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kymco s new electric scooters could be the sign of a coming boom Kymco’s new electric scooters could be the sign of a coming boom
THE VERGE One of the most exciting product announcements to happen at the Consumer Electronics show over the past few years was the Gogoro electric scooter.... 5 hours
report outlines possibilities for apple s original video suggests subscription cheaper than netflix Report outlines possibilities for Apple’s original video, suggests subscription cheaper than Netflix
9to5Mac Apple has made its content ambitions known over recent months, announcing a multi-year partnership with Oprah Winfrey last week. Despite its numerous deals and... 7 hours
Original Content podcast: ‘Queer Eye’ season two is even more of a tearjerker
TechCrunch It’s only been a couple months since we reviewed the first season of Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye, but the show’s Fab... 9 hours
AMC Has Dropped Chris Hardwick's Show In The Wake Of Abuse Allegations
CINEMA BLEND AMC has dropped Chris Hardwick after an ex-girlfriend made allegations about the celebrity. 8 hours
how to find your home on pangea How to find your home on Pangea
THE VERGE Before there were the continents, there was Pangea. Two hundred million years ago, the enormous land mass began to break apart and... 10 hours
How to combat 'phoneliness' - CNET
CNET A new study likens smartphone addiction to substance abuse. Here are some ways to break the habit. 11 hours
Individual access to genomic disease risk factors has a beneficial impact on lifestyles
SCIENCE DAILY A large study shows that giving personal genomic information to individuals can have a long-term beneficial effect on their lifestyles. 22 hours
Meat sensitivity spread by ticks linked to heart disease
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat -- a sensitivity spread by tick bites -- with a buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries of the heart.... 23 hours
When can ads intensify unhealthy cravings?
SCIENCE DAILY Holistic thinkers are more likely to experience cravings for unhealthy food after seeing advertisements that show the product in the context of a situation. 23 hours
Volcano music could help scientists monitor eruptions
SCIENCE DAILY A volcano in Ecuador with a deep cylindrical crater might be the largest musical instrument on Earth, producing unique sounds scientists could use to monitor its activity. New infrasound recordings of Cotopaxi volcano in... 23 hours
Gum disease may be a key initiator of rheumatoid arthritis related autoimmunity
SCIENCE DAILY The results of the study demonstrate increased levels of gum disease, and disease-causing bacteria, in individuals at risk of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). 1 day
Medical News Today: Toxic synovitis: Causes and symptoms
MNT Toxic synovitis causes joint pain and inflammation in the hip. It primarily affects children and usually occurs following a viral infection. Signs of toxic synovitis include limping, walking on the tips of... 1 day
amc is pulling chris hardwick s talk show after abuse allegations AMC is pulling Chris Hardwick’s talk show after abuse allegations
THE VERGE On Thursday, actress Chloe Dykstra published a post on Medium detailing abuse allegations about an ex-boyfriend,... 1 day
Fox Apologizes For Robbie Williams' Middle Finger During World Cup Performance
CINEMA BLEND Fox is apologizing after Robbie Williams flipped the bird. 1 day
netflix has renewed lucifer for a fourth season Netflix has renewed Lucifer for a fourth season
THE VERGE The TV world experienced a bloodbath a couple of weeks ago as a networks decided to canceled a number of... 1 day
Researchers find transport molecule has unexpected role
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers recently reported a basic science finding that might someday lead to better treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like a hereditary form of Lou Gehrig's disease. 2 days
Early source of irritable bowel syndrome discovered
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified an early cause of intestinal inflammation, one of the first stages of inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome, which afflict around 11 percent of the world's population. 2 days
Elevated androgens don't hinder dads' parenting -- at least not in lemurs
SCIENCE DAILY Surprising new research findings show that male lemurs' androgen levels increase the more they engage in child care behaviors. This was unexpected, since androgens... 2 days
3D imaging and computer modeling capture breast duct development
SCIENCE DAILY Working with hundreds of time-lapse videos of mouse tissue, a team of biologists joined up with civil engineers to create what is believed to be the first 3D computer model... 2 days
How The Lucifer Cast Reacted To The Netflix Renewal
CINEMA BLEND Lucifer finally got some good news, and the show's cast shared their reactions. Check them out! 2 days
True origin of ancient turquoise
SCIENCE DAILY New research overturns more than a century of claims that the source of turquoise used and revered by ancient civilizations in Mexico, such as the Aztecs, came from the Southwestern US Geochemical analyses show the origin of the... 2 days
Facebook won't show weapon accessory ads to people under 18 - CNET
CNET That includes ads for holsters, slings and gun cases. 2 days
‘Lucifer’ Rises! Netflix Has Ordered The Fourth Season For Axed FOX Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Praise ‘Lucifer’!  Or rather, ‘Lucifer’ fans should praise Netflix as the streaming service has rescued another cancelled series– FOX’s ‘Lucifer’ which was cancelled last... 2 days
9to5rewards last chance to enter our iphone 8 red giveaway 9to5Rewards: Last chance to enter our iPhone 8 (RED) giveaway
9to5Mac Thanks to our sponsor August Home, 9to5Mac will be announcing the winner of our June giveaway... 2 days
jaguar broke a world record with this tiny electric boat Jaguar broke a world record with this tiny electric boat
THE VERGE Jaguar’s battery-powered V20E boat just broke a maritime speed record. Peter Dredge, the co-founder of Jaguar... 2 days
Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz
Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz
First International Trailer for Oz Ensemble Comedy 'Ladies in Black'
Deadpool joining the Avengers? Ryan Reynolds wants it to happen - CNET
Here are all of Jack-Jack’s powers in the Incredibles 2
Cybermom on the run: this week in tech, 20 years ago
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Nintendo's biggest push into esports - CNET