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​Government spies surveil phones in flight, report says - CNET
CNET Documents leaked by Edward Snowden are the root of a report showing how US and British spy agencies can watch what you're doing with your phone on a... 1 day
Ex-Watergate investigators urge Obama to show leniency to Edward Snowden
TechCrunch  President Obama has been urged to show leniency to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden by 15 intelligence... 1 week
lion and snowden two real life tales of courage and tech cnet 'Lion' and 'Snowden': Two real-life tales of courage (and tech) - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Two of this year's most powerful movies tell the stories of real people whose courage was shaped by technology. 2 weeks
Sheffield haematologist wins prestigious Anthony Nolan Supporter Award
NEWS MEDICAL Professor John Snowden, Consultant Haematologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, was presented with a national award by the blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan. 2 weeks
The UK is about to wield unprecedented surveillance powers — here’s what it means
THE VERGE The UK is about to become one of the world’s foremost surveillance states, allowing its police and intelligence agencies to... 2 weeks
Obama: Snowden has to face trial - CNET
CNET Asked whether he'll pardon former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the president doesn't say much. 3 weeks
Obama says he can't pardon Snowden, even though he could
THE VERGE President Barack Obama suggested in an interview last week that he won't pardon Edward Snowden because the former NSA contractor "hasn't gone before a court," though Snowden's advocates... 3 weeks
Edward Snowden: New Technology Platforms Could Strengthen Democracy
LIVE SCIENCE To protect the rights of people around the globe, people need to use and develop new technologies to create virtual platforms that can disseminate democracy. 3 weeks
Edward Snowden: Augmented reality will bring political awareness - CNET
CNET He doesn't play much Pokemon Go, but the man who disclosed massive government spy programs thinks the game's tech will change how we relate to the world. 3 weeks
Snowden discusses Facebook’s fake news controversy
TechCrunch  Facebook is facing post-election criticism that it did not do enough to weed out fake news on the platform, allowing viral false stories to spread and influencing the election result. The social network experimented with AI... 3 weeks
How President Trump could abuse big data and the surveillance state
TechCrunch  The next Snowden probably will not leak classified details of the NSA’s illegal spying programs. Rather, he’ll use those programs to dig up compromising intel —... 4 weeks
Signups for encrypted mail client ProtonMail double after election
TechCrunch  The election of Donald Trump has lots of Americans worried about their privacy, and they’re turning to encrypted communication platforms to protect themselves. During an interview yesterday, NSA whistleblower Edward... 4 weeks
Snowden on Trump: 'A dark moment' but not the end - CNET
CNET Addressing a crowd in the Netherlands, the former NSA contractor urges people to get political and address surveillance with tech. 4 weeks
Snowden says tech companies should protect privacy no matter who is president
TechCrunch  Edward Snowden gave an extended interview today touching on numerous topics, from the Trump Presidency to his own future. Overall his message was clear:... 4 weeks
Snowden urges companies to make tech that protects us regardless of who’s President
TechCrunch  Edward Snowden gave an extended interview today touching on numerous topics, from the Trump Presidency to his own future. Overall his message... 4 weeks
UK spy agency GCHQ paid NZ firm Endace to power Internet fiber-optic taps
TechCrunch  The 2013 Snowden documents revealed UK intelligence agency GCHQ to be tapping into the undersea cables that carry Internet traffic, covertly gathering... 2 months
UK admits it spied illegally for 17 years, is sorry, won't stop
THE VERGE After more than a year of legal struggle, the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal has issued a landmark ruling on the country's secret bulk collection... 2 months
Worried your emails might be spied on? Here's what you can do
PHYS.ORG We live in a post-Edward Snowden world, in which US tech companies have been accused of complicity in mass surveillance by the US National... 2 months
NSA contractor charged with stealing top secret docs - CNET
CNET Harold Thomas Martin III worked for the same consulting firm as Edward Snowden and faces up to 11 years in prison. 2 months
An NSA contractor has been arrested for removing classified documents
THE VERGE The NSA has arrested a contractor as part of an investigation into the theft and disclosure of highly classified source code, as first reported by The New York... 2 months
An NSA contractor has been secretly arrested for leaking classified documents
THE VERGE The NSA has arrested a contractor as part of an investigation into the theft and disclosure of highly classified source code, according to a report in... 2 months
Opinion: Tech industry should lead Snowden pardon charge
PHYS.ORG There's a debate raging right now over whether President Barack Obama, before he leaves office, should grant Edward Snowden a pardon. 2 months
You can use encrypted chat app Signal on desktop now
TechCrunch  Signal, the encrypted chat app powered by Open Whisper Systems, is finally available as a desktop app. The free app, which has earned praise from Edward Snowden and... 2 months
Swiss public back law expanding surveillance powers
TechCrunch  In the wake of the 2014 Snowden revelations about mass surveillance programs some startups with concerns about overreaching government requests for user data settled on Switzerland as a base for their business — owing... 2 months
Washington Post takes heat for Snowden prosecution call
PHYS.ORG A Washington Post editorial arguing for the prosecution of intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has sparked an outcry in the media community—including from some of the newspaper's own journalists. 3 months
Don’t just pardon Edward Snowden; give the man a medal
TechCrunch  As Barack Obama’s second term comes to an end, an increasingly loud chorus of voices are calling for a dramatic final presidential act: the pardoning of Edward Snowden.... 3 months
New trailers: Tupac biopic, a trailer more popular than Star Wars, and more
THE VERGE It's been a crazy week in the entertainment world. In case you missed it, we've been at TIFF all week reporting back... 3 months
Oliver Stone's cautionary 'Snowden' will leave you paranoid - CNET
CNET A restrained Joseph Gordon-Levitt anchors Stone's bold biopic, which sometimes seems like a long public service announcement about privacy. 3 months
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joins push to #PardonSnowden - CNET
CNET Dorsey joins a growing list of public figures calling for a presidential pardon for NSA leaker Edward Snowden. 3 months
Crunch Report | Uber self-driving cars begin working in Pittsburgh
TechCrunch Uber starts self-driving car pickups in Pittsburgh, a coalition of people want to get Edward Snowden a presidential pardon, we talk to Startup Battlefield company Wazer, New Yorkers... 3 months
Pardon Snowden? Celebs and human rights groups say yes - CNET
CNET NSA leaker Edward Snowden speaks at event as three major human rights organizations launch a campaign for a presidential pardon. 3 months
Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he wants Snowden pardoned video - CNET
CNET As NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden makes the case for a pardon with help from the ACLU, stars of Oliver Stone's biopic "Snowden" share their thoughts on surveillance and... 3 months
Snowden launches campaign for presidential pardon: 'I love my country'
THE VERGE In a press conference in midtown Manhattan today, Edward Snowden and his legal team officially launched their long-rumored campaign for a presidential pardon. The campaign includes an open... 3 months
Activists launch campaign asking President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden
TechCrunch  Activists and lawyers from a host of human rights organizations launched a campaign today asking President Obama to issue a pardon to whistleblower Edward Snowden before Obama leaves... 3 months
Edward Snowden: I should be pardoned on moral grounds - CNET
CNET The one-time NSA contractor is charged with violating the Espionage Act and other crimes. 3 months
The ACLU is launching a campaign to pardon Edward Snowden
THE VERGE Several human rights organizations will soon launch a campaign urging President Obama to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, coinciding with the premiere of the Oliver Stone biopic based... 3 months
There is a Peter Gabriel song on the end credits of Snowden that explains the plot of Snowden
THE VERGE I haven't yet seen Oliver Stone's Snowden at TIFF this year —... 3 months
Snowden review: Oliver Stone's whistleblower movie plays it safe
THE VERGE As a filmmaker, Oliver Stone arguably built his career on the idea of questioning the establishment. Whether critiquing the way we looked at the Vietnam War (Platoon, Born on the... 3 months
TIFF 2016: the weird, wild films we can't wait to see in Toronto
THE VERGE The Sundance Film Festival kicks off the year with a slate of indie films and acquisitions that slowly wind their way to... 3 months
New leaked files reveal more about NSA satellite eavesdropping
THE VERGE Newly published documents from Edward Snowden have shed more light on American surveillance operations in the UK. The Intercept details how the NSA and GCHQ used information gathered by Menwith... 3 months
The Verge fall movie preview: from Snowden to Star Wars
THE VERGE If summer movie season is when thought and reason are jettisoned in favor of explosions and bombast, then fall is when Hollywood decides to get serious. Or should... 3 months
Orwell was right: Oliver Stone on what makes Snowden exciting - CNET
CNET The NSA isn't all-powerful, but it is pretty darn scary, says the director of a new thriller based on Edward Snowden's story. 3 months
Clinton campaign said to switch to "Snowden-approved" Signal messaging app - CNET
CNET Snowden tweets about the Clinton campaign's seeming seal of approval for his app suggestions. 3 months
Exclusive film clip: Watch 'Snowden' demolish his CIA aptitude test - CNET
CNET Edward Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, demonstrates serious smarts in this scene from Oliver Stone's upcoming political thriller. Get a first look here. 4 months
'Snowden' aces CIA test in exclusive film clip video - CNET
CNET Controversial ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, demonstrates serious smarts in this new clip from the Oliver Stone movie. 4 months
Hollywood’s take on cybersecurity
TechCrunch  It can be tough going to the movies as a cybersecurity expert. Films handling the very real issues of internet security and modern computer science are overwhelmingly unrealistic. As we get our tickets and popcorn ready for “Snowden,” it’s a... 4 months
Snowden docs link NSA to Equation Group hackers
TechCrunch  A group calling itself the Shadow Brokers dumped data online last weekend that it claimed to have stolen from a hacking team widely believed to be linked to the NSA. The data contained... 4 months
New Snowden docs support claim of NSA cyberweapon hack - CNET
CNET The Intercept publishes files from leakmeister Edward Snowden that appear to confirm the NSA's secret malware software is out in the open. 4 months
New Snowden documents confirm leaked NSA tools are real
THE VERGE Newly released documents from the Edward Snowden archive, published today by The Intercept, confirm what was already suspected this week: some of the NSA's secret malware is out in the open.... 4 months
Snowden discusses NSA hack, Cisco to cut 5,500 jobs, NASA preps an asteroid rocket video - CNET
CNET The former NSA contractor reflects on recent hacks, Cisco says layoffs are coming and... 4 months
'Lion' and 'Snowden': Two real-life tales of courage (and tech) - CNET