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Researchers identify new gene mutation that leads to infertility in women
NEWS MEDICAL It has been estimated that more than 80 million people in the world have an unfulfilled desire to have children. But for every 10th couple, the... 3 minutes
Blood-sucking flies can act as 'flying syringes' to track emergence of new diseases
NEWS MEDICAL Blood-sucking flies can act as 'flying syringes' to detect emerging infectious diseases in wild animals before they spread to humans, according to... 3 minutes
Platforms for NMR software for spectrometer control and data analysis announced by Bruker
NEWS MEDICAL New Magnetic Resonance Technologies and Applications Open New Frontiers for Biological, Chemical and Materials Research and Routine Analysis in Pharmaceutical and Chemical... 3 minutes
Research provides new insight into how coevolution could shape microbial diversity in human gut
NEWS MEDICAL What drives bacterial strain diversity in the gut? Although there are a number of possible explanations, a recent opinion piece... 39 minutes
Rogue proteins involved in breast cancer point to potential treatment options
NEWS MEDICAL For patients with difficult-to-treat cancers, doctors increasingly rely on genomic testing of tumors to identify errors in the DNA that indicate a tumor can be targeted... 39 minutes
Researchers develop two-pronged approach to personalize breast cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL The goal of cancer therapy is to destroy the tumor or stop it from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. 2 hours
how will brexit impact life sciences in wales How will Brexit impact life sciences in Wales?
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Life sciences is one of the Welsh Government’s nine priority sectors for the economy, in which it is supporting industry-led investment. The Life Sciences Hub Wales, in Cardiff, was opened in July... 2 hours
New study explores biomechanics of head injury in pediatric patients
NEWS MEDICAL The biomechanics of head injury in youths (5 to 18 years of age) have been poorly understood. A new study reported in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics set... 2 hours
New methodology enables real-time tracking of proton induced radiation chemistry in water
NEWS MEDICAL Proton therapy is a promising form of radiation treatment used to kill cancerous cells and effectively halt their rapid reproduction. 3 hours
Scientists reveal novel drug delivery approach to fight swine flu at gene level
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University together with their colleagues from St. Petersburg and London have elaborated a new approach to deliver anti-viral... 4 hours
High concentrations of stress hormone affect DNA processes and mental health
NEWS MEDICAL High concentrations of the stress hormone, Cortisol, in the body affect important DNA processes and increase the risk of long-term psychological consequences. 4 hours
Proteomics unravels molecular mechanisms influenced by genetic variations
NEWS MEDICAL How does type 2 diabetes develop? A team of researchers headed by the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich has come closer to finding an answer to this problem.... 4 hours
Scientists develop humanized mouse model for analyzing functions of NK cells in vivo
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers affiliated with the Kawasaki INnovation Gateway at SKYFRONT, have successfully developed a humanized mouse model showing that so-called NK cells that... 4 hours
Aircuity helps build energy efficient facilities at Texas Children’s Hospital
NEWS MEDICAL Texas Children’s Hospital is an internationally recognized full-care pediatric hospital located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. 4 hours
Research uncovers vast inequalities in cancer care for older patients with leukaemia
NEWS MEDICAL New research conducted by Leukaemia CARE into the lives of older people living with blood cancers has uncovered vast inequalities in cancer care for... 4 hours
Researchers characterize ‘gold fingers’ using ion mobility mass spectrometry
NEWS MEDICAL Drugs containing gold have been used for centuries to treat conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, they might be effective against cancer and HIV. 4 hours
Patients with allergy experience rising out-of-pocket costs for life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors
NEWS MEDICAL Commercially insured patients who use the life-saving epinephrine auto-injector known as 'EpiPen' have experienced skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs since 2007, according to research published March 27 in... 4 hours
Shutting down key protein could slow or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL In experiments with a protein called Ephexin5 that appears to be elevated in the brain cells of Alzheimer's disease patients and mouse models of the disease,... 5 hours
Public-private collaboration to develop more accurate methods of tracking cancer progression
NEWS MEDICAL Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian, in coordination with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Biomarkers Consortium, is launching a three-year research collaboration to... 5 hours
New probiotic may help combat negative health effects of adrenaline surges
NEWS MEDICAL U.S. sailors and Marines face continuous periods of excessive stress in "fight-or-flight" situations, triggering surges of chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, often known as an adrenaline rush. 7 hours
Researchers map key Zika virus protein to accelerate search for cure
NEWS MEDICAL A study published today shows how Indiana University scientists are speeding the path to new treatments for the Zika virus, an infectious disease linked to birth defects in... 9 hours
Scientists grow transgenic plants to double production of artemisinin for fighting against malaria
NEWS MEDICAL Since the ancient times, mankind has used plants to treat diseases. An example is the plant Artemisia annua, used for over 2,000... 9 hours
MIT researchers develop new technique for early liver cancer diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL In many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, exposure to a fungal product called aflatoxin is believed to cause up to 80 percent of... 10 hours
Research highlights threat of Zika virus to donated blood supplies in the U.S
NEWS MEDICAL Investigators have shown that certain screening methods that detect the genetic material of Zika virus can be used to ensure that donated... 10 hours
Study shows decreasing telomere length may contribute to onset of age-related diseases
NEWS MEDICAL Mouse models of human disease have made it possible to gain important insights into many conditions. However, many diseases remain for which no mouse... 10 hours
Delaying school start times unlikely to reduce sleep deprivation in teenagers, research finds
NEWS MEDICAL Delaying school start times in the UK is unlikely to reduce sleep deprivation in teenagers, research from the University of Surrey and... 10 hours
Kent state researchers use DNA origami to create ‘nano cage’ for deeper study of cancer cell growth
NEWS MEDICAL According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed... 11 hours
Researchers use machine learning approach to accurately predict risk of depression
NEWS MEDICAL Depression affects more than 15 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population, each year. It is the leading cause of disability for... 13 hours
SLU researchers predict potential high-risk areas for Zika virus transmission in the U.S.
NEWS MEDICAL Where in the continental United States is Zika most likely to occur? An early online article in the American Journal of Public... 14 hours
Treatment with microRNA re-insulates ravaged nerves, restores limb mobility in mouse models of MS
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists partially re-insulated ravaged nerves in mouse models of multiple sclerosis (MS) and restored limb mobility by treating the animals... 14 hours
Scientists show p300 protein may stop MDS from developing into leukemia
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have shown that p300, a protein that increases gene expression by attaching acetyl... 14 hours
FDA approves new maintenance therapy for recurrent cancers
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Zejula (niraparib) for the maintenance treatment (intended to delay cancer growth) of adult patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer,... 14 hours
Study shows how epigenetic randomness helps cancer cells proliferate
NEWS MEDICAL In a research effort that merged genetics, physics and information theory, a team at the schools of medicine and engineering at The Johns Hopkins University has added significantly to evidence that large... 14 hours
Simple behavioral economics technique may help increase flu vaccination rates
NEWS MEDICAL Currently, only 44 percent of adults in the United States receive an annual flu vaccination. Though the rate has increased in recent years, the change has been slow... 15 hours
CHLA receives NIH grant for biomedical research training to disadvantaged undergraduate students
NEWS MEDICAL Emil Bogenmann, PhD, EdD, at The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, received a five-year renewal grant of $1.3 million from the... 15 hours
Popular cookbooks offer readers little useful advice about reducing food-safety risks, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL A recent study finds that bestselling cookbooks offer readers little useful advice about reducing food-safety risks, and that much of the advice they do... 15 hours
Research findings offer potential explanation for opioid-induced itching
NEWS MEDICAL Opioids have long been an important tool in the world of pain management, but the side effects of these drugs - from addiction and respiratory failure to severe itching and dizziness, can... 15 hours
Study finds higher burden of poor health-related quality-of-life among minority colorectal cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL A study of racial disparities in health-related quality of life of colorectal cancer patients revealed among several findings, that Hispanics and blacks had a... 15 hours
Researchers develop new graphene-based neural probes for recording brain activity in high resolution
NEWS MEDICAL Measuring brain activity with precision is essential to developing further understanding of diseases such as epilepsy and disorders that affect brain function... 15 hours
Brain activity of children can be used for long-range predictions about reading success
NEWS MEDICAL By measuring brainwaves, it is possible to predict what a child's reading level will be years in advance, according to research from... 15 hours
Dermatology experts review current screening practice for melanoma in the U.S.
NEWS MEDICAL The Future Science Group journal Melanoma Management, today announces the publication of a new perspective article, in which over 50 leaders in the dermatology field critically... 15 hours
New research now shows how molecular motors are transported into cilia
NEWS MEDICAL Molecular motors produce the force that powers the beat of sperm cell tails to generate movement toward the egg cell for fertilization. 15 hours
Researchers identify novel compounds that decrease glucose production in liver cells
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists may have found a new tool for studying—and maybe even treating—Type 2 diabetes, the form of diabetes considered responsible for close to 95 percent of... 15 hours
Mettler Toledo present webinar on technique for ion determination in food
NEWS MEDICAL Learn more about the multiple standard addition for ion determination in food - sodium, nitrate, magnesium, etc. – in a new webinar from METTLER TOLEDO. 22 hours
New imaging project for new applications in cancer diagnostics
NEWS MEDICAL Innovative medical device contractor ITL Group has partnered up with King’s College London (KCL) to develop a ground-breaking cancer imaging project. 22 hours
New study discloses role of specific proteins in killing fast-duplicating cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL Many cancer patients struggle with the adverse effects of chemotherapy, still the most prescribed cancer treatment. For patients with pancreatic cancer and other aggressive... 22 hours
Obese people more sensitive to pressure pain, research shows
NEWS MEDICAL An extra layer of fat won't provide a cushion against pain - in fact, obese people are more sensitive to pressure pain than those who are not overweight, and they... 23 hours
Researchers discover how fat soluble vitamins may offer viable solution for treating cystic fibrosis
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers from Queen's University Belfast have discovered why antibiotics for treating people with cystic fibrosis are becoming less effective and... 23 hours
Study shows existence of numerous, varied genetic syndromes linked to obesity than previously thought
NEWS MEDICAL A new study led by researchers from McMaster University has shown that, while relatively rare in the general population, there... 23 hours
Patent analysis reveals that saffron bioactives can be used to treat multiple disorders
NEWS MEDICAL Increased stress levels, sleep disorders and obesity have become hallmarks of present lifestyle. These conditions are often correlated with serious health problems... 23 hours
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