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UNC researchers discover cascade of gene activity during journey to maturation in fruit flies
NEWS MEDICAL Every animal starts as a clump of cells, which over time multiply and mature into many different types of cells,... 6 hours
Study aims to find if IV acetaminophen can lead to lower doses of opioids after hip replacement surgery
NEWS MEDICAL When considering joint replacement, many patients worry about how much pain they'll... 7 hours
Study demonstrates negative impact of weakened motorcycle helmet laws in Michigan
NEWS MEDICAL Skull fractures and other head and facial injuries from motorcycle trauma in Michigan have doubled since that state relaxed its motorcycle helmet laws, reports a study... 7 hours
Researchers use chemical array to find malignant cells within melanoma tumor
NEWS MEDICAL Melanoma is a particularly difficult cancer to treat once it has metastasized, spreading throughout the body. University of Illinois researchers are using chemistry to find the... 7 hours
New device can help stroke patients recover some control over paralyzed limbs
NEWS MEDICAL Stroke patients who learned to use their minds to open and close a device fitted over their paralyzed hands gained some control over their... 7 hours
Experts outline new approach to total abdominal wall transplantation for complex cases
NEWS MEDICAL For some patients undergoing intestinal or multi-organ transplantation, closing the abdominal wall poses a difficult surgical challenge. 7 hours
Total abdominal wall transplantation provides new option for transplant recipients with severe defects
NEWS MEDICAL For some patients undergoing intestinal or multi-organ transplantation, closing the abdominal wall poses a difficult surgical challenge. 8 hours
Climate change may increase rates of sleep loss
NEWS MEDICAL Climate change may keep you awake -- and not just metaphorically. Nights that are warmer than normal can harm human sleep, researchers show in a new paper, with the poor and elderly... 8 hours
New study finds clear trend of HIV patients persisting with treatment longer than usual
NEWS MEDICAL With antiretroviral drugs, HIV has become a manageable chronic condition, but only so long as patients continue to take the... 8 hours
New drug offers hope to patients with hepatitis C
NEWS MEDICAL Patients with hepatitis C who suffer from advanced stages of liver disease have renewed hope, thanks to findings by researchers who have discovered that a new drug significantly reduces their... 8 hours
New drug offers renewed hope to patients with hepatitis C
NEWS MEDICAL Patients with hepatitis C who suffer from advanced stages of liver disease have renewed hope, thanks to findings by researchers who have discovered that a new drug significantly... 14 hours
Study examines relationship between statin use and heart structure, function
NEWS MEDICAL Statins are associated with improved heart structure and function, according to research presented today at EuroCMR 2017. The benefits were above and beyond the cholesterol lowering effect of... 15 hours
Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy could help protect children against asthma
NEWS MEDICAL A new study published today in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has found that taking Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy can positively modify the... 15 hours
Some types of cancers are heavily dependent on sugar, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL In a new study, scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas have found that some types of cancers have more of a sweet tooth than... 15 hours
Safety tips to help decrease risk for developing skin cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Did you know that skin cancer is highly preventable? Because May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we want to highlight the fact that our lifestyle choices contribute greatly to our chances... 15 hours
New study finds dramatic reorganization of the gut caused by weight loss surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Obesity, already a global epidemic, is on the rise. Over one-third of the U.S. population is currently afflicted, according to the Centers for Disease... 15 hours
Scientists discover receptor protein that promotes chronic heart failure
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers in Japan have identified a receptor protein on the surface of heart cells that promotes chronic heart failure. 15 hours
Innate genetic advantage contributes to better outcomes in newborn infant girls than boys, research shows
NEWS MEDICAL Newborn infant girls have better outcomes than their male counterparts due to an innate genetic advantage in responding... 19 hours
Swiss scientists create artificial viruses to combat cancer cells
NEWS MEDICAL Swiss scientists from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and the University of Basel have created artificial viruses that can be used to target cancer. 19 hours
Norwegian study shows huge potential of Sigmascreening’s pressure based paddle for women’s health
NEWS MEDICAL Sigmascreening, a Dutch MedTech developer and world leader in the field of pressure based digital mammography and breast cancer screening, announces that... 19 hours
Combined use of two existing drugs appears to slow cancer's tendency to spread, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A team led by Johns Hopkins researchers has discovered a biochemical signaling process that causes densely packed cancer... 19 hours
Biovica appoints Samuel Rotstein as Scientific Advisor
NEWS MEDICAL Dr Rotstein received his Ph.D at Karolinska Institutet and has worked as an oncologist for almost 40 years. He was previously Head of Department at the Oncology Clinic at Danderyd Hospital where he together... 19 hours
Study: Combining non-invasive ventilation and home oxygen therapy can reduce hospital readmissions for chronic COPD patients
NEWS MEDICAL Recently published advancements in pulmonary research suggest that the combination of non-invasive ventilation and home oxygen... 19 hours
LMD’s V-Sensor and app could reduce number of avoidable deaths in India
NEWS MEDICAL Leman Micro Devices, the developer of regulated consumer healthcare products that is backed by major players within the mobile device industry, has announced that... 19 hours
Newly developed ultrafast cardiac imaging test changes clinical management in one-third of patients
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers in the UK and Peru have developed a faster and cheaper cardiac imaging test that can be used in developing countries,... 19 hours
New NMR machine at TSRI’s Florida campus will help advance drug development process
NEWS MEDICAL The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility at the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute is becoming one of the most advanced in... 19 hours
WHO announces new flagship programs for African region over next two years
NEWS MEDICAL The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Africa announced today four new flagship programs for the region over the next two years, including a... 20 hours
FIRS releases new report that outlines global burden of respiratory disease
NEWS MEDICAL The Forum of International Respiratory Societies, an organization comprised of the world’s leading international respiratory societies working together to improve lung health globally, today released “The... 20 hours
Improving mental health with NewMed's latest gadget
NEWS MEDICAL NewMed now stocks ELF emmit, a smartphone-operated PEMF therapy device to improve mental wellbeing. 20 hours
OGT makes several advances in hybridization-based targeted sequencing
NEWS MEDICAL Oxford Gene Technology, The Molecular Genetics Company, has made several advances in hybridisation-based target enrichment protocols that now enable researchers to prepare samples for sequencing in just one day. 20 hours
ERT’s Centralized LCI Services improve data quality to measure disease progression in respiratory clinical trials
NEWS MEDICAL ERT, a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials, today introduced an... 20 hours
Mortality rates for Alzheimer's in United States has increased to 55% over a 15 year period
NEWS MEDICAL According to the data released by the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of Centers for Disease... 20 hours
Chronic sleep deprivation increases risk of neurological disorders
NEWS MEDICAL Recent research in mice indicates that destructive activity of cells in the brain is increased after sleep deprivation and may increase the risk of developing dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. 20 hours
Researchers discover cardioprotective genetic variant in isolated Greek population
NEWS MEDICAL A genetic variant that protects the heart against cardiovascular disease has been discovered by researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and their collaborators. 20 hours
Particulate matter from diesel vehicles linked to heart damage
NEWS MEDICAL Diesel pollution is linked with heart damage, according to research presented today at EuroCMR 2017. 20 hours
Preventing newborn baby deaths in ambulances with new stretcher
NEWS MEDICAL Academics and industry partners in Birmingham are developing a new device that will ensure newborn babies could survive in the event of a crash in an ambulance at up to... 22 hours
Clinical study tests 100-year-old drug in children with autism spectrum disorder
NEWS MEDICAL In a small, randomized Phase I/II clinical trial (SAT1), researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine say a 100-year-old drug called suramin, originally... 22 hours
Bouldering may be used to effectively treat symptoms of depression, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL A growing body of research suggests that bouldering, a form of rock climbing, can help build muscle and endurance while reducing stress -- and... 22 hours
UK Lebanon Tech Hub to fund research and development of non-invasive blood glucose-monitoring device
NEWS MEDICAL UK Lebanon Tech Hub announced today that it will fund the research and development of ediamond (Electromagnetic Diabetes Monitoring Device):... 22 hours
Philips sponsors research to help COPD patients breathe easier
NEWS MEDICAL Recently published advancements in pulmonary research suggest that the combination of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and home oxygen therapy (HOT) can significantly prolong time to readmission or death for patients with... 22 hours
Attendance of UK MedTech companies highest recorded at CMEF
NEWS MEDICAL The largest delegation of UK healthcare companies took part in this year’s China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF); waving the British flag for innovation in China. 22 hours
Gray matter density increases during transition from childhood to young adulthood, study reveals
NEWS MEDICAL For years, the common narrative in human developmental neuroimaging has been that gray matter in the brain - the tissue found in... 1 day
Study reveals how enzyme allows brain tumors to grow despite harsh surroundings
NEWS MEDICAL All cancer tumors have one thing in common – they must feed themselves to grow and spread, a difficult feat since they are usually... 1 day
Health care providers should review Ebola response plans to avoid mistakes, say experts
NEWS MEDICAL With an Ebola outbreak underway in the Democratic Republic of Congo, experts say health care providers should review their Ebola response plans now to... 1 day
Diabetic donor kidneys could save lives of patients on transplant waitlist
NEWS MEDICAL There are more than 98,000 people currently awaiting a kidney transplant in the United States. But the organs are in short supply: only about 17,000 patients... 1 day
Immunotherapy can be more effective in NSCLC patients who received radiation therapy, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by UCLA scientists has found that the breakthrough immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab can be more effective in improving... 1 day
Trial shows promising results for new medicine in treating severe asthma patients
NEWS MEDICAL A trial led by a McMaster University respirology professor shows promising results for a new medicine for severe asthma patients. 1 day
Study uncovers stroke risk factors for pregnant women with preeclampsia
NEWS MEDICAL Women with preeclampsia, a common complication of pregnancy, face a heightened risk of stroke during pregnancy and postpartum if they have urinary tract infections, chronic high blood pressure,... 1 day
American Chiropractic Association offers tips for healthier travels
NEWS MEDICAL You've been in the car or the plane for hours, your back is aching and your legs are stiff and sore; you can't wait to stand up and get moving again. 1 day
Study suggests Zika virus poses wider threat in human pregnancies
NEWS MEDICAL Zika virus infection passes efficiently from a pregnant monkey to its fetus, spreading inflammatory damage throughout the tissues that support the fetus and the fetus's developing nervous system,... 1 day
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Has Everest's famous Hillary Step really collapsed? Here's the science