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Science Magazine Cell studies suggest oxidative stress may doom Great Danes and other big dogs to shorter lives 1 month
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Fossil shows that ancient reptile gave live birth
SCIENCE-NEWS A new fossil shows that a prehistoric reptile may have given birth to live young, unlike its egg-laying descendants, birds and crocodiles. 7 days
Gene therapy treats muscle-wasting disease in dogs
MNT Work on gene therapy is showing significant progress for restoring muscle strength and prolonging lives in dogs with a previously incurable, inherited neuromuscular disease. 4 days
Gene therapy treats myotubular myopathy in dogs
NEWS MEDICAL The rare disorder, called myotubular myopathy, or MTM, affects only males. It causes fatal muscle wasting. Both dogs and boys with the disease typically succumb in early life due to breathing difficulties. 5 days
Long-dead reptile gave live birth, study says
PHYS.ORG An unusually long-necked marine reptile gave birth to live young 245 million years ago—the only known member of the dinosaur, bird and croc family to not lay eggs, researchers said Tuesday. 7 days
Gene therapy treats muscle-wasting disease in dogs
SCIENCE DAILY Dogs with an inherited muscle-wasting disorder that was treated with a single infusion of corrective gene therapy were indistinguishable from normal animals one year later. Puppies with this naturally occurring, fatal genetic mutation and... 3 days
Experiments suggest dogs and monkeys have a human-like sense of morality
PHYS.ORG (—A team of researchers from Kyoto University has found that dogs and capuchin monkeys watch how humans interact with one another and react less positively to... 6 days
Study associates proximity to oil and gas development and childhood leukemia
SCIENCE DAILY Young Coloradans diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia are more likely to live in areas of high-density oil and gas development compared to young Coloradans diagnosed with... 5 days
Can't we all just get along—like India's cats and dogs?
PHYS.ORG A new WCS study in India shows that three carnivores—tigers, leopards, and dholes (Asian wild dog)—seemingly in direct competition with one other, are living side by side with... 5 days
Penn Medicine's ODC collaborates with FAST to develop gene therapy for Angelman syndrome
NEWS MEDICAL Penn Medicine's Orphan Disease Center announces a new partnership with FAST to study gene therapy approaches to treat Angelman syndrome. 6 days
Endangered Antelopes Face 'Catastrophic' Die-Off
LIVE SCIENCE Scientists said they think 25 percent of the endangered antelope population has been lost. 7 days
How temperature guides where species live and where they'll go
PHYS.ORG For decades, among the most enduring questions for ecologists have been: "Why do species live where they do? And what are the factors that keep them there?" A... 6 days
Astronomers propose a cell phone search for galactic fast radio bursts
SCIENCE DAILY Fast radio bursts seem to come from distant galaxies, but there is no obvious reason that, every once in a while, an FRB wouldn't occur in... 6 days
WHO’s Global Hearts initiative focuses on reducing heart disease worldwide
NEWS MEDICAL More than 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) each year - making it the number one cause of death worldwide. 4 days
Astronomers propose a cell phone search for galactic fast radio bursts
PHYS.ORG Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are brief spurts of radio emission, lasting just one-thousandth of a second, whose origins are mysterious. Fewer than two dozen have been... 7 days
Medical News Today: Genetic basis for male baldness identified in large-scale study
MNT New large-scale genetic study examines over 52,000 men with moderate-to-severe hair loss and identifies over 250 genetic locations linked to the condition. 6 days
No close partner for young, massive stars in Omega Nebula
PHYS.ORG Astronomers from Leuven (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) have discovered that massive stars in the star-forming region M17 (the Omega Nebula) are—against expectations—not part of a close binary. They... 7 days
How temperature guides where species live, where they'll go
SCIENCE DAILY A new study could prove significant in answering among the most enduring questions for ecologists: Why do species live where they do, and what are the factors that keep them... 6 days
luxembourgian minister unwilling to let esa asteroid mission die without a fight Luxembourgian minister unwilling to let ESA asteroid mission die without a fight
SPACE NEWS A Luxembourgian politician wants to breathe new life into the European Space Agency’s cancelled Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM) despite the program not garnering enough... 5 days
Impacts of mass coral die-off on Indian Ocean reefs revealed
PHYS.ORG Warming seawaters, caused by climate change and extreme climatic events, threaten the stability of tropical coral reefs, with potentially devastating implications for many reef species and the human... 2 hours
Are girls really better at reading than boys – or are the tests painting a false picture?
PHYS.ORG In reading tests at school, girls tend to be ahead of boys, in all... 4 days
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