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Tech giants join forces on online terror fight
Sky News Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft have said they will ramp up efforts to fight terrorist content after a meeting with the Home Secretary. 2 hours
Microsoft says there are 150 HoloLens apps - CNET
CNET The tech giant also has hired the former Oculus chief marketing officer to help push its efforts in mixed reality. 3 hours
Microsoft PR legend Pam Edstrom dies at 71 - CNET
CNET Pam Edstrom spent three decades guiding communications for the tech giant. 5 hours
Mosquitoes wing it: New research shows how
SCIENCE DAILY The unique mechanisms involved in mosquito flight have been shared for the first time in a new collaboration, which could inform future aerodynamic innovations, including tiny scale flying tech. 4 hours
the enterprise strikes back The enterprise strikes back
TechCrunch  For startups working to sell to large corporations, their investors and their tens of thousands of employees, it’s welcome news. A confluence of factors may make 2017 fertile... 4 hours
The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan's tech is not bad for a base model video - Roadshow
CNET VW's Tiguan doesn't offer much in the way of options, so it's a good thing that the base... 6 hours
'Ghost in the Shell': Hollywood’s Mischievous Vision of AI
LIVE SCIENCE With the new sci-fi flick "Ghost in the Shell" hitting theaters this week, Scientific American asks artificial intelligence experts which movies, if any, have gotten AI right. 6 hours
Ford boosts Canadian tech cred with BlackBerry injection - Roadshow
CNET The Blue Oval is making a $375 million investment north of the border to bolster its connected-car and autonomy efforts. 6 hours
2016 was the first year streaming services provided the majority of the music industry s revenue 2016 was the first year streaming services provided the majority of the music industry’s revenue
THE VERGE VIDEO The music industry has a long... 6 hours
​On the road: 2017 BMW 530i video - Roadshow
CNET The 5 Series just started its seventh generation, and it's one of the most anticipated 5s ever, with a big leap in cabin tech along with a big leap down... 8 hours
watch the first trailer for destiny 2 launching september 8th Watch the first trailer for Destiny 2, launching September 8th
THE VERGE VIDEO After a few days of teasing, we finally have our first proper look at the sequel... 7 hours
Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for free - CNET
CNET Still clinging to that DVD collection? Take a weekend and convert those movies to digital format for phones, tablets, etc. Plus: one of my favorite sci-fi movies on sale for... 9 hours
uk wants tech firms to build tools to block terrorist content UK wants tech firms to build tools to block terrorist content
TechCrunch  UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd is holding talks with several major Internet companies today... 9 hours
new tech can spot small faces in the crowd New tech can spot small faces in the crowd
TechCrunch  Spotting faces in a scene is easy when the punims are nice and close to the camera. But... 9 hours
jaeden lieberher in first trailer for trevorrow s the book of henry Jaeden Lieberher in First Trailer for Trevorrow's 'The Book of Henry'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "We have to make it better. There's only one way to stop it." Focus Features has debuted the first trailer for the film The Book of... 10 hours
Samsung's DeX dock turns the S8 into a PC, ISP privacy rollback video - CNET
CNET The biggest tech stories of the day include the Samsung Galaxy S8's DeX dock, which turns the phone... 11 hours
Who gains most from high-skilled foreign workers?
PHYS.ORG Foreign computer scientists granted H-1B visas to work in the United States during the IT boom of the 1990s had a significant impact on workers, consumers and tech companies. 12 hours
Future of Asian luxury cars, electric vehicles at auto show
PHYS.ORG South Korea's largest auto show provides a look at the future of Asian premium cars and electric vehicles, as well as efforts by Asian auto and tech companies... 13 hours
leeco s 2 billion acquisition of vizio has reportedly stalled LeEco’s $2 billion acquisition of Vizio has reportedly “stalled”
TechCrunch  There are more problems for ambitious Chinese tech firm LeEco. Its acquisition of U.S.-based TV Vizio, a surprise deal... 15 hours
Tech firms face questions over extremist content
Sky News Google, Twitter and Facebook will be asked later to explain their positions on extremist content on their platforms and on government access to encrypted communications of the public. 23 hours
picture yourself as a space tourist in these blue origin capsule interior shots Picture yourself as a space tourist in these Blue Origin capsule interior shots
TechCrunch  One of the best parts of writing about transportation tech... 1 day
Titan Has ‘Electrically-Charged’ Hydrocarbon Sands
SCI-NEWS.COM Low-density organic granules that cover the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan are ‘electrically charged,’ according to new experiments done by scientists at the Georgia Institute of... 1 day
NASA Testing Precision Landing Tech For Future Off-World Missions | Video
SPACE.COM The CoOperative Blending of Autonomous Landing Technologies (COBALT) project is testing lander navigation technology for future missions to Mars, the moon, Europa, and more. 1 day
Samsung debuts the S8 and S8 Plus, Amazon's curbside grocery delivery video - CNET
CNET The biggest tech headlines of the day include Samsung's debut of the S8, Amazon's curbside delivery service and Tinder becomes... 1 day
valerian s new trailer shows what a city spanning 1 000 planets looks like Valerian’s new trailer shows what a city spanning 1,000 planets looks like
TechCrunch  A thousand planets. One mission to save them all. Watch the new #Valerian trailer and like this Tweet to explore more. In theaters July... 1 day
YouTube moved by Indian bride's 17-minute wedding dance - CNET
The Huge Change Sex And The City's Opening Credits Almost Had
Brush up on April Fools' Day early with Burger King toothpaste - CNET
Apple continues whimsical iPad Pro ad series w/ focus on design & education
Watch rotating horns of Venus at dawn
To really help U.S. workers, we should invest in robots
Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy
A Dark Song (2017)
Researchers discover tree trunks act as methane source in upland forests
The first trailer for Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy game reveals a menacing Thanos
Giant Python Swallowed an Indonesian Man Whole
Long-Lost Letters from Suffrage Pioneers Discovered
Waves on Sun give NASA new insight into space weather forecasting
Lexus April Fools' Day prank uses V2V against left-lane hogs - Roadshow
Lyft pranked itself with an April Fools' wearable thumb gadget