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The Viagra Effect: Has It Really Given Sex a Lift?
HISTORY Twenty years ago, the 'little blue pill' brought new vigor to the bedroom, earned billions for big pharma and inserted sex into the cultural conversation. But has it... 6 hours
chevron s lawyer speaking for major oil companies says climate change is real and it s your fault Chevron’s lawyer, speaking for major oil companies, says climate change is real and it’s your fault
THE VERGE In a court hearing... 10 hours
Best External Monitors for Surface Pro of 2018
Windows Central Add some display real estate to your 2-in-1 laptop. The Surface Pro really has all the tools necessary to be your number one device, including a beautiful 12.3-inch PixelSense display, but that... 11 hours
In field tests, device harvests water from desert air
SCIENCE DAILY You really can extract clean drinking water right from the air, even in the driest of deserts, researchers have found. They've demonstrated a real-world version of a water-harvesting system based... 12 hours
New NASA model finds landslide threats in near real-time during heavy rains
PHYS.ORG VIDEO For the first time, scientists can look at landslide threats anywhere around the world in near real-time, thanks to satellite data and a new... 12 hours
Oculus Go: Get up close with Facebook's $199 headset - CNET
CNET It's our first real-world look at the new VR device. 13 hours
Ocean-going robot fish blends in with aquatic life
Sky News Scientists have developed a soft robotic fish that they can control with sound to swim beside real fish in the ocean. 14 hours
The Flash's Mystery Girl: 5 Big Theories That Could Explain Her Real Identity
CINEMA BLEND The Flash's most head-scratching mystery this season isn't tied to... 13 hours
Oculus Go: get up close with these 11 photos - CNET
CNET It's our first real-world look at Facebook's $199 headset. 14 hours
Skyline AI raises $3M from Sequoia Capital to help real estate investors make better decisions
TechCrunch Skyline AI, an Israeli startup that uses machine learning to help real estate investors identify promising properties, announced... 15 hours
Best Role-Playing Games on PC
Windows Central Forget the real world, it's terrible. Play as a virtual character in these excellent RPGs. Role-playing games allow gamers to escape into a virtual existence, exploring vast lands of beauty and engaging with mysterious species. On PC, there... 16 hours
Watch Alexa meet the funniest family on the Internet
TechCrunch Presented without comment: the cutest Alexa video available on the Internet today featuring Lauren eLL, her Dad, and Grandma. It has it all – laughs, cursing, and Hillary-bashing and Lauren... 16 hours
we need to talk about tablets We need to talk about tablets
THE VERGE Late last year, Apple ran a video ad framing the iPad Pro as a Real Computer, a narrative it has pushed since it first... 16 hours
epic games showcases the unreal future of graphics with real time ray tracing in star wars Epic Games showcases the Unreal future of graphics with real-time ray tracing in Star Wars
THE VERGE VIDEO Over at the Game Developers Conference... 18 hours
Digital innovation can enhance cultural heritage, hears conference
PHYS.ORG Digitalisation has a role to play in the conservation and promotion of modern-day cultural heritage but should enhance real-life experiences, rather than replace them, experts say. 20 hours
How to record 1 million neurons in real time
MNT A newly developed method may allow neuroscientists to listen in to more than 1 million neurons at once and unfurl the data in real time. 21 hours
Medical News Today: How to record 1 million neurons in real time
MNT A newly developed method may allow neuroscientists to listen in to more than 1 million neurons at once and unfurl the data in real... 20 hours
Margot Robbie Plays an Assassin in First Teaser Trailer for 'Terminal'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Tumbling down the rabbit hole..." RLJE Film has released a teaser trailer for a very twisted, crazy cool new assassins film titled Terminal, formerly known as... 1 day
Twitter’s chief information security officer is reportedly quitting
TechCrunch Twitter Chief Information Security Officer Michael Coates is leaving the company, The Verge first reported. Word on the street is that Coates is leaving to start his own company. Coates has reportedly been... 1 day
twitter s chief information security officer is leaving the company Twitter’s chief information security officer is leaving the company
THE VERGE Twitter’s chief information security officer is leaving the company, sources familiar with the matter have told The Verge.... 1 day
Uber co-founder Kalanick shifts gears to real estate startup
PHYS.ORG Uber co-founder and ousted chief Travis Kalanick is shifting gears to take charge of a startup devoted to giving shops or parking lots new purpose as venues for internet-age businesses. 1 day
WATCH: Robotic Fish Moves Like The Real Thing — So It Can Observe The Real Thing
NPR MIT researchers unveiled a Soft Robotic Fish prototype in hopes of boosting aquatic observation. It can... 1 day
MIT’s soft robotic fish is studying real ones in Fiji
TechCrunch MIT CSAIL just revealed footage of SoFi, the lab’s robotic fish, which looks right at home swimming amongst the coral reefs of Fiji. The project is an attempt to... 1 day
Months-long real-time generation of a time scale based on an optical clock
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have generated a real-time signal of an accurate time scale by combining an optical lattice clock and a hydrogen maser. The signal generated... 1 day
Soft robotic fish swims alongside real ones in coral reefs
MIT Made of silicone rubber, CSAIL’s “SoFi” could enable a closer study of aquatic life. 1 day
Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes - CNET
Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as retail partner - CNET
Gun channel moves to Pornhub after YouTube gun video ban - CNET
How to delete and restore iOS’ built-in apps on iPhone
Apps and Tools for Recording High-Quality Music on Your iPhone
For graphite pellets, just add elbow grease
I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
Where to use or buy GymKit workout equipment with Apple Watch
In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, zombies are the political activists America needs
The first trailer for the YouTube Red show Impulse is a moody take on young-adult superpowers
Earwigs and the art of origami
Apple shows off the ease of Apple Pay with iPhone X & Face ID in new ad [Video]
Pacific Rim: Uprising is only interested in the giant-robot fights
EA has started training AI players in Battlefield 1