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Tracking System Glitch Delays Rocket Lab's 1st Commercial Electron Launch
SPACE.COM The private spaceflight company Rocket Lab called off the commercial launch debut of Electron rocket in New Zealand early Saturday (June 23) due to an issue with a... 1 hour
Tiny jumping roundworm undergoes unusual sexual development
SCIENCE DAILY Biologists have shown that gonad development varies in other nematodes relative to C. elegans. Specifically, they focused on Steinernema carpocapsae, a nematode used in insect biocontrol applications in lawns and gardens. 2 hours
The Galápagos Islands: Laboratory of Evolution
LIVE SCIENCE The Galápagos Islands archipelago is home to a complex ecosystem that inspired renowned naturalist Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. 4 hours
The Everglades: River of Grass
LIVE SCIENCE The Everglades is an intricate system of subtropical wetlands, lakes and rivers in south Florida. 4 hours
Researchers develop low-cost plastic sensors to monitor wide range of health conditions
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide... 5 hours
What Is Transgender?
LIVE SCIENCE The term transgender describes people whose gender identity differs from the sex to which they were assigned at birth. 3 hours
How Fast Is Earth Moving?
SPACE.COM Earth moves at a fantastic rate of speed on its axis, around the sun and across the universe. 3 hours
What causes the sound of a dripping tap -- and how do you stop it?
SCIENCE DAILY VIDEO Scientists have solved the riddle behind one of the most recognizable, and annoying, household sounds: the dripping tap.... 8 hours
nearly 80 exoplanet candidates identified in record time Nearly 80 Exoplanet Candidates Identified in Record Time
ASTRO WATCH Scientists at MIT and elsewhere have analyzed data from K2, the follow-up mission to NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, and have... 8 hours
commerce department moves ahead with space regulatory reforms Commerce Department moves ahead with space regulatory reforms
SPACE NEWS Nearly a month after the signing of a policy directive calling for commercial space regulatory reforms, Commerce Department officials said... 8 hours
Dynamic model helps make predictions about gut microbiome
NEWS MEDICAL The human gut is teeming with microbes, each interacting with one another in a mind-boggling network of positive and negative exchanges. Some produce substances that serve as food for other microbes, while... 5 hours
FDA grants marketing authorization for use of two catheter-based devices in hemodialysis patients
NEWS MEDICAL Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration permitted marketing of two catheter-based devices designed to create a connection to veins and arteries... 5 hours
Ship with reported norovirus outbreak stops in Alaska
ABC NEWS The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report an outbreak of norovirus on a cruise ship in Alaska 7 hours
Dynamic modeling helps predict the behaviors of gut microbes
SCIENCE DAILY A new study provides a platform for predicting how microbial gut communities work and represents a first step toward understanding how to manipulate the properties of the gut ecosystem. This... 7 hours
New research on avian response to wildfires
SCIENCE DAILY New research explores the effects fire has on ecosystems and the wildlife species that inhabit them. Scientists examined the impacts of fires of different severity levels on birds and how that changes as the... 7 hours
Challenging our understanding of how platelets are made
SCIENCE DAILY Correlative light-electron microscopy is being used to increase our knowledge of how platelets are made in the body and the results are challenging previously held understandings. 7 hours
Research consortium wins £2.9 million to help tackle antibacterial resistance in Thailand
NEWS MEDICAL Antimicrobial resistance and specifically antibacterial resistance is a growing threat to human health and economic development across the globe. In Thailand, ABR was estimated... 6 hours
Repellent research: Navy developing ship coatings to reduce fuel, energy costs
SCIENCE DAILY It can repel water, oil, alcohol and even peanut butter. And it might save the US Navy millions of dollars in ship fuel costs, reduce the... 7 hours
Uncovering lost images from the 19th century
SCIENCE DAILY Art curators will be able to recover images on daguerreotypes, the earliest form of photography that used silver plates, after a team of scientists learned how to use light to see through degradation that... 7 hours
The photoelectric effect in stereo
SCIENCE DAILY In the photoelectric effect, a photon ejects an electron from a material. Researchers have now used attosecond laser pulses to measure the time evolution of this effect in molecules. From their results they can deduce the exact location... 7 hours
Mars Will Soon 'Reverse Its Course' in the Sky
LIVE SCIENCE Mars continues to approach Earth as the Red Planet grows steadily brighter, but on June 28, it will halt its normal eastward motion among the stars and turn back toward... 8 hours
Scientists discover how antiviral gene works
SCIENCE DAILY It's been known for years that humans and other mammals possess an antiviral gene called RSAD2 that prevents a remarkable range of viruses from multiplying. Now, researchers have discovered the secret to the gene's success: The... 8 hours
Schizophrenia patients account for over 1 in 10 suicide deaths, study shows
NEWS MEDICAL A new CAMH and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences study shows that people with schizophrenia account for more than 1 in 10 cases of... 6 hours
Study highlights inadequate effort of health care insurers to combat opioid epidemic
NEWS MEDICAL Health care insurers including Medicare, Medicaid and major private insurers have not done enough to combat the opioid epidemic, suggests a study led by... 6 hours
Overdose risk increases five-fold with concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine use
NEWS MEDICAL In the first 90 days of concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine use, the risk of opioid-related overdose increases five-fold compared to opioid-only use among Medicare recipients, according to a... 6 hours
Star Wars 'Anthology' Films Put On Hold - Report
SPACE.COM A report says Lucasfilm is scuttling plans for its Star Wars "anthology" stories. 6 hours
DNA patterns in circulating blood cells can help identify spastic cerebral palsy
NEWS MEDICAL A Delaware team including Erin Crowgey, PhD, associate director of Bioinformatics with Nemours Biomedical Research, has published a study in the peer-reviewed journal BMC... 6 hours
Pioneering exercise program improves physical, mental health of elderly people living in care homes
NEWS MEDICAL If the number of people over 65 currently accounts for 22% of the total population in the Basque Autonomous Community... 6 hours
'Stealth' material hides hot objects from infrared eyes
SCIENCE DAILY Infrared cameras are the heat-sensing eyes that help drones find their targets even in the dead of night or through heavy fog. Hiding from such detectors could become much easier, thanks to... 7 hours
Low-cost plastic sensors could monitor a range of health conditions
SCIENCE DAILY An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide range of health conditions,... 8 hours
Broken shuttle may interfere with learning in major brain disorders
SCIENCE DAILY A broken shuttle protein may hinder learning in people with intellectual disability, schizophrenia, or autism. 8 hours
Is This Leonardo Da Vinci's Oldest Surviving Work? It's Doubtful.
LIVE SCIENCE It's a small piece — merely a square tile depicting a curly-haired Archangel Gabriel — but it may be the oldest surviving artwork by the Renaissance master Leonardo... 8 hours
New therapeutic target for slowing the spread of flu virus
SCIENCE DAILY Influenza A (flu A) hijacks host proteins for viral RNA splicing and blocking these interactions caused replication of the virus to slow, which could point to novel strategies... 8 hours
Starving fungi could save millions of lives each year
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have identified a potentially new approach to treating lethal fungal infections that claim more than 1.6 million lives each year: starving the fungi of key nutrients, preventing their growth... 8 hours
Wolf reintroduction: Yellowstone's 'landscape of fear' not so scary after all
SCIENCE DAILY After wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the mid-1990s, some scientists thought the large predator reestablished a 'landscape of fear' that caused elk, the... 8 hours
People with schizophrenia account for more than one in 10 suicide cases
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows that people with schizophrenia account for more than one in 10 cases of suicide in Ontario, and that young people... 8 hours
Biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative synthesized
SCIENCE DAILY Polymer chemists have taken another step toward a future of high-performance, biorenewable, biodegradable plastics. The team describes chemical synthesis of a polymer called bacterial poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) ­- or P3HB. The compound shows early promise as a substitute for petroleum... 8 hours
Drug compound stops cancer cells from spreading in mice
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that it may be possible to freeze cancer cells and kill them where they stand. 8 hours
Miniature testing of drug pairs on tumor biopsies
SCIENCE DAILY Combinations of cancer drugs can be quickly and cheaply tested on tumour cells using a novel device developed by scientists. The research marks the latest advancement in the field of personalized medicine. 8 hours
Normalization of 'plus-size' risks hidden danger of obesity
SCIENCE DAILY New research warns that the normalization of 'plus-size' body shapes may be leading to an increasing number of people underestimating their weight - undermining efforts to tackle England's ever-growing obesity problem. Analysis... 8 hours
Important step towards a computer model that predicts the outcome of eye diseases
SCIENCE DAILY Understanding how the retina transforms images into signals that the brain can interpret would not only result in insights into brain computations,... 8 hours
Mosquito-borne diseases in Europe: Containment strategy depends on when the alarm sets off
SCIENCE DAILY New research based on the Italian experience with outbreaks of Chikungunya, a disease borne by the tiger mosquito, in 2007 and 2017,... 8 hours
NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Speaks About Her Puzzling Removal from Space Mission
SPACE.COM VIDEO NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps still doesn't know why she was removed from her first assignment to go to space. 10 hours
trump calls for creation of space force Trump Calls for Creation of ‘Space Force’
ASTRO WATCH During a meeting of the National Space Council at the White House on June 18, 2018, President Donald Trump announced he was... 9 hours
researchers find last of universe s missing ordinary matter Researchers Find Last of Universe's Missing Ordinary Matter
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have found what may be the universe’s lost sock at the back of the dryer—answering a long-running mystery that... 9 hours
MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity
MIT Study reveals how, when a synapse strengthens, its neighbors weaken. 10 hours
Nearly 400 people used California assisted death law in 2017
ABC NEWS California health officials say 374 terminally ill people took drugs to end their lives last year in the first full year after a 2016 law made the option... 9 hours
National Space Council's 'Think Tank' Starts Work
SPACE.COM An advisory group dubbed the "think tank" for the National Space Council formally kicked off its work June 19 with a broad but vague mandate to study space policy issues. 10 hours
USGS estimates 8.5 billion barrels of oil in Texas' Eagle Ford Group
PHYS.ORG The Eagle Ford Group of Texas contains estimated means of 8.5 billion barrels of oil, 66 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 1.9... 8 hours
Medical News Today: Can dehydration affect pregnancy?
MNT Dehydration is more common during pregnancy than at other times. This is because the body has an increased demand for water. Dehydration can be dangerous for the mother and baby, so it is important... 9 hours
Saudis say 12,000 pirating devices seized amid Qatar rift
PHYS.ORG Saudi Arabia has said it has confiscated more than 12,000 pirating devices in the country, after rival Qatar's beIN Media accused broadcasters in the kingdom of bootlegging its World Cup... 11 hours
Oregon email restored; official says hack fed scheme
PHYS.ORG After a multi-day freeze triggered by a wave of spam messages, officials confirmed late Thursday that Oregon government emails could once again reach the public—and described the attack as part of a... 11 hours
IMERG examines flooding in southern Texas from tropical disturbance
PHYS.ORG While Tropical Storm Bud was lashing parts of western Mexico and causing flooding that extended into the American Southwest, a tropical disturbance was spinning over the Gulf of Mexico and... 8 hours
Fighting sexual harassment in science may mean changing science itself
SCIENCE-NEWS Sexual harassment is disturbingly prevalent in academia. But a course correction may involve tearing down the hierarchy that makes science run. 10 hours
Space Force: Pentagon Navigates Way Ahead and Awaits Direction From Congress
SPACE.COM Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will turn to his own policy advisers for options that he could present to the president. 11 hours
Top stories: tanked alcohol trial, Aztec human sacrifice, and speedy gene construction
Science Magazine This week’s top Science news 11 hours
Medical News Today: How to get debris out of your eye
MNT Getting an object stuck in the eye is a common problem. It does not usually cause lasting damage, but it is essential to remove it to... 10 hours
Research team uncovers lost images from the 19th century
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Art curators will be able to recover images on daguerreotypes, the earliest form of photography that used silver plates, after a team of scientists led by Western University learned how... 13 hours
Video: Hydrangeas, the strange color-changing flowers
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Savvy gardeners know that they can adjust the color of hydrangea blossoms between pink and blue by altering the pH of the soil. But pH isn't the entire story. 13 hours
Universe’s Missing Baryons Found in Intergalactic Medium
SCI-NEWS.COM Ordinary (baryonic) matter make up all physical objects in existence, from stars to the cores of black holes. But until now, scientists... 12 hours
Mars Had a Seriously Crazy Volcanic Past, New Study of 'UFO' Rocks Reveals
LIVE SCIENCE Bizarre rock formation known as Medusae Fossae weren't created by UFOs crash-landing, but rather by massive volcanism on the Red Planet. 11 hours
The 'Perfect' Human Body Is Not What You Think
LIVE SCIENCE What makes a so-called perfect body? 12 hours
Mitochondria maintain controlled activation state of epithelial-resident T lymphocytes
Science Magazine Epithelial-resident T lymphocytes, such as intraepithelial lymphocytes (IELs) located at the intestinal barrier, can offer swift protection against invading pathogens. Lymphocyte activation is strictly regulated because of its potential harmful... 12 hours
Materials for lithium-ion battery safety
Science Magazine Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are considered to be one of the most important energy storage technologies. As the energy density of batteries increases, battery safety becomes even more critical if the energy is released unintentionally. Accidents related to fires... 12 hours
Observation of Poiseuille flow of phonons in black phosphorus
Science Magazine The travel of heat in insulators is commonly pictured as a flow of phonons scattered along their individual trajectory. In rare circumstances, momentum-conserving collision events dominate, and thermal transport becomes... 12 hours
Paris slams brakes on electric car-sharing scheme
PHYS.ORG The city of Paris is pulling the plug on an electric car-sharing system once hailed as the future of urban transport, with officials voting to cancel the contract in the face of mounting losses. 13 hours
Federal study: Chemicals toxic at levels EPA thought safe
PHYS.ORG The chemicals used by a West Virginia factory to make non-stick products are dangerous at levels the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had thought were safe, according to a federal study... 13 hours
Justices adopt digital-age privacy rules to track cellphones
PHYS.ORG The Supreme Court ruled Friday that police generally need a search warrant if they want to track criminal suspects' movements by collecting information about where they've used their cellphones, bolstering privacy interests... 13 hours
Medical News Today: Tips for dyeing hair when you have psoriasis
MNT People with psoriasis can dye their hair safely. However, there are factors to consider before, during, and after applying the dye. In this article, learn about... 11 hours
House approves bill expanding treatment for opioid abuse
ABC NEWS The House has overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to give health care providers more tools to stem an opioid crisis that kills more than 115 people in the United States daily 11 hours
How Parents and Doctors Can Support Transgender Children
LIVE SCIENCE There's a lot of misinformation out there for parents about doctors and gender non-conforming and transgender children. Here's the truth. 12 hours
Wavelength-tunable and shape-reconfigurable photonic capsule resonators containing cholesteric liquid crystals
Science Magazine Cholesteric liquid crystals (CLCs) have a photonic bandgap due to the periodic change of refractive index along their helical axes. The CLCs containing optical gain have served as... 12 hours
What causes the sound of a dripping tap -- and how do you stop it?
NASA Astronaut Jeanette Epps Speaks About Her Puzzling Removal from Space Mission
Research team uncovers lost images from the 19th century
Video: Hydrangeas, the strange color-changing flowers
New model predicts that we're probably the only advanced civilization in the observable universe
Wildlife death match—ants versus termites
Doomsaying about new technology helps make it better
NASA, NSF expedition to study ocean carbon embarks in August from Seattle
Where Does Trump's 'Space Force' Fit in the International Agreement on Peaceful Use of Space?
Bogong moths first insect known to use magnetic sense in long-distance nocturnal migration