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Why IT’s Bill Skarsgard Is Psyched To Work With Adult Actors In Chapter Two
CINEMA BLEND IT star Bill Skarsgard recently opened up and... 23 minutes
Glass Footage Reveals James McAvoy Back As Kevin, And His Personalities
CINEMA BLEND It's been a while since a movie by M. Night Shyamalan was described as... 44 minutes
Jessica Simpson Would Never Ever Want Another Reality TV Show
CINEMA BLEND Jessica Simpson will not be getting her own reality show anytime soon. 44 minutes
Is Ethan Hunt A Good Spy Or Just Really Lucky? The Mission: Impossible Cast Debates
CINEMA BLEND We posed the question to the... 1 hour
A Batwoman TV Show Is Being Set Up To Join The CW's Arrow-verse
CINEMA BLEND Who needs more Bruce Wayne in live-action when you can... 1 hour
Kris Jenner Opens Up About Kim's Sex Tape, And Cheating On Robert
CINEMA BLEND Kris Jenner gets confessional discussing not only her daughter's infamous sex tape but her history of cheating on her late husband. 1 hour
The Fifty Shades Movies Have Been Really Lucrative For Jamie Dornan
CINEMA BLEND Fifty Shades Freed and the subsequent movies in the franchise have been really lucrative... 1 hour
Zachary Levi Is Literally Glowing In New Shazam! Image
CINEMA BLEND An official photo from Shazam! has hit the web courtesy of Zachary Levi, and it shows the character... 1 hour
Doctor Who Star Jodie Whittaker Reveals How The New Costume Came Together
CINEMA BLEND The new Doctor revealed how her new look came together, and we can't wait to see it in action. 2 hours
The Most Expensive Chinese Movie Ever Made Flopped So Hard It Was Pulled After 2 Days
CINEMA BLEND A lot has been... 2 hours
Losing Jeopardy Contestant Invited Back To Show Due To Final Jeopardy Error
CINEMA BLEND No one is perfect, not even the clue-makers on Jeopardy! And one contestant gets a do-over after a Final Jeopardy clue was deemed erroneous. 2 hours
James Wan Hilariously Defends Aquaman Wearing Jeans Underwater
CINEMA BLEND Fans quickly pointed out how heavy the material would be if Aquaman was in the middle of the ocean, but... 2 hours
Kevin Smith Defends Todd Phillips’ Joker Origin Movie
CINEMA BLEND Of all the various projects that DC is currently working on, none have raised quite as many eyebrows as the... 3 hours
Hey Sony, Reward Genndy Tartakovsky By Giving Him Popeye Again
CINEMA BLEND Genndy Tartakovsky has just landed his third opening weekend success for Sony Pictures Animation with Hotel... 3 hours
Better Call Saul Producers Explain how Chuck's Death Affects Jimmy In Season 4
CINEMA BLEND When Better Call Saul Season 4 gets here, Jimmy is... 3 hours
Why It Was Crazy Hard Filming The Equalizer 2’s Big Final Action Sequence
CINEMA BLEND Like most action movies, The Equalizer 2 escalates its action... 7 hours
The P.T. Fan Remake Was Just Killed By Konami
CINEMA BLEND For the P.T. For PC fan project made by a 17-year-old gamer using the Unreal Engine 4, the... 13 hours
Square Enix Apologizes For Not Making Enough Copies Of Octopath Traveler
CINEMA BLEND The JRPG from Square Enix and Nintendo came out last Friday, on July 13th,... 13 hours
A Rugrats Reboot Is Already In Production At Nickelodeon
CINEMA BLEND The Rugrats tykes are coming back. 14 hours
This Year's Pokemon Go Fest Was A Significant Improvement Over Last Year
CINEMA BLEND What a difference a year makes. It looks like Niantic learned a lot from last year's disastrous Pokemon Go Fest, with the 2018 rendition... 14 hours
Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets A Lot Better By Fixing One Typo
CINEMA BLEND What if I told you that Aliens: Colonial Marines was a lot better than... 14 hours
Nickelodeon Is Giving The Rugrats A Live Action Movie
CINEMA BLEND The Rugrats are coming back, and this time, it will be in a live action setting. 15 hours
Showtime Responded To Critics Of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America
CINEMA BLEND Sacha Baron Cohen's new show is ruffling feathers, and Showtime has a response. 15 hours
A Major Cloak And Dagger Comic Villain May Have Already Appeared Without Viewers Realizing It
CINEMA BLEND Cloak and Dagger may have snuck... 16 hours
What It’s Like To Put A Gun To Denzel Washington's Head, According To His Equalizer 2 Co-Star
CINEMA BLEND Denzel Washington... 16 hours
Denis Villeneuve's Dune Reboot Has Found Its First Star
CINEMA BLEND Nearly a year and a half after director Denis Villeneuve's involvement on the Dune reboot was confirmed, word's... 17 hours
Why Paddington 3 Probably Won’t Happen Any Time Soon
CINEMA BLEND If Paddington 3 happens, it probably won't be anytime soon. 19 hours
The Predator Image Gives Best Look At The Creature’s New Armor
CINEMA BLEND Fans of the Predator franchise have been looking forward to a new entry for... 19 hours
Netflix Reveals First Look At She-Ra TV Show
CINEMA BLEND She-Ra is coming back to TV, and Netflix has revealed what she'll look like along with some of her pals. 19 hours
The Funny Story Behind Nicole Kidman Getting Cast In Aquaman
CINEMA BLEND There's a key reason why she's in the upcoming blockbuster. 20 hours
How Come Nobody Wanted To See Skyscraper Over The Weekend?
CINEMA BLEND This past weekend saw the release of a big action movie starring Dwayne Johnson. It should... 20 hours
James Gunn Has Debunked That Crazy Guardians Of The Galaxy Galactus Theory
CINEMA BLEND The director addressed the massive and cool theory about the World-Eater himself being the final, undiscovered Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy. 20 hours
Prime Day Seems To Be Messing With Amazon's Streaming Services
CINEMA BLEND Today is Amazon's Prime Day, a special day where the site offers great deals to Amazon... 20 hours
Aquaman’s Relationship With Mera Will Be Inspired By Two Classic Action Movies
CINEMA BLEND Superhero movies have featured many different kinds of romantic relationships, from vigilante partners dating to obsessive crushes, but James Wan's upcoming Aquaman should offer... 20 hours
Jean-Claude Van Damme Allegedly Was Coked Out Of His Mind While Filming Street Fighter
CINEMA BLEND It turns out that Jean-Claude Van Damme was... 20 hours
The Simpsons Landed Tracy Morgan For Multiple Episodes In Season 30
CINEMA BLEND Tracy Morgan is set to get animated for The Simpsons in Season 30, and... 21 hours
Who's Reportedly Joining Harley Quinn In DC's Birds Of Prey Movie
CINEMA BLEND We already knew Harley Quinn would return for Birds of Prey, and now reportedly... 21 hours
A Gossip Girl Reunion Is Coming To The Orville, Of All Places
CINEMA BLEND Find out which Gossip Girl stars are reuniting on The Orville... 21 hours
Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Now Facing Big Charges From Hotel Arrest
CINEMA BLEND Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham could be in a whole bunch of trouble for last... 21 hours
How The Dark Knight Originally Handled Michael Jai White’s Character’s Fate
CINEMA BLEND Michael Jai White's had a minor, but memorable role in The Dark Knight, but... 21 hours
Why You Can Stop Waiting For Dodgeball 2 To Happen
CINEMA BLEND Fans of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story that were hoping to see Average Joes make their... 21 hours
World Of Dance's Jenna Dewan Just Got A Role On Fox's The Resident
CINEMA BLEND The World of Dance's Jenna Dewan just joined the cast... 22 hours
Brad Bird Helped Settle An Online Bet Between Pixar Fans
CINEMA BLEND There's a fan debate about Jack-Jack happening online, and Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird has chimed... 22 hours
Xbox One Is Adding Dolby Vision Support For Streaming Apps
CINEMA BLEND For the latest Xbox Insiders update, Microsoft added in some brand new features, including support for... 22 hours
Rainbow Six Siege Has Started Banning Online Players For Using Hate Speech
CINEMA BLEND Ubisoft has decided to step up its efforts to take the fight to those perpetuating hate speech in the first-person shooter game Rainbow Six:... 22 hours
Fortnite's Take The L Emote Made An Appearance In The World Cup Finals
CINEMA BLEND The World Cup finals took place over the weekend and... 22 hours
Watch The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Rock Out To Bon Jovi On Lip Sync Battle
CINEMA BLEND Ben Higgins shook his money-maker on Lip Sync... 22 hours
Watch The Muppets Awesomely Spoof All 13 Doctor Who Time Lords
CINEMA BLEND The Muppets paid homage to Doctor Who in an incredibly entertaining segment during a... 23 hours
Michael Jai White Dislikes His Spawn Movie As Much As You Do
CINEMA BLEND The 1997 Spawn movie was not received well, to put it lightly, and Michael Jai White definitely counts himself among those who don't care... 23 hours
Kim Kardashian's Nanny Shared Stories About Kim Dating Michael Jackson's Nephew
CINEMA BLEND Pam Behan, Kim Kardashian's nanny, talks about the reality TV star's ralationship with Michael... 23 hours
Lucas Hedges & Nicole Kidman in Joel Edgerton's 'Boy Erased' Trailer
Full Red Band Trailer for Crazy Awesome Indie 'Assassination Nation'
Full Red Band Trailer for Crazy Awesome Indie 'Assassination Nation'
Official Trailer for Susanna Nicchiarelli's Music Biopic Film 'Nico, 1988'
Rock On, Freddie! Rami Malek in Full Trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Matt Smith & Natalie Dormer in Pandemic Thriller 'Patient Zero' Trailer
New & Improved Second US Trailer for Brazilian Horror 'Good Manners'
Another New Trailer for Fox's 'The Darkest Minds' Superpowers Movie
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New Trailer for the 4K Re-Release of Paranoia Film 'The Atomic Cafe'
Official Trailer for 'On the Basis of Sex' Starring Felicity Jones as RBG
First Trailer for Maori Doc 'Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen'
Elle Fanning in French Teaser Trailer for Mélanie Laurent's 'Galveston'
Doctor Who Series 11 new teaser trailer has materialised
Official Trailer for Crime Fable 'Cocote' Set in the Dominican Republic