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one of the largest giant radio galaxies discovered by astronomers One of the Largest Giant Radio Galaxies Discovered by Astronomers
ASTRO WATCH An international team of astronomers led by Alex Clarke of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics... 7 hours
Seattle plant failure dumps millions of gallons of sewage
PHYS.ORG Millions of gallons of raw sewage and untreated runoff have poured into the United States' second-largest estuary since a massive sewage treatment plant experienced equipment failures that forced it to... 7 hours
WATCH: GOP health care bill fails before vote
ABC NEWS George Stephanopoulos reports the latest on President Donald Trump's monumental week. 12 hours
president trump hails nasa s space exploration spirit in weekly address President Trump Hails NASA's Space Exploration Spirit in Weekly Address
SPACE.COM VIDEO President Donald Trump used his weekly address Saturday (March 25) to praise NASA's legacy of exploration and discovery in a video that also marked Trump's signing of the... 15 hours
quantum communicating with the extraterrestrial intelligence Quantum Communicating with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence
ASTRO WATCH Humanity is facing now the dawn of a new technological era involving quantum mechanics in almost all aspects of social life, from computation to... 14 hours
Medical News Today: What is cholesterol ratio and why is it important?
MNT In this article, learn about the difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol. How do they affect the body? How can you manage high cholesterol? 14 hours
Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Breaks Orbital Record
LIVE SCIENCE The current mission of the U.S. Air Force's robotic X-37B space plane is now the longest in the clandestine program's history. 16 hours
Can Water Naturally Flow Uphill?
LIVE SCIENCE Earth's gravity is strong, but can water ever naturally go against it and flow uphill? 15 hours
Medical pot bill in S. Carolina bolstered by conservatives
ABC NEWS Efforts to let patients legally access pot are slowly taking root in the South, two decades after California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana 15 hours
The Most Amazing Space Stories of the Week!
SPACE.COM A Dragon returns, North Korea tests a rocket engine, a wheel breaks on Mars and a spacewalk streak begins — it's's top news stories of the week. 15 hours
astronomers identify purest most massive brown dwarf Astronomers Identify Purest, Most Massive Brown Dwarf
ASTRO WATCH An international team of astronomers has identified a record breaking brown dwarf (a star too small for nuclear fusion) with the 'purest'... 18 hours
eva 40 spacewalkers prepare iss docking module for relocation EVA-40 Spacewalkers Prepare ISS Docking Module for Relocation
ASTRO WATCH Two International Space Station (ISS) astronauts ventured outside the outpost on the first of three planned spacewalks to prepare for... 17 hours
the secrets of galaxies at one click The Secrets of Galaxies at One Click
ASTRO WATCH An algorithm developed by the Spanish IAC researcher Sebastián Hidalgo will be used for the first time at the international distributed computing... 18 hours
Self-driving uber suv struck during Arizona accident
PHYS.ORG Officials say a self-driving Uber SUV was operating on its own when it was struck by another vehicle making a left turn at an intersection in Arizona, where the company is testing autonomous vehicles. 16 hours
UK targets WhatsApp encryption after London attack
PHYS.ORG The British government said Sunday that its security services must have access to encrypted messaging applications such as WhatsApp, revealing it was used by the killer behind the parliament attack. 17 hours
Chris Hadfield Hosts 'Miniverse' On Curiosity Stream - Trailer
SPACE.COM The former Canadian Space Agency astronaut and internet sensation is bringing space “down to Earth” in a new web series on Curiosity Stream. 16 hours
Take a Solar System 'Road Trip' with Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 'Miniverse'
SPACE.COM The solar system is shrunk down to the size of the continental United States in a new online movie hosted by retired astronaut Chris... 16 hours
Astronomers to Peer Into a Black Hole for 1st Time with Event Horizon Telescope
SPACE.COM Since first mentioned in 1783, black holes have captured the imagination of scientists, writers, filmmakers and other artists. Perhaps part... 16 hours
Medical News Today: Common skin rashes: Pictures, causes, and treatments
MNT In this article, we look at a variety of skin rashes including eczema, hives, and psoriasis. Learn about possible triggers and when to see a doctor. 17 hours
Cities and monuments switch off for Earth Hour
PHYS.ORG The Empire State Building and United Nations headquarters in New York joined other iconic buildings and monuments around the world plunging into darkness for sixty minutes on Saturday to mark Earth Hour... 20 hours
Medical News Today: Six fixes for cracked heels
MNT In this article, learn about the common causes of cracked heels, how cracked heels may be prevented, and home remedies that are recommended. 20 hours
Tech world debate on robots and jobs heats up
PHYS.ORG Are robots coming for your job? 20 hours
New anxieties as Trump says Obamacare will 'explode'
ABC NEWS Americans who benefited from President Barack Obama's health care law and were relieved when a Republican push to repeal it failed are facing a new set of anxieties as President Donald Trump... 21 hours
New York skyscrapers adapt to climate change
PHYS.ORG With a skyline crowded with ever-more luxury towers, the construction of another Manhattan skyscraper wouldn't normally be remarkable. 20 hours
Tech changes allow greater fan engagement in sports
PHYS.ORG As technology permits greater interactivity with fans, sports clubs and leagues have consulted sometimes far-flung supporters on everything from a team's name to where games should be played. 20 hours
Sex may be key to a happy marriage, study finds
MNT A study in newlyweds finds that sex leads to an 'afterglow' that lasts for 2 days, and the stronger the afterglow, the greater the marital satisfaction. 20 hours
New partnership to address nutritional needs of young disaster victims
NEWS MEDICAL The Center for Global Health & Translational Science at Upstate Medical University is embarking on a partnership with ENSPICE Children's Foundation, an international foundation that is addressing nutritional... 19 hours
SNIFF study to examine safety, efficacy of nasal insulin for treating Alzheimer’s disease
NEWS MEDICAL Can insulin, the hormone used for nearly a century to treat diabetes, improve cognition, memory and daily function in people with mild... 19 hours
Medical News Today: Sex may be key to a happy marriage, study finds
MNT A study in newlyweds finds that sex leads to an 'afterglow' that lasts for 2 days, and the stronger the afterglow, the... 20 hours
Medical News Today: How the word 'you' helps us deal with negative experiences
MNT 'You' is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. New research examines its psychological importance and how it... 20 hours
China win for Apple as court overturns iPhone ruling
PHYS.ORG A Beijing court has overturned a ruling that Apple's iPhone 6 violated a Chinese manufacturer's patent which saw the US tech giant ordered to cease selling the smartphone in China. 20 hours
How the word 'you' helps us deal with negative experiences
MNT 'You' is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. New research examines its psychological importance and how it helps us cope. 20 hours
Virtual environment education decreases anxiety before prostate cancer treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Radiation therapists and physicians know that education can reduce anxiety before radiation treatment but lack a standardized tool. In an effort to solve this problem, a multidisciplinary team from Jefferson... 1 day
UAB Voice Center provides free screening to vocal students
NEWS MEDICAL Freshman voice student Lilly Bateh was excited to see what shape her vocal cords were in, despite the rigid scope that Richard McHugh, M.D., assistant professor of otolaryngology and co-director... 1 day
Utah's governor signs abortion-halting legislation
ABC NEWS Utah's governor has signed legislation that requires doctors to inform women that medication-induced abortions can be halted after taking just one of two pills 1 day
Study offers new insights into transmission of dengue infections
NEWS MEDICAL Transmission of the mosquito-borne dengue virus appears to be largely driven by infections centered in and around the home, with the majority of cases related to one another occurring in people who... 1 day
'Bench to bedside to bench'
SCIENCE DAILY It's time to update the old 'bench-to-bedside' shorthand, researchers across the US declare. 1 day
Electrical 'switch' in brain's capillary network monitors activity and controls blood flow
SCIENCE DAILY New research has uncovered that capillaries have the capacity to both sense brain activity and generate an electrical vasodilatory signal to evoke blood flow... 1 day
Study shows how antibiotics increase survival chances of bacteria
NEWS MEDICAL Antibiotics harm bacteria and stress them. Trimethoprim (TMP), an antibiotic, inhibits the growth of the bacterium Escherichia coli and induces a stress response. 1 day
Report: Global increase in drug-resistant TB threatens to ruin efforts to eradicate the disease
NEWS MEDICAL The rise of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) threatens to derail decades of progress in controlling the... 1 day
Workplace barriers contribute to low rates of breastfeeding among mothers of new infants
NEWS MEDICAL For mothers of new infants, going back to work may pose a number of obstacles to continued breastfeeding. Workplace policies affecting the... 1 day
Brain scans may help clinicians choose talk therapy or medication treatment for depression
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found that specific patterns of activity on brain scans may help clinicians identify whether psychotherapy or antidepressant medication is more... 1 day
Increase in BRCA testing may not necessarily mean better diagnosis of women at risk, study suggests
NEWS MEDICAL More women are requesting BRCA gene testing associated with certain types of cancer thanks to increased interest in... 1 day
Neurosurgeons must advance strategies and adapt new ways to thrive in evolving healthcare industry
NEWS MEDICAL Neurosurgeons hoping to successfully navigate the rapidly changing healthcare industry must advance their strategies and adapt new ways of thinking... 1 day
Insilico Medicine to present research findings in AI for drug discovery at BioDataWorld West Congress
NEWS MEDICAL Insilico Medicine, a Baltimore-based Big Data analytics company applying deep learning techniques to drug discovery, biomarker development and human longevity... 1 day
Researchers study risk of thrombosis and bleeding in urological surgery
NEWS MEDICAL The international CLUE Working Group studied the risk of thrombosis and severe haemorrhage after urological cancer operations and other forms of urological surgery. 1 day
astronomers find unexpected dust obscured star formation in normal distant galaxy Astronomers Find Unexpected, Dust-obscured Star Formation in Normal Distant Galaxy
ASTRO WATCH Pushing the limits of the largest single-aperture millimeter telescope in the world, and coupling it with... 1 day
Utah's governor signs abortion-reversal legislation
ABC NEWS Utah's governor has signed legislation that requires doctors to inform women that medication-induced abortions can be halted after taking just one of two pills 1 day
Clock stars: Astrocytes keep time for brain, behavior
SCIENCE DAILY Star-shaped cells called astrocytes, long considered boring, 'support cells,' are finally coming into their own. To everyone's surprise they even play an important role in the body's master clock, which schedules everything... 1 day
Shared genetic origin for ALS/MND and schizophrenia
SCIENCE DAILY A new study indicates that the causes of ALS/MND and schizophrenia are biologically linked. The scientists say that the new findings have major implications for how we classify diseases and that they challenge the... 1 day
WATCH: Rise of 'membership medicine' plans raise concerns
ABC NEWS Direct Primary Care provides alternate options for health care and some are calling it the future of medicine. 1 day
Metabolism and epigenetics play role in cancer development
SCIENCE DAILY A new study investigated how epigenetics can modulate human's genetic program -- it can emphasize or silence genes. The new research shows that if epigenetics is disrupted, it might switch on oncogenes... 1 day
Surprising twist in confined liquid crystals: A simple route to developing new sensors
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found that a class of water soluble liquid crystals, called lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals, exhibited unexpected characteristics that could be... 1 day
new portal to unveil the dark sector of the universe New Portal to Unveil the Dark Sector of the Universe
ASTRO WATCH Once upon a time, the Universe was just a hot soup of particles. In those days,... 1 day
Best Space Stories of the Week — March 25, 2017
SPACE.COM A Dragon returns, North Korea tests a rocket engine, a wheel breaks on Mars and a spacewalk streak begins — it's's top news stories of the week. 1 day
WATCH: 'Trump troubadour' loses trust in president over health care: 'I feel betrayed'
ABC NEWS Kraig Moss followed Trump to more than 45 campaign rallies, but lost faith in the president over his push for the GOP... 1 day
Correction: Mayo Expansion story
ABC NEWS Correction: Mayo Expansion story 1 day
fledgling stars try to prevent their neighbors from birthing planets Fledgling Stars Try to Prevent Their Neighbors from Birthing Planets
ASTRO WATCH Newly formed stars are surrounded by a disc of dense gas and dust. This is called... 1 day
milky way like galaxies in early universe embedded in super halos Milky Way-like Galaxies in Early Universe Embedded in 'Super Halos'
ASTRO WATCH By harnessing the extreme sensitivity of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have directly observed... 1 day
Record-Breaking Brown Dwarf Spotted 750 Light-Years Away
SCI-NEWS.COM Astronomers have identified a brown dwarf — an object too large to be a planet but too small to be a star... 1 day
Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function
SCIENCE DAILY New computational software is hundreds of times faster than conventional tools, opening up new opportunities to understand how individual neurons and networks of neurons function. 1 day
Building a market for renewable thermal technologies
SCIENCE DAILY Renewable thermal technologies have significant market potential in the state if supported by appropriate public policy and financing tools, a new analysis concludes. 1 day
Experts successfully test a novel oil spill cleanup technology
SCIENCE DAILY Tests of a novel technology that can accelerate the combustion of crude oil floating on water demonstrated its potential to become an effective tool for minimizing the environmental impact of... 1 day
Facial recognition software helps diagnose rare genetic disease
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have successfully used facial recognition software to diagnose DiGeorge Syndrome, a rare, genetic disease in Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. This is the newest addition to the Atlas of Human Malformations... 1 day
Big data approach to predict protein structure
SCIENCE DAILY Nothing works without proteins in the body; they are the molecular all-rounders in our cells. If they do not work properly, severe diseases, such as Alzheimer's, may result. To develop methods to repair malfunctioning... 1 day
Now what? Options for consumers as health law drama fades
ABC NEWS As the political drama over health care legislation in Washington fades, the rest of the country faces a more immediate concern: Getting insurance for next year 1 day
Scientists get closer look at living nerve synapses
SCIENCE DAILY The brain hosts an extraordinarily complex network of interconnected nerve cells that are constantly exchanging electrical and chemical signals at speeds difficult to comprehend. Now, scientists report that they have been able... 1 day
Surprising culprit in nerve cell damage identified
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have implicated a specific molecule in the self-destruction of axons, the wiring of the nervous system. Understanding just how that damage occurs may help researchers find a way to halt it. 1 day
Chance find has big implications for water treatment's costs and carbon footprint
SCIENCE DAILY A type of bacteria accidentally discovered during research could fundamentally reshape efforts to cut the huge amount of electricity consumed during wastewater clean-up. The... 1 day
Articles review current landscape of primary care innovation
NEWS MEDICAL Primary care is "first-contact, continuous, comprehensive, and coordinated care provided to populations undifferentiated by gender, disease, or organ system. 1 day
Spread of ages is key to impact of disease, animal study finds
SCIENCE DAILY How a disease outbreak affects a group of animals depends on the breakdown of ages in the population, research has shown. 1 day
How Often Do Ice Ages Happen?
LIVE SCIENCE The last ice age led to the rise of the woolly mammoth and the vast expansion of glaciers, but it's just one of many that has chilled Earth throughout the planet's 4.5-billion-year history. 2 days
Medical News Today: Diet tips to improve insulin resistance
MNT In this article, learn about how to reduce insulin insensitivity and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Which foods should you eat? Which foods should you avoid? 2 days
Now what? Options for next year as health law drama fades
ABC NEWS As the political drama over health care legislation in Washington fades, the rest of the country faces a more immediate concern: Getting insurance for next year 2 days
In Photos: Beautiful Butterflies of the American Deserts
LIVE SCIENCE By mid-February in the three great hot and dry deserts of the American West, wildflowers turn stark desert landscapes into a sea of color. 2 days
President Trump Hails NASA's Space Exploration Spirit in Weekly Address
Hoover Home Movies Offer Unique Peek of the White House
Novel oil spill cleanup technology successfully tested
The physics that stops a bullet also makes your car more fuel efficient
Managing bushfires for safety and biodiversity
Scientists pinpoint critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging
The world's first international race for molecular cars, the Nanocar Race
Inventing a new kind of matter
Bridenstine outlines space policy goals following Oval Office visit
Mathematical framework explains diverse plant stem forms
How chewing like a cow helped early mammals thrive
Connected dolls and tell-tale teddy bears: Why we need to manage the Internet of Toys
Study reveals mass extinction event 35 million years ago
Physicist develops drip-free wine bottle
The ethics of research—how to end the exploitation of vulnerable communities