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Intelligent Aliens Might Speak Our Language. And You Can Help Decode Their Messages.
LIVE SCIENCE Stay sharp! You may be needed to help decode a message from intelligent aliens someday. 9 hours
Do Animals Ever Get Sunburned?
LIVE SCIENCE Animals are at risk of sunburn, but do they ever burn their skin? 9 hours
Your Summer 'Base Tan' Is Wrecking Your Skin
LIVE SCIENCE There is no safe amount of tanning, and no amount of tanning that won't prematurely age your skin. 9 hours
What's the Absolutely Amazing Theory of Almost Everything?
LIVE SCIENCE Here's why the Standard Model of particle physics is seriously amazing. 1 day
Here's What NASA's 'Toasty' Camera Saw As It Melted After a SpaceX Launch
LIVE SCIENCE When a SpaceX rocket launches, it's awesome. But when a SpaceX rocket launch sparks a brush fire that melts a NASA photographer's... 1 day
World's Oldest Dandruff Left Behind by Very Embarrassed Dinosaurs
LIVE SCIENCE The world's oldest dandruff has been found in a feathered dinosaur fossil — and scientists are stoked. 1 day
What Is Blood Sugar?
LIVE SCIENCE Blood sugar, or glucose, is the main sugar found in blood. It is an important source of energy and provides nutrients to the body. 2 days
Intriguing Gold Coin and Other Treasures Uncovered in Egypt
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed the remains of a huge, red, brick building — likely the remnants of a Roman bath — as well as a mountain of treasures, including... 2 days
Scientists Say Elon Musk's 'Nano' Claims Don't Make Any Sense
LIVE SCIENCE The SpaceX and Tesla founder is having a very public meltdown right now, and making some weird claims about a prefix used in some sciences. 2 days
Seattle Mussels Test Positive for Opioids
LIVE SCIENCE Why are scientists searching for drugs in shellfish? 2 days
Extinct Doggos' Bone-Crushing Diet Preserved in Fossil Poop
LIVE SCIENCE Fossil poop provided scientists with the scoop on extinct dogs' bone-crushing diet. 2 days
Where Did the Deadly Nipah Virus Come From — And What Other Outbreaks Should We Expect?
LIVE SCIENCE Are deadly viruses lurking, waiting for the right moment to pop up and start an outbreak? 2 days
Massive Ice Highways Found Hiding Under Antarctica
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists have found huge valleys linking the smaller west Antarctic ice sheet to the massive east Antarctic ice sheet, hidden deep under the ice. 2 days
SpaceX's Elon Musk Proposes Media Company That Rates Journalists. Is He Serious?
LIVE SCIENCE What's behind his posts? Is it just another Musk prank, or is he actually serious about the idea? 2 days
Could Eating More Seafood Help Couples Conceive?
LIVE SCIENCE Eating seafood twice a week could up your odds of getting pregnant. 2 days
World's Largest Pterosaur Jawbone Discovered in Transylvania
LIVE SCIENCE This enormous jaw would have let the beast down turtles and other oversized meals. 2 days
Why Is NOAA's Brand-New, Billion-Dollar Weather Satellite Going Blind?
LIVE SCIENCE NOAA's GOES-17 was supposed to watch for deadly storms and dust clouds in the Western Hemisphere. Instead, it's spending half the day blind. 3 days
How the Keto Diet Helps Prevent Seizures: Gut Bacteria May Be Key
LIVE SCIENCE Long before the "keto diet" became trendy, it was used to treat seizures in people with epilepsy. Now, a new study finds gut bacteria... 3 days
Active Hurricane Season Ahead, NOAA Says
LIVE SCIENCE Will hurricane season in 2018 be as intense as last year's? 3 days
Stronger-Than-Average Hurricane Season Is Heading Our Way
LIVE SCIENCE Will hurricane season in 2018 be as intense as last year's? 3 days
Can You Teach Evolution Without Saying the Word? Arizona Is About to Find Out.
LIVE SCIENCE Mentions of evolution could be replaced with "change over time," according to the state's superintendent. 3 days
This NASA Camera Melted During a SpaceX Rocket Launch, But the Photos Survived!
LIVE SCIENCE Veteran NASA photographer Bill Ingalls is no stranger to rocket launches, but even he seemed surprised when one of his remote cameras... 3 days
Will AI Ever Become Conscious?
LIVE SCIENCE How might artificial intelligence achieve consciousness? 3 days
Why Eerie Blue Flames Just Erupted from Hawaiian Volcano
LIVE SCIENCE Eerie blue flames flared from the ground on Hawaii's Big Island on Tuesday night (May 22), marking a rarely seen phenomenon that can arise during volcanic eruptions. 3 days
Clothes Treated with 'Hot Feet' Coating Could Keep Ticks Away
LIVE SCIENCE Spray clothes with permethrin, researchers found, and ticks tend to fall off them and die. 3 days
Here's What We Know About Russia's Hypersonic Waverider Weapon
LIVE SCIENCE Warnings of a Russian hypersonic weapon that the U.S. can't defend against may have had you running for the bomb shelter last week. But what, exactly, is this weapon, and... 3 days
HIV Can Lie Dormant in the Brain. Here's What That Means.
LIVE SCIENCE The HIV virus, which causes AIDS, has long been known to target and disable cells of the immune system, which are responsible for fighting off invading... 3 days
How Long Does It Take a Parked Car to Reach Deadly Hot Temperatures?
LIVE SCIENCE It's well known that a car parked outside on a hot summer's day can turn into a scorching oven. But how fast... 3 days
How Did a 'Lava Bomb' Split a Man's Leg Open?
LIVE SCIENCE Lava bombs are red-hot cannonballs of gooey lava, and they are incredibly dangerous for people near an eruption. 4 days
How Bats Could Help Scientists Stop Ebola Outbreaks Before They Start
LIVE SCIENCE What if scientists were able to predict Ebola outbreaks and stop them before they even started? 4 days
Summer Grilling Could Expose Your Skin to Cancer-Causing Chemicals
LIVE SCIENCE Summer barbecues may expose you to potentially cancer-causing chemicals in a surprising way: The chemicals may literally get under your skin. 4 days
Scientists to Hunt for Loch Ness Monster DNA
LIVE SCIENCE Could DNA sequencing finally reveal whether the Loch Ness monster exists? 4 days
Mysterious Ailment Strikes US Employee in China, Drawing Comparisons to Cuba 'Sonic Attacks'
LIVE SCIENCE A U.S. government employee experienced mysterious symptoms after working at a U.S. consulate in China, in a case that's being likened to... 4 days
Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend?
LIVE SCIENCE Good news for weekend snoozers. 4 days
Mysterious Ailment Strikes U.S. Employee in China, Drawing Comparisons to Cuba 'Sonic Attacks'
LIVE SCIENCE A U.S. government employee experienced mysterious symptoms after working at a U.S. consulate in China, in a case that's being likened to... 4 days
This Mysterious, Deep-Sea Jellyfish Looks Like the Ghost of an Alien
LIVE SCIENCE A remotely operated vehicle named Hercules filmed a rarely seen jellyfish that looks like a cross between an alien and a pinkish makeup bag. 4 days
Summer BBQs Could Expose Your Skin to Cancer-Causing Chemicals
LIVE SCIENCE Summer barbecues may expose you to potentially cancer-causing chemicals in a surprising way: The chemicals may literally get under your skin. 4 days
Sunscreen Pills Are Fake, FDA Warns
LIVE SCIENCE As summer approaches, the FDA warns that there is no such thing as a sunscreen pill. 4 days
Does Humanity Need a Backup Earth?
LIVE SCIENCE SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has a vision: He wants to get humans to Mars as soon as possible. Is that humanity's best option? 4 days
These Two Angry, Yelling Lynx Are Probably Fighting About Sex
LIVE SCIENCE A viral video shows two lynx yelling at one another along the side of a road in Ontario, Canada. An expert tells Live Science the fight was likely... 5 days
Archaeologists Just Discovered the Mangled Remains of a Slaughtered Barbarian Tribe in Denmark
LIVE SCIENCE 2,000 years ago, a ragtag group of Germanic tribesmen was slaughtered in battle. How they were buried has archaeologists turning their heads. 5 days
Archaeologists Find 'Holy Grail of Shipwrecks' Carrying Stash Worth Up to $17 Billion
LIVE SCIENCE After 310 years at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, the Spanish San José shipwreck has finally been identified. 5 days
Aliens Could 'Slingshot' Their Way Off Earth-Like Worlds (Well, Maybe)
LIVE SCIENCE Slingshot your way to space. 5 days
Sally Ride Is Getting Her Own Forever Stamp
LIVE SCIENCE Physicist Sally Ride, the first American woman in space and the first astronaut to come out as having a same-sex partner, will have her likeness on a stamp. 5 days
Giant Hammerhead Worms Have Been Invading France for Decades
LIVE SCIENCE Invasive hammerhead flatworms have been quietly infiltrating French ecosystems since 1999. 5 days
What Is Nipah Virus? Outbreak in India Kills at Least 10
LIVE SCIENCE At least 10 people in India have died from a rare virus known as Nipah virus, according to news reports. 5 days
Nuclear Detectives Hunt Invisible Particles That Escaped the World's Largest Atom Smasher
LIVE SCIENCE The Large Hadron Collider hasn't found any new physics since the Higgs boson. A team of outsider physicists think they know why. 5 days
Forgotten Element Could Redefine Time
LIVE SCIENCE Why are scientists trying to make precise clocks even more precise? 5 days
Here's Why Saturn's Inner Moons Are Shaped Like Ravioli and Potatoes
LIVE SCIENCE The odd shapes of the inner moons of Saturn, from ravioli to potatoes, may be due to mergers of tiny moonlets, a new study finds. 5 days
The 'Best' Sunscreens of 2018: What to Look For
LIVE SCIENCE About two-thirds of sunscreens available in the U.S. offer subpar protection or contain ingredients that may harm your health, a new report finds. 5 days
3D printed sugar offers sweet solution for tissue engineering, device manufacturing
World's first crabbing of a proton beam
New 'eDNA' method to help monitor UK aquatic diversity
After you die, some things in your body keep on ticking, this video reveals
Science Magazine
Can seaweed relieve gassy cows on dairy farms?
Ultrasound-firewall for mobile phones
The changing shape of DNA
Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers
400 million year-old evolutionary arms race helps researchers understand HIV
Scientists shrink chemistry lab to seek evidence of life on Mars
NASA satellites provide a 3-way analysis of Tropical Cyclone Mekun
Video: Chameleons are masters of nanotechnology
Versions of Han Solo's blaster exist – and they're way more powerful than real lightsabers would be
How researchers are teaching AI to learn like a child
Science Magazine
Sandpaper figs make food, fire, medicine and a cosy home for wasps