PHYS.ORG Donna Brunswick drove to a Costco last month to pick up 2 pounds of raw flank steak—not at the wholesale club, but from a truck in the parking lot. 2 months
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Automated vehicles will create a shift in workforce demands
PHYS.ORG Despite concerns that a rise in automated vehicles, or AVs, will displace significant numbers of truck drivers in the United States, only a modest number of truck driver jobs, if... 7 days
UK watchdog fines child care company for selling data
PHYS.ORG Britain's information watchdog has fined a firm that offers advice on pregnancy and child care 140,000 pounds ($180,000) for illegally collecting and selling personal information that ended up being used... 6 days
NASA finds Amazon drought leaves long legacy of damage
PHYS.ORG A single season of drought in the Amazon rainforest can reduce the forest's carbon dioxide absorption for years after the rains return, according to a new study published in the... 5 days
Amazon pays just $2.2M in tax in UK despite surge in profits
PHYS.ORG Amazon is facing criticism after its British tax bill fell despite a big jump in sales and profits. 2 weeks
Amazon is no longer a Seattle company. Here's what that will mean for future workers and its second headquarters
PHYS.ORG Amazon isn't just a Seattle company anymore, and a visit... 2 days
US students turn grief into tech startup after France attack
PHYS.ORG California college student Anjali Banerjee was watching fireworks during a 2016 celebration on a seafront promenade in the French city of Nice when a man plowed a huge... 4 days
Amazon welcomes first graduates of program to turn veterans into technologists
PHYS.ORG Mike Cooper and his four colleagues in Amazon's inaugural class of veterans-turned-technologists won't make a dent in the company's roughly 17,000 job openings. 5 days
Hearing Amazon's footsteps, Walgreens unveils new digital platform to connect patients to doctors
PHYS.ORG Walgreens has unveiled a new digital platform to connect customers to medical services, just weeks after its stock dove on news that... 2 weeks
Trees are made of human breath
PHYS.ORG Outside my office window, two skilled workers complete a hard and dirty job. They're cutting the felled trunk of a tree into small enough pieces to be thrown into the back of a truck with the... 6 days
Want to work for Amazon? Now you can do it from home as company seeks 200 virtual workers
PHYS.ORG Want to work for Amazon without moving to Seattle—or its yet unnamed... 6 days
Sri Lanka reverses hybrid car incentive
PHYS.ORG Sri Lanka Wednesday sharply increased customs duties on imports of the top-selling Japanese hybrid car, in an apparent shift in its policy of encouraging greener vehicles. 2 weeks
Let slow-growth forests recover before logging once more
PHYS.ORG Loggers need to control their appetite for slow-growing trees to spare the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. 1 week
Germany moves to tackle sales tax fraud in e-commerce
PHYS.ORG The German government on Wednesday approved a draft law to crack down on VAT fraud in online sales by tightening the rules for e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay. 2 weeks
Bezos throws cash, engineers at rocket program as space race accelerates
REUTERS founder Jeff Bezos is racing to pull his private space company out of... 2 weeks
Disney says its new streaming service won't rival Netflix
PHYS.ORG Disney's upcoming streaming service won't try to compete directly with Netflix and Amazon, but will focus instead on quality—namely original programs from Disney's "Star Wars," Pixar and Marvel brands. 1 week
A possible evolutionary tie to domestic violence
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers with members from institutions in France and the U.S. has found a case of people engaging in a behavior that seems to support the notion of evolution favoring domestic violence.... 1 week
Bird DNA helps explain Amazonian rivers' role in evolution
PHYS.ORG When the young naturalist Alfred R. Wallace left England to explore the New World in 1848, one of his key observations in the Amazon region was that large rivers were unsurpassable barriers... 2 weeks
How domestic partner violence can impact fertility rates in a small-scale society (Updated)
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers with members from institutions in France and the U.S. has found a case of intimate partner violence being... 1 week
Protected areas could help boost Brazil's national economy, study finds
PHYS.ORG Brazil's protected areas (Pas) such as the Amazon and Caatinga are known globally for the incredible biodiversity treasures they hold. In 2016, there were approximately 17 million visitors... 7 days
Belo Monte: There is nothing green or sustainable about these mega-dams
PHYS.ORG There are few dams in the world that capture the imagination as much as Belo Monte, built on the "Big Bend" of the Xingu river in... 6 days
The dual role of Amazonian rivers in the generation and maintenance of avian diversity
Science Magazine The Amazon River and its major tributaries delimit the distributions of hundreds of terrestrial taxa. It remains unclear whether river-bounded... 2 weeks
From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel