoae, preserved... 4 days
Scientists Discover New Type of Photosynthesis
SCI-NEWS.COM The vast majority of life on our planet uses red light (680 to 700 nm) in the process of photosynthesis, but the new type... 4 days
Coffee Improves Teamwork, New Research Shows
SCI-NEWS.COM A pair of studies conducted by scientists from the University of California at Davis and the Ohio State University found that people gave more... 4 days
99-Million-Year-Old Hard Tick Wrapped in Spider Silk Found Encased in Amber
SCI-NEWS.COM The oldest example of a tick wrapped in spider silk has been found, preserved... 5 days
Organic Matter on Dwarf Planet Ceres More Abundant than Thought
SCI-NEWS.COM A new analysis of data collected by NASA’s Dawn orbiter suggests that organic molecules may exist... 5 days
ALMA Spots Three Giant Protoplanets around HD 163296
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have uncovered evidence that three infant planets are forming in the protoplanetary... 5 days
Study: Daily Mango Consumption Improves Cardiovascular and Gut Health in Adult Women
SCI-NEWS.COM Two cups (330 grams) of mangoes a day have beneficial effects on systolic blood pressure and gut fermentation among healthy postmenopausal women, according to... 5 days
Strange Star-Like Objects Spotted near Milky Way’s Central Black Hole
SCI-NEWS.COM Three new dusty stellar objects — so-called ‘G-type’ objects — have been spotted at the center... 5 days
Cometary-Type Interplanetary Particles Contain Presolar Dust, Researchers Find
SCI-NEWS.COM Samples of interplanetary particles — collected from the upper atmosphere of Earth and believed to originate from comets — contain... 6 days
Astronomers Discover Five New Exoplanets Orbiting Cool Dwarf Stars
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers using data from NASA’s Kepler K2 mission have discovered two new planetary systems, one of which contains... 6 days
Loneliness is Bad for Your Health, Claims New Study
SCI-NEWS.COM Loneliness is a strong predictor of premature death, worse mental health, and lower quality of life in patients... 6 days
Chemists Synthesize Molecular ‘Nano-Saturn’
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of chemists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Okayama University of Science, Japan, has synthesized a ‘nano-Saturn,’ a molecular complex that consists of a... 6 days
X-Rays Pose No Threat to Alpha Centauri AB Exoplanets, Chandra Data Show
SCI-NEWS.COM New observations by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory indicate the two brightest stars in the triple-star system Alpha Centauri are not pummeling any orbiting exoplanets... 7 days
Moon is Making Earth’s Days Longer: Study
SCI-NEWS.COM Around 1.4 billion years ago, a day on Earth lasted approximately 18.7 hours, according to a study published in the Proceedings of... 7 days
Paleontologists Find Oldest Animal Footprints Ever Discovered
SCI-NEWS.COM The oldest known animal ‘footprints’ on Earth, left by bilaterian animals with paired appendages about 545 million years ago, have been discovered... 7 days
Astronomers Find Rapidly Spinning Nanodiamonds in Dust Disks around Young Stars
SCI-NEWS.COM A faint and mysterious stream of microwaves emanating from young star systems far out... 7 days
Green Tea Compound Could Be Key to Preventing Mortality from Heart Attacks, Strokes Caused by Atherosclerosis
SCI-NEWS.COM A group of researchers... 7 days
Study: Honeybees Understand Concept of Zero
SCI-NEWS.COM The honeybee (Apis mellifera) has joined the ranks of dolphins, parrots, and primates, in demonstrating the ability to understand the concept of zero numerosity.... 1 week
Ancient Easter Islanders Used Rope and Ramps to Put Massive Stone Hats on Moai
SCI-NEWS.COM The ancient people of Easter Island, Chile, were... 1 week
Hubble Sees Massive Galaxy Cluster: RXC J0232.2-4420
SCI-NEWS.COM Galaxy clusters are some of the most massive structures that can be found in the Universe. A remarkable new image from the... 1 week
Collective Gravity, Not Planet Nine, May Explain Orbits of Sedna and Other Detached Trans-Neptunian Objects
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of planetary researchers at... 1 week
Scientists Synthesize First Artificial Human Prion
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has created the first artificial human prion. Human prions — proteins that... 1 week
Violent Galaxy Collisions Better at Activating Black Holes than Peaceful Mergers, Say Astronomers
SCI-NEWS.COM When two galaxies collide, their central supermassive black holes also... 1 week
We May Miss Life-Hosting Exoplanets If We Only Look for Their Oxygen
SCI-NEWS.COM There could be a flaw in the search for atmospheric oxygen as a signature of life around most of our nearby exoplanets. A team... 2 weeks
Curiosity Finds Organic Molecules in Ancient Rocks, Seasonal Methane Releases on Mars
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has detected organic molecules in 3-billion-year-old sedimentary rocks at the base of the Murray formation at Pahrump Hills, Gale crater,... 2 weeks
Physicists Observe Simultaneous Production of Higgs Boson with Top Quark-Antiquark Pair
SCI-NEWS.COM In July 2012, ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) and CMS (Compact-Muon-Solenoid) experiments at CERN’s... 2 weeks
Juno Scientists Solve Mysteries of Jupiter’s Lightning
SCI-NEWS.COM Ever since NASA’s Voyager 1 flew past Jupiter in 1979, planetary researchers have wondered about the origin of Jovian lightning. That encounter... 2 weeks
Globular Star Clusters May Be Significantly Less Ancient than Previously Thought
SCI-NEWS.COM Once thought to be formed soon after the Universe itself, new research from the... 2 weeks
How Do Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations Solve Climate Change?
SCI-NEWS.COM As the population of a technologically advanced civilization grows, it uses more and more of its planet’s resources. By consuming... 2 weeks
Researchers Develop New Mineralized Materials that Could Regenerate Dental Enamel
SCI-NEWS.COM A research team led by scientists at Queen Mary University of London, UK, has developed a... 2 weeks
ESO’s Very Large Telescope Watches Galactic Dance
SCI-NEWS.COM Two similarly-sized spiral galaxies — NGC 5426 and NGC 5427 — swing past each other in a cosmic dance choreographed by gravity.... 2 weeks
Baking Soda Could Improve Cancer Therapy
SCI-NEWS.COM Cells enter a state of dormancy as tissues starved of oxygen become increasingly acidic, according to a new study. Published in the journal Cell,... 2 weeks
2018 LA: Boulder-Sized Asteroid Disintegrates over Botswana
SCI-NEWS.COM A 6-foot (2 m) wide asteroid called 2018 LA disintegrated harmlessly over Botswana, Africa, just hours after its discovery on Saturday morning... 2 weeks
Speeding Up Walking Pace Could Extend Your Life: Study
SCI-NEWS.COM Walking at average or brisk/fast pace is associated with a reduced risk of all-cause and cardiovascular disease (CVD)... 2 weeks
Financial Incentives Help Smokers Quit Better than Stop-Smoking Aids, Study Says
SCI-NEWS.COM Financial incentives are found to be three times more effective than e-cigarettes and other... 2 weeks
Recent Gravitational-Wave Event Likely Created Low-Mass Black Hole
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study using X-ray data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory indicates that the neutron star merger that became the... 2 weeks
Sea Life Recovered Surprisingly Rapidly at Impact Crater of Dino-Killing Asteroid
SCI-NEWS.COM The Cretaceous/Paleogene mass extinction ended the reign of the dinosaurs and wiped out 76%... 2 weeks
Hubble Observes Dwarf Galaxy IC 4870
SCI-NEWS.COM The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has delivered an unrivalled snapshot of the nearby dwarf galaxy IC 4870. IC 4870, also known as LEDA 63432,... 2 weeks
WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)
WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)
Purdue phoneme project creates new haptic communications future
Rare mutation of gene carried by Quebec family gives insight into how the brain is wired
New DNA synthesis technique promises rapid, high-fidelity DNA printing
Why a minor change to how EPA makes rules could radically reduce environmental protection
Bringing the heat out of the city
Odors are perceived the same way by hunter-gatherers and Westerners
Study unravels 'blood stem cell niche' puzzle
Zika Virus: What Does the Future Hold?
Interfacing with the brain
Sounding rocket takes a second look at the Sun
Researchers describe abundant marine life at the 'White Shark Café'
What's the minimum number of people you should send in a generational ship to Proxima Centauri?
These frogs walk instead of hop, video reveals
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