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Yuriy Roman: A chemical engineer pursuing renewable energy
MIT MIT professor devises new ways to generate useful chemicals and fuels from renewable resources. 32 minutes
gallery apple promotes upcoming shinjuku store and japanese retail expansion with vivid imagery neon signage Gallery: Apple promotes upcoming Shinjuku store and Japanese retail expansion with vivid imagery, neon signage
9to5Mac After revealing the location of a... 3 hours
512gb phones are coming starting with huawei 512GB phones are coming, starting with Huawei
THE VERGE If you’ve wanted PC-like storage in your pocket, a new Huawei phone with a rumored 512GB of space could make that happen.... 8 hours
Skype's 'classic' desktop app is once again available to download from Microsoft
Windows Central After pulling it from the web last month over a security issue, the "classic" Skype for Windows desktop is available to download from Microsoft... 8 hours
Thor The Merrier: ‘Men in Black’ Spin-Off Re-Teams Tessa Thompson With Chris Hemsworth
SCIENCEFICTION.COM For anyone who liked seeing Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth... 10 hours
One X-Men Stunt Actually Numbed Storm's Crotch
CINEMA BLEND Stunts are fun, except when they are not. 9 hours
Using iron to generate a copper ligand
Science Magazine 10 hours
Personalized vaccines for cancer immunotherapy
Science Magazine Cancer is characterized by an accumulation of genetic alterations. Somatic mutations can generate cancer-specific neoepitopes that are recognized by autologous T cells as foreign and constitute ideal cancer vaccine targets. Every tumor has its own unique composition of... 10 hours
apple to prevent siri from reading hidden notifications on lock screen in future software update Apple to Prevent Siri From Reading Hidden Notifications on Lock Screen in Future Software Update
MacRumors Apple has confirmed it will fix... 13 hours
Firefox might wipe out annoying website pop-ups - CNET
CNET With a new generation of distractions flashing in our faces, one browser maker is considering ways to cut the clutter. 17 hours
apple expected to trial production of 2018 iphone lineup earlier to avoid last year s supply bottleneck Apple Expected to Trial Production of 2018 iPhone Lineup Earlier to Avoid Last Year's Supply Bottleneck
MacRumors Apple is expected to... 17 hours
Men In Black spin-off reunites Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth
SCI FI NOW Thor: Ragnarok stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are reuniting for Men In Black 17 hours
latest apple pay promotion promises free delivery on restaurant orders from grubhub seamless and eat24 apps Latest Apple Pay promotion promises free delivery on restaurant orders from Grubhub, Seamless and Eat24 apps
9to5Mac Sticking to the same... 18 hours
Revolut launches disposable virtual cards
TechCrunch Fintech startup Revolut is launching a new type of virtual cards — disposable cards for online purchases. While you could already generate additional virtual cards for a fee, this is a different kind of virtual card as it... 19 hours
Theory of non-orthogonalization and spatial localization for convection-allowing ensemble forecast
PHYS.ORG Convection-allowing ensemble forecasting has significant research and application value, and the initial perturbation generation method plays an important role in the improvement of its accuracy. Recently, a research... 19 hours
Senate approves controversial online sex trafficking bill - CNET
CNET Bill is intended is to curb online sex trafficking by holding website operators more accountable for their users' activities. 1 day
Lawsuit against Neo-Nazi site's founder clears legal hurdle
ABC NEWS A federal magistrate judge has concluded that a neo-Nazi website publisher's overseas travels don't warrant dismissal of a lawsuit over an anti-Semitic online trolling campaign he orchestrated against a Montana family 1 day
Thor: Ragnarok's Tessa Thompson Is Reuniting With Chris Hemsworth For Men In Black Spinoff
CINEMA BLEND Having just survived Sakaar together, Chris Hemsworth and... 1 day
senate passes controversial anti sex trafficking bill Senate passes controversial anti-sex-trafficking bill
THE VERGE The Senate has voted 97–2 to advance the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, a controversial initiative meant to crack down on sex trafficking on the internet.... 1 day
CINEMA BLEND Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men. 1 day
New artificial intelligence technique dramatically improves the quality of medical imaging
PHYS.ORG A radiologist's ability to make accurate diagnoses from high-quality diagnostic imaging studies directly impacts patient outcome. However, acquiring sufficient data to generate the best quality imaging... 1 day
Polish firm sued over tricking homeless into vaccine test
ABC NEWS Prosecutors in Poland are suing a private firm accused of tricking homeless people into unwitting participation in bird flu vaccine tests in 2007 1 day
Obituary: Earl Cooley III
SF SITE Texas fan Earl Cooley III died on March 20. Cooley volunteered at Armadillocon, including maintaining the convention’s website. He was also the SysOp for the SMOF BBS in Austin. 2 days
samsung s 2018 qled tvs with ambient mode start at 1 500 Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs with ‘Ambient Mode’ start at $1,500
THE VERGE Samsung’s chameleon TVs, as I’ve started calling them, now have price tags. The 2018 QLED lineup... 2 days
Prolonged sitting, physical inactivity linked to development of lower urinary tract symptoms
NEWS MEDICAL Prolonged sitting time and low physical activity levels were linked with the development of lower urinary tract symptoms in a BJU International study of... 2 days
Was Uber's driverless car crash avoidable? Experts say yes - CNET
Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as retail partner - CNET
Gun channel moves to Pornhub after YouTube gun video ban - CNET
How to delete and restore iOS’ built-in apps on iPhone
Apps and Tools for Recording High-Quality Music on Your iPhone
For graphite pellets, just add elbow grease
I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
I Kill Giants preserves its source comic’s emotion and mystery
Where to use or buy GymKit workout equipment with Apple Watch
In Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, zombies are the political activists America needs