CNET The sedan will only be built in South Carolina, so that means no more diesel S60 models anywhere. 1 month
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Volvo S60 teased ahead of June 20 reveal - Roadshow
CNET The new S60 will debut in South Carolina, at the very plant where it'll be built. 5 days
2019 Volvo V60 first drive review: The best kind of cookie-cutter - Roadshow
CNET Volvo's launched several knockout vehicles in a row, and the V60 keeps that trend alive. 1 week
Polestar Engineered parts for Volvo 60-series T8 models - Roadshow
CNET Volvo's new T8 Twin Engine 60-series models will get Polestar enhancements. 5 days
A light investment: Volvo takes stake in Luminar for self-driving cars - Roadshow
CNET Investing in lidar is so hot right now. 5 days
The Polestar 1 has a chassis made from carbon and inspired by bugs - Roadshow
CNET The new hybrid grand tourer from Volvo's speed merchants promises to be real stiff and light-ish. 18 hours
2019 Volvo V60 is the right-sized wagon for the job - Roadshow
CNET It looks good, it drives good, and it's loaded with safety-oriented tech. What's not to like? 7 days
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in diesel scandal investigation - Roadshow
CNET The automaker will likely name an interim CEO while this gets sorted out. 15 hours
AutoComplete: Jaguar Land Rover debuts Carpe car subscription program video - Roadshow
CNET Plus: Ford unveils two new taxis, and Volvo teams up with Luminar for autonomous-car lidar. 5 days
Germany orders Mercedes to recall 774,000 diesel models - Roadshow
CNET Government authorities are requiring Daimler to fix emissions controls on its vehicles, but the automaker will avoid fines if it does so. 7 days
volvo s self driving cars are getting new laser sensors to see the world Volvo’s self-driving cars are getting new laser sensors to see the world
THE VERGE Lidar startup Luminar is on a bit of a hot streak. After announcing a major deal with Toyota, the company said it would be... 5 days
Ford unveils diesel, hybrid taxis for more efficient cross-town travel - Roadshow
CNET The Fusion taxi shares some of its beefy parts with Ford's Police Responder Hybrid. 5 days
Volkswagen slapped with 1 billion euro fine by German government - Roadshow
CNET German prosecutors issue one of the largest corporate fines ever over Volkswagen's diesel emissions cheating. 5 days
Luminar rolls out its development platform and scores Volvo partnership and investment
TechCrunch The wizards in lidar tech at Luminar are doubling down on the practical side of autonomous car deployment with a partnership with and investment... 5 days
Volvo launches Polestar Engineered pack for 60-series cars - Roadshow
CNET The Polestar enhancements will be available on 60-series T8 Twin Engine cars. Yes, even the V60 wagon. 6 days
Race to Le Mans in the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 and GT4 - Roadshow
CNET You won't see them in action until next year, but they're still fun to look at. 3 days
Tesla laying off 9 percent of workforce - Roadshow
CNET CEO Musk says the cuts won't hurt Tesla's ability to ramp up Model 3 production. 6 days
Here’s why people still crash with driver assistance systems - Roadshow
CNET Today's advanced driver assistance systems can be helpful, but they won't make your car autonomous. 4 days
2020 Porsche Taycan Prototype first drive review: Driving the future - Roadshow
CNET The Taycan won't hit the road for real until late 2019, but we've already had a go in its Cross Turismo counterpart. Join us... 1 week
2020 Porsche Mission E Prototype first drive review: Driving the future - Roadshow
CNET The Mission E won't hit the road for real until late 2019, but we've already had a go. Join us for our... 2 weeks
lg s first 4k projector will cost 3 000 LG’s first 4K projector will cost $3,000
THE VERGE LG announced that it was entering the 4K projector space at CES earlier this year with the HU80KA, a diminutive, box-sized projector... 2 weeks
how to get chrome s built in emoji picker on chrome os windows mac How to get Chrome’s built-in emoji picker on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac
9to5Google Emoji have become a big part of our language on smartphones and slowly, that’s been expanding to the desktop. That has presented a problem... 2 weeks
AMC latest to cut ties with Chris Hardwick after abuse allegations - CNET
CNET The show Talking With Chris Hardwick won't air for now, and he won't moderate panels at San Diego Comic-Con following charges of... 12 hours
VW exec reinstated after probe of discredited monkey trials
ABC NEWS Volkswagen has reinstated an executive suspended after he failed to prevent now-discredited experiments that exposed monkeys to diesel exhaust 2 weeks
Hands-on with the built-for-Windows Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 ARM processor
Windows Central Thinner, lighter, better performance, and coming to a mainstream PC near you. The biggest problems facing mainstream PCs is the balancing act between heat, weight, size, and power. You can... 2 weeks
Best Windows Mixed Reality Headsets of 2018
Windows Central Best overall Runner-up Best budget Best overall Samsung Odyssey AMOLED display, high field-of-view, and built-in headphones. See at Amazon Samsung's Odyssey (about $400) offers the most features and best design of all the Windows... 7 days
charitybuzz launches auction for rare duston 2 apple i computer valued at 600k Charitybuzz Launches Auction for Rare 'Duston 2' Apple I Computer, Valued at $600K
MacRumors In its latest auction, Charitybuzz is offering one of the... 2 weeks
Ford’s latest taxis use diesel and hybrid powertrains
TechCrunch The taxi of tomorrow might be dead but Ford today announced two new models that combine forward-looking technology with proven body styles. For the first time, Ford is offering a hybrid powertrain... 5 days
Germany orders Daimler to recall 238,000 diesel vehicles
ABC NEWS Germany's transport minister says the government is ordering automaker Daimler to immediately recall 238,000 vehicles equipped with software that turns off emissions controls under certain conditions 1 week
here s how elon musk might use rocket thrusters on the new tesla roadster Here’s how Elon Musk might use rocket thrusters on the new Tesla Roadster
THE VERGE Last week, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced bold... 3 days
Anthem won't feature PvP gameplay, no plans to add after launch
Windows Central Anthem won't feature any form of PvP combat – with no plans to add it after launch. Anthem took to the stage at Electronic Arts' EA... 1 week
Indian's race-inspired FTR1200 is totally going into production in 2019 - Roadshow
Cybermom on the run: this week in tech, 20 years ago
Sony confirms development on new launcher for its devices after shutting down ‘Xperia Home’
Elon Musk's Boring Co. could start on Chicago loop in three months - Roadshow
Apple Maps stopped working for a few hours today - Roadshow
Microsoft is ’reworking’ its Xbox app for Windows 10 to focus on PC gamers
China's social media reactions to Trump's summit with Kim - CNET
Apple Launches New 'Behind the Mac' Ad Campaign
Sable looks like a Moebius comic and plays like Breath of the Wild
China to go full dystopia with mandatory vehicle RFID chips in 2019 - Roadshow
Here’s the fake noise the Jaguar I-Pace makes when you hit the throttle
This time-lapse video of Tesla Model 3 body repairs is weirdly soothing - Roadshow
The 25 best game trailers from E3 2018
Disney says it didn’t censor a gay kiss at E3
Top 5 ways cars have gotten more dangerous - Roadshow