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Where horror lives: why genre fans cannot miss FrightFest
SCI FI NOW We talk to the minds behind Arrow Video FrightFest about what makes the horror festival so special 3 hours
New research center aims to improve health outcomes for people with physical disabilities
NEWS MEDICAL Nationally, 1 in 5 adults lives with a disability. But knowing what it's like for those 53 million people to age -;... 3 hours
Annan's legacy of fighting for equality and rights lives on
ABC NEWS Kofi Annan left the United Nations more committed to combating poverty, promoting equality and fighting for human rights _ and until his death was speaking out about the... 2 days
Gillmor Gang: Private Lives
TechCrunch The Gillmor Gang — Frank Radice, Keith Teare, Michael Markman, and Steve Gillmor . Recorded live Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Waiting for the midterms, Twitter meets the Constitution, uncommon carriers, straw man superheros. G3: Helping Hands — Elisa Camahort Page,... 3 days
Tesla takes Ontario to court over cancelled EV incentives - Roadshow
CNET The lawsuit focuses on an exception made for traditional dealerships, which Tesla does not use. 3 days
Rare 'bamboo rat' photographed at Machu Picchu
PHYS.ORG A rare rodent species known as a "bamboo rat" that lives around the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru has resurfaced after a decade of absence and been photographed for the first time. 3 days
Reduce e-cig restrictions to save lives say MPs
Sky News E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes and shouldn't be regulated in the same way, according to a report by MPs. 3 days
Tesla files lawsuit against Ontario government
PHYS.ORG Electric car maker Tesla Motors said Thursday it is suing Ontario's new government, claiming it was treated unfairly in the cancellation of a program providing rebates to residents who bought electric vehicles. 4 days
review leviton s usb c usb a wall outlet offers lots of charging convenience Review: Leviton’s USB-C & USB-A wall outlet offers lots of charging convenience
9to5Mac While the tech industry is still in the middle of a transition to USB-C, it can be easy to wind up with lots of... 4 days
Astronaut Snaps 'Mind-Blowing' Aurora Picture from Space
SPACE.COM Most of us are lucky to catch a glimpse of a stunning aurora painting the skies once or twice in our lives — but astronauts have better odds of spotting the beautiful phenomenon. 4 days
Trump wants federal suit against opioid manufacturers
ABC NEWS President Donald Trump is asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to file a federal lawsuit against certain companies that supply and manufacture opioids in response to the nation's drug epidemic 4 days lets you play Super Nintendo with your friends
TechCrunch Hot on the heels of the wonderful comes Haukur Rosinkranz’s, a site that lets you play Super Nintendo with all your buds. Rosinkranz is Icelandic but lives in... 4 days
Bio-based plastics can reduce waste, but only if we invest in both making and getting rid of them
PHYS.ORG VIDEO With news that companies like Starbucks, Hyatt and Marriott have agreed to... 4 days
Our perceived birth status can affect our adult relationships
SCIENCE DAILY Birth status and knowledge about it play a role not only in parents' but also children's lives -- affecting their attachment and mental representation into adulthood. 5 days
Stern of World War II US destroyer discovered off remote Alaskan island
SCIENCE DAILY In the midst of World War II on August 18, 1943, the USS Abner Read struck what was presumed to be a Japanese mine... 5 days
Medical News Today: Foods to eat for better sex
MNT Many people look to their diet to find ways of improving their sex lives. People sometimes try known aphrodisiacs to boost libido, or they might want to try heart-healthy foods... 5 days
samsung s bixby button shows the potential and pitfalls of dedicated buttons Samsung’s Bixby button shows the potential and pitfalls of dedicated buttons
THE VERGE In today’s digital age, it sometimes feels like hardware has taken a back seat... 5 days
The deep, dark quest to save one of the world's rarest fish - CNET
CNET Scientists are racing to save the endangered Devils Hole pupfish, which lives in one of the most inhospitable places on... 5 days
oppo s latest phone has the best notch yet Oppo’s latest phone has the best notch yet
THE VERGE Oppo has announced the F9, a phone with a notch that actually looks pretty great. Seriously, look at it —... 5 days
Lawsuit: Uber didn't fire a driver accused of assault -- and he did it again - CNET
CNET Two Tennessee women say Uber failed to protect them. 6 days
Tinder founders sue parent alleging cheating on stock options
PHYS.ORG Tinder founders and early employees filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing parent firm InterActiveCorp of cheating them out of billions of dollars by manipulating the value of stock options for the... 6 days
Talking with children about suicide could save lives
NEWS MEDICAL As kids head back to school this year, many of them will be struggling. According to national statistics, we lose more than 2,000 children and teens per year to suicide. 6 days
Tinder founders, execs file suit against IAC and Match Group
ABC NEWS The founders of the dating app Tinder, along with current executives and some employees, have filed a lawsuit against IAC/InterActiveCorp and its Match Group subsidiary 6 days
Tinder founders sue parent companies Match and IAC for at least $2B
TechCrunch A group of Tinder founders and executives has filed a lawsuit against parent company Match Group and its controlling shareholder IAC. The plaintiffs in... 6 days
tinder co founders sue match group for 2 billion Tinder co-founders sue Match Group for $2 billion
THE VERGE Tinder’s co-founders and several current senior executives are suing the platform’s parent company seeking at least $2 billion in damages,... 6 days
How hydrogen could shake up Canada's energy sector
Medical News Today: Soleus strains and calf injuries: What to know
Next-gen insect repellents to combat mosquito-borne diseases
Jack Ryan review: Amazon's action analyst ain't that interesting - CNET
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
Two Brothers Spot UFOs in First Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi 'Watch the Sky'
Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
Camp W is a great game for the end of summer
You can now download tickets to visit museums for free on Sept. 22nd
Here’s how I backup my family photos and videos using the 3-2-1 method
See the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 500M Limited Edition - CNET
Trump tweets that social media firms discriminate against the right - CNET