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LSTM researchers receive £6.4 million to develop evidence-based solutions for vector control
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at LSTM have been awarded £6.4 million from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) to strengthen the global capacity to control vector borne... 7 hours
Depression causes alterations in the brain's structure, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Changes in the brain's structure that could be the result of depression have been identified in a major scanning study. 7 hours
Simple financial incentive may improve rate of colonoscopy screenings
NEWS MEDICAL Offering $100 to patients eligible for a preventive colonoscopy screening more than doubled the rate of screening when compared to a simple emailed request, according to new research from the Perelman School... 7 hours
Speech language therapy delivered online provides comparable improvements as in-person treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Telerehabilitation helps healthcare professionals reach more patients in need, but some worry it doesn't offer the same quality of care as in-person treatment. This isn't the... 7 hours
Genetic variation linked to greater tuberculosis susceptibility
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have shown that a single nucleotide change in a gene that affects production of hepcidin--a peptide involved in inflammation, immunity, and control of iron levels--is associated with greater susceptibility to extrapulmonary tuberculosis. 7 hours
Wayne State researchers receive $1.9 million NIH grant to better understand rare genetic disorders
NEWS MEDICAL A team of Wayne State University researchers recently received a $1.9 million grant from the National Eye Institute of the... 9 hours
Study explores how socioeconomic factors impact severity of coronary artery disease
NEWS MEDICAL Historically, from the 1930's to the 1950's, the rate of cardiovascular disease in high-income countries was high. Since the mid-1970's, the rate of cardiovascular disease has... 9 hours
WHO alerts countries to increasing trend of HIV drug resistance
NEWS MEDICAL WHO alerts countries to the increasing trend of resistance to HIV drugs detailed in a report based on national surveys conducted in several countries. 10 hours
Study seeks to understand social functioning among young adult cancer survivors
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer survivors often talk about wanting to get back to normal, but a new study indicates many young adults who survived the disease struggle with attaining... 10 hours
Individual’s awareness of aging fluctuates over time in response to everyday experiences
NEWS MEDICAL A study of older adults finds an individual's awareness of aging is not as static as previously thought, and that day-to-day experiences and one's... 10 hours
Testing treatments using pig model may help minimize drug failure rates for chronic conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists may be able to minimize the failure rate of drugs for diseases linked to high-calorie diets, such as colon... 10 hours
Researchers explore how physical exercise affects brain metabolism
NEWS MEDICAL Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise seems beneficial in the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia in old age. Now researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have explored in one of the... 11 hours
Alzheimer’s drug may be promising treatment for traumatic brain injury
NEWS MEDICAL Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability and death globally, but medications have generally failed to benefit patients. A new study found that memantine, a... 11 hours
Research reveals differences in brain structure between boys and girls with antisocial behavior
NEWS MEDICAL The causes of severe antisocial behavior may differ between boys and girls, which could pave the way for new sex-specific treatments, according... 11 hours
New mathematical model could serve as guide to halt spread of mosquito-borne viruses
NEWS MEDICAL Upstate Medical University researcher Anna Stewart Ibarra, Ph.D., M.P.A., and her colleagues have created a mathematical model that can serve as a... 12 hours
Trump plan might cut expenses for some insured patients with chronic needs
NEWS MEDICAL Erin Corbelli takes three medications to treat high blood pressure, depression and an anxiety disorder. Her health plan covers her drugs and specialist visits,... 12 hours
A sugary drink with a protein-rich meal reduces fat metabolism, study reports
NEWS MEDICAL A study published, on 21st July 2017, in the open access journal BMC Nutrition states that consuming a sugar-sweetened drink along with a high-protein... 14 hours
Cow immunization may lead to new human vaccines and treatments for HIV, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Antibodies against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) have been obtained for the first time by injecting cows with an HIV... 14 hours
Study: Patients discharged from emergency department with AKI remain at increased risk of death
NEWS MEDICAL A new study indicates that patients discharged from the emergency department with acute kidney injury (AKI) remain at an increased... 16 hours
Findings may lead to better diagnostics and treatments for women with preeclampsia
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have developed a method that could help rapidly diagnose preeclampsia in pregnant women. They have also uncovered clues that might help explain why... 17 hours
New genomic research partnership promises to redefine and transform cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Personalized cancer therapies are on the horizon thanks to a new genomic cancer research partnership between the Gene Editing Institute of Christiana Care Health System's Helen... 17 hours
Noninvasive treatment uses cooled radio energy to provide relief from arthritis pain
NEWS MEDICAL Pain medicine specialists at Rush have helped develop, and are among the first in the country to provide, a noninvasive treatment for knee arthritis... 17 hours
Novel model predicts single heart cell's response to dwindling supplies of oxygen
NEWS MEDICAL Time is of the essence when treating a patient undergoing a heart attack. Cardiac surgeons attempt to quickly stabilize the heart by applying reperfusion,... 18 hours
Neuroscientists identify combined sensory map for temperature and humidity in fruit fly brain
NEWS MEDICAL Northwestern University neuroscientists now can visualize how fruit flies sense and process humidity and temperature together through a "sensory map" within their brains, according... 18 hours
New PET-CT scan can diagnose cardiac sarcoidosis more accurately than traditional tests
NEWS MEDICAL Using a new imaging technique that can diagnose cardiac sarcoidosis much more accurately than traditional tests, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago... 18 hours
Rising seas could be detrimental to human health on a much shorter time scale, say researchers
NEWS MEDICAL In 2014, a team of researchers led by a paleobiologist from the University of Missouri found... 18 hours
Stanford engineers develop new vine-like growing robot
NEWS MEDICAL Imagine rescuers searching for people in the rubble of a collapsed building. Instead of digging through the debris by hand or having dogs sniff for signs of life, they bring out a small, air-tight cylinder. They... 18 hours
Researchers devise strategy to target Achilles heel of nervous system cancers
NEWS MEDICAL Virtually all cancer treatments used today also damage normal cells, causing the toxic side effects associated with cancer treatment. 18 hours
Majority of primary care providers could not recognize all risk factors for prediabetes, survey finds
NEWS MEDICAL Johns Hopkins researchers who distributed a survey at a retreat and medical update for primary care physicians (PCPs) report that... 20 hours
HSE researchers uncover network structure of AIDS denialist online communities
NEWS MEDICAL HSE researchers examined the structure of online communities of Russian AIDS denialists - people who deny the reality of HIV and AIDS - and the manner in which... 20 hours
Merck, Pfizer and Corning join forces to modernize pharmaceutical glass packaging
NEWS MEDICAL Merck, Pfizer and Corning Incorporated today announced collaborations that have enabled the modernization of pharmaceutical packaging with the introduction of Corning Valor Glass. 20 hours
Advanced lung cancer patients get survival benefit with use of concurrent chemotherapy, proton therapy
NEWS MEDICAL For patients with advanced, inoperable stage 3 lung cancer, concurrent chemotherapy and the specialized radiation treatment, proton therapy, offers improved... 21 hours
University of Sussex receives £428K grant for skin cancer research
NEWS MEDICAL The University of Sussex is to carry out vital research into skin cancer thanks to a new grant from The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 21 hours
US FDA approves MRI especially for newborns
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Food and Drug Administration yesterday approved the first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device that can be specifically used in neonates or newborn babies. These MRI devices would be used for imaging of... 21 hours
Bone density measurement, fracture history can predict long-term fracture risk in older women
NEWS MEDICAL Factors such as low bone density and previous fractures are commonly used to predict an individual's risk of experiencing a fracture over... 21 hours
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy helps toddler survive brain damage – case report
NEWS MEDICAL Eden Carlson, a two year old child had fallen into the family swimming pool. She was rushed to medical care but her heart had stopped beating... 21 hours
Epigenetic dysregulation with age in normal breast tissue may contribute to cancer risk
NEWS MEDICAL Several known factors are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer including increasing age, being overweight after menopause, alcohol intake, and family history. 21 hours
GPs in sexual health services should ask patients about domestic violence and abuse
NEWS MEDICAL Training clinicians to proactively ask patients about domestic violence is feasible for sexual health clinics to implement and could increase referrals to specialist services,... 22 hours
UAlberta researchers find strong clues to underlying cause of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
NEWS MEDICAL UAlberta researchers believe they now have a clearer picture of why people living with HIV so commonly suffer from dementia and other neurocognitive disorders. 22 hours
aids deaths halve and 19 million people on life saving treatment AIDS deaths halve and 19 million people on life saving treatment
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Yesterday the UNAIDS released a report that showed for the first time a decline in the number of deaths due to AIDS. Now more than half... 22 hours
Study highlights vital factors that affect consumer choices for milk and nondairy beverages
NEWS MEDICAL In recent years, retail sales of fluid milk have experienced significant change and per capita consumption has decreased at a rate of... 22 hours
FDA clears first MRI device for neonatal brain and head imaging
NEWS MEDICAL Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the first magnetic resonance imaging device specifically for neonatal brain and head imaging in neonatal intensive care units. 1 day
Researchers show how hematopoietic stem cells detect and react to infections
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the University of Zurich have shown for the first time that hematopoietic stem cells detect infectious agents themselves and begin to divide - that... 1 day
Parents have substantial role in curbing drinking habits of adolescents
NEWS MEDICAL Fewer Australian teenagers are drinking alcohol but more needs to be done to curb the drinking habits of Aussie students, based on the findings of the latest study by Adelaide... 1 day
Study: Response to combination immunotherapy in melanoma depends on proportion of immune cells
NEWS MEDICAL Whether a melanoma patient will better respond to a single immunotherapy drug or two in combination depends on the abundance of certain... 1 day
Wastewater may become key ally in the fight against antibiotic-resistant microorganisms
NEWS MEDICAL Municipal wastewater may become a key ally in the fight against antibiotic-resistant disease-causing bacteria and fungi, a new study at Stellenbosch University found. 1 day
People who think they are less active than peers more likely to have shorter lifespan
NEWS MEDICAL Would you say that you are physically more active, less active, or about equally active as other people... 1 day
Study reveals existence of neural synchrony between two people involved in a conversation
NEWS MEDICAL The rhythms of brainwaves between two people taking part in a conversation begin to match each other. This is the conclusion of... 1 day
Study identifies new mutations linked to hereditary neuroendocrine tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas are rare neuroendocrine tumors with a strong hereditary component. Half the genes whose alterations confer hereditary susceptibility to develop this condition code for enzymes involved in the... 1 day
Researchers find new way to protect stem cells from inflammation during wound repair
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have found a new way to protect stem cells from harsh inflammation during wound repair. In a study recently published in... 1 day
Did Oxygen Therapy Really 'Reverse' Child's Brain Damage? Experts Are Skeptical
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Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment
Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment
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NASA invites you to become a citizen scientist during U.S. total solar eclipse
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Researchers work to improve recovery from tight shale reservoirs