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Siberian Crater Mystery: Are Exploding Gas Pockets Really to Blame?
LIVE SCIENCE Reports of methane explosions in Siberia may be premature. 26 minutes
After Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact, Life Re-Emerged Quickly
LIVE SCIENCE Life re-emerged at the site of the dino-killing asteroid's impact at roughly the same time it began to thrive around the globe, despite suffering from worse conditions. 1 hour
Ingestible Snake Robot Could Slither Through Your Intestines
LIVE SCIENCE A bizarrely undulating wave robot could one day slither its way through your intestines, visualizing the interior space. 2 hours
Playing 'Tetris' After Trauma May Reduce Bad Flashbacks
LIVE SCIENCE Playing Tetris shortly after a traumatic event, such as a car crash, may reduce the risk of developing intrusive "flashbacks" of the event, a new study suggests. 5 hours
Ancient Assyrian Tomb with 10 Skeletons Discovered in Iraq
LIVE SCIENCE Construction workers accidentally discovered a vaulted tomb, and 10 skeletons, dating back to the time of the Assyrian Empire in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. 5 hours
Obese or Not? It's Time to Rethink BMI, Researchers Argue
LIVE SCIENCE Should obesity be redefined? 10 hours
Trump to Scrap Clean Power Plan: What That Means for Earth
LIVE SCIENCE President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday (March 28) that will dismantle the Clean Power Plan, according to news sources. 16 hours
Pregnant Giraffe Keeps Anxious Viewers Waiting
LIVE SCIENCE Millions of internet viewers are tensely following the video feed featuring April the pregnant giraffe — who is still pregnant. 16 hours
Kim Kardashian Wants a 3rd Baby: How Dangerous Is Placenta Accreta?
LIVE SCIENCE Kim Kardashian wants to have a third baby. Here's how risky that could be for her. 19 hours
Mount Etna: Photos of the Largest Active Volcano in Europe
LIVE SCIENCE Check out these spectacular images of one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. 20 hours
Entomologist Couple Donated $10M Bug Collection to University | Video
LIVE SCIENCE Amassed over 60 years of field work, the donation is considered one of the world’s largest and most important private insect collections. 20 hours
Massive Gold Coin Worth Millions Was Stolen From German Museum
LIVE SCIENCE The "Big Maple Leaf" coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007 and could be worth millions of dollars. 21 hours
NASA Uses AI to Detect and Snap Images of Volcanic Eruptions
LIVE SCIENCE A satellite headed for retirement autonomously captured photos of a volcano erupting. 22 hours
Spinach Leaf Transformed into Beating Heart Tissue | Video
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists transformed a simple spinach leaf into human heart cells that can beat and carry blood. 22 hours
Mummy of Ancient Egyptian Nobleman Discovered Along Nile River
LIVE SCIENCE A 3,800-year-old tomb holding the mummy of Shemai, the younger brother of a powerful governor, has been discovered along the Nile River in Egypt. 22 hours
Reel Threat: How Recreational Fishing Endangers Freshwater Turtles
LIVE SCIENCE Swallowed fishhooks are a deadly and unexplored threat to freshwater turtles, and a new study is the first to estimate the impact of fishhook deaths on turtle populations. 23 hours
Flying Through Auroras: Airline Carries Passengers into Southern Lights
LIVE SCIENCE On March 23, the first charter flight to see the aurora australis — the southern lights — took flight from Dunedin Airport in New Zealand. 23 hours
There Are at Least 79 Obesity 'Syndromes'
LIVE SCIENCE When it comes to obesity, there's more than meets the eye: A new review of studies from Canada suggests that obesity comes in at least 79 different forms that are linked to people's genes,... 1 day
Flying Through Aurora: Airline Carries Passengers into Southern Lights
LIVE SCIENCE VIDEO On March 23, the first charter flight to see the aurora australis — the southern lights — took flight from Dunedin Airport in New Zealand. 1 day
How Did Celibacy Become Mandatory for Priests?
LIVE SCIENCE Recent comments of Pope Francis suggest an openness to priestly marriage. A scholar shows how early church practices did not include mandatory celibacy for priests. 1 day
Book Excerpt: 'Surviving Death' (US 2017)
LIVE SCIENCE In "Surviving Death," Leslie Kean reveals stunning and wide-ranging evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death. 1 day
Can People Allergic to Nuts Still Eat Some Types?
LIVE SCIENCE Some nuts may be OK for those with allergies, a new study says. 1 day
Can Water Naturally Flow Uphill?
LIVE SCIENCE Earth's gravity is strong, but can water ever naturally go against it and flow uphill? 2 days
Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Breaks Orbital Record
LIVE SCIENCE The current mission of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane is now the longest in the clandestine program's history. 2 days
What the Heaven's Gate Suicides Say About American Culture
LIVE SCIENCE Twenty years ago, the paranoia that consumed cults like Heaven's Gate existed on the margins of American society. Such beliefs in conspiracies has moved toward the center of our culture,... 3 days
How Often Do Ice Ages Happen?
LIVE SCIENCE The last ice age led to the rise of the woolly mammoth and the vast expansion of glaciers, but it's just one of many that has chilled Earth throughout the planet's 4.5-billion-year history. 3 days
In Photos: Beautiful Butterflies of the American Deserts
LIVE SCIENCE By mid-February in the three great hot and dry deserts of the American West, wildflowers turn stark desert landscapes into a sea of color. 3 days
Why One Woman Had Oil in Her Lung for Decades
LIVE SCIENCE An elderly woman in Florida had oil in her lungs for decades from a now-outdated procedure she received to treat tuberculosis. 4 days
Amazon Shows Its Age: Scientists Say River No Younger Than 9 Million
LIVE SCIENCE Understanding the river's origins will give scientists more information about a consequential body of water. 4 days
Why People Say 'You' When They Mean 'Me'
LIVE SCIENCE Sometimes "you" doesn't mean "you," a new study finds. 4 days
Kentucky Woman Develops Rare Bacterial Infection After Childbirth
LIVE SCIENCE In a rare case, a woman in the United States developed the bacterial infection tetanus after giving birth at home, according to a new report. 4 days
On the Lam: 10 of the Greatest Animal Escape Artists
LIVE SCIENCE From an orangutan that broke free three times to a capybara duo that stole headlines, here are tales of some of the greatest animal escape artists. 4 days
Nom Nom Nom: Prehistoric Human Bones Show Signs of Cannibalism
LIVE SCIENCE Human cannibals likely took a big bite out of their fellow humans about 10,000 years ago, according to a study that examined prehistoric bones with scratch and bite... 4 days
World's First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019
LIVE SCIENCE Remote-controlled robots will journey to the bottom of the ocean in search of copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, and platinum as global demand for minerals surges. 4 days
Female Cockroaches Sync Up Their Virgin Births
LIVE SCIENCE Female roaches are quicker to give virgin birth, or birth without sex, when in the company of other females. 4 days
Americans Are Having Less Sex: By the Numbers
LIVE SCIENCE Something's up in bedrooms across America that's driving sexual activity down. 4 days
King Tut's Grandmom? Huge Alabaster Statue Unearthed Along Nile
LIVE SCIENCE A statue carved in alabaster that possibly represents King Tut's grandmother ― Queen Tiye ― has been unearthed on the west bank of Luxor along the Nile River. 4 days
NY Court Hears 'Personhood' Case for Caged Chimps
LIVE SCIENCE A New York appeals court considers whether chimpanzees are entitled to a human's legal rights. 4 days
New Striped Rain-Frog Species Discovered in Ecuador’s Cloud Forests
LIVE SCIENCE The species was discovered during an expedition to study a similar rainfrog. 4 days
3 Rivers Just Became Legal 'Persons'
LIVE SCIENCE New Zealand's Whanganui River and the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers in India have been given the right to "sue" over issues like pollution. The challenge now is to ensure these legal rights are enforced. 4 days
British WWI Stash Uncovered: Hundreds of Liquor Bottles
LIVE SCIENCE Hundreds of World War I-era liquor bottles have been uncovered at a buried British barracks in Israel. A glass expert says the bottles once held wine, beer and soda. 4 days
The State Dept. Rewrote Its Climate Change Page
LIVE SCIENCE New website language provides clues for how the State Department will address climate change. 4 days
Ancient Rock Carvings Depicting Masked People Discovered in Egypt
LIVE SCIENCE The newly discovered rock carvings date back around 6,000 years, before there were any pharaohs. 4 days
Facts About Newts
LIVE SCIENCE Newts are small semi-aquatic amphibians that possess some interesting characteristics. For example, their skin is toxic and they can regenerate amputated limbs. "Astronewts" have also flown in space. 5 days
A Brief History of Dinosaurs
LIVE SCIENCE Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 135 million years. There were many types of dinosaurs, in all shapes and sizes. 5 days
Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers Are Due to Random DNA 'Mistakes'
LIVE SCIENCE Cancer is a disease cause by mistakes in DNA, and now a new study finds that majority of these mistakes are completely random — they're not due to... 5 days
Alcohol & Heart Health: New Study Untangles the Effects
LIVE SCIENCE When it comes to alcohol and heart health, the back and forth between findings can leave you feeling dizzy. 5 days
US Military's 'Gremlin' Program Lets Pilots Launch and Snag Drones in Midair
LIVE SCIENCE The fairy tale-inspired "Gremlin" program aims to launch and retrieve drones in midair. 5 days
King George's Letters Betray Madness, Computer Finds
LIVE SCIENCE Hundreds of letters written by King George III of England support a modern diagnosis of madness during his later years. 5 days
11 Ways Your Beloved Pet May Make You Sick
LIVE SCIENCE Just like other members of your family, pets can also give you their germs. 5 days
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Ubiquitous marine organism co-evolved with other microbes, promoting more complex ecosystems
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When did humans settle down? The house mouse may have the answer
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Docking Port Relocated at Space Station to Support Commercial Spacecraft
What about a mission to Titan?
35 years of chiptune's influence on electronic music
Flying Through Aurora: Airline Carries Passengers into Southern Lights
Archival photos offer research value
Citizen search for new planet in solar system