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Marvel Television Enlists Feature Film Director For ‘Inhumans’ IMAX Episodes
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It was pretty big deal when Marvel Television announced that they would be producing an eight-episode... 2 days
The Cool Way G.I. Joe and Transformers Nearly Crossed Over On The Big Screen
CINEMA BLEND The Transformers film franchise has been box office... 3 days
Must Watch: Final Trailer for James Mangold's 'Logan' Wolvie Movie
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "She's like you. Very much like you." 20th Century Fox has unveiled a final, incredible full-length trailer for James Mangold's Logan, the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman... 3 days
wolverine s clone reads x men comics in this great final logan trailer Wolverine's Clone Reads X-Men Comics in This Great, Final Logan Trailer
GIZMODO The final trailer for Logan has everything you could want: action, meta-discussions on what... 3 days
Final Trailer For ‘Logan’ Prepares The Way For Hugh Jackman’s Final Wolverine Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It’s no secret that ‘Logan’ will be Hugh Jackman’s final... 3 days
a black female astrophysicist explains why hidden figures isn t just about history A Black Female Astrophysicist Explains Why Hidden Figures Isn't Just About History
GIZMODO First, it beat Star Wars: Rogue One. Now, for the second weekend since its wide-release debut, Hidden Figures—the true story of three black female... 4 days
your name is the highest grossing anime worldwide and it deserves to be Your Name Is The Highest Grossing Anime Worldwide, And It Deserves To Be
GIZMODO There is a new anime box office champ. It’s Your... 4 days
Bruce Wayne’s Cousin Is ‘Powerless’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Perhaps the most persistent of the many criticisms that have dogged DC’s attempts to compete with Marvel at the box office have been those relating to... 5 days
Screenwriters For ‘Deadpool 2′ Explain How They’ll Handle Cable’s “Convoluted Past”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve known since the end credits of ‘Deadpool’ that Wade’s best friend would be... 5 days
Weekend Box Office (01/13-01/15): MLK Weekend Strikes Again! Everything Bombed
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Hidden Figures’ continued to clean up for a second weekend in a row.  Possibly fueled by... 6 days
Weekend Box Office: Hidden Figures Repeats At Number One, La La Land Gets Awards Boost
CINEMA BLEND Hidden Figures remained on top for... 6 days
Character Breakdown Reveals The ‘Inhumans’ Series Regulars
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Though it’s future was uncertain following the quiet removal of their movie from the Phase Three roster, ‘Inhumans’ will be making a huge... 1 week
will smith might star in tim burton s dumbo and no this is not a joke Will Smith Might Star in Tim Burton's Dumbo, and No, This Is Not a Joke
GIZMODO After the mixed reviews of Suicide... 1 week
Marvel Unleashes New Images From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2′
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Chris Pratt was on quite a roll with back-to-back hits, but his two most... 2 weeks
‘Hidden Figures’ Stars Take To Social Media To Celebrate Box Office Victory And Thank Fans
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It was a close race, but... 2 weeks
How The Hidden Figures Ladies Playfully Jabbed Rogue One After Beating It At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND The Hidden Figures ladies... 2 weeks
*UPDATED* Weekend Box Office (1/6-1/8): ‘Rogue One’ And ‘Hidden Figures’ Are Neck-And-Neck For The Top Spot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As I sometimes point... 2 weeks
Upcoming Disney Movies: Full List Of Titles And Release Dates
CINEMA BLEND In 2016 Disney had the biggest box office year of any studio in the history of... 2 weeks
Weekend Box Office (1/6-1/8): ‘Rogue One’ And ‘Hidden Figures’ Are Neck-And-Neck For The Top Spot
SCIENCEFICTION.COM As I sometimes point out, our... 2 weeks
Weekend Box Office: Rogue One On Top For Fourth Weekend, Nears 2016 Top Spot
CINEMA BLEND For the fourth weekend in a row Rogue... 2 weeks
Rogue One Just Beat Out Most Star Wars Movies At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND Despite not even being in theaters for a full month,... 2 weeks
Star Wars: Episode 8 First Look May Be Coming Soon
CINEMA BLEND With Star Wars: Episode VIII 11 months away, fans are still eagerly awaiting for the first official look at the next installment of the main Star Wars saga,... 2 weeks
Balancing the Fantasy and Tragedy of A Monster Calls Took a Lot of Work
GIZMODO Director J.A. Bayona isn’t yet a household name, but don’t expect that to last much longer. He was the first person to... 2 weeks
The Marvel Hero James Gunn Really Wants To Make A Movie About
CINEMA BLEND James Gunn wants to bring another Marel hero to the silver screen, and we think it's an absolutely fantastic idea. 2 weeks
‘Rogue One’ Editors Talk Film Reshoots
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Several months ago we learned that ‘Rogue One’, the latest entry in Disney and Lucasfilm’s ongoing box office revival of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, had undergone a number of reshoots after the end of principal photography.... 2 weeks
Rob Liefeld Signs A Deal To Bring His Extreme Universe To The Big Screen
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Last year, ‘Deadpool’ came out of nowhere, with its well-deserved R-rating for graphic violence, sex and foul language only to... 3 weeks
Rogue One Just Hit A Key Star Wars Box Office Milestone
CINEMA BLEND After crunching the numbers, it's clear that Rogue One has broken a huge record within the Star Wars franchise. 3 weeks
Andrew Garfield Comments On Rumors Of Why He Was Fired From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Franchise
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ is dead and gone in a world where Tom Holland is now playing the... 3 weeks
Is Sony’s Animated ‘Spider-Man’ Film Introducing Miles Morales?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With all the hubbub over Tom Holland’s appearance in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and of course, next summer’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘, all eyes have been on Spider-Man’s live-action future at the box office.... 3 weeks
The Impressive Box Office Mark La La Land Hit Before 2016 Ended
CINEMA BLEND 2016 is officially over, thank the stars, and that means it's time to tally up the total box office for the year. While most... 3 weeks
Weekend Box Office (12/30/16-01/01/17): ‘Rogue One’ Officially Takes The Prize Of Second-Highest Grossing Movie Of 2016
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The Force remained strong for ‘Rogue One’ as in just a matter of three weeks the... 3 weeks
The Movie Studio Responsible For More Than Half Of 2016’s Profits
CINEMA BLEND Disney have well and truly trounced their Hollywood rivals at the box office over the last 12 months. Get the details ahead! 3 weeks
How The Halloweentown Stars Paid Tribute To Debbie Reynolds
CINEMA BLEND Silver screen legend Debbie Reynolds passed away earlier this week, and those who knew her have been coming out to share their memories of their time with her. Her Halloweentown... 3 weeks
How Deadpool And Wolverine Could Team Up On The Big Screen
CINEMA BLEND There's still a chance that Wade Wilson and Logan could potentially meet each other on the silver screen at some point. Here's how. 3 weeks
The 5 Worst Opening Weekends For Wide Release Movies In 2016
CINEMA BLEND Here's to the losers! The worst five openings of the year can be found on this list, in all of their not so honorable glory. Read... 3 weeks
How Logan Fans Can Help Release The Film's Final Trailer
CINEMA BLEND A new website wants to send you a personalized frame from the final Logan trailer, so you can then head to social media and share the images with... 3 weeks
The Insane Amount Of Money Earned At The Box Office In 2016
CINEMA BLEND They counted on 2016 to be a year that would bring a decline in box office revenues. And yet, records are about to be... 3 weeks
A World of Color: Netflix To Re-Release Marvel Shows in HDR
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Coming soon to Netflix will be new versions of Marvel hit shows ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ and ‘Luke Cage,’ yep, they are going to release their whole... 4 weeks
Carrie Fisher's 7 Best Non-Star Wars Movie Roles
CINEMA BLEND Carrie Fisher's silver screen legacy extends far beyond Princess Leia. Here are her seven best performances outside of the Star Wars franchise. 4 weeks
Rogue One's Final Moment Has A Beautiful New Meaning
CINEMA BLEND There's something so poetic, graceful and touching about Star Wars fans being able to head to a movie theater right now, on this dark and depressing day, and pay tribute... 4 weeks
How George Lucas Will Join Legends Of Tomorrow
CINEMA BLEND With Rogue One currently stomping out the competition at the box office, there's no better time for Legends of Tomorrow to reveal that George Lucas will be joining the show soon. 4 weeks
Perfection: In Defense of Golshifteh Farahani's Character in 'Paterson'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Jim Jarmusch's new film about a poet in Paterson, New Jersey is one of my favorite films of 2016. I saw it twice at the Cannes Film Festival, wrote a... 4 weeks
10 Films You Didn't Know Were Hits In 2016
CINEMA BLEND You probably won't believe it, but the following 10 films were actually pretty successful at the box office. From micro budgeted successes, to international success stories, these films helped make... 4 weeks
Weekend Box Office (12/23/16-12/25/16): The Force Is Still Strong With ‘Rogue One’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Rogue One’ forced its way to the #1 spot at the weekend box office for a second week.  Great reviews and audience reaction are driving... 4 weeks
RUMOR MILL: The ‘Boba Fett’ Solo Movie May Be Back On Track For 2020
SCIENCEFICTION.COM It appears Disney may have revived the ‘Boba Fett’ solo movie that was in development as recently as 2015, with... 4 weeks
How Much Rogue One Is Expected To Make Over Christmas Weekend
CINEMA BLEND Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is expected to make an absolute killing at the box office over the holiday weekend. Get the details! 4 weeks
Watch: Featurette About the Unique Filming Locations in 'Rogue One'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "You feel like you're in a galaxy far, far away." Visiting other planets without leaving our planet. Lucasfilm + Disney have revealed one more making of featurette for... 4 weeks
The 5 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of 2016
CINEMA BLEND Science fiction is almost always a solid bet when it comes to box office success, but this year's best film's in the genre consisted of both blockbuster hits and award caliber entries as well. 4 weeks
DC Movies Producer: 'We Haven't Taken Into Consideration If Something Goes Wrong'
GIZMODO In a recent interview, Charles Roven, producer of all the DC films so far, explains why he’s stepping back from the universe, what Wonder... 4 weeks
Interview: 'La La Land' Director Damien Chazelle on Making a Musical
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "I wanted the movie to be a love letter to not just dreams, but to the kinds of dreams that society often mocks." He's only 31... 1 month
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