LIVE SCIENCE The Department of Defense is soliciting proposals for training rounds that won't pollute. 5 months
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Helping plants pump iron
SCIENCE DAILY Genetic variants have been identified that help plants grow in low-iron environments, which could improve crop yields, say researchers. 2 days
Researchers identify genetic variants that help plants grow in low-iron environments, which could improve crop yields
PHYS.ORG Just like people, plants need iron to grow and stay healthy. But some plants are better... 2 days
Researchers find crucial clue to manipulating reproduction in plants
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers, led by a plant cell biologist at the University of California, Riverside, has for the first time identified a small RNA species and its target gene... 2 days
Why communication is vital—even among plants and funghi
PHYS.ORG Plant scientists at the University of Cambridge have found a plant protein indispensable for communication early in the formation of symbiosis - the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and fungi. Symbiosis significantly... 16 hours
How the transgenic petunia carnage of 2017 began
Science Magazine Growers destroy plants after biologist spots forgotten flowers 2 days
Swiss Voters Support Renewable Energy and Ban Nuclear
LIVE SCIENCE The Swiss voted to ban new nuclear power plants. 5 days
Research explores 'artificial leaf' system for solar fuel production
PHYS.ORG If human beings could mimic the way plants make their own fuel, it's not a stretch to say that Earth's energy needs could be solved. 3 days
Near real-time genomic sequencing reveals how Zika virus entered into the U.S.
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by a multi-national research team, including scientists from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, explains how Zika virus entered the... 2 days
Taiwan's 'forest bus' charms passengers
PHYS.ORG With moss-covered seats and an explosion of lush plants and flowers throughout its interior the "forest bus" offers a fragrant leafy ride for passengers used to crammed public transport in Taiwan's capital. 21 hours
US astronauts on 'critical' spacewalk to replace power box
PHYS.ORG Two US astronauts embarked Tuesday on what NASA described as a "critical" spacewalk to repair a failed piece of equipment that helps power the International Space Station. 4 days
Chinese tech firm LeEco reverses course in US, cuts 325 jobs
PHYS.ORG Cash-strapped Chinese tech firm LeEco on Wednesday confirmed that it is throttling back plans to invade the US market, cutting 325 jobs months after announcing a... 3 days
Health care is key issue as Montana fills US House seat
ABC NEWS Anti-government rhetoric has clashed with the need for health care in Meagher County, Montana, a place that's not much different than other rural enclaves in the... 3 days
New, highly-detailed hay fever map of Britain may help allergy sufferers avoid hotspots
NEWS MEDICAL A hay fever map of Britain - with the first ever guide to the location of plants in the UK that can... 5 days
Fractious politics leads 'Far Cry' video game to US
PHYS.ORG The latest edition of the blockbuster shooter video game "Far Cry" plays out on US soil, inspired by angry political divides and intense isolationist passions in rural America. 16 hours
Spinach genome will make more than Popeye stronger
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers report a new draft genome of Spinacia oleracea, better known as spinach. Additionally, the authors have sequenced the transcriptomes (all the RNA) of 120 cultivated and wild spinach plants, which has... 2 days
Expect above-average Atlantic hurricane season, US forecasters say
PHYS.ORG The Atlantic ocean could see another above-average hurricane season this year, with 11-17 big storms and as many as nine hurricanes, US forecasters said Thursday. 2 days
500 new space startups by 2025 the founder institute wants to make that happen 500 new space startups by 2025? The Founder Institute wants to make that happen.
SPACE NEWS The Founder Institute plans to attract would-be space... 2 days
Micro delivery service for fertilizers
PHYS.ORG Plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves as well as their roots. However, foliar fertilization over an extended period is difficult. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, German researchers have now introduced an efficient delivery system for micronutrients based... 5 days
500 new space startups by 2025 the foundation institute wants to make that happen 500 new space startups by 2025? The Foundation Institute wants to make that happen.
SPACE NEWS The Founder Institute plans to attract would-be space... 2 days
Paris climate commitment 'crippling' to US growth: White House
PHYS.ORG US compliance with its commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change would be "crippling" to growth, the White House said Friday. 1 day
Vermont governor vetoes marijuana bill, wants changes made
ABC NEWS Vermont Gov. Phil Scott says he won't sign a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state and is instead sending it back to the legislature with suggestions for another path... 3 days
Air circulation affects frost more than global warming—for now
PHYS.ORG Gardeners know the frustration of a false spring. Coaxed outside by warm weather, some people plant their gardens in the spring only to see a sudden late frost strike at... 4 days
Study of biodiversity suggests a small increase in size of protected areas could reap large rewards
PHYS.ORG (—A trio of researchers, two with Laboratoire d'Écologie Alpine in France and the other with Yale... 2 days
Here's how we can detect plants on extrasolar planets
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The past year has been an exciting time for those engaged in the hunt for extra-solar planets and potentially habitable worlds. In August of 2016, researchers from the European Southern... 3 days
German kindergartens to name parents who skip vaccine advice
ABC NEWS The German government wants kindergartens to inform authorities if parents fail to prove they have attended a doctors' consultation on child vaccination 23 hours
Miami is key point for transmission of Zika virus to the US
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists at the Scripps Translational Science Institute (TSRI) have mapped the entry of the Zika virus into the US by analysing its DNA. Miami... 2 days
Study uncovers widespread leak risk for US underground natural gas storage wells
PHYS.ORG With the average well built in 1963, more than 1 in 5 active US underground natural gas storage (UGS) wells could be vulnerable to... 3 days
The Poppy and the Poet: How a Remembrance Symbol Was Born
HISTORY World War I took a greater human toll than any previous conflict, with some 8.5 million soldiers dead of battlefield injuries or disease. The Great War,... 1 day
US nuclear regulators greatly underestimate potential for nuclear disaster
SCIENCE DAILY The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission relied on faulty analysis to justify its refusal to adopt a critical measure for protecting Americans from nuclear-waste fires at dozens of reactor sites around... 2 days
NASA's Proposed 2018 Budget Could Push Europa Mission to Late 2020s
SPACE.COM Congress will have to loosen the purse strings if it still wants NASA to launch a flyby mission to Jupiter's ocean-harboring moon Europa by 2022, agency... 2 days
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The mystery of quantum computers
Tornado spawning Eastern US storms examined by GPM satellite
Minimizing the risk of electric shock around pools and lakes
New technique could increase success rate, life span of implantable devices
'As soon as I could walk, I started to collect rocks'
Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players' real-life actions
The problem of treating play like work – how esports can harm well-being
Researchers help provide first glimpse of organelles in action inside living cells
Collapsing star gives birth to a black hole
The language of 'terror' serves political ends – we owe it to our children to find real answers