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PHYS.ORG The first self-sufficient boat powered only by emission-free energy will start a six-year trip around the world in the spring. 6 days
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Cutest captain: Sea lion caught in fishing gear hops on boat
PHYS.ORG Officials say a juvenile sea lion was so happy to be rescued after getting hooked by fishing gear off Southern California, it jumped into a Coast... 2 days
'Zero tolerance' policies disproportionately punish black girls, professor says
PHYS.ORG When schools put zero tolerance policies into effect, such rules were intended to address problems such as violence, weapons, drugs or other illegal activities. Consequently, "zero tolerance" policies have been... 1 week
Norway prepares for controversial FM radio shutdown
PHYS.ORG Norway on Wednesday will become the first country in the world to start shutting down its FM radio network in favour of digital radio, a bold move watched closely by other countries around Europe. 1 week
It's a girl! Tweaking the names of a pest fanworm group
PHYS.ORG The largest group of fanworm species with rigid chalky (calcareous) tubes belong to the Hydroides genus, and are easily recognised thanks to the shape of their... 2 weeks
Honda unveils new Odyssey in small, scrappy minivan market
PHYS.ORG A veteran player in the small but scrappy minivan segment is getting a major upgrade. 1 week
People aren't the only beneficiaries of power plant carbon standards
SCIENCE DAILY A research team has projected the potential affects of carbon emissions standards in the year 2020. Their work shows that key crops and tree species would benefit from... 2 weeks
NASA Asks Scientists to Start Planning First JWST Observations
SPACE.COM As NASA prepares to resume vibration testing of the James Webb Space Telescope after an anomaly last month, it’s asking astronomers to start developing proposals for observations to be carried... 2 weeks
nasa asks scientists to start planning first jwst observations NASA asks scientists to start planning first JWST observations
SPACE NEWS As NASA prepares to resume vibration testing of the James Webb Space Telescope after an anomaly last month,... 2 weeks
One radiator to heat a whole floor
PHYS.ORG Saving energy from building highly insulated homes—often called passive homes or zero-emissions homes—makes sense for the climate and for the homeowner's pocketbook. But what happens if your efficient home is a little too efficient,... 5 days
One radiator to heat a whole floor
SCIENCE DAILY Saving energy from building highly insulated homes — often called passive homes or zero-emissions homes — makes sense for the climate and for the homeowner's pocketbook. But what happens if your efficient home is... 4 days
Researchers zero-in on cholesterol's role in cells
PHYS.ORG Scientists have long puzzled over cholesterol. It's biologically necessary; it's observably harmful - and nobody knows what it's doing where it's most abundant in cells: in the cell membrane. 2 hours
Hunter-gatherers were possibly first to call Tibetan Plateau home
SCIENCE-NEWS Hunter-gatherers may have been Asia’s first year-round, high-altitude settlers. 2 weeks
Major step forward in theoretical description of two key properties of hot nuclei
PHYS.ORG In work published in Physical Review Letters, researchers from the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science and two universities in Vietnam—Duy Tan... 4 days
A tale of two pulsars' tails: Plumes offer geometry lessons to astronomers
PHYS.ORG Like cosmic lighthouses sweeping the universe with bursts of energy, pulsars have fascinated and baffled astronomers since they were first discovered 50 years ago.... 4 hours
Global demand for plant and algae-based foods differs around the world
NEWS MEDICAL With the world’s population projected to hit 9.9 billion by 2050, experts are continuing to look for sustainable food sources to feed the masses. 2 days
People aren't the only beneficiaries of power plant carbon standards
PHYS.ORG When the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Clean Power Plan in 2015 it exercised its authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions to protect public welfare. The Plan, now... 2 weeks
moon express fully funded for google lunar x prize bid Moon Express fully funded for Google Lunar X Prize bid
SPACE NEWS Moon Express announced Jan. 13 that it has closed a $20 million financing round, giving the... 4 days
Small long-serving satellite observes ammonia emission from the center of our galaxy
PHYS.ORG (—Completing its 16th year in orbit, a small Swedish astrophysics and aeronomy satellite named "Odin" has proven that it is still capable of carrying... 1 day
nasa selects two asteroid missions for discovery program NASA selects two asteroid missions for Discovery program
SPACE NEWS NASA has selected two missions to asteroids in the latest round of its Discovery planetary science program, a move that... 2 weeks
What do health plan deductibles really mean for people with chronic illness? New study takes a look
SCIENCE DAILY For tens of millions of Americans, the start of a new year means the... 1 week
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