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Did Abraham Lincoln's Bromance Alter the Course of American History?
LIVE SCIENCE It was a friendship that proved redemptive for Lincoln, helping him through two serious, suicidal bouts of depression that threatened his relationship with his future wife and his... 17 hours
Ancient Roman House and Phallic Amulets Discovered in Israel
LIVE SCIENCE A house dating back around 1,900 years, which is decorated with frescoes showing scenes of nature, has been discovered at the site of Omrit in Israel. 17 hours
What Does the Vice President Do?
LIVE SCIENCE Vice President Mike Pence has said that the United States would "hold Russia accountable" for their actions and would support NATO. But what authority does the VP have? 2 days
The Outer Space Treaty Has Been Successful – But Is It Fit for the Modern Age?
LIVE SCIENCE Space exploration is governed by a complex series of international treaties and agreements which have been... 2 days
What Was the First Life on Earth?
LIVE SCIENCE The earliest evidence for life on Earth arises among the oldest rocks still preserved on the planet, dating back some 4 billion years. 2 days
What's the Oldest Thing Alive Today?
LIVE SCIENCE The oldest living thing on Earth today is … well, it's controversial. Figuring out the oldest thing alive requires defining "alive." It also requires a definition of "organism." 3 days
Why Do Antiseptics Sting When Put on Cuts?
LIVE SCIENCE Imagine you're chopping vegetables when — oops! — you slice your finger. You run to the sink to wash the cut and then ready yourself for the inevitable sting that will come... 3 days
Want to Know the Future? Most People Don't, Study Suggests
LIVE SCIENCE Despite the popularity of horoscopes, most people don't really want to know their futures, a new study from Europe suggests. 3 days
This January Was the Third Warmest on Record Globally
LIVE SCIENCE The first month of 2017 was extremely warm for the globe, continuing a trend of planetary heat. 3 days
When Will Augmented Reality Get Real?
LIVE SCIENCE Pokémon Go may be popular, but ask people about other augmented reality applications and most draw a blank. 3 days
Wind, Rain, Heat: Health Risks Grow with Extreme Weather
LIVE SCIENCE As climate change proceeds, there will be more extreme weather events, and these events pose a threat to people's health, experts say. 3 days
White Water: NASA Probes Snow's Effect on Water Resources
LIVE SCIENCE Snow plays an important role in Earth's water cycle, and NASA has launched a new initiative to investigate snow and its relationship to readily available liquid water. 3 days
Air Force One: 8 Fascinating Facts About the President's Plane
LIVE SCIENCE When the U.S. president needs to fly to another city or country, the primary mode of transportation is a huge 747 jetliner dubbed Air Force One. Here are... 4 days
Climate Change Could Have Wide-Ranging Effects on Mental Health
LIVE SCIENCE Climate change may have surprising and wide-ranging effects on mental health, experts say. 4 days
Dakota Pipeline: What Makes a Place 'Sacred' for Native Americans?
LIVE SCIENCE Plans for construction of the Dakota Access pipeline pass through sacred land for the Native American tribe, Standing Rock Sioux. What makes a place or mound sacred? 4 days
California Drenching: 'Off-the-Charts' Rainfall Headed for State
LIVE SCIENCE It could be the biggest storm in six years for Southern California. 4 days
Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent
LIVE SCIENCE The island nation of New Zealand may be the tiny chunk of a massive continent that lurks mostly under the Pacific Ocean, new research suggests. 4 days
Secret Behind Rorschach Test: Why We See Images in Inkblots
LIVE SCIENCE Whether you see a butterfly, dancing elephants or blood stains when peering at the Rorschach inkblots, your answers can divulge some of the darkest, or just hidden, corners... 4 days
Earth's Has a Hidden 8th Continent
LIVE SCIENCE The island nation of New Zealand may be the tiny chunk of a massive continent that lurks mostly under the Pacific Ocean, new research suggests. 4 days
Cholera, Other Illnesses May Spread with Climate Change
LIVE SCIENCE Climate change is contributing to the spread of certain diseases, researchers say. 4 days
What Traits Should Every Supreme Court Justice Have?
LIVE SCIENCE Politics aside, based on the 112 justices who have served on the U.S. Supreme Court thus far, what qualities should the ideal justice have? 4 days
World's Rarest Boa Snake Seen for 1st Time in 64 Years
LIVE SCIENCE A tree-dwelling Cropan's boa snake recently captured in Brazil is the first living specimen seen in 64 years. 4 days
Paleolithic Pebbles Used in Death Rituals Uncovered
LIVE SCIENCE A 12,000-year-old site reveals signs that prehistoric people used stones and ochre to paint the bodies of the dead, and then smashed the stones to "kill" them. 4 days
Facts About Groundhogs
LIVE SCIENCE Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are large rodents known traditionally as weather forecasters. 4 days
Solar Occultations To Be Used For Ozone Layer Check-Up | Video
LIVE SCIENCE The Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III (Sage-III), which is will be launched to the International Space Station on SpaceX-10 cargo mission, will use solar and... 4 days
3D-Printed 'Laugh' Is 1st Major Artwork to Be Made in Space
LIVE SCIENCE On Friday (Feb. 10), a 3D printer aboard the International Space Station created a sculpture that represents human laughter — the first significant piece of art... 4 days
Climate Change Is Transforming the World's Food Supply
LIVE SCIENCE The biological and physical changes happening on Earth due to climate change will transform food production, researchers say. 4 days
Warning on Flu: It's Not Going Away Just Yet, CDC Says
LIVE SCIENCE U.S. health officials expect flu activity to remain elevated for at least a few more weeks, according to a new report. 4 days
NASA Satellite Spots Mile-Long Iceberg Breaking Off of Antarctic Glacier
LIVE SCIENCE 'Aftershocks' from a major iceberg break caused Antarctic glacier to shed another. 5 days
Creatures of the Night: How Shadow-Dwelling Animals See in the Dark
LIVE SCIENCE Animals that are active at night or in the ocean depths use their sight in sometimes unexpected ways to navigate the darkness. 5 days
Opioids May Be Causing Increase in Cocaine Overdoses
LIVE SCIENCE The number of people dying from cocaine overdoses in the United States is on the rise, and a new study suggests why: People are using cocaine and opioids together. 5 days
Here's How Climate Change Can Cause More Air Pollution (All By Itself)
LIVE SCIENCE Not only does air pollution trap sunlight and cause climate change, but the relationship also works the other way: Rising temperatures increase levels of... 5 days
Photo Gallery: Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier Cracks
LIVE SCIENCE Pine Island Glacier, the longest and fastest flowing glacier in Antarctica, has calved multiple icebergs, as can be seen in a series of photos. 5 days
Al Gore: 'Horrific' Health Risks from Climate, But 'We Have Solutions'
LIVE SCIENCE The health risks of climate change, and their potential solutions, were discussed here today in Atlanta. 5 days
Combatting Stereotypes: How to Talk to Your Children
LIVE SCIENCE For young children, how we speak is often more important than what we say. Even 'positive' generalizations can lead children to adopt negative stereotypes. 5 days
Stunning Scenes Dazzle in Underwater Images (Photos)
LIVE SCIENCE Contest winners in the photo competition Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 showcase breathtaking scenes and species representing ocean biodiversity. 5 days
'The Blob' in Pacific Ocean Linked to Spike in Ozone
LIVE SCIENCE The "blob," a patch of warm water that sat off the Pacific Coast between 2014 and 2015, caused higher ozone levels throughout the western region of the United... 5 days
Special Wavy Nerves Help Whales Take Big Gulps Without Pain
LIVE SCIENCE Double-wavy nerves allow baleen whales to gulp huge mouthfuls of water without pain or damage. 5 days
Deadly Cocktail: Mammal-Like Reptiles Were 1st Venomous Vertebrates
LIVE SCIENCE The world's first land-dwelling venomous vertebrate wasn't a snake, but a mammal-like, cat-size reptile that lived before the dinosaur age in what is now South Africa, a new study finds. 5 days
Energy-Free AC? Heat-Reflecting Wrap Could Cool Without Power
LIVE SCIENCE A new heat-reflecting wrap could be used to efficiently cool buildings without using any energy, new research suggests. 5 days
Should Psychiatrists' Weigh in on Trump's Mental Health?
LIVE SCIENCE A long-standing code of ethics prohibits diagnosing public figures from afar. 5 days
Ants Scurry on 'Treadmills' for Science
LIVE SCIENCE For the first time, scientists have analyzed the rhythm of ants' steps by tracking them as they walk on special treadmills. 5 days
Step Lively! Ants’ Gaits Tracked on Treadmill | Video
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists study ants’ fancy footwork by placing them on tiny, spherical treadmills. 5 days
Possible 'Hidden Chamber' in King Tut's Tomb Invites More Secretive Scans
LIVE SCIENCE As a last-ditch effort, scientists have announced new radar scans of King Tut's tomb, where they hope to find a potential hidden chamber holding the burial... 5 days
3D-Printed Micro-Camera Sees with Eagle-Eye Vision
LIVE SCIENCE The bio-inspired camera could be used with the smallest of drones. 5 days
Yangtze River: Longest River in Asia
LIVE SCIENCE The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia. It is approximately 3,915 miles (6,300 kilometers) long, the third longest river in the world. 5 days
Experimental Therapy May Slow Type 1 Diabetes
LIVE SCIENCE Researchers are turning to the immune system to treat type 1 diabetes at its source. 5 days
Brain Tumor Triggers Woman's Sudden 'Hyper-Religious' Behavior
LIVE SCIENCE A woman in Spain who suddenly became very religious and believed she was speaking with the Virgin Mary actually had a brain tumor that appears to have caused her symptoms. 5 days
Rare Leptospirosis Cases in NYC: 5 Things to Know
LIVE SCIENCE Three people in New York City recently became sick with a rare bacterial disease called leptospirosis that they might have contracted from rats. 6 days
Cancer-Fighting Army? Magnetic Robot Swarms Could Combat Disease
LIVE SCIENCE Magnetically controlled swarms of microscopic robots might one day help fight cancer inside the body, new research suggests. 6 days
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