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Investigating Enamel Nanostructure with Nanoindentation
NEWS MEDICAL In this interview, Dr S. Amini, post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interface, talks to AZoM about his work involving the structural properties and mechanical responses of teeth enamel. 2 days
Accelerated brain maturation linked to stress in childhood
NEWS MEDICAL A new has found that stress experienced in the early stages of childhood accelerates the maturation of particular regions of the brain in early adolescence. 3 days
Researchers identify gene enhancer that affects sex determination
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have identified a gene enhancer that is critical for male sex development and shown that deleting it results in male-to-female sex reversal in mice. 3 days
Vitamin D and Diabetes: What You Need To Know
NEWS MEDICAL Dr. Cedric Garland discusses the results of a 12-year cohort study which showed that vitamin D3 can prevent type 1 diabetes in 80 percent of cases. 3 days
Engineers create first 3D computer model to show breast duct development
NEWS MEDICAL Working with hundreds of time-lapse videos of mouse tissue, a team of biologists joined up with civil engineers to create what is believed to be the... 3 days
NIAID launches clinical trial of investigational RSV vaccine
NEWS MEDICAL The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, has launched a clinical trial of an investigational vaccine designed to protect against respiratory syncytial virus. 3 days
Early birds less likely to develop depression
NEWS MEDICAL Middle-to-older aged women who are naturally early to bed and early to rise are significantly less likely to develop depression, according to a new study by researchers at University of Colorado Boulder and the... 3 days
Study provides insights into genetics underlying debilitating pediatric kidney disease
NEWS MEDICAL New research provides insights into the genetics underlying a debilitating kidney disease in children. The findings, which appear in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American... 3 days
Most Texans want state to expand Medicaid and help poor get health care
NEWS MEDICAL Texans think the Legislature should expand Medicaid to more low-income people and make health care more affordable, according to a survey released... 3 days
Fat and carb rich foods preferred by the brain
NEWS MEDICAL We might all be aware of the harmful effects of junk food on health. This does not stop our brains from craving fat-rich and sugar loaded foods finds a new... 3 days
IQ scores on the decline due to less reading and more video-gaming
NEWS MEDICAL During the 20th Century, there was a steady rise in IQ scores among populations. Present trends however show a persistent decline in the same... 3 days
Mammals becoming more nocturnal for fear of humans
NEWS MEDICAL Mammals have always roamed free during day light looking and foraging for food until now when they have shifted their timings to after sunset for fear of encountering humans find researchers. The... 3 days
Landmark Mediterranean diet study from 2013 retracted
NEWS MEDICAL Mediterranean diet has been known to be one of the best diets that most nutritionists and diet experts swear by. It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish and olive oil and is supposedly the... 3 days
Social media triggering mental ill health among kids warns NHS
NEWS MEDICAL According to Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, the NHS is looking at an epidemic of mental ill health among children and teenagers as an after effect... 3 days
Abnormal sleep duration linked to metabolic syndrome in new study
NEWS MEDICAL Sleeping too little or even too much has been associated with several disease conditions including metabolic syndrome that predisposes a person to develop diabetes, stroke and heart disease.... 3 days
Researchers uncover racial differences in debilitating itchy skin condition
NEWS MEDICAL An international team led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers has conducted what is believed to be the largest detailed published study of people with a poorly understood skin condition known... 3 days
Study shows link between financial literacy and hospitalization risk in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL Could being more knowledgeable about finances help to keep you out of the hospital? Older adults with higher financial literacy are at lower risk... 3 days
Scientists identify new subtype of prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers led by the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center have identified a new subtype of prostate cancer that occurs in about 7 percent of patients with advanced disease. 3 days
MSU scientists discover early cause of intestinal inflammation
NEWS MEDICAL Michigan State University scientists have identified an early cause of intestinal inflammation, one of the first stages of inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, which afflict around 11 percent of the... 3 days
Researchers identify 161 genetic factors for myopia
NEWS MEDICAL The international Consortium for Refractive Error and Myopia recently published the worldwide largest genetic study of myopia in Nature Genetics. Researchers from the Gutenberg Health Study at the Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University... 3 days
Genetic testing of prostate tumors could identify likely responders to immunotherapy
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have identified a pattern of genetic changes that could pick out men with advanced prostate cancer who are likely to benefit from immunotherapy. 3 days
Scientists locate neurons involved in fear reduction in long-term trauma
NEWS MEDICAL As reported in the journal Science, the researchers found that a reduction in long-lasting trauma (remote fear) is connected to the activity of the same group of neurons... 3 days
Higher circulating vitamin D levels linked with lower colorectal cancer risk
NEWS MEDICAL A new study authored by scientists from the American Cancer Society, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and more... 3 days
Vitamin D level in girls associated with muscle strength
NEWS MEDICAL Girls are stronger with higher levels of vitamin D, but the association was not found in boys. These are the results from a new large study from the Odense Child... 3 days
Scientists discover how cancer-targeting 'Natural Killer' cells are fueled in the body
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have just made an important discovery as to how cancer-targeting 'Natural Killer' cells are fueled in the body, which has significant implications for... 3 days
Topical gel may lower breast cancer risk in women with dense breast tissue
NEWS MEDICAL Women with dense breast tissue soon might be adding a new product to their skincare routine to help them fight breast cancer. 3 days
Researchers discover genetic program that controls invasiveness of glioblastoma tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Glioblastoma is the most severe form of brain cancer in adults. The aggressiveness of this cancer is largely due to its ability to invade surrounding brain tissue, making... 3 days
Preventative measures to protect hearing during summer outdoor activities
NEWS MEDICAL For many, summer means the sweet sounds of live concerts, fireworks, lawnmowers and splashing water. To optimize the fun summer sounds, here are some preventative measures to protect your hearing... 3 days
New resource launched based on first-hand experiences of premature baby loss
NEWS MEDICAL A new resource has been launched based on the first-hand experiences of parents whose baby died before, during or shortly after birth at 20 to 24... 3 days
Study: Allergen in red meat linked to plaque buildup in arteries of the heart
NEWS MEDICAL A team of researchers says it has linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat to the buildup of plaque... 3 days
Study shows improvements in adherence, outcomes of gout patients receiving text message reminders
NEWS MEDICAL The results of a study presented today at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2018) demonstrate significant improvements in adherence and... 3 days
Researchers find enzyme responsible for aircraft noise-related vascular damage
NEWS MEDICAL In a recent study, scientists at the Department of Cardiology at the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have identified an enzyme responsible for aircraft-related vascular damage. 3 days
Flavoring additives in e-cigerettes appear to be toxic to blood vessels
NEWS MEDICAL Could flavored electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) cause bodily harm? There has been a rapid rise in e-cigarette use, partially due to flavoring additives in tobacco products and... 3 days
Pregnancies in women with rheumatoid arthritis linked to premature delivery and low birth weight
NEWS MEDICAL The results of a study presented today at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology demonstrate that pregnancies in women with... 3 days
Pharmacists can play key role in resolving treatment-related problems among undeserved people
NEWS MEDICAL Pharmacist-delivered home medication management review service effectively resolves treatment-related problems in patients displaced by humanitarian crisis, according to a new study published in Research... 3 days
Innarah launches new rechargeable electronic skin care device which works on Radio Frequency
NEWS MEDICAL Today the discoverer of Anti-Aging effects of fruit acids Patent # US5153230A has announced the introduction of a new rechargeable electronic skin... 3 days
Innovative concept for implementing WHO resolution to safeguard quality of cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer is a burden to those affected by it and a growing challenge to the political sector. In 2017, WHO therefore issued an international... 3 days
New clinical trial of MS drug will be first to recognize needs of wheelchair users
NEWS MEDICAL A new clinical trial testing a disease-modifying drug for multiple sclerosis will be the first in the world... 3 days
Metabolic process providing energy to heart muscle fails to mature in babies with hypertrophy
NEWS MEDICAL A metabolic process that provides heart muscle with energy fails to mature in newborns with thickened heart walls, according to... 3 days
Osteoarthritis patients with greater disease severity may have higher risk of depression
NEWS MEDICAL Two measures of disease severity cumulatively contribute to depressive symptom onset; physical performance and structural severity 3 days
Various E-cigarette flavorings may increase risk of cardiovascular disease
NEWS MEDICAL The flavorings found in in electronic cigarettes and related tobacco products could cause changes in the lung, heart and blood vessels that lead to cardiovascular disease, according to a study... 3 days
New collaboration integrates Intabio's Blaze solution with Bruker's mass spectrometers
NEWS MEDICAL Intabio, Inc., announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with Bruker to accelerate integration of Intabio's Blaze™ solution with Bruker's high resolution mass spectrometers. 4 days
New chemical solution could reduce chances of infection associated with root canal work
NEWS MEDICAL A new chemical solution jointly developed by the University of Adelaide's Dental School and Australian company Dentalife could radically reduce the chance... 4 days
Combination of NSAIDs and TNF inhibitors linked to reduced radiographic progression in AS patients
NEWS MEDICAL Celecoxib combined with TNF inhibitors was associated with the greatest reduction in radiographic progression. 4 days
New collaboration aims to accelerate integration of Intabio's Blaze solution with Bruker's mass spectrometers
NEWS MEDICAL Intabio, Inc., announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with Bruker to accelerate integration of Intabio's Blaze™ solution... 4 days
That ‘living will’ you signed? At the ER, it could be open to interpretation.
NEWS MEDICAL "Don't resuscitate this patient; he has a living will," the nurse told Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, handing her a document. 4 days
Study shows link between Parkinson’s and type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by UCL, University of Oxford and Queen Mary University of London researchers suggests that people with type 2 diabetes are 32% more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease... 4 days
MR Solutions offers upgrade service for old MRI scanners to provide advanced imaging quality
NEWS MEDICAL Following requests from customers MR Solutions is now offering a service to upgrade old MRI scanners to provide state of... 4 days
Blood samples can be used to uncover genetic secrets inside the brain
NEWS MEDICAL Our blood can be used to uncover genetic secrets inside the brain, according to University of Queensland research. 4 days
Anguil Environmental Systems celebrates 40th anniversary
NEWS MEDICAL Starting an environmental company in the late 1970’s was not nearly as well received as it would be today, but Gene Anguil, Founder of Anguil Environmental Systems, persevered. Four decades later, Anguil is recognized as a... 4 days
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What's the minimum number of people you should send in a generational ship to Proxima Centauri?
These frogs walk instead of hop, video reveals
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Researchers study lanternfly's potential to harm grapevines
Biological light sensor filmed in action
Biological light sensor filmed in action
Major work starts to boost the luminosity of the LHC
A sprinkle of platinum nanoparticles onto graphene makes brain probes more sensitive
Ending AIDS? These three places show the epidemic is far from over
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Video: Caesar's last breath and Einstein's lost fridge
Short-term changes in Antarctica's ice shelves are key to predicting their long-term fate
New Greenland telescope is up and running
We must ensure new food retail technologies are not barriers to better health