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india aims to send its first manned mission to space by 2022 India Aims to Send Its First Manned Mission to Space by 2022
ASTRO WATCH India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled on Wednesday, August 15, an ambitious plan to send first Indian to space by 2022. The announcement was... 17 hours
nasa spacex agree on plans for crew launch day operations NASA, SpaceX Agree on Plans for Crew Launch Day Operations
ASTRO WATCH NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and SpaceX are finalizing plans for launch day operations as they prepare... 18 hours
fireball 40 times as bright as full moon lights up alabama sky Fireball '40 Times as Bright as Full Moon' Lights Up Alabama Sky
ASTRO WATCH NASA has released video of "a very bright" fireball that lit up the sky over Alabama just after midnight Friday morning. The official time... 1 day
water worlds are common exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water Water-Worlds Are Common: Exoplanets May Contain Vast Amounts of Water
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have shown that water is likely to be a major component of those exoplanets (planets... 1 day
parker solar probe marks first mission milestones on voyage to sun Parker Solar Probe Marks First Mission Milestones on Voyage to Sun
ASTRO WATCH Just two days after launch on Aug. 11, 2018, from Cape Canaveral Air Force... 1 day
physicists reveal oldest galaxies Physicists Reveal Oldest Galaxies
ASTRO WATCH Some of the faintest satellite galaxies orbiting our own Milky Way galaxy are among the very first that formed in our Universe, physicists have found. Findings by a... 2 days
astronomers observe cosmic steam jets and molecules galore Astronomers Observe Cosmic Steam Jets and Molecules Galore
ASTRO WATCH A team of scientists using the highest-frequency capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has uncovered jets of warm... 2 days
sprawling galaxy cluster found hiding in plain sight Sprawling Galaxy Cluster Found Hiding in Plain Sight
ASTRO WATCH MIT scientists have uncovered a sprawling new galaxy cluster hiding in plain sight. The cluster, which sits a mere 2.4... 2 days
hubble paints picture of the evolving universe Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers using the ultraviolet vision of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have captured one of the largest panoramic views of the fire and... 2 days
three newly detected asteroids to fly by earth on saturday Three Newly Detected Asteroids to Fly By Earth on Saturday
ASTRO WATCH Three newly discovered asteroids will pass by the Earth on Saturday, August 18. The space rocks,... 3 days
russian spacewalk runs into overtime during icarus experiment installation Russian Spacewalk Runs into Overtime During ‘Icarus’ Experiment Installation
ASTRO WATCH Two Russian cosmonauts stepped outside the International Space Station for more than 7.5 hours to deploy several small... 3 days
iron and titanium detected in the atmosphere of an exoplanet Iron and Titanium Detected in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet
ASTRO WATCH Exoplanets, planets in other solar systems, can orbit very close to their host star. When, in... 3 days
study of material surrounding distant stars shows earth s ingredients pretty normal Study of Material Surrounding Distant Stars Shows Earth's Ingredients 'Pretty Normal'
ASTRO WATCH The Earth's building blocks seem to be built from 'pretty normal' ingredients, according to... 3 days
angara rocket family to replace proton launchers net 2024 Angara Rocket Family to Replace Proton Launchers NET 2024
ASTRO WATCH Angara rockets could fully replace Russia’s long-serving Soviet-era Proton launch vehicles no earlier than 2024, according to an... 4 days
under pressure hydrogen offers a reflection of giant planet interiors Under Pressure, Hydrogen Offers a Reflection of Giant Planet Interiors
ASTRO WATCH Lab-based mimicry allowed an international team of physicists including Carnegie’s Alexander Goncharov to probe hydrogen under... 4 days
astronomers discover an inside out nebula surrounds a born again star shedding light on the late stage evolution of the sun Astronomers Discover an Inside-Out Nebula Surrounds a ‘Born-Again’ Star, Shedding Light on the Late-Stage Evolution of the Sun
ASTRO WATCH ... 4 days
unraveling the nature of whistlers from space in the lab Unraveling the Nature of 'Whistlers' from Space in the Lab
ASTRO WATCH Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles present new research on a curious cosmic phenomenon... 4 days
nasa astronauts stand behind spacex s crew dragon spacecraft NASA Astronauts Stand Behind SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft
ASTRO WATCH SpaceX has made strides in having their Crew Dragon spacecraft transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS).... 5 days
early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity Early Opaque Universe Linked to Galaxy Scarcity
ASTRO WATCH A team of astronomers led by George Becker at the University of California, Riverside, has made a surprising discovery: 12.5 billion years... 5 days
astronomers discover supermassive black hole in an ultracompact dwarf galaxy Astronomers Discover Supermassive Black Hole in an Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxy
ASTRO WATCH Fornax UCD3 is a part of a Fornax galaxy cluster and belongs to a very rare... 5 days
scientists discover organic acid in a protoplanetary disk Scientists Discover Organic Acid in a Protoplanetary Disk
ASTRO WATCH International team of scientists from Russia (including a research associate of the Kourovka Astronomical Observatory of Ural Federal University Sergei... 5 days
meteorite bombardment likely to have created the earth s oldest rocks Meteorite Bombardment Likely to Have Created the Earth's Oldest Rocks
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have found that 4.02 billion year old silica-rich felsic rocks from the Acasta River, Canada... 6 days
earth mini moons potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities Earth Mini-Moons: Potential for Exciting Scientific and Commercial Opportunities
ASTRO WATCH The detection of "mini-moons" -- small asteroids temporarily captured in orbit around Earth -- will vastly improve our... 6 days
historic space weather could clarify what s next Historic Space Weather Could Clarify What’s Next
ASTRO WATCH Historic space weather may help us understand what’s coming next, according to new research by the University of Warwick. Professor Sandra Chapman,... 7 days
in neutron stars protons may do the heavy lifting In Neutron Stars, Protons May Do the Heavy Lifting
ASTRO WATCH Neutron stars are the smallest, densest stars in the universe, born out of the gravitational collapse of extremely... 7 days
proba 2 satellite captures partial solar eclipse from space Proba-2 Satellite Captures Partial Solar Eclipse from Space
ASTRO WATCH Thanks to a quirk of our cosmos, the Moon’s average distance from Earth is just right for it to appear... 7 days
high speed cameras show momo 2 launch failure in unprecedented detail High-Speed Cameras Show MOMO-2 Launch Failure in Unprecedented Detail
ASTRO WATCH Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST) has revealed another high-definition videos of the June 30 unsuccessful launch of... 1 week
uk s first spaceport could launch 2 000 satellites by 2030 UK’s First Spaceport Could Launch 2,000 Satellites By 2030
ASTRO WATCH The British government has revealed an ambitious plan to launch around 2,000 satellites by 2030 from its future... 1 week
parker solar probe starts historic journey to touch the sun Parker Solar Probe Starts Historic Journey to Touch the Sun
ASTRO WATCH Hours before the rise of the very star it will study, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe launched... 1 week
naval research laboratory s sun imaging telescopes fly on nasa parker solar probe Naval Research Laboratory’s Sun Imaging Telescopes Fly on NASA Parker Solar Probe
ASTRO WATCH The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s unique expertise in sun-viewing telescopes will be an integral part of the historic NASA Parker Solar Probe mission now... 1 week
students digging into data archive spot mysterious x ray source Students Digging into Data Archive Spot Mysterious X-ray Source
ASTRO WATCH An enigmatic X-ray source revealed as part of a data-mining project for high-school students shows unexplored avenues hidden... 1 week
perseids meteor shower peaks this weekend Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend
ASTRO WATCH The Perseid meteor shower is here! Perseid meteors, caused by debris left behind by the Comet Swift-Tuttle, began streaking across the skies in late... 1 week
pairs of small colliding galaxies may seed future stars Pairs of Small Colliding Galaxies May Seed Future Stars
ASTRO WATCH A pair of dwarf galaxies closely circling the Milky Way, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, were in... 1 week
phd student develops spinning heat shield for future spacecraft PhD Student Develops Spinning Heat Shield for Future Spacecraft
ASTRO WATCH A University of Manchester PhD student has developed a prototype flexible heat shield for spacecraft that could reduce... 1 week
the cautionary tail of comet swift tuttle The Cautionary Tail of Comet Swift–Tuttle
ASTRO WATCH Comet Swift–Tuttle, formally 109P/Swift–Tuttle, is an enormous, icy comet on a 133 year orbit around the Sun, and the reason for the spectacular annual... 1 week
finding the happy medium of black holes Finding the Happy Medium of Black Holes
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have taken major steps in their hunt to find black holes that are neither very small nor extremely large. Finding these... 1 week
satellite measurements of the earth s magnetosphere promise better space weather forecasts Satellite Measurements of the Earth's Magnetosphere Promise Better Space Weather Forecasts
ASTRO WATCH Earth is constantly being hammered by charged particles emitted by the Sun that have... 1 week
water is destroyed then reborn in ultrahot jupiters Water Is Destroyed, Then Reborn in Ultrahot Jupiters
ASTRO WATCH Imagine a place where the weather forecast is always the same: scorching temperatures, relentlessly sunny, and with absolutely zero chance... 1 week
the umov effect space dust clouds and the mysteries of the universe The Umov Effect: Space Dust Clouds and the Mysteries of the Universe
ASTRO WATCH Far Eastern Federal University scientists are developing a methodology to calculate the ratio of dust and gas in comas and tails of comets. This... 1 week
elliptical elegance Elliptical Elegance
ASTRO WATCH A glittering host of galaxies populate this rich image taken with ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope, a state-of-the-art 2.6-m telescope designed for surveying the sky in visible light. The features of the multitude... 2 weeks
scientists reduce the weight of optics for satellite observation of the earth by 100 times Scientists Reduce the Weight of Optics for Satellite Observation of the Earth by 100 Times
ASTRO WATCH IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in... 2 weeks
balloon borne telescope looks for cosmic gamma rays Balloon-Borne Telescope Looks for Cosmic Gamma Rays
ASTRO WATCH Cosmic gamma rays can provide us with important insights into the high-energy phenomena in our universe. The GRAINE (Gamma-Ray Astro-Imager with Nuclear... 2 weeks
new launch unit standards announced for smallsats New Launch Unit Standards Announced for Smallsats
ASTRO WATCH The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) announced details of a new small satellite (smallsat) standard called a Launch Unit (Launch-U) during a briefing at... 2 weeks
largest haul of extrasolar planets for japan Largest Haul of Extrasolar Planets for Japan
ASTRO WATCH Forty-four planets in solar systems beyond our own have been unveiled in one go, dwarfing the usual number of confirmations from extrasolar... 2 weeks
first reflown block 5 falcon 9 sends merah putih into orbit First Reflown Block 5 Falcon 9 Sends ‘Merah Putih’ into Orbit
ASTRO WATCH With five months still left in 2018, SpaceX is continuing its rapid-fire launch rate... 2 weeks
india s chandrayaan 2 moon mission slips to 2019 India’s Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Slips to 2019
ASTRO WATCH Chandrayaan-2, India’s second mission to the Moon is being delayed one more time, according to Indian media outlets. The Indian Space Research... 2 weeks
million fold increase in the power of waves near jupiter s moon ganymede Million Fold Increase in the Power of Waves Near Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
ASTRO WATCH Listening to electro-magnetic waves around the Earth, converted to sound, is almost like listening to singing and chirping birds at dawn with a crackling... 2 weeks
aboard the international space station researchers investigate complex dust behavior in plasmas Aboard the International Space Station, Researchers Investigate Complex Dust Behavior in Plasmas
ASTRO WATCH 400 kilometers above Earth, researchers examined waves in complex plasma under microgravity conditions and found that the microparticles behaved in nonuniform ways in the... 2 weeks
renovations lead to big improvement at nuclear astrophysics lab Renovations Lead to Big Improvement at Nuclear Astrophysics Lab
ASTRO WATCH In nature, the nuclear reactions that form stars are often accompanied by astronomically high amounts of energy, sometimes... 2 weeks
organic makeup of ancient meteorites sheds light on early solar system Organic Makeup of Ancient Meteorites Sheds Light on Early Solar System
ASTRO WATCH The origin of organic matter found in meteorites that formed during the birth of... 2 weeks
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