A Dog's Purpose (2017)
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David Bowie Birthday: 70 Beautiful, Rare Pics Of The Thin White Duke On What Would Have Been His 70th Birthday
HUFFINGTON POST From his very first single, ‘Space Oddity’ in... 2 weeks
9/11 Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Claim Having Been on the WTC - Reincarnation After Death
THE ANOMALIST We're starting off early in 2017 with reincarnation stories from children. But these specific instances are not so... 3 weeks
Stories Of Your (Future, Past) Life - The Nightshirt
THE ANOMALIST Eric Wargo has familiarized us with the concept of presentiment, intuitive feelings about the future. What if someone didn't so much as feel, but know the future and the past... 2 months
Did NASA Mars Rover Find a Signature of Past Life?
HIDUTH Did NASA Mars Rover Find a Signature of Past Life? – During its wheeled treks on the Red Planet, NASA’s Spirit rover may have encountered a potential signature... 2 months
Did rover find evidence of past life on Mars?
UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Geologists have managed to link silica deposits on Mars with biological processes occurring on the Earth. The team from Arizona State University found... 2 months
Man Allegedly Lives With Snake He Thinks Is His Dead Girlfriend Reincarnated - Joy Online
THE ANOMALIST Well, this takes strange to a whole new level...Evidently a gentleman in Thailand is enamored with his pet... 2 months
Stafford Betty: You Don't Become Less By Dying: The Evidence
HUFFINGTON POST There is no need for the good man or woman to fear death. To regret it, yes. For there is so much that is yet to be done.... 2 months
Do Pets And Other Animals Go To Heaven? The Idea Of Animal Reincarnation - World Religion News
THE ANOMALIST Finally something most of the world can agree on, at least partially. It's safe... 3 months
Rebirth: Past Lives And Relatives Identified By Five-Year-Old Twin Brothers - HNGN
THE ANOMALIST The family that dies together, stays together. While they weren't reborn with their original family, the bond between two souls strengthened by reincarnating as... 4 months
Poltergeist levitation caught on video
FREAK LORE Parapsychology is a specialty investigating paranormal and psychic phenomena. This includes different aspects such as telepathic, clairvoyant and reincarnation among other topics. Seen in this video,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full... 4 months
Ancient Gold Ring Found On Mars In Rover Photo, Sept 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY Date of discovery: Sept 2016Location of discovery: MarsThis ring was found by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube this week.... 4 months
These Girl's Memories Prove: Reincarnation Is No Myth!
DISCLOSE.TV What happens after death has remained a question of controversy and solely depends on the individual's belief. Christianity believes that upon death, God will open the Book of Life and judge whether... 5 months
Stafford Betty: The Looming Divorce Between Religion And The Afterlife
HUFFINGTON POST The question for me is not why Millennials, and not just Millennials, are inclined to divorce religion from the afterlife, but whether this is good for religion. Will... 5 months
An Open Letter To Humankind - "Make Dracula Great Again!"
PARANORMALNEWS.COM I am an artist from Ireland who has recently undergone an intense and unexpected psychic awakening. Previously unused parts of my mind have been activated and I have... 5 months
Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
PARANORMAL NEWS Stevenson has discovered that birthmarks and birth defects are often related to injuries sustained in the previous life, especially injuries associated with violent death. In many cases he has been able to obtain postmortem reports, hospital records, or... 5 months
Ghost Morality And Celestial Bureaucracy: What Would Casper Do? - EsoterX
THE ANOMALIST Why do some ghosts come back, but not others? Are some more equal than others? Daniel Defoe argued how there should be more ghosts but there... 5 months
Reincarnated as Dracula
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Ghosts, Demons, UFO's and more! An interesting story was sent in to us recently. What this man has experienced has changed his life entirely. He has been awakened into... [[ This is a content summary... 6 months
Walkers Between Worlds - Daily Grail
THE ANOMALIST We examine the possibilities of using technology to augment our experiences beyond the veil, enhance our shamanic journeys, and allow us to enter altered states of consciousness more readily.  But will those experiences be made more--or... 6 months
Past life children
FREAK LORE Freak Lore Freak Lore - Ghosts, Demons, UFO's and more! Perhaps you have heard of déjà vu—when a certain moment feels like it has happened before. This is exactly what some children have... [[ This is a content summary only.... 6 months
Memories of Recycled Souls? - Malcolm's Musings
THE ANOMALIST Is reincarnation simply a matter of recycling the soul? Is Paradise a cleaner place because of it? Malcolm Smith addresses this topic--if not all of our very carefully thought out questions--in a somewhat lengthy... 7 months
Why Do Cats Stare At 'Ghosts'? - The Dodo
Beware the Deadly Demon Truck of Seven Hills Road, Maryland’s Strangest Haunting
Ghosts of Seguin Island: Investigate an Isolated Lighthouse Haunted by a Bloody Axe Murder