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How Brain's 'Helper Cells' Could Contribute to Schizophrenia
LIVE SCIENCE Brain cells called glial cells from people with schizophrenia are highly dysfunctional, a new study finds. 1 hour
Be Cautious of Birth Control Apps, Experts Say
LIVE SCIENCE An app approved as contraception in Europe may not be as foolproof as advertised. 2 hours
How Sugary Drinks May Change the Way Your Body Burns Fat
LIVE SCIENCE Washing down your bacon cheeseburger with a big, cold soda may trigger the body to store more fat than it would if you drank something without... 2 hours
How Two Bodies Stayed Mummified for 75 Years in a Swiss Glacier
LIVE SCIENCE The two bodies were so well preserved thanks to the cold and dry conditions deep within the ice. 2 hours
How 'Bad' Gut Bacteria Can Change Their Evil Ways
LIVE SCIENCE The idea that gut bacteria can either be "good" or "bad" may not tell the whole story. 3 hours
Cool the Planet? Geoengineering Is Easier Said Than Done
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists are exploring ways to re-engineer the planet to counter the effects of global warming. 3 hours
did oxygen therapy really reverse child s brain damage experts are skeptical Did Oxygen Therapy Really 'Reverse' Child's Brain Damage? Experts Are Skeptical
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO Two doctors claim to have used controversial oxygen treatments to reverse brain damage in a 2-year-old, but other experts are very skeptical of the claim. 3 hours
Sour Note: In Ancient Rome, Lemons Were Only for the Rich
LIVE SCIENCE Citrus trees — including lemon, orange, lime and pomelo trees — are native to Southeast Asia, so how on Earth did they end up in the... 5 hours
Magic Bots: Vine-Inspired Robots Can Grow on Demand
LIVE SCIENCE Robots that mimic ivy vines can grow thousands of times their original lengths at speeds faster than the average person can run, a new study finds. 5 hours
Don't Believe the Spin: Fidget Spinners Have No Proven Benefits
LIVE SCIENCE There is no evidence that fidget spinners offer any benefits for ADHD, autism or anxiety, a small new review study reveals. 6 hours
The Science of Cooking Oils: Which Are Really the Healthiest?
LIVE SCIENCE There are lot of options for cooking oils these days. But which are really the healthiest? We talked to nutrition experts and took a deep look at what's... 6 hours
History's 1st Emoji? Ancient Pitcher Shows a Smiley Face
LIVE SCIENCE The iconic smiley face may seem like a modern squiggle, but the discovery of a smiley face-like painting on an ancient piece of pottery suggests that it may be much... 6 hours
Gold Rush! Oroville Spillway Emergency Creates Bonanza of Gold
LIVE SCIENCE The Oroville Spillway emergency may have led to an increase in gold particles in the rivers of the Sierra Nevada. 11 hours
Huge Underground Lab Seeks to Explain 'Ghosts of the Universe'
LIVE SCIENCE Today, scientists will break ground on a huge underground neutrino laboratory that they hope will reveal something about the rules that govern the universe. 11 hours
Solar Eclipse Day Craziness Could Resemble the Zombie Apocalypse — Are You Ready?
LIVE SCIENCE Only one month left until the Great American Eclipse passes across the continental United States. 11 hours
Archaeologists Return to Legendary Birthplace of King Arthur
LIVE SCIENCE The legendary birthplace of King Arthur could give up its secrets about early medieval life in Britain. 11 hours
Indian Culture: Traditions and Customs of India
LIVE SCIENCE India is one of the world's oldest and most diverse cultures. Here is an overview of Indian customs and traditions. 21 hours
Cecil the Lion's Son Shot Dead, 2 Years After His Father
LIVE SCIENCE The 6-year-old son of Cecil the Lion was shot and killed on July 7 just outside Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, meeting the same end his... 1 day
The Weather Forecast for August, September and October? Hot!
LIVE SCIENCE Grab that iced tea — much of the U.S. has had a hot summer so far, and it's only going to get hotter, according to a report released today (July... 1 day
'Atypical' Mad Cow Case Identified in Alabama
LIVE SCIENCE A cow in Alabama recently tested positive for the neurological disorder commonly known as mad cow disease. 1 day
Chipotle Outbreak: How Does Norovirus Get into Restaurant Food?
LIVE SCIENCE The "stomach bug" norovirus is behind the latest outbreak of foodborne illness linked to Chipotle, according to health officials. 1 day
Tuna Fins Are Weirder Than You Think
LIVE SCIENCE Tuna fish repurpose their lymphatic system to control their movement. 1 day
NYC to DC in 30 Minutes? Elon Musk Claims Verbal OK for Hyperloop
LIVE SCIENCE Elon Musk recently announced on Twitter that he had received "verbal government approval" for his Boring Company to build a superfast Hyperloop... 1 day
NYC to DC in 30 Minutes? Musk Claims Verbal OK for Hyperloop
LIVE SCIENCE Elon Musk recently announced on Twitter that he had received "verbal government approval" for his Boring Company to build a superfast Hyperloop transit system... 1 day
Boy Face-Plants Right Onto a Million-Year-Old Stegomastodon Skull
LIVE SCIENCE A 9-year-old boy hiking in the Las Cruces desert in New Mexico recently tripped over what is now thought to be a 1.2-million-year-old Stegomastodon skull. 1 day
5,000-Year-Long Tsunami Record Found in Guano-Encrusted Sumatran Cave
LIVE SCIENCE The discovery of sediment layers in a seaside cave represents the longest record of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, and the clearest record of tsunamis anywhere in the world. 1 day
Why Dog Breeds Look So Very Different, But Cats Don't
LIVE SCIENCE Why don't pedigreed cats show the extremes in body size and shape that dog breeds do? 1 day
Unusual Phobia: Researchers Suggest New Reason for Fear of Bubbles
LIVE SCIENCE Trypophobia is an unusual phobia -- people feel strongly disgusted when they see clusters of circle-shaped objects, such as bubbles or holes. 1 day
Advanced Vision Algorithm Helps Robots Learn to See in 3D
LIVE SCIENCE Researchers are improving the ability of robots to identify three-dimensional objects even if their shape is partially obscured. 1 day
Sen. John McCain's Brain Cancer: What Are Glioblastomas?
LIVE SCIENCE Senator John McCain was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called a glioblastoma, his office said yesterday (July 19). 1 day
1 in 3 Cases of Dementia Could Be Prevented by Healthier Lifestyles
LIVE SCIENCE Strategies aimed at helping people to be healthy could help to decrease the global numbers of dementia cases. 1 day
Senator John McCain's Brain Cancer: What Are Glioblastomas?
LIVE SCIENCE Senator John McCain was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called a glioblastoma, his office said yesterday (July 19). 1 day
Humans Arrived in Australia 65,000 Years Ago
LIVE SCIENCE A new study pushes back the first known evidence of human activity in Australia - to 65,000 years ago. 1 day
Will Melting Permafrost Release Global 'Methane Bomb'?
LIVE SCIENCE Rising global temperatures are melting areas of permafrost that hold enormous stores of planet warming gases — but the risk of a doomsday methane bomb remains low. 1 day
Elon Musk Calls for Moon Base
LIVE SCIENCE Elon Musk may be focused primarily on Mars, but he'd also like to see a human outpost on a world much closer to home. 1 day
13 Bizarre Things That Washed Up on Beaches
LIVE SCIENCE What's that on the beach? Unusual objects can stump even ocean experts. 1 day
What Are Selenium Supplements?
LIVE SCIENCE Selenium supplements are taken by people who want to prevent cancer, heart disease, memory loss and diabetes. But does taking selenium work? Here's a look at what the science says. 2 days
Mexican Culture: Customs & Traditions
LIVE SCIENCE The culture of Mexico varies widely throughout the country, but traditions are highly valued. 2 days
REM vs. Non-REM Sleep: The Stages of Sleep
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists once thought that sleep was a time when a person's brain and body shut down for the night. But now, researchers know that sleep is a highly active time. 2 days
Pregnant Women Can Do These 2 Things to Lower Odds of a C-Section
LIVE SCIENCE Women may have another reason to eat healthy and exercise during pregnancy: These behaviors may lower their odds of having a cesarean... 2 days
New High: Nearly Half of Americans Have Tried Pot, Gallup Poll Says
LIVE SCIENCE The percentage of Americans who say they've tried pot has reached a new high. 2 days
Deadly Kiss: Can a Baby Contract a Lethal Virus from a Cold Sore?
LIVE SCIENCE A newborn baby in Iowa died this week from an infection with the virus that causes cold sores, which she likely contracted... 2 days
Yes, Dads Give Kids Less-Healthy Food: Here's Why
LIVE SCIENCE New research shows that dads really do make less-healthy choices when feeding the family — and this can take a toll on moms. 2 days
Surprise Fertility Treatment: How a Cancer Drug Helped One Woman Get Pregnant
LIVE SCIENCE In a surprising case, a drug that is normally toxic to ovaries actually helped one woman get pregnant. 2 days
Rare Human Syndrome May Explain Why Dogs are So Friendly
LIVE SCIENCE Dogs and people with Williams syndrome may both owe their sociable personalities to changes in the same genes. 2 days
6 Ways Apple Messed Up Its T. Rex Emoji
LIVE SCIENCE Apple's new green-and-toothy Tyrannosaurus rex emoji may be cute, but its anatomy is wildly inaccurate, a paleontologist told Live Science. 2 days
The Larsen C Iceberg Is Already Cracking Up
LIVE SCIENCE It's been less than a week, but the Larsen C ice shelf and the iceberg it calved are already changing. 2 days
Humans Have Produced Whopping 9 Billion Tons of Plastic
LIVE SCIENCE Since large-scale manufacturing of plastics took off in the 1950s and until 2015, humans have produced approximately 9 billion tons of plastic. 2 days
Exhuming Salvador Dalí: Paternity Suit Leads to Artist's Grave
LIVE SCIENCE In a surreal development almost worthy of one of his paintings, Salvador Dalí's grave is scheduled to be opened in an effort to collect DNA samples that could settle a... 2 days
Did Oxygen Therapy Really 'Reverse' Child's Brain Damage? Experts Are Skeptical
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