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Data collection fears after Cambridge Analytica claims
BBC Political data-mining found its feet with the Obama campaign in 2008 and kept growing with Clinton, Trump and Brexit campaigns says Jamie Bartlett, 4 hours
How DNA can be used to store computer data
BBC British scientists think DNA could be used to solve a global problem - where to store all our data. 4 hours
Human-eye VR
BBC VR has suffered from an image problem, so could very high resolution headsets be the answer? 4 hours
Facebook data - do we get what we deserve?
BBC Who is at fault over the Facebook data row - did people hand over too much information too easily? 12 hours
Facebook data: What the social media giant knows about you
BBC Downloading your Facebook data is dead easy - and very revealing, as Newsbeat's De'Graft Mensah found out. 14 hours
Cambridge Analytica taken to court over data storage
BBC A US professor wants the company to hand over all the data it has on him and explain exactly how it got it. 14 hours
YouTube gun ban drives bloggers to PornHub
BBC The video-sharing site has banned videos that show people how to manufacture or modify guns. 16 hours
Meet SoFi - the soft robot fish developed by MIT
BBC Scientists hope a robotic fish will guide aquatic life and help clean up pollution in the ocean. 18 hours
Uber self-driving crash: Footage shows moment before impact
BBC Police release footage of the moments leading up to a crash involving a self-driving car in Arizona. 18 hours
Facebook's Zuckerberg 'sorry' over Cambridge Analytica 'breach'
BBC The Facebook chief admits there was a "breach of trust" and vows to tackle misuse of personal data. 1 day
Robot wrangler
BBC As we build more robots, more people will be needed to manage them, and they may not all be advanced engineers. 1 day
Facebook's Zuckerberg admits mistakes over Cambridge Analytica
BBC Mark Zuckerberg promises changes will be made following the Cambridge Analytica case. 1 day
Facebook 'lost sight' of data accessed by apps, insider tells MPs
BBC Sandy Parakilas tells MPs the site did not have adequate ways of detecting data misuse by app developers. 1 day
Facebook insider reveals data security concerns to MPs
BBC Sandy Parakilas tells MPs the site did not have adequate ways of detecting data misuse by app developers. 1 day
Teenager hacks crypto-currency wallet
BBC Firm disputes significance after a 15-year-old hacks into a hardware wallet used to securely store crypto-currency. 2 days
Female politicians speak out over Twitter abuse
BBC Prominent female politicians back calls for Twitter to clamp down on abuse against women. 2 days
Technology giants face European 'digital tax' blow
BBC Firms such as Facebook and Google may be forced to pay 3% of their EU digital revenues. 2 days
India takes down local website of Cambridge Analytica
BBC The company counts both of India's major political parties among its clients. 2 days
Surgeon David Nott: Hack led to Syria air strike
BBC David Nott had helped Syrian surgeons via the internet - weeks later, their hospital was destroyed. 2 days
'Child porn links could make Bitcoin blockchain illegal'
BBC Hundreds of links to child sexual abuse imagery could make using Bitcoin's blockchain illegal, a study says. 2 days
Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far
BBC How the row over Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook data unfolded. 2 days
Man dies after trapping head at Birmingham cinema
BBC He reportedly went into cardiac arrest after he became wedged under an electronic footrest. 2 days
Facebook data row: Cambridge Analytica academic a 'scapegoat'
BBC Dr Aleksandr Kogan tells the BBC he is "stunned" by the allegations made against him. 2 days
WhatsApp co-founder says it is time to delete Facebook
BBC WhatsApp co-founder joins #DeleteFacebook movement after Cambridge Analytica accusations. 2 days
What does the future hold for humanoid robots?
BBC Machines that can fully mimic natural body movements are still a long way off, says Will Jackson. 2 days
Test tube meat
BBC The sci-fi food of the future could change the way we eat forever, and it is going to be up to food designers to convince us it's not just an acquired taste. 2 days
Cambridge Analytica: Facebook row firm boss suspended
BBC Cambridge Analytica suspends boss Alexander Nix after secret recordings by Channel 4 News. 2 days
Data firm boss suspended amid Facebook row
BBC Cambridge Analytica suspends boss Alexander Nix amid row over use of Facebook data 2 days
Cambridge Analytica: Facebook boss summoned over data claims
BBC MPs want Mark Zuckerberg to address concerns that Cambridge Analytica gathered users' data without permission. 2 days
Cambridge Analytica: Mark Zuckerberg asked to appear before MPs
BBC Facebook boss urged to appear at Commons inquiry over claims about Cambridge Analytica's use of data. 3 days
Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data?
BBC What can users do to gain back control of their data or limit how much is shared? 3 days
#DeleteFacebook trends in response to Cambridge Analytica
BBC #DeleteFacebook trends after Cambridge Analytica is accused of using personal data of 50 million Facebook users. 3 days
Should social media stars face tougher advertising rules?
BBC The regulator says social media stars are still not clearly labelling advertising in posts. 3 days
How Sea of Thieves is trying to make gamers play nice
BBC The team behind the Xbox game explain how they're trying to take "toxic" behaviour out of multiplayer gaming. 3 days
How to go green and use less plastic when you travel
BBC The Travel Show's Lucy Hedges looks at how you can reduce your carbon footprint when you travel. 3 days
5G auction bidding starts in UK
BBC The process to sell off more airwaves to provide bandwidth for future mobile services begins in the UK. 3 days
Catching cyber-crooks
BBC If you want a job that rides the wave of the future, get hired by a firm that combats cyber-threats, says the BBC's Mark Ward. 3 days
Tapping or talking
BBC The spoken web is becoming more established in the home. But will it catch on elsewhere? 3 days
Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
BBC The firm is accused of misusing the personal data of 50 million Facebook members, which it denies. 3 days
School bomb threats: Disgruntled Minecraft gamer 'behind hoax'
BBC Hundreds of schools in England were sent an email saying a bomb would be detonated on their grounds. 3 days
Facebook under fire in escalating data row
BBC Politicians are heaping criticism on Facebook over the way data on 50 million users was grabbed 3 days
Uber halts self-driving car tests after death
BBC A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona. 3 days
School bomb threats: Hoax sent to hundreds of schools
BBC Hundreds of schools in England were sent an email saying a bomb would be detonated on their grounds. 4 days
UK tech giant Micro Focus plunges in value as shares crash
BBC Shares in Micro Focus, the UK's biggest technology firm, crash after warning on lower revenues. 4 days
Robots and automation: How Africa is at risk
BBC A report warns of the threat posed by automation to Africa - but says there is time to prepare. 4 days
BBC wants to keep FM radio for longer
BBC The corporation says it is too soon to consider a complete switchover to digital radio. 4 days
UK tech giant Micro Focus halves in value as shares crash
BBC Shares in Micro Focus, the UK's biggest technology firm, crash after warning on lower revenues. 4 days
Aubrey de Grey: Treating ageing as a curable disease
BBC The scientist aims to develop therapies to repair damage at the molecular and cellular level. 4 days
Facebook and Trump data firm accused of 'misleading' MPs
BBC A committee asks more questions over the alleged access of millions of Facebook profiles without consent. 4 days
What does the inside of your knee sound like?
BBC A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a stethoscope for your knees. 5 days
Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes - CNET
Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as retail partner - CNET
Gun channel moves to Pornhub after YouTube gun video ban - CNET
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I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
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In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, zombies are the political activists America needs
The first trailer for the YouTube Red show Impulse is a moody take on young-adult superpowers