CINEMA BLEND The Wendy Williams show is going on a break for a sad reason. 4 weeks
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John Williams May Be Done With Star Wars After Episode IX
CINEMA BLEND Other than George Lucas himself, there may be no name more closely associated with... 2 weeks
The Bitter Twins by Jen Williams book review
SCI FI NOW Giant bats, war beasts and dragons...Jen Williams returns to The Winnowing Flame trilogy with The Bitter Twins 2 weeks
How Michael K. Williams Feels About Being Cut Out Of Solo: A Star Wars Story
CINEMA BLEND Michael K. Williams has gone into... 2 weeks
What Michael K. Williams' Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Was Like
CINEMA BLEND If Michael K. Williams' scenes from Solo: A Star Wars Story hadn't been cut, here's what his character would have been like. 1 week
How Robin Williams Helped Sharon Osbourne Get Through Her Cancer Treatment
CINEMA BLEND Turns out laughter is really the best medicine. 2 weeks
The Original Jumanji Easter Egg You May Have Missed In Welcome To The Jungle
CINEMA BLEND Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, made one specific... 2 weeks
Norm Macdonald Has A New Netflix Show With An A+ Title
CINEMA BLEND It really is a great show name. 1 week
There's A Music-Only Version Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Here's How You Can Watch It
CINEMA BLEND For those of you... 6 days
Tori Spelling And Jennie Garth Are Reuniting For A Show That's Sorta Based On Beverly Hills 90210
CINEMA BLEND The former... 1 week
Law And Order: SVU's Raul Esparza Already Landed His Next TV Show
CINEMA BLEND The former SVU star didn't take long to land a new show. 1 week
No, Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Didn't Break Up Again
CINEMA BLEND Jelena is still together. 1 week
Fuller House Just Found Its Replacements For Former Showrunner Jeff Franklin
CINEMA BLEND The show has found a couple folks to fill the shoes of the show's... 1 week
Julia Roberts' New TV Show Will Feature A My Best Friend's Wedding Reunion
CINEMA BLEND We found out last year that Julia Roberts would be... 2 weeks
How Jimmy Kimmel's Opinionated Monologues Have Affected Jimmy Kimmel Live
CINEMA BLEND Jimmy Kimmel doesn't shy away from sharing his opinions on his late night show, and his... 5 days
Why Hoda And Kathie Lee Drink On Today
CINEMA BLEND Today's late-morning hosts like to break out the good stuff. Here's why that tasty tradition got started. 2 weeks
How Bill Hader's New HBO Show Was Influenced By His Years On SNL
CINEMA BLEND Bill Hader recently explained how his time on SNL helped... 6 days
Wonder Woman And Other Justice League Members Cast In Teen Titans Go! Movie
CINEMA BLEND The Teen Titans will be joined by some famous names... 1 week
Here Is Why The ‘Krypton’ Showrunner Claims There Is A Purpose To The Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Unless Syfy cancels the show without a chance... 8 hours
The Titans TV Show May Feature More Than One Robin
CINEMA BLEND The upcoming Titans TV show may feature a Robin other than Dick Grayson. Here's what we... 7 days
On ‘Krypton,’ We’ll Learn What The House Of El Stands For
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Krypton‘ is going to give us a look at not only one of the... 6 days
Tomb Raider film review: Alicia Vikander takes on Lara Croft in this gritty reboot
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Can the latest take on Tomb Raider break the videogame movie curse? 5 days
‘Supernatural’ Review: “A Most Holy Man” (Season 13, Episode 15)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   “Look, this isn’t a perfect world we’re trying to save ok, and if I’m not... 1 week
A Whole New World: HBO Releases New Photos Teasing ‘Westworld’ Season 2!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Believe it or not, we are just about one month away from the Season 2 premiere of HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ and a lot of folks,... 2 hours
Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Reportedly On A Break, Because Of Her Mom
CINEMA BLEND Selena Gomez's momma is reportedly tearing these pop... 5 days
The First Word Podcast - The 2018 Academy Awards, feat. Sasha Stone
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "They believed that a fairy tale about an amphibian God and mute woman done in the style of Douglas Sirk, and a musical, and... 2 weeks
Where No Phone Has Gone Before…
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Over the past decade or so, Netflix has gone from a relatively niche DVD rental service to a streaming platform that is virtually ubiquitous... 12 hours
Luke Who’s Back: Netflix Releases Teaser And Release Date For ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2
SCIENCEFICTION.COM What more can one say besides Mike Colter’s... 2 weeks
Avengers: Infinity War Shattered A Major Ticket Record In Hours
CINEMA BLEND While it remains to be seen what kind of records Avengers: Infinity War will break once... 3 days
Crofting A Legacy: Check Out 10 New Clips From The New ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hoping to be the first film to break... 2 weeks
Two Men Arrested After Allegedly Stealing $1.4 Million In Marvel Collectibles
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Ian Florez and Matthew Rinke, both 35, of San Bernadino, have been arrested after allegedly... 1 week
Wonderstruck new trailer and poster defy time
Official Trailer for Xavier Beauvois' World War I Drama 'The Guardians'
First Trailer for Superpower Sci-Fi 'Higher Power' Starring Ron Eldard
Michael Angarano & Melissa Benoist in Official Trailer for 'Sun Dogs'
Tomb Raider film review: Alicia Vikander takes on Lara Croft in this gritty reboot
Abbi Jacobson & Dave Franco in First Trailer for Netflix's '6 Balloons'
First Trailer for Wim Wenders' Doc 'Pope Francis - A Man of His Word'
Second Trailer for Chloe Zhao's 'The Rider' Starring Brady Jandreau
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald teaser lands, full trailer tomorrow
Tomb Raider new clips give a sneak peek of what’s to come