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twin peaks new posters and trailers look to the past and the future Twin Peaks new posters and trailers look to the past and the future
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Get lost in those woods again with new Twin Peaks posters and teasers 3 hours
Hekla’s Children by James Brogden
SFF WORLD   “Hekla: In Icelandic lore, a mountain where witches held their meetings. “   There’s a fine tradition here in the UK (and I’m sure some other... 5 hours
FrightFest Glasgow 2017 Day 1 – vampires, zombies and Godzilla
SCI FI NOW Reviews of Shin Godzilla, Happy Hunting and more from the first half of FrightFest Glasgow 4 hours
Taken Review: New Drama Is Tense, Action-Packed And Not Much Like The Movies
CINEMA BLEND NBC's new action-packed drama Taken is, of course, a prequel... 8 hours
watch a price is right contestant call drew carey the wrong name Watch A Price Is Right Contestant Call Drew Carey The Wrong Name
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Things don't always go according to plan when it comes to game show action, and Drew Carey got a big surprise from a contestant... 9 hours
A ‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel Could Still Happen, Here Is What Simon Kinberg Has To Say About It!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While the... 11 hours
liam neeson action fans will have to wait even longer for his next film to hit theaters Liam Neeson Action Fans Will Have To Wait Even Longer For His Next Film To Hit Theaters
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The Commuter's... 12 hours
Overwatch Drops Another Hint On The Next New Character
CINEMA BLEND Everyone in the Overwatch community have been going completely bonkers trying to figure out who the new characters... 11 hours
Katherine Heigl's Doubt Already Cancelled By CBS
CINEMA BLEND If anyone had any...doubts...about one or more of CBS' midseason dramas getting cancelled after a ridiculously short amount of time, I certainly... 12 hours
Classic Nickelodeon Game Show Hosts, Ranked
CINEMA BLEND Few networks have been responsible for as many memorable game show hosts as Nickelodeon. Check out our ranking of the classics. 10 hours
Six Renewed By History For Season 2
CINEMA BLEND History has officially given the renewal order to its new military drama Six, and there are a couple pretty big reasons why... 12 hours
Resident Evil 7's Next DLC Will Bring Back A Classic Character
CINEMA BLEND Capcom has revealed what the next piece of downloadable content will be for Resident... 10 hours
Why Hell Or High Water Should Win The Best Original Screenplay Oscar
CINEMA BLEND The Best Original Screenplay category has some excellent candidates for this year's Academy Awards, but we believe that Oscar should go to Hell or... 10 hours
Seth Rogen Will Obsess Over Charlize Theron In New Dark Comedy Flarsky
CINEMA BLEND Does Seth Rogen have a chance with Charlize Theron? Apparently we'll find out in the upcoming comedy Flarsky. 10 hours
The New X-Men Universe Teams We Could See In The Movies, According To Simon Kinberg
CINEMA BLEND The X-Men franchise has entered a... 12 hours
Amber Tamblyn Announces Her Baby's Arrival With The Most Adorable Instagram
CINEMA BLEND It's a girl! But I don't think that's her real name... 12 hours
sherlock holmes consulting detective is my favorite way to experience a sherlock holmes story Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Is My Favorite Way To Experience A Sherlock Holmes Story
GIZMODO My mom loves mystery stories, but I’ve never... 13 hours
gerard butler the god of egypt himself will produce a darker shade of magic Gerard Butler, the God of Egypt Himself, Will Produce A Darker Shade of Magic
GIZMODO Obviously, we all know that Gerard Butler has... 14 hours
the lego batman movie s end credits sequence is online and it ll make you want to dance The LEGO Batman Movie’s End Credits Sequence Is Online, And It’ll Make You Want To Dance
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The LEGO Movie had... 12 hours
new handmaid s tale featurette underscores how eerily timely the story really is New Handmaid's Tale Featurette Underscores How Eerily Timely the Story Really Is
GIZMODO Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s tale The Handmaid’s Tale premieres April 26, and the network just released a clip that shows how the dystopian... 15 hours
creepy critters befriend a lonely princess in adorable animated short dark dark woods Creepy Critters Befriend a Lonely Princess in Adorable Animated Short Dark Dark Woods
GIZMODO Students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark collaborated on Dark... 13 hours
New ‘Twin Peaks’ Posters Warn “It Is Happening Again!”
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the taglines in a recent ‘Twin Peaks‘ promo warned that “It Is Happening Again” and a... 13 hours
TV Review: ‘Powerless: Emily Dates A Henchman (Season 1 Episode 4)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The streak continues! Continuing on the strengths of week three, ‘Powerless’ continues to build... 13 hours
that time patrick stewart argued with his wife over whether he was circumcised That Time Patrick Stewart Argued With His Wife Over Whether He Was Circumcised
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Patrick Stewart had a pretty surprising revelation about his genitalia... 14 hours
The CW Has Picked Cress Williams Up To Play ‘Black Lightning’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After moving to The CW it seems that ‘Black Lightning‘ is moving along at... 12 hours
Soon You Can Bring The CW ‘Vixen’ Animated Series Home As An Animated Movie!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you’ve loved the first two seasons of... 13 hours
keeping up with the kattarshians is iceland s newest hit show Keeping Up With The Kattarshians Is Iceland's Newest Hit Show
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO Finally, a reality series where the claws REALLY come out. 14 hours
A ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Behind-The-Scenes Photo Reveals A Dark Intro
SCIENCEFICTION.COM While I wasn’t expecting that Freeform would go too dark with Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger‘ it... 12 hours
New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr. Has Landed Another Awesome TV Gig
CINEMA BLEND The talented actor has just landed himself on yet another comedy series, and this... 14 hours
How Planet Earth 2 Did In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND Planet Earth 2 officially made its American debut on February 18, and it was a dazzlingly beautiful look at remote... 14 hours
Get Out Is Crushing The Competition, Posting A Massive Number At The Box Office
CINEMA BLEND Get Out is certainly a lot more inviting... 14 hours
Why Arrival's Screenwriter Deserves To Win The Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar
CINEMA BLEND Arrival deserves the top honors for pretty much every category it's up for, but... 14 hours
The Perfect Reason Patrick Stewart Won't Play Professor X In Any More X-Men Movies
CINEMA BLEND Patrick Stewart has announced that Logan will be... 14 hours
One Big Lesson Fox Learned From Fantastic Four, According To Simon Kinberg
CINEMA BLEND Simon Kinberg is well aware that they're very much in last chance saloon with the Fantastic Four franchise. 13 hours
“Get Out”: The Horror In Uncomfortable Truths
SLICE OF SCI-FI The effective use of the disturbing nature of subtle hostilities and awkward assumptions are beautifully incorporated into typically normal situations in Get Out. Writer & director Jordan Peele then plays on our own anticipations... 14 hours
i m pretty sure powerless is a sequel to gotham I'm Pretty Sure Powerless Is a Sequel to Gotham
GIZMODO Now that Powerless has been on the air for a few weeks, a nagging suspicion that I’ve had... 15 hours
just let this little girl s wonder woman invisible jet costume win every contest Just Let This Little Girl's Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Costume Win Every Contest
GIZMODO When cosplayers conjure up Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, they’ll usually... 16 hours
why supergirl wasn t a big part of the cw s dc crossover event last year Why Supergirl Wasn't a Big Part of the CW's DC Crossover Event Last Year
GIZMODO Last year’s Invasion! storyline across the DC/CW shows... 15 hours
TV Review: ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Comic-Con Conundrum’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Continuing the saga of Raj tonight, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ delivers a solid episode focusing on the gang’s... 16 hours
cress williams will be the star of cw s black lightning show Cress Williams Will Be the Star of CW's Black Lightning Show
GIZMODO Say hello to the latest DC hero to land on the CW: Cress Williams... 17 hours
how the man in the high castle brought hitler s future germany to life How The Man in the High Castle Brought Hitler's Future Germany to Life
GIZMODO One of the best things about The Man in the High... 18 hours
Joe Carnahan Shares How He Is Approaching ‘Uncharted’ To Make It Fun For Moviegoers
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve been trying to see video game to... 16 hours
Tracy Morgan Just Set His First Post-Accident Comedy Special
CINEMA BLEND The world will get to witness Tracy Morgan's return to stand-up comedy soon, as he's just set up... 17 hours
CINEMA BLEND Collide isn't just a giant waste of time that only brings the worst out of its impressive cast, but it unforgivably takes an eternity to end and put you out of your misery. 15 hours
A Surprising Connection Between Logan And X-Men: Apocalypse Has Been Revealed
CINEMA BLEND The following contains light spoilers for Logan. It doesn't give much away, but you... 16 hours
what on earth is marvel teasing with this mysterious hulk wolverine image What on Earth Is Marvel Teasing With This Mysterious Hulk/Wolverine Image?
GIZMODO Oh boy.Read more... 16 hours
Is Beast Appearing In The Next X-Men Movie? Here's What Nicholas Hoult Says
CINEMA BLEND Nicholas Hoult has starred as Beast since X-Men: First Class,... 17 hours
CinemaBlend Predicts The Star Wars: Last Jedi Plot, Without Having Seen A Single Trailer
CINEMA BLEND The folks at Lucasfilm and Disney have been... 15 hours
Cards Against Humanity's Newest Expansion Is Based On Mass Effect
CINEMA BLEND The universe is ever expanding, especially if you're referring to the universe of Mass Effect and/or... 16 hours
Justin Bieber Assures People He Did Not Pee His Pants
CINEMA BLEND Justin Bieber was sporting a very noticeable wet spot on his sweatpants recently, and now he's... 16 hours
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con's Are Having Problems Ahead Of Release
CINEMA BLEND The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release on March 3rd, next Friday. It's literally just one week away.... 16 hours
The Flash Creator's Black Lightning Show Has Found Its Lead
CINEMA BLEND A brand new kind of superhero show is coming to The CW, and we now know... 16 hours
How Jyn Erso Can Return To Star Wars, According To Felicity Jones
CINEMA BLEND The characters introduced in Rogue One have since been embraced by the fandom, who are disappointed to see that we'll likely never see them... 17 hours
The Logan Soundtrack Has Revealed A Major Spoiler, So Beware
CINEMA BLEND It's getting harder and harder for those who haven't seen the movie to avoid spoilers on... 17 hours
mass effect andromeda includes a game of thrones reunion Mass Effect: Andromeda Includes A Game Of Thrones Reunion
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO BioWare is known for tapping a lot of different actors for their games. It's not uncommon to hear... 19 hours
new power rangers international trailer finally features an iconic catchphrase New Power Rangers International Trailer Finally Features An Iconic Catchphrase
CINEMA BLEND VIDEO The Power Rangers release date is within sight, and a new trailer for the film finally... 19 hours
nasa is turning trappist 1 into science nerd fanfic NASA Is Turning TRAPPIST-1 Into Science Nerd Fanfic
GIZMODO On Wednesday, Earthlings were shocked—and certainly relieved—to finally get a push notification about planetary discovery, not political corruption. News broke... 19 hours
today s best deals work boots hand tools batman games and more Today's Best Deals: Work Boots, Hand Tools, Batman Games, and More
GIZMODO Wera tools, work boots, and Batman: Return to Arkham lead off Friday’s best deals... 20 hours
hot toys rocket raccoon comes with a blaster that s almost bigger than he is Hot Toys' Rocket Raccoon Comes With a Blaster That's Almost Bigger Than He Is
GIZMODO A fierce attitude is a good start, but... 19 hours
go see any movie you want with 3 off at fandango Go See Any Movie You Want With $3 Off at Fandango
GIZMODO Heading out to the movies this weekend? Use promo code AWARDSAPPLEPAY on Fandango, and... 19 hours
this week s big new exoplanet discovery is becoming science nerd fanfic This Week's Big New Exoplanet Discovery Is Becoming Science Nerd Fanfic
GIZMODO On Wednesday, Earthlings were shocked—and certainly relieved—to finally get a push notification about planetary... 18 hours
kentucky police remove punisher logo from cop cars after people rightfully point out he s a murderer Kentucky Police Remove Punisher Logo From Cop Cars After People Rightfully Point Out He's a Murderer
GIZMODO An Eastern Kentucky police... 18 hours
samurai jack wanted to show a dog s butthole but adult swim said nope Samurai Jack Wanted to Show a Dog's Butthole, but Adult Swim Said 'Nope'
GIZMODO The fifth and final season of Samurai Jack is going... 20 hours
as clone conspiracy ends the fates of two major spider man villains are revealed As Clone Conspiracy Ends, the Fates of Two Major Spider-Man Villains Are Revealed
GIZMODO This week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man started to wrap up... 20 hours
Good News Everyone! New Adventures Are Coming In ‘Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow’!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of the crew of Planet Express have reason to celebrate as ‘Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow’ is reuniting “Executive Producer Matt Groening, Executive Producer... 20 hours
Can’t Get Enough ‘Star Wars’? Marco Checchetto Shares Images And Details For ‘Star Wars: Screaming Citadel’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Earlier this month we... 19 hours
Why A Nightwing Movie Is Exactly What DC Needs Right Now
CINEMA BLEND There has never been a better time to announce the upcoming Nightwing movie. Here's... 19 hours
How The Blacklist Spinoff Did In The Ratings
CINEMA BLEND When a franchise is popular, a spinoff is often the next logical step. This week, NBC premiered The Blacklist: Redemption... 19 hours
When Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Expects To Start Filming
CINEMA BLEND As Logan nears theaters, X-Men fans may be wondering what's going on with the announced but delayed Gambit... 19 hours
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reshoots May Affect Carrie Fisher’s Role In The Sequel
CINEMA BLEND While Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us... 21 hours
The 10 Greatest Horror Movies Made By First-Time Directors
CINEMA BLEND Horror films have proven to be quite a fertile playground for first time directors. Burgeoning filmmakers have been... 21 hours
How Many Time Survivor Competitors Can Compete, According To Jeff Probst
CINEMA BLEND The new season of Survivor features some contestants who have been on the series... 19 hours
Is This Why No One Went To Emma Stone's One-Woman Show In La La Land?
CINEMA BLEND La La Land follows Emma Stone... 19 hours
Is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bringing Another Fan Favorite Character Back In Season 4?
CINEMA BLEND Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. burst the door wide open for old... 19 hours
10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In March
CINEMA BLEND March is going to be a bit of heartbreaker, at... 19 hours
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