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Promising novel treatment against Alzheimer's disease
SCIENCE DAILY New research reveals that a novel drug reverses memory deficits and stops Alzheimer disease pathology (AD) in an animal model. Importantly, this drug has already proven to be non-toxic for humans in a clinical setting and... 6 minutes
Study shows value of breast cancer patients seeking second opinions
SCIENCE DAILY In a recent study on the value of a second opinion for breast cancer patients, researchers concluded that a review by a tumor board at an NCI-Designated Cancer... 23 minutes
9to5toys lunch break homepod 305 iphone xs otterbox case 22 elevation lab iphone corddock 28 more 9to5Toys Lunch Break: HomePod $305, iPhone XS OtterBox Case $22, Elevation Lab iPhone CordDock $28, more
9to5Mac 9to5Toys now has a... 1 hour
9to5toys lunch break galaxy note 9 128gb 200 off tp link smart plug bulbs 20 cyberpower 10 outlet ups 99 more 9to5Toys Lunch Break: Galaxy Note 9 128GB $200 off, TP-Link Smart Plug/Bulbs $20, CyberPower 10-Outlet UPS $99, more
9to5Google ... 52 minutes
Increased physical activity associated with improvement in IBS symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Increased physical activity is now being emphasized as a treatment option for the gastric intestinal disease known as IBS. Research at Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden, indicates improvements in both intestinal function... 1 hour
Study reveals structure of potential drug target in neurological conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) have revealed the atomic-level structure of a protein that could serve as a promising new drug target for the treatment of... 1 hour
Novel drug alleviates memory deficits and neuropathology in Alzheimer's animal model
NEWS MEDICAL New research conducted at the Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital reveals that a novel drug reverses memory deficits and stops Alzheimer disease pathology... 48 minutes
How leaves talk to roots
SCIENCE DAILY New findings show that a micro RNA from the shoot keeps legume roots susceptible to symbiotic infection by downregulating a gene that would otherwise hinder root responses to symbiotic bacteria. These findings help us understand what it takes... 2 hours
Molecule capable of halting and reverting Parkinson's neurodegeneration identified
SCIENCE DAILY The small SynuClean-D molecule interrupts the formation of the alpha-synuclein amyloid fibres responsible for the onset of Parkinson's disease, and reverts the neurodegeneration caused by the disease. 2 hours
SNL Star Pete Davidson Went Off On Chevy Chase For Insulting The Show
CINEMA BLEND Chevy Chase had harsh words for Saturday Night Live, and... 2 hours
rachio 3 smart sprinkler system adds homekit and siri integration with free software update Rachio 3 smart sprinkler system adds HomeKit and Siri integration with free software update
9to5Mac Elgato’s smart hose attachment led the way (reviewed) with... 4 hours
google assistant adds commands for sony xperia xz3 features including 4k hdr recording Google Assistant adds commands for Sony Xperia XZ3 features including 4K HDR recording
9to5Google VIDEO Google Assistant is a very powerful tool, and on select... 3 hours
Why Aquaman Won't Show DC Fans All Seven Undersea Kingdoms
CINEMA BLEND If you were hoping to see all of those major areas in the character's upcoming solo... 3 hours
marsha blackburn fought to end net neutrality but will it matter to voters Marsha Blackburn fought to end net neutrality, but will it matter to voters?
THE VERGE In March of last year, Stephen Colbert stepped out onto... 3 hours
Hybrid operating room streamlines diagnosis, treatment of lung cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Representing a paradigm shift in thoracic surgery, the hybrid operating room combines three techniques into a single appointment eliminating multiple clinical visits for improved patient experience and outcomes. 4 hours
Cerevance starts dosing in Phase I clinical trial of CVN424 for treatment of Parkinson's disease
NEWS MEDICAL Cerevance, a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company focused on brain diseases, today announced the start of dosing... 5 hours
Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor will now alert you when one of your accounts was hacked
TechCrunch Earlier this year, Mozilla announced Firefox Monitor, a service that tells you if your online accounts were hacked in a recent... 4 hours
Motor learning for precise motor execution
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified acquisition of two types of internal models for motor control, which are likely to be stored in the cerebellum. They show that motor control in human hand reaching movement relies on two types... 4 hours
Hands-on with Avocor's Windows Collaboration Display (WCD)
Windows Central Avocor looks to shake up collaboration in the office with its 65-inch 4K Windows 10 display. Here's how it works. Although Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 is getting a lot of attention at Ignite 2018,... 4 hours
photokina 2018 all the best camera and photography news Photokina 2018: all the best camera and photography news
THE VERGE At Photokina 2018, full-frame mirrorless take center stage. This year has seen Sony, the early pioneer in this... 6 hours
Exercise may delay cognitive decline in people with rare Alzheimer's disease
SCIENCE DAILY For individuals carrying a genetic mutation that causes Alzheimer's disease, engaging in at least 2.5 hours of physical activity per week may have beneficial effects on... 5 hours
Genervon reports new findings that drug candidate GM6 attenuates Alzheimer's disease in mice model
NEWS MEDICAL Following the closure of several research programs for Alzheimer's disease, in early 2018 the FDA issued a release entitled "Draft... 5 hours
So, you think you can dance (your Ph.D.)? Show us your best moves
Science Magazine Entries for 11th annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest due in January 6 hours
OneDrive Files On-Demand coming to Mac, now available for Insider testing
Windows Central One of the best features to recently hit OneDrive on Windows is now coming to Mac. As Microsoft kicks off its Ignite 2018 conference today, it's... 6 hours
Avocor's first Windows Collaboration Display lands in December for $6,995
Windows Central The 65-inch AVW-6555 will be the first in a series of different display sizes as part of Avocor's lineup. After announcing its first Windows Collaboration Display at the... 6 hours
Long live Will Smith, king of vlogging
Long live Will Smith, king of vlogging
3D-printed gun maker Cody Wilson resigns from Defense Distributed - CNET
iPhone XS Max beats out Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in app launch speed test [Video]
Watch Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket launch on its 100th mission to space
Secrets of the Perfect Water-Bottle Flip Unlocked: Thanks, Physicists!
Self-solving Rubik’s Cube could just be a really smart poltergeist
Capturing a miniature world with iPhone XS Max
Trailer for 'The Great Buster: A Celebration' Doc About Buster Keaton
Google Assistant adds commands for Sony Xperia XZ3 features including 4K HDR recording
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald final trailer meets new monsters
Climate change calls for a fresh approach to water woes
This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues
How can we limit climate change damage to the global economy?
Kirsten Foster in First Trailer for Sci-Fi Drama 'Zoe and the Astronaut'