SCIENCE DAILY A new method has been developed allowing for quick and precise measurement of quantum states. 6 months
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Most precise measurement of the proton's mass
SCIENCE DAILY By means of precision measurements on a single proton, scientists have been able to improve the precision of the measurement of the mass of the proton by a factor of three and also corrected... 8 hours
First direct observation and measurement of ultra-fast moving vortices in superconductors
PHYS.ORG Researchers have made the first direct visual observation and measurement of ultra-fast vortex dynamics in superconductors. Their technique, detailed in the journal Nature Communications, could contribute... 2 days
What’s Mass of Proton? Physicists Make Most Precise Measurement Yet
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of physicists from Germany and Japan has made the most precise measurement yet... 5 hours
Surprise! The proton is lighter than we thought
Science Magazine New measurement could help explain a mystery of the universe 1 day
Probing physics beyond the Standard Model with the ATLAS Experiment
PHYS.ORG Although the discovery of the Higgs boson by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations in 2012 completed the Standard Model, many mysteries remain unexplained. For instance, why is the... 4 days
Aboriginal community with strong ethno-cultural identity and connection to the land has lower suicide rates
SCIENCE DAILY A new study investigating mental health perceptions and practices of an aboriginal community in northern Ontario, and its... 1 day
Bone density measurement, fracture history can predict long-term fracture risk in older women
NEWS MEDICAL Factors such as low bone density and previous fractures are commonly used to predict an individual's risk of experiencing a fracture over... 21 hours
Medical News Today: Is there a link between A-fib and time spent working?
MNT Large population study with participants from four European countries suggests that length of working hours is a strong factor in the development... 1 week
New algorithm, metrics improve autonomous underwater vehicles' energy efficiency
SCIENCE DAILY Robotics researchers have found a way for autonomous underwater vehicles to navigate strong currents with greater energy efficiency, which means the AUVs can gather data longer and better. 2 days
UAlberta researchers find strong clues to underlying cause of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
NEWS MEDICAL UAlberta researchers believe they now have a clearer picture of why people living with HIV so commonly suffer from dementia and other neurocognitive disorders. 22 hours
Johnson & Johnson ups expectations
ABC NEWS Johnson & Johnson beats 2Q profit expectations, issues strong outlook. 3 days
Fluorinated h-BN as a magnetic semiconductor
Science Magazine We report the fluorination of electrically insulating hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and the subsequent modification of its electronic band structure to a wide bandgap semiconductor via introduction of defect levels. The electrophilic nature of fluorine causes... 1 week
NASA sees Tropical Storm Fernanda sliding into central Pacific
PHYS.ORG Tropical Storm Fernanda has crossed the 140 degree longitude line and entered the central Pacific Ocean. NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission, or GPM, satellite took a look at the rainfall... 9 hours
Hubble Space Telescope Views Face-On Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 4242
SCI-NEWS.COM The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has taken a picture of the face-on barred spiral galaxy NGC... 4 days
Most precise measurement of proton mass
PHYS.ORG What is the mass of a proton? Scientists from Germany and Japan have made an important step toward better understanding this fundamental constant. By means of precision measurements on a single proton, they were able to... 2 days
Study identifies new mutations linked to hereditary neuroendocrine tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas are rare neuroendocrine tumors with a strong hereditary component. Half the genes whose alterations confer hereditary susceptibility to develop this condition code for enzymes involved in the... 1 day
Pulses of electrons manipulate nanomagnets and store information
PHYS.ORG Magnets and magnetic phenomena underpin the vast majority of modern data storage, and the measurement scales for research focused on magnetic behaviors continue to shrink with the rest of digital technology. Skyrmions,... 1 day
Google, EU dig in for long war
PHYS.ORG Google and the EU are gearing up for a battle that could last years, with the Silicon Valley behemoth facing a relentless challenge to its ambition to expand beyond search results. 1 day
Study predicts heart cells’ response to dwindling oxygen
MIT Results may help surgeons determine when and how to treat heart attacks. 2 days
Evidence of the Higgs particle's decay in quarks
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found strong evidence that, among other things, the Higgs particle decays into quarks. The researchers analyzed data sets that were recorded in 2015 and 2016 with the ATLAS detector at... 2 days
Strong friendships among women in the workplace reduce conflict, according to new study
SCIENCE DAILY When employers foster an office environment that supports positive, social relationships between women coworkers, especially in primarily male dominated organizations, they are... 6 days
Precision work: Defect-free coatings for silicon spheres
SCIENCE DAILY The prototype kilogram – to which all scales are calibrated to – is losing weight. International efforts are striving to redefine the base unit for measuring mass and, in future, redefine the kilogram on... 3 days
Hospitalizations and cognitive decline in older adults
SCIENCE DAILY Emergency and urgent hospitalizations are associated with an increased rate of cognitive decline in older adults, report researchers. The results of their study suggest that hospitalization may be a more of a major risk... 4 days
New discovery could lead to better results for patients undergoing radiation
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows why some cells treated with radiation therapy for cancer leak chemical signals and damage unexposed healthy cells, findings that could lead to... 1 day
Evidence of the Higgs particle's decay in quarks
PHYS.ORG As part of the ATLAS collaboration, the Freiburg research group led by Prof. Dr. Karl Jakobs and Dr. Christian Weiser has contributed to finding strong evidence that, among other things, the Higgs... 2 days
Along-trench variation in seafloor displacements after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
Science Magazine The 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake was the largest earthquake ever observed with seafloor geodetic techniques in and around its source region. Large crustal deformation associated with both the coseismic... 2 days
Medical News Today: Acupuncture is effective for relieving period pain
MNT Manual acupuncture is effective in treating period pain and associated symptoms, such as nausea and headaches, according to the results of new research. 8 hours
Genome study offers clues about history of big cats
PHYS.ORG (—A large international team of researchers has conducted a genetic analysis and comparison of the world's biggest cats to learn more about their history. In their paper published on the... 10 hours
Baby Charlie Gard's latest brain scan is 'sad reading'
ABC NEWS The parents of critically ill baby Charlie Gard have been told their son's latest brain scan results make for 'sad reading.' 8 hours
Russian scientists develop technology for production of transparent aluminum
PHYS.ORG Specialists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and multi-institutional collaborators have developed a technology to produce compacts from aluminum oxynitride (ALON). They've published their results in IOP Conference Series:... 4 days
When evolution and biotechnologies collide
Researcher considers structural measures to protect cities from extreme heat events
Fire ants build towers with three simple rules
NASA looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth's energy system
AIDS deaths halve and 19 million people on life saving treatment
New algorithm helps neurological disorder patients to walk naturally
Fused imaging reveals sixth-century writing hidden inside bookbinding
20 million engineered and bacteria charged mosquitoes to be released in California
Running light around a tetrahedron
SGS Fresenius lab staff successfully use Inlabtec Serial Diluter for food quality and safety testing