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Movie Review: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Back in 2008, when Robert Downey Jr. donned an iconic suit of armor as Tony Stark and proclaimed, “I am Iron Man,” we entered a world... 11 minutes
facebook made an ad about how bad facebook has become Facebook made an ad about how bad Facebook has become
THE VERGE VIDEO Facebook has increasingly been reckoning with the many problems its network has, and today, the company... 26 minutes
Benedict Cumberbatch's Thoughts On His Weinstein Company Movie That's In Limbo Right Now
CINEMA BLEND If you're a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, or historical movies,... 1 hour
The Insane Amount Saudi Arabia Movie Tickets Could Cost
CINEMA BLEND If you thought paying $15 or more for premium formats here was ludicrous... 36 minutes
‘Aquaman’ Is Going “Shakespearean” In It’s Sibling Rivalry
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We haven’t learned too much about the plot of ‘Aquaman‘ but did discover that the film will be a “Shakespearean... 52 minutes
The Funny Reason Marvel Fans Are Mad About The New Venom Trailer
CINEMA BLEND With a new trailer finally released, Marvel fans seem to have one very specific issue with the upcoming Venom movie. 36 minutes
Juno Sends Back Breathtaking New Images of Jupiter
SCI-NEWS.COM NASA’s Juno mission took its twelfth trip around Jupiter on April 1, 2018, and the orbiter has sent back extraordinary... 2 hours
Didi appoints one of its execs to lead ride-hailing service 99
TechCrunch Didi, the Chinese transportation behemoth that acquired Brazilian ride-hailing service 99 back in January, has replaced 99’s chief executive with one of its own, Recode first reported.... 2 hours
Kryptonite bike locks are on sale, with prices starting at $19
Windows Central Amazon is offering some savings on Kryptonite bike locks. Prices start at $19, and 14 different product are on sale. Whether you need some light security... 2 hours
What Working With Lord And Miller On Solo Was Like, According To Alden Ehrenreich
CINEMA BLEND Solo: A Star Wars Story is a film... 3 hours
how to choose a smartwatch if you use android How to choose a smartwatch if you use Android
THE VERGE Back in February, Ron Amadeo wrote an excellent piece at Ars Technica that pointed out an obvious fact:... 3 hours
Drew Houston to upload his thoughts at TC Disrupt SF in September
TechCrunch Dropbox is a critically important tool for more than 500 million people. The company launched back in 2007 and founder and CEO Drew Houston... 3 hours
The Incredible Hulk Honest Trailer Reminds You This Movie Takes Place In The MCU
CINEMA BLEND The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a massive franchise... 4 hours
canadian company linked to data scandal pushes back at whistleblower s claims Canadian company linked to data scandal pushes back at whistleblower's claims
CBC AggregateIQ is disputing allegations about its ties to Cambridge Analytica and its parent company,... 6 hours
Xiaomi promises to give money back to customers if its profits get too high
TechCrunch Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker tipped for a public listing this year, has made a unique pledge: if it makes... 7 hours
Researchers devise new approach for measuring tendon tension
NEWS MEDICAL For athletes and weekend warriors alike, returning from a tendon injury too soon often ensures a trip right back to physical therapy. 7 hours
wonder woman actor gal gadot tweets praise for her new huawei mate 10 from an iphone Wonder Woman actor Gal Gadot tweets praise for her new Huawei Mate 10 … from an iPhone
9to5Mac Gal Gadot,... 7 hours
Coastal Genomics' LightBench integrated with Hamilton liquid handler systems to bring efficiencies, savings for clinical laboratories
NEWS MEDICAL Hamilton Robotics is proud to integrate the LightBench with Ranger Technology from Coastal Genomics onto the... 9 hours
Official Full-Length Trailer for Animated 'Smallfoot' Movie About Yetis
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Look, I know what I saw. And I'm going to prove it!" Warner Bros has released the second official trailer for their animated movie Smallfoot, arriving in theaters this fall.... 9 hours
Skewed sex ratios causes single fathers to bring up the young
PHYS.ORG When the balance of the sexes is skewed towards one gender, parents are more likely to split up, leaving the father to care for the offspring,... 9 hours
Avengers: Infinity War film review: Thanos brings the end of the world
SCI FI NOW VIDEO Did Marvel manage to pull off their massive crossover event movie? 9 hours
Netflix Is Rumored To Be Buying Their Own Movie Theaters To Gain More Awards Recognition
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Steven Spielberg recently stated that he... 9 hours
Sign up for Startup Alley in Tel Aviv
TechCrunch Hey startups! TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018 is just about 6 weeks away, and we’re coming back to the Mediterranean for our inaugural day-long conference at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on 7... 9 hours
Russo Brothers Talk ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ And What’s Coming Next
SCIENCEFICTION.COM During a press conference held over the weekend, Marvel Studios assembled 21 cast members from ‘Avengers:... 9 hours
instagram on android can now simultaneously upload multiple photos and videos to stories Instagram on Android can now simultaneously upload multiple photos and videos to Stories
9to5Google VIDEO If you’re a frequent user of Instagram, you’ve probably shared... 11 hours
Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth
Facebook made an ad about how bad Facebook has become
US Justice Department reportedly investigating Huawei for violating Iran sanctions
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
3-D print electronics and cells printed directly on skin
Spectacles 2 reportedly coming this week as Snapchat takes second shot at wearables
ESA's new Milky Way map shines with 1.7 billion stars - CNET
New galactic map shows the positions and brightness of 1.7 billion stars
Google shares a fun design trailer while you wait for Gmail’s new UI [Video]
Netflix has ordered Follow This, a short-form documentary series from BuzzFeed
Snapchat update introduces Snappables — a new way to play fun AR games with your friends
The Brother P-Touch personal label printer is a steal at $9.99 - CNET
Beaches are becoming safer for baby sea turtles, but threats await them in the ocean
Spinning high-strength polymer nanofibers
Some neat and clever creations people have made with Nintendo Labo so far