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Marvel Unleashes New Images From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2′
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Chris Pratt was on quite a roll with back-to-back hits, but his two most... 1 week
third trailer for awkward boy from mars film the space between us Third Trailer for Awkward Boy from Mars Film 'The Space Between Us'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "His heart can't handle our gravity, it's too risky!" STX Entertainment has debuted one more trailer for the cheesy romantic drama The Space Between... 2 weeks
Along For The Ride: ‘Passengers’ Director Explains His Choices For The Ending Of The Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you haven’t seen ‘Passengers’ and do not want the ending spoiled! ‘Passengers,’... 3 weeks
The Plot Of Passengers Seems To Be Based On This Old '50s Comic Strip
GIZMODO I admit, I have not seen the new movie Passengers. I have, however, read what the plot is about from various places, including this... 4 weeks
Listen To An Awkward Passengers Interview Get Cut Off After An Uncomfortable Sex Question
CINEMA BLEND Interviewing celebrities is a tough business. You want to get them to talk about things that the public will find... 4 weeks
Passengers Ending: Why It Had To End The Way It Did, According To The Director
CINEMA BLEND SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for Passengers. If you have not yet seen the film,... 4 weeks
Passengers Is One Of The Year's Best Movies Until It's Suddenly Horrible
CINEMA BLEND Days after having seen it, I'm still dumbfounded by the drastic left turn that Passengers made in its finale, to switch it from a... 4 weeks
The Writer and Director of Passengers Address the Film's Controversial Plot Point
GIZMODO Now that Passengers is out, there’s been a lot of talk of how the trailers and commercials hid what the film is about. It’s... 4 weeks
The Ship in Passengers Was Inspired by a Trip to Alcatraz
GIZMODO We and others have lots to say about the new movie Passengers, and with good reason. It’s an incredibly weird movie, especially considering what you might... 4 weeks
To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Passengers Ticket
CINEMA BLEND Is Passengers worth an extra 3D surcharge, or would you be better off throwing that money towards tipping Arthur, the robotic bartender? To 3D or Not... 4 weeks
Reviewing “Passengers”
SLICE OF SCI-FI Passengers is all about the question of what would you do to secure your happiness. It asks the question (blatantly mind you), what would you sacrifice – for someone else – to change your future. What would you forgive and... 4 weeks
Why Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Love That Passengers Can’t Have A Sequel
CINEMA BLEND Because of the way studios make movies these days, director Morten Tyldum's Passengers is a weirdly special film. It's the rare modern... 4 weeks
The Science Of ‘Passengers’ According To Screenwriter Jon Spaihts
SCIENCEFICTION.COM If you are going to write a sci-fi screenplay, it helps immensely if you know something about science. Okay, it helps if you know A LOT about science and that’s... 4 weeks
Movie Review: ‘Passengers’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM You’ve been woken up from your cryopod 90 years early on a 120-year journey from Earth to the distant colony world of Homestead II. And you’re alone. No crew and none of the other 5,000 passengers on the spaceship are conscious.... 4 weeks
Passengers Has Huge Ambitions But No Guts
GIZMODO You might expect a big budget science fiction movie, starring two of the most famous people on the planet, and due out on Christmas, to play it safe. But Passengers is more than just a movie... 4 weeks
Passengers film review: lost in space?
SCI FI NOW Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are stranded together in Passengers 4 weeks
What Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Really Love About The Passengers’ Trailers
CINEMA BLEND The first trailers for Morten Tyldum's Passengers arrived online back in September, but to date none of them really explain what the movie is... 4 weeks
Why Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Are Big Fans Of Passengers’ Trailers
CINEMA BLEND The first trailers for Morten Tyldum's Passengers arrived online back in September, but to date none of them really explain what the movie is... 1 month
How the Casting of Jennifer Lawrence Transformed Passengers
GIZMODO All movies go through a lot of changes before they hit the screen. There are rewrites, recastings, edits, studio notes—but one of the biggest changes that the upcoming scifi film Passengers went... 1 month
This Rotten Week: Predicting Why Him, Passengers, Assassin’s Creed and Sing Reviews
CINEMA BLEND The week before Christmas usually means we get a flurry of flicks hitting the big screen. That's the case here with Why Him, Passengers,... 1 month
CINEMA BLEND There are so many things that go right with the film, but its legitimate failure to stick the landing both leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and actually compromises its internal ethics in a sour way. 1 month
Watch Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Viciously Destroy Each Other In NSFW Insult Video
CINEMA BLEND In the new movie Passengers, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence play two people who start a relationship while adrift in... 1 month
What Laurence Fishburne Taught Chris Pratt About Being A Celebrity
CINEMA BLEND Chris Pratt is next appearing in the sci-fi flick Passengers, during which he was able to work with The Matrix star Laurence Fishbone and learn a valuable lesson. 1 month
‘Passengers’ Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas Discusses How Glamorous Travelling In Space Can Be
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Creating a believable nonexistent world is always a challenge especially in the world of science fiction. Visually, you would want... 1 month
See Jennifer Lawrence's Stellar Look While In Paris For Passengers
CINEMA BLEND Jennifer Lawrence looked out-of-this-world gorgeous as she kicked off her 'Passengers' press tour in a stellar sweater and skirt combination. 2 months
Chris Pratt Is Clearly The Best At Taking Bad Selfies With Jennifer Lawrence
CINEMA BLEND If you want to see Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in the same shot together, you're just going to have to wait... 2 months
New ‘Passengers’ Clips Show Off Chis Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence’s Chemistry
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The upcoming “romantic sci-fi thriller” ‘Passengers’ is increasingly inviting the description of “‘Titanic’ in space”, and not in a bad way. As the film’s release date... 2 months
New Passengers Trailer Makes It Look Like A Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Rom-Com
CINEMA BLEND The latest Passengers trailer is a lot more lovey-dovey than we were expecting. Is that a good thing? 2 months
One More Imagine Dragons Music Trailer for Sci-Fi Movie 'Passengers'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "But in the blink of an eye, everything changed..." Sony Pictures has revealed one more trailer for the sci-fi movie Passengers, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as... 2 months
A New ‘Passengers’ Trailer Has Arrived
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Though Morten Tyldum’s upcoming film ‘Passengers’ is often described as a “romantic sci-fi thriller”, one can’t help wondering if “disaster movie” might in some ways be more appropriate. With just under a month to go until... 2 months
Watch Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Almost Die, Repeatedly, In Passengers Trailer
CINEMA BLEND In space, no one can hear you scream. The old adage from Alien may be a good thing, as it looks like Chris Pratt... 2 months
More Details on Michelle Yeoh's Rumored Role In Star Trek: Discovery
GIZMODO James Mangold discusses the stripped-down approach to making Logan. A new trailer for Passengers reveals even more footage from the film. Sleepy Hollow gets a strange... 2 months
Watch a New Clip From Passengers and Wonder How Chris Pratt Could Possibly Survive
GIZMODO Passengers is basically a two-person disaster movie IN SPACE and every single moment of it looks designed to keep humans... 2 months
New Trailer for Sci-Fi 'Passengers' with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "There's something they didn't tell us..." Sony has unveiled a new 60-second TV trailer for the sci-fi thriller Passengers, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as... 2 months
Justice League Could Feature Another Big DC Hero
GIZMODO New Game of Thones rumors tease another major reunion. New rumors speculate that one main Walking Dead star could soon leave the show. Plus, what’s to come in The Flash and Arrow, romance on... 2 months
New ‘Passengers’ Videos Include Preview Clip, Behind The Scenes Footage
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Between the recent release of ‘Arrival‘ and the upcoming release of Morten Tyldum’s ‘Passengers’, we seem to be seeing something of a renaissance of science fiction films as... 2 months
Passengers Contemplates the Petrifying Thought of Trying To Swim With No Gravity
GIZMODO We still haven’t seen much from Passengers, Sony’s new scifi flick about two humans on a luxurious colony ship woken out of stasis decades before they’ve... 2 months
Crazy Passengers Clip Shows Jennifer Lawrence Almost Drowning In Outer Space
CINEMA BLEND Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, zero gravity had to go and make you anxious to go swimming again.... 2 months
How the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Will Tweak Belle's Backstory
GIZMODO The new Predator movie has an unlikely setting. The Black Hole remake isn’t happening anytime soon. Get a look at Dolph Lundgren’s Arrow villain. Plus, new footage from... 3 months
Passengers new poster crops its stars’ faces again
SCI FI NOW We still can't see their entire faces in the new Passengers poster 3 months
Passengers TV spot is alone in space
SCI FI NOW Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence only have each other in the new Passengers TV spot 3 months
First TV Spot for Jon Spaihts' Sci-Fi 'Passengers' Shows More Footage
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "We woke up 90 years too soon..." Sony Pictures has debuted a new 30-second TV spot for the sci-fi movie Passengers, from a screenplay by Jon... 3 months
Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Wander The Ship In New ‘Passengers’ Stills
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After making waves as part of The Black List, Sony enlisted Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and fan favorite actor Chris Pratt last year... 4 months
Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War
GIZMODO Ben Affleck’s Batman movie gets a release window. Kevin Feige talks about Stan Lee’s future cameos. Lionsgate is open to more Twilight. Plus, meet Agents of SHIELD’s new director, more... 4 months
Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence’s Passengers Hit A Major Social Media Milestone
CINEMA BLEND As the hype for Passengers continues to mount, the upcoming sci-fi love story just achieved a major social media milestone. Get the details! 4 months
Passengers first full trailer wakes up ninety years too early
SCI FI NOW Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence go on a space date in this Passengers trailer 4 months
Passengers full trailer strands Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt together
SCI FI NOW The stakes are raised in the first full trailer for Passengers 4 months
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's Interstellar Journey Goes Awry in the First Trailer for Passengers
GIZMODO Passengers tells the story of two people who mysteriously wake up from hibernation on a spaceship that still has 90... 4 months
Must Watch: First Full Trailers for Sci-Fi 'Passengers' with Chris Pratt
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "What do we do now?" Sony has finally released the first full trailer for the sci-fi movie Passengers, from a screenplay by Jon Spaihts, directed by... 4 months
Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence's Passengers Trailer Is Mysterious And Fascinating, Watch It Now
CINEMA BLEND After years of waiting, Passengers is finally entering our atmosphere, and we've got the trailer to prove it. Prepare to... 4 months
Third Trailer for Awkward Boy from Mars Film 'The Space Between Us'