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Despite social development, gender attitudes chart different course globally
PHYS.ORG In the half century since the birth of the women's movement in the West in the 1960s, support for gender equality has spread around the globe—but in uneven ways. A... 1 day
Lower rates of Medicare preventive care visits found in racial, ethnic minority older adults
NEWS MEDICAL Medicare patients nationwide have low rates of preventive care visits – with the lowest rates found in older adults of... 1 day
The march toward always-on technology may hinder groups' ability to solve complex problems: study
PHYS.ORG More than a decade after the introduction of the first smartphone, we are now awash in always-on technologies—email, IM, social... 2 days
Indigenous Latino immigrants learn Spanish to help integrate, seek upward mobility
PHYS.ORG With a growing diversity in the population of Latino immigrants to the United States, learning Spanish instead of just English is becoming an important factor for... 2 days
Mentor relationships can help female athletes deal with discrimination, bullying
PHYS.ORG When female athletes have strong mentors, the relationship helps them combat issues of sexism and helps them navigate problematic behaviors, according to a study by two University of... 3 days
Environmental concerns stronger among younger religious Americans
PHYS.ORG Younger generations of religious Americans tend to closely harbor concerns for the environment via stewardship more so than older parishioners, according to a study by a University of Kansas researcher. 4 days
Artificial intelligence has a racial bias problem. Google is funding summer camps to try to change that
PHYS.ORG Through connections made at summer camp, high school students Aarzu Gupta and Lili Sun... 4 days
Psychedelics may one day be used to treat mental health disorders
NEWS MEDICAL Many people think of psychedelics as relics from the hippie generation or something taken by ravers and music festival-goers, but they may one day be used... 4 days
Risk-taking, antisocial teens 5 times more likely to die young
SCIENCE DAILY Adolescents with serious conduct and substance use problems are five times more likely to die prematurely than their peers, with roughly one in 20 dying by their 30s,... 5 days
When moral outrage goes viral, it can come across as bullying, study finds
PHYS.ORG On social media, people can be quick to call attention to racist, sexist or unpatriotic behavior they see. But when that outcry... 5 days
Scientists are one step closer to understanding autistic disorders
NEWS MEDICAL Autism spectrum disorders are a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders, one of the main characteristics of which is impaired social communication. 5 days
For UW physicists, the 2-D form of tungsten ditelluride is full of surprises
PHYS.ORG The general public might think of the 21st century as an era of revolutionary technological platforms, such as smartphones or social media.... 6 days
Can psychedelic drugs heal?
SCIENCE DAILY Many people think of psychedelics as relics from the hippie generation or something taken by ravers and music festival-goers, but they may one day be used to treat disorders ranging from social anxiety to depression, according to new research. 6 days
Synapses of the reward system at stake in autistic disorders
SCIENCE DAILY Autism spectrum disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders, one of the main characteristics of which is impaired social communication. But what happens in patients' brains that disrupts... 6 days
Could computers help close partisan divides?
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are using computers in new ways to develop a comprehensive picture of how people communicate about politics, and how those conversations can be shaped by media, social networks and personal... 6 days
Religion-free church lifts your spirits
PHYS.ORG Congregational meet-ups without the worship can boost wellbeing in the same way as going to church or attending other religious groups, a new study suggests. 6 days
Adolescent abortion-fund patients experience greater hardships than adults
NEWS MEDICAL Adolescents who received funding to help pay for an abortion experienced greater hardships that affected abortion access compared to adult abortion-fund patients, according to the results of a new study by a... 6 days
Specific brain circuit tied to sociability in mice
SCIENCE DAILY Social behavior in mouse models of autism spectrum disorder normalized when investigators triggered the release of a specific signaling substance, serotonin, in a single part of the animals' brains, according to a... 7 days
Researchers say high seas fisheries play limited role in feeding the world
PHYS.ORG According to a recent study undertaken by a team of fisheries and social scientists from Dalhousie University, New York University, and National Geographic, fishing... 7 days
Top 43 reasons why men remain single—according to Reddit
PHYS.ORG In the past, forced or arranged marriages meant that socially inept, unattractive men did not have to acquire social skills in order to find a long-term love interest. Today, men... 7 days
Researchers find flaw in WhatsApp
PHYS.ORG Researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm said Wednesday they had found a flaw in WhatsApp that could allow hackers to modify and send fake messages in the popular social messaging app. 7 days
Rediscovering the sources of Egyptian metals
PHYS.ORG Two new studies, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, offer the first comprehensive analytical datasets of Protodynastic to Old Kingdom Egyptian copper-based artifacts (c. 3rd millennium BC), analyzing the provenance of Egyptian copper. As elaborated... 1 week
Major tech companies remove Alex Jones for hate, bullying (Update)
PHYS.ORG Major tech companies have begun to ban right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their services, reflecting a more aggressive enforcement of policies against hate speech following protests on... 1 week
Mice individuality is influenced by their relations
SCIENCE DAILY Individuality exists in all animals, and a number of factors shape it over time. For mice, one of those factors is the social environment, as researchers have just shown. In this species, some stable... 1 week
Mice individuality is influenced by their relations
PHYS.ORG Individuality is not exclusive to humans. Though this idea was previously rebutted by biologists, today, it is accepted that individuality is found in all animal species. It is defined as all the behavior differences... 1 week
Lithuania's 'Great Synagogue' Fell to the Nazis, But Archaeologists Have Uncovered It
LIVE SCIENCE Parts of a Nazi-destroyed Jewish synagogue in Lithuania are seeing the light of day again after archaeologists unearthed the religious center's buried bimah, or... 1 week
Bots show positive support toward vaping
NEWS MEDICAL Social media accounts run by internet robots may be driving much of the discussion around the health threats posed by e-cigarettes, according to a study led by San Diego State University researchers, who also found most... 1 week
Researchers explore Google Glass as a tool to help autistic kids socialize
ABC NEWS A small study at Stanford University asked whether the tech was ready to test. 2 weeks
Google Glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions, study finds
SCIENCE DAILY Children with autism were able to improve their social skills by using a smartphone app paired with Google Glass to help them understand the emotions conveyed... 2 weeks
Cash transfers: New research finds combining demand and supply-side incentives improves longer-term
PHYS.ORG Conditional cash transfers are popular programs used to reduce poverty by making social assistance conditional for recipients, often requiring school attendance and participation in... 2 weeks
Real or crocodile tears? Psychopaths may not know the difference
SCIENCE DAILY New research has found people with high levels of psychopathic traits have difficulty telling when someone is genuinely afraid or upset, based on people's facial expressions. 2 weeks
Social media use in China, U.S. can inform sport organizations' strategy
PHYS.ORG People from different cultures who follow a team on social media do so for different reasons. That's the basic finding of research published by a University... 2 weeks
Google Glass could help children with autism socialize with others
SCIENCE-NEWS Google Glass has a new lease on life, and this time it’s helping children with autism improve their social skills, a pilot trial suggests. 2 weeks
Survey of women with PCOS points to distrust and lack of social support from healthcare providers
NEWS MEDICAL A U.S.-based survey of women with polycystic ovary syndrome, a common condition characterized by reproductive and... 2 weeks
Differences in social status and politics encourage paranoid thinking
SCIENCE DAILY Differences in social status and political belief increase paranoid interpretations of other people's actions, finds a new experimental study. 2 weeks
Racial diversity increases student leadership skills, especially for white students
PHYS.ORG Universities prepare students to enter the professional workforce, but they also develop the next generation of leaders to head up organizations and drive social change. But, as the... 2 weeks
Muslim and Protestant scientists most likely to experience, perceive religious discrimination
PHYS.ORG Muslim and Protestant scientists are more likely than other U.S. scientists to experience religious discrimination, according to new research from Rice University and West Virginia University... 2 weeks
Can we predict the long-term outcome of boys with ADHD?
SCIENCE DAILY A new study reports on a group of boys diagnosed with ADHD in childhood (when they were, on average, 8 years old) and followed into adulthood (when they... 2 weeks
Fight or flight? Sexual cycle determines the behaviour of female guinea pigs
PHYS.ORG Due to a stabile social hierarchy, guinea pigs rely on their intuition to decide whether to compete or to escape. So far, there has... 2 weeks
Differences in social status and politics encourage paranoid thinking
PHYS.ORG Differences in social status and political belief increase paranoid interpretations of other people's actions, finds a new UCL experimental study. 2 weeks
Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to active combat zone
Water matters to metal nanoparticles
Magnetic gene in fish may someday help those with epilepsy, Parkinson's
When mixing granular matter, order among disorder
Space-based tracker to give scientists a beyond-bird's-eye-view of wildlife
Ten reasons teachers can struggle to use technology in the classroom
Scientists-turned-students guide viewers through ‘The Most Unknown’
Powerful new microscope reveals inner workings of human cells with unprecedented clarity
Google's DeepMind AI could soon be diagnosing eye conditions
Why zebrafish (almost) always have stripes
From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel
NASA's IMERG estimates heavy rainfall over the eastern US
'Building up' stretchable electronics to be as multipurpose as your smartphone
Amputees feel as though their prosthetic limb belongs to their own body
Zapping a new approach to solar cells
High-speed cameras show MOMO-2 launch failure in unprecedented detail
Is there such a thing as an objectively 'bad' song?
There's a reason Siri, Alexa and AI are imagined as female – sexism
The Parker Solar Probe has launched and is on its way to explore the sun
With launch looming, the Parker Solar Probe is ready for its star turn