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Scientists Want to Know What ;) Really Means
LIVE SCIENCE Are emojis the new body language? Right now, all scientists can say is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — which is why psychologists are calling for more research into why people use these symbols to communicate,... 43 minutes
Later Gator! Video of Giant 'Humpback' Alligator Goes Viral
LIVE SCIENCE A video of a massive alligator crossing a trail in Florida swampland has gone viral, but the creature's massive size isn't all that unusual. 1 hour
Murderous Mickey: 'Zombie' Mice Triggered with Predatory Gene
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists triggered mice's kill instinct. 1 hour
Goodnight, Colo! Oldest Gorilla in the US Dies in Sleep
LIVE SCIENCE Colo, the world's oldest known gorilla and the first gorilla born in captivity in the U.S., has died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 60. 4 hours
Small Honor: Tiny Moth Named for Trump
LIVE SCIENCE A miniscule moth with a wingspan measuring only 0.4 inches (9 millimeters) is the first species to be named for the soon-to-be president of the United States, Donald Trump. 4 hours
3-Year Search Ends for Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
LIVE SCIENCE The official search for MH370 was called off nearly three years after the plane vanished without a trace over the Indian Ocean. 6 hours
Facts About Malaysian Flight 370: Passengers, Crew & Aircraft
LIVE SCIENCE The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been suspended. Here are some facts about the passengers, crew, aircraft and airline. 6 hours
Can Marijuana Treat MS Symptoms?
LIVE SCIENCE Many anecdotal reports suggest cannabis can help alleviate MS symptoms, but research with cannabis is difficult to carry out. 6 hours
Well, That Sucks: Vampire Bats Found Drinking Human Blood
LIVE SCIENCE Unlike mythical vampires, vampire bats do not prey on humans — or do they? 7 hours
Why Adults Diagnosed with Asthma May Not Actually Have It
LIVE SCIENCE Many adults diagnosed with asthma may not actually have the disease, a new study from Canada suggests. 7 hours
Live and Let Die: James Bond's Smoking Habits Over the Years
LIVE SCIENCE When it comes to vices, James Bond may be known for martinis, but a new study finds that he's been quite the smoker as well. 8 hours
Were Egyptian 'Pot Burials' a Symbol of Rebirth?
LIVE SCIENCE Ancient Egyptians who buried their deceased kin in pots may have chosen the burial vessels as symbols of the womb and rebirth, scientists argue in a new paper. 8 hours
pendant just like anne frank s discovered at nazi death camp Pendant Just Like Anne Frank's Discovered at Nazi Death Camp
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO A necklace uncovered at Sobibór is nearly identical to the one that belonged to Anne Frank. 11 hours
Mysterious Planet Nine May Be a Captured 'Rogue' World
LIVE SCIENCE The putative Planet Nine may be a former "rogue planet" that was captured by our solar system at some point in the past, a new study suggests. 11 hours
In Photos: Girls' Hut Found at Nazi Death Camp
LIVE SCIENCE During excavations at the Sobibór Nazi death camp, archaeologists found the hut where women and girls would be undressed before going to the gas chambers. They also found personal items... 11 hours
Cup of Joe Could Fight Age-Related Inflammation
LIVE SCIENCE Drinking coffee may reduce the inflammatory processes that naturally come with age, researchers said. 1 day
In Photos: 'Human Swan' Shadows Endangered Birds on Annual Migration
LIVE SCIENCE See how one scientists followed endangered Bewick's swans on their annual three-month migration. 1 day
New Icy Island Forms as Arctic Glacier Retreats
LIVE SCIENCE The rapid retreat of the Coronation Glacier in Canada's Arctic region is remaking the landscape. 1 day
What Shaped King's Prophetic Voice?
LIVE SCIENCE Martin Luther King Jr. used a prophetic voice in his preaching - a hopeful voice that addressed human tragedy. But it was the black clerics who came before him, who helped King develop that voice. 1 day
'Human Swan' Trails Endangered Birds on Epic 4,500-Mile Migration
LIVE SCIENCE A paragliding scientist dubbed the "Human Swan" touched down in the west of England after flying 4,500 miles to document the annual winter migrations of an endangered species of swan. 1 day
Preserving Bodies in a Deep Freeze: 50 Years Later
LIVE SCIENCE An experiment half a century ago created an industry that specializes in freezing the dead. Many scientists think the chance of reviving them is slim. 3 days
Shocking the Brain: The Wild History of Electroconvulsive Therapy
LIVE SCIENCE Critics have portrayed shock treatment as a form of medical abuse. Yet many psychiatrists, and more importantly, patients, consider it to be safe and effective. Few medical treatments have such... 3 days
Photos: Biblical-Era Fortress Discovered in Israel
LIVE SCIENCE A gatehouse has been uncovered during recent excavations at an ancient mining camp in southern Israel. Here's a look at the excavations and fortress system found. 3 days
Facts About Bumblebees
LIVE SCIENCE Bumblebees are very important pollinators. Without them, food wouldn't grow. 4 days
Phew! Taking Selfies Doesn't Make You a Narcissist
LIVE SCIENCE Sure, it's easy to label selfie-takers as self-obsessed, but a new small study finds that snapping photos of yourself doesn't necessarily mean you're a narcissist. 4 days
Why More Americans in Their 50s and 60s Are Smoking Pot
LIVE SCIENCE Older Americans are among the fastest growing groups of pot users, and now researchers are trying to figure out why. 4 days
What a Pickle: 13,000 Condiment Jars Unearthed in the UK
LIVE SCIENCE A buried cache of 13,000 jars and pots dating to the 19th and early 20th centuries was recently unearthed in the United Kingdom. 4 days
Two Days Aloft: 'Vanilla' Drone Breaks Endurance Record
LIVE SCIENCE DARPA's 'Vanilla' drone claimed a record with a 56-hour flight. 4 days
Elusive Ruby Seadragons Show Off on Camera for First Time
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists spotted two ruby seadragons in the wild, the first ever siting of live specimen. 4 days
5 Ways to Have a Healthier Weekend
LIVE SCIENCE Don't let the weekend ruin your New Year's health resolutions 4 days
Can Cannabis Oil Help Heal Wounds?
LIVE SCIENCE A middle-age man in Canada with oral cancer found that medical cannabis oil may have helped to slightly reduce the size of a wound on his cheek. 4 days
Megalodon's Demise: Why Earth's Largest Shark Went Extinct
LIVE SCIENCE Fossilized bones riddled with enormous shark bite marks reveal the mega shark's main prey and why Megalodon went extinct. 4 days
Just 20 Minutes of Walking May Reduce Inflammation in Your Body
LIVE SCIENCE Just 20 minutes of exercise may help fight inflammation in the body, a new study suggests. 4 days
New You: Personality May Change After Therapy
LIVE SCIENCE Is your personality set for life? A new study finds that people's personality can change after they receive treatment for a mental health condition. 4 days
Photos: Artifacts of a Failed Spanish Colony
LIVE SCIENCE A summer expedition to Pensacola Bay in Florida has turned up the third of six ships lost in 1559 due to a hurricane. Here's a look at the shipwreck and artifacts found onboard. 4 days
Wreck of 16th-Century Spanish Ship Found Off Florida Coast
LIVE SCIENCE The third of six sunken Spanish ships that were lost in a hurricane in 1559 has been discovered off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. 4 days
Sophisticated Defense System Discovered at Biblical-Era Mining Camp
LIVE SCIENCE Archaeologists revealed a fortified gatehouse and donkey stables at a biblical-era copper mining camp in southern Israel. 4 days
Alien Glow? Brilliant Light Pillars Appear Over Canada
LIVE SCIENCE An amateur photographer captured brilliant images of light pillars in northern Ontario, revealing the beauty of these shafts of light reflecting off ice crystals. 4 days
Astronaut's View of the Rocky Mountains from Space Is Just Amazing
LIVE SCIENCE Astronaut Thomas Pesquet just took "Rocky Mountain High" to a whole new level with this incredible photo of the Rocky Mountains taken from the International Space... 4 days
Not So Scary? 'Unlucky' 13's Other Meanings
LIVE SCIENCE Not everything about 13 is designed to induce fear. Thirteen has other meanings as well. 4 days
Kangaroo Rat Vs. Rattlesnake: Little Critter's 'Elastic' Advantage | Video
LIVE SCIENCE Biologists from the University of California at Riverside used high-speed cameras to study predator-prey interactions in the wild. 4 days
High-Speed Video Captures Amazing Viper Strike in the Wild
LIVE SCIENCE For the first time, scientists have captured high-speed video of a viper striking at its prey in the wild. 4 days
Russia Jammed Your Satellites? US Military Develops Undersea Network as Backup
LIVE SCIENCE DARPA's 'plan B' for tactical military communications is a high-speed, fiber-optic network on the high seas. 5 days
How Healthy Is Your Diet? New Urine Test Can Tell
LIVE SCIENCE You are what you pee, science says. 5 days
Just How Safe Are Vaccines? Here Are the Numbers
LIVE SCIENCE Numerous studies show that vaccines are safe and effective, and that serious side effects are rare. 5 days
Baboons Vocalizations Hint at Origins of Human Speech
LIVE SCIENCE Baboons use distinct vowel-like sounds in their calls. 5 days
Just How Safe Are Vaccines? Here the Numbers
LIVE SCIENCE Numerous studies show that vaccines are safe and effective, and that serious side effects are rare. 5 days
'Pineapple Express' Triggers Floods in California, NASA Animation Shows
LIVE SCIENCE NASA satellites spied a so-called atmospheric river passing over the state. 5 days
'Donkey Kong' Smashes Neuroscientists in Thought Experiment
LIVE SCIENCE Modern neuroscience is fairly inept at decoding the workings of the Atari 2600 console, a new study finds. 5 days
The Science of Fashion: What's Really Driving the Fuller Lip Trend?
LIVE SCIENCE A quick scroll through Instagram may leave you with the impression that full lips are in style at this very moment, but a new scientific analysis... 5 days
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