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ground breaking ground based images of planets obtained by pic net pro am team Ground-Breaking Ground-Based Images of Planets Obtained by Pic-Net Pro-Am Team
ASTRO WATCH The first observing run of a collaboration between amateur and professional astronomers to monitor our planetary... 3 hours
asteroid 2017 bs5 to pass by earth on sunday Asteroid 2017 BS5 to Pass by Earth on Sunday
ASTRO WATCH An asteroid discovered in January is about to give Earth a close shave on Sunday, July 23. The... 1 day
contract brings dream chaser flights closer to reality Contract Brings Dream Chaser Flights Closer to Reality
ASTRO WATCH In development for more than ten years, the Dream Chaser space plane is one step closer to flight. Sierra Nevada... 1 day
hubble sees phobos orbiting the red planet Hubble Sees Phobos Orbiting the Red Planet
ASTRO WATCH The sharp eye of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured the tiny moon Phobos during its orbital trek around Mars. Because the... 1 day
scientists reveal new connections between small particles and the vast universe Scientists Reveal New Connections Between Small Particles and the Vast Universe
ASTRO WATCH Our observable universe is the largest object that physicists study: It spans a diameter... 2 days
exoplanet hunter sees first light at eso s la silla observatory Exoplanet Hunter Sees First Light at ESO’s La Silla Observatory
ASTRO WATCH The MASCARA (Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA) station at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile has achieved first... 2 days
ancient massive asteroid impact could explain martian geological mysteries Ancient, Massive Asteroid Impact Could Explain Martian Geological Mysteries
ASTRO WATCH The origin and nature of Mars are mysterious. The planet has geologically distinct hemispheres with smooth lowlands in... 3 days
new hot jupiter marks the first collaborative exoplanet discovery New Hot Jupiter Marks the First Collaborative Exoplanet Discovery
ASTRO WATCH Researchers led by a team at Keele University have discovered a new ‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanet. The new giant... 3 days
gamma ray telescopes reveal a high energy trap in our galaxy s center Gamma-ray Telescopes Reveal a High-energy Trap in Our Galaxy's Center
ASTRO WATCH A combined analysis of data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the High Energy Stereoscopic... 3 days
citizen science project discovers new brown dwarf Citizen Science Project Discovers New Brown Dwarf
ASTRO WATCH One night three months ago, Rosa Castro finished her dinner, opened her laptop, and uncovered a novel object that was neither planet... 4 days
geomagnetic storms underway after coronal mass ejection from the sun Geomagnetic Storms Underway After Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun
ASTRO WATCH Geomagnetic storms are underway today following a coronal mass ejection (CME) strike from the sun at... 5 days
indian astronomers discover new giant supercluster Indian Astronomers Discover New Giant Supercluster
ASTRO WATCH A team of astronomers from India has detected a new extremely massive and large supercluster spanning at least 650 million light years across. The... 5 days
new ultra bright submillimeter galaxy discovered New Ultra-Bright Submillimeter Galaxy Discovered
ASTRO WATCH Spanish astronomers have identified new ultra-bright submillimeter galaxy thanks to the gravitational lensing effect. The newly found galaxy, designated WISE J132934.18+224327.3 (or Cosmic Eyebrow), could offer... 5 days
planets like earth may have had muddy origins Planets Like Earth May Have Had Muddy Origins
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have long held the belief that planets – including Earth – were built from rocky asteroids, but new research... 5 days
a new search for extrasolar planets from the arecibo observatory A New Search for Extrasolar Planets from the Arecibo Observatory
ASTRO WATCH The National Science Foundation’s Arecibo Observatory and the Planetary Habitability Laboratory of the University of Puerto... 6 days
aida mission to validate crucial asteroid deflection technology AIDA Mission to Validate Crucial Asteroid Deflection Technology
ASTRO WATCH While there is currently no imminent asteroid threat and none of known near-Earth objects (NEOs) is on collision course with... 6 days
scientists create first laboratory generation of high energy shock waves that accelerate astrophysical particles Scientists Create First Laboratory Generation of High-Energy Shock Waves That Accelerate Astrophysical Particles
ASTRO WATCH Throughout the universe, supersonic shock waves propel cosmic rays and... 6 days
new horizons unveils new maps of pluto charon on flyby anniversary New Horizons Unveils New Maps of Pluto, Charon on Flyby Anniversary
ASTRO WATCH On July 14, 2015, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft made its historic flight through the... 6 days
soyuz 2 1a rocket orbits record number of satellites in russia s history Soyuz-2.1a Rocket Orbits Record Number of Satellites in Russia’s History
ASTRO WATCH The Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome has sent into a suborbital trajectory a... 6 days
more to life than the habitable zone More to Life Than the Habitable Zone
ASTRO WATCH Two separate teams of scientists have identified major challenges for the development of life in what has recently become one of the... 6 days
the last survivors on earth The Last Survivors on Earth
ASTRO WATCH The world's most indestructible species, the tardigrade, an eight-legged micro-animal, also known as the water bear, will survive until the Sun dies, according to a new... 1 week
moon express announces trio of expeditions to the moon Moon Express Announces Trio of Expeditions to the Moon
ASTRO WATCH Though not necessarily as widely known as their NewSpace counterparts, Moon Express showed that its plans to upend... 1 week
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Holographic imaging could be used to detect signs of life in space
How scientists invent new colours
How scientists invent new colours
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Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment
Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment
The moon is front and center during a total solar eclipse
NASA invites you to become a citizen scientist during U.S. total solar eclipse
Researcher considers structural measures to protect cities from extreme heat events
Researchers discover mice speak similarly to humans
Researchers work to improve recovery from tight shale reservoirs
Researchers work to improve recovery from tight shale reservoirs