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After a Century of Searching, Scientists Have Confirmed the Existence of This Bizarre Sea Blob - ScienceAlert
THE ANOMALIST It was first described in 1899, but scientists have ever since doubted the existence... 2 days
Out There - Magonia
THE ANOMALIST Peter Rogerson reviews a new book by John W Traphagan: Science, Culture and the Search for Life on Other Worlds, which asks "some deep philosophical questions about how we conceive of extraterrestrial life." Equally deep philosophical issues are raised in... 7 days
bigfoot nation youtube series returns Bigfoot Nation YouTube series returns!
PARANORMAL NEWS VIDEO In this episode of Bigfoot Nation, Bigfoot Bounty alumni cast member Rictor Riolo organizes the epic meeting/showdown between two of the most hated people in the world of Bigfoot. Hoaxer Rick Dyer and alleged Bigfoot killer, Justin Smeja... 2 weeks
Where Does Bigfoot Live Exactly? - Bigfoot Base
THE ANOMALIST AJ at Bigfoot Base knows how to appeal to the hopeful skeptic. He prefaces his article with the disclaimer "Warning, this article attempts to analyze the distribution and habitat of a yet-undiscovered... 2 weeks
2 South Texas Believers Say They Saw Bigfoot - Houston Chronicle
THE ANOMALIST Who in their right mind would march around south Texas in a hairy suit? This sighting's gotta be real, and we figure the Big Guy's going... 3 weeks
Big Cats on the Loose: English Town Abuzz Over New Footage of a "Big Cat" - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST The cat in question is thought to be "a pet Bengal cat"... 3 weeks
Sasquatch: Finding The Boundary Between Legend And Fact - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST If bigfoot's fake, why does every story share similar tropes? Consistency, argues Micah Hanks, suggests there's more to bigfoot than mere tall tales told by drunken... 4 weeks
Exploring Mexico's Zone Of Silence, Where Radio Signals Fail And Meteorites Crash - Atlas Obscura
THE ANOMALIST What exactly is anomalistics? On the surface it's saucers, sasquatch, and spooks. Yet digging deeper, the mysteries go... 4 weeks
UNM Gallup Executive Director Under Fire For Bigfoot Hunt - Alamagordo Daily News
THE ANOMALIST Well this is different. The executive director of the UNM has been using university funds to facilitate a hunt for Bigfoot. Now,... 1 month
Hollywood Sasquatch: Film-Used Bigfoot Costume up for Auction on eBay (Hoaxers Need Not Apply) - Week in Weird
THE ANOMALIST If you have a couple grand burning a hole in your wallet,... 1 month
Hollywood Sasquatch: Film-Used Bigfoot Costume up for Auction on eBay (Hoaxers Need Not Apply)
WEEK IN WEIRD If you’re in the market for a movie-quality Bigfoot costume, you’re in luck, because the incredibly detailed Sasquatch suit from... 1 month
Bigfoot Wouldn’t Shut Up During Our Camping Trip - New York Post
THE ANOMALIST We love camping. We especially love camping when a long sought after cryptid puts in an appearance. That's why we always keep the car... 1 month
Sasquatch spotted in Tofino Canada
FREAK LORE A Sasquatch has been spotted in Canada, some news footage was taken to capture what appears to be a beastly being roaming through the woodlands leaving a trail of footprints behind. As it appears,... [[ This is a... 2 months
Little Bigfoot Photographed in Alaska? Some say Leprechaun
PARANORMAL NEWS Little Bigfoot Photographed in Alaska? Some say Leprechaun – A man who says he enjoys exploring the woods and looking for Bigfoot around the Blue Mountains of the Pacific Northwest claimed on... 2 months
Little Bigfoot Photographed in Alaska? Some say Leprechaun
HIDUTH Little Bigfoot Photographed in Alaska? Some say Leprechaun – A man who says he enjoys exploring the woods and looking for Bigfoot around the Blue Mountains of the Pacific Northwest claimed on... 2 months
'Bigfoot' filmed in remote Indonesian jungle
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A video showing an alleged Bigfoot walking in front of a waterfall has been doing the rounds online. Very little is known about the origins of the foo... 2 months
When Bigfoot Gets Violent And Deadly - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Far from the beloved, bumbling buffoon haunting the woods, sometimes the big guy has a temper shorter than Hervé Villechaize. Whether going toe-to-toe with the roughest, toughest President of the... 2 months
Man Beasts in Britain: The Trouble With Sasquatch Reports in the British Isles - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST Quite a round-up of crypto-stuff today, kicking off with alleged sightings of Bigfoot in Scotland, compiled... 2 months
Crazy: The Collective Unconscious Is Creating Creepy Clowns - Alternet
THE ANOMALIST We think this piece nails the issue of marauding clowns very adequately. Humanity loves to be terrified, particularly if it means being distracted from reality, which is pretty... 2 months
Bigfoot seen on Michigan eagle nest camera
FREAK LORE Incredibly, it seems a Bigfoot was captured high above from an eagle nest camera. This footage shows what looks like a hairy ape walking upright. There are only several conclusions to this, the first...... 2 months
After Mudslides and Flooding in Iceland, Elves Are Suspects - New York Times
THE ANOMALIST Heavy rains in Iceland recently caused mudslides and flooding, or at least that's what the weatherman wants you to think. Native Icelanders... 2 months
Michigan "Bigfoot" Caught On Live Eagle Cam - Outdoor Hub
THE ANOMALIST Is everything in the woods with a vaguely anthropoid silhouette considered bigfoot? This snippet sure as heck caught our attention, and the identity of the entity is contentious... 2 months
Not "Nessiesarily" A Plesiosaur - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST After a brief absence, Nick Redfern comes back ready for the fray and makes it clear he believes there are far more important things to become perplexed about than Nessie, Bigfoot and Roswell, while... 2 months
Cool job? 'Monster hunter' Among Speakers at Bigfoot Conference - Tulsa World
THE ANOMALIST The 2016 Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference is scheduled for today and Saturday and Lyle Blackburn will be in the Oklahoma town as a... 2 months
'Bigfoot' picked up on live eagle nest webcam
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES A live feed from an eagle's nest in Michigan has recorded a mysterious figure wandering around below. Situated in a tall tree at the Platte River Stat... 2 months
The 14 Most Compelling Bigfoot Videos - Bigfoot Base
THE ANOMALIST If you consider yourself a bit of a Sasquatch expert, you are going to love this piece: fourteen of the most promising, most difficult to debunk video clips the author... 2 months
The Dog-Awful Truth Behind "Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains" - Spectral Vision
THE ANOMALIST Dogmen are the Jan Brady of cryptozoology, whining "Bigfoot, Bigfoot, Bigfoot!" as the big ol' ape continues to steal headlines. Not anymore, as Sean... 2 months
Bigfooter Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh Has Died - CryptoZooNews
THE ANOMALIST With heavy hearts we regret to inform our readers that Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh has passed away. Dr. Ruh was a passionate squatcher with a penchant for gifting the hairy... 3 months
BEK In The Philippines - Phantoms & Monsters
THE ANOMALIST Appearances of the Black Eyed Kids as well as Black Eyed Women are increasing, as indicated by this report in from the Philippines. One has to wonder if these creatures are spreading... 3 months
Two men spot a pair of Sasquatch
FREAK LORE Several men went on an expedition and what they found was something spectacular. The sighting happened in Guilford County, North Carolina January of this year. The area has a pretty healthy... [[ This is... 3 months
Squatchin’ on Heaven’s Door: Bigfoot Spotted in the Cloudy Harvest Moon
WEEK IN WEIRD For a creature that no one can seem to nail down, Bigfoot sure gets around. From nudist camps in Oregon to luxury hotels in New Hampshire,... 3 months
YouTube shocked as man claims he caught Bigfoot touching himself in garden
PARANORMAL NEWS Dog trainer Peter Caine has, deliberately or otherwise, left viewers in stitches with his hilarious account of the encounter. He describes being awoken by... 3 months
Leaving on a jet plane? 'Bigfoot' sighting caught near Provo Airport
PARANORMAL NEWS Surprising or not, "Bigfoot" sightings in Utah County are not extremely rare. 3 months
Bigfoot Encounter - Patuxent National Wildlife Research Refuge
PARANORMAL NEWS A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had found a collection of early eyewitness reports and encounter interviews that I had not posted on the blog. The following account was among... 3 months
Map reveals paranormal sightings in Nottinghamshire
PARANORMAL NEWS Do you believe in the paranormal? This map charts supernatural and spooky sightings around Nottinghamshire, and some of them are enough to really raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Put together by the... 3 months
The Persistent Beast; An Ongoing Habituation In Pennsylvania - Linda Godfrey's Blog
THE ANOMALIST Autumn approaches and the hairy beasts are out. We start with a tale of an unfriendly bipedal creature making itself at home on the... 3 months
Trail Cam Photo Sparks Bigfoot Debate in Michigan's U.P.
PARANORMAL NEWS "Many are wondering if this could actually be a Michigan bigfoot photo or perhaps something less spectacular. Some skeptics have weighed in on the photo and one theory is that... 3 months
British man claims he's caught Bigfoot on camera in UK wood
PARANORMAL NEWS "To my astonishment, I saw what I can only describe as a gorilla-like figure, slightly blended into the dark bush, but still having a clear form,... 3 months
Bizarre Tales of the Almost Vanished - Mysterious Universe
THE ANOMALIST We've all heard stories of hikers who have gone missing or children who were there one second, then gone the next.  These stories seem to have a common thread--we'll leave... 3 months
'Best footage yet' of mysterious Bigfoot-like Yowie creature
PARANORMAL NEWS A Bigfoot -like creature dubbed the Yowie is thought to have been captured in amazing footage as it yomped through woods. The clip, released on The Yowie Hunters YouTube page , shows... 3 months
This Man Has Spent the Last 22 Years Looking for Bigfoot's Chinese Cousin
PARANORMAL NEWS 62-year-old Zhang Jianxing has been scouring the ancient forests of the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve for over two decades, in search of... 3 months
Hear the Sierra Sounds, the Most Compelling Evidence of Bigfoot Speech Ever Recorded
WEEK IN WEIRD In the 1970s, two men recorded a series of stunning vocalizations that would go down as the best audio evidence of Sasquatch ever... 3 months
Shocking footage captures ‘Bigfoot burying police surveillance cam'
PARANORMAL NEWS A hairy ape-like creature can be seen rubbing up against the camera, before trying to cover it with leaves. The suspicious footage was accidentally caught by police trying to nab marijuana growers. 3 months
Sasquatch hunter looking for Bigfoot in the Stanislaus National Forest
PARANORMAL NEWS A Sasquatch researcher is investigating multiple sightings in the Stanislaus National Forest. Rumors of the mythical animal surround the tourist town of Jamestown. The most recent sighting was... 3 months
This Company Is Trying to Raise $15 Million to Find Bigfoot
PARANORMAL NEWS "Bigfoot Project Investments Inc., plans to establish itself as the most reliable and dependable source for materials including documentaries, physical evidence, and eye witness accounts for... 3 months
Bigfoot was here? Huge Prints Found On Sandbar on isolated location.
PARANORMAL NEWS "I used my kayak and paddled 2 miles to this location, and came across these huge footprints leading up the hill. I couldn't tell where they... 3 months
Strange Labrador Monster - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
THE ANOMALIST The good doctor shares with us the story of an upright hairy beast with cloven hooves, terrorizing the shores and forests of the Dominion of Labrador in the early 1900s. While much... 3 months
Aliens, Bigfoot And Wervolves In 60 True Creepy Stories
DISCLOSE.TV With Halloween Just Around The Corner This Is A Good Watch For Some Dark Autumn Evenings. 60 Real Stories About Bigfoot, Wervolves And Aliens. Are You Ready For It? 3 months
The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage
FREAK LORE It is one of the most controversial videos of Bigfoot ever. This footage was taken back in October 20th, 1967 capturing what appears to be a large hairy beast walking on two legs. Known as a... [[ This is a... 3 months
Bigfoot, is That You? Fossilized Humanoid Footprint Found in China
PARANORMAL NEWS Several larger-than-normal human footprints fossilized in a rock were discovered in China's southwestern province of Guizhou. 3 months
Bigfoot Nation YouTube series returns!